15 Awesome Australian Dog Breeds List With Pictures


Australian Dog Breeds List

List Of Amazing Canine Breeds Originated From Australia


#1 The Australian Terrier

The Australian TerrierFrom: Imgur


#2 Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle DogFrom: Imgur


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#3 Australian Shepherd

Australian ShepherdFrom: Imgur


#4 Australian Silky Terrier

Australian Silky TerrierFrom: Imgur


#5 Australian Staghound

Australian StaghoundFrom: Imgur


#6 Australian Kangaroo Dog

Australian Kangaroo DogFrom: Imgur


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#7 Australian Kelpie

From: Pinterest


#8 Bull Arab

From: Pinterest


#9 Miniature Fox Terrier

From: Imgur


#10 Koolie

From: Imgur


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#11 Tenterfield Terrier

From: Pinterest


#12 Jack Russell Terrier

From: Pinterest


#13 Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

From: Pinterest


#14 Australian Dingo 

From: Pinterest


#15 Beaglier

From: Imgur


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