233+ Cool Spotted Dog Name Ideas

233+ Spotted Dog Name Ideas

Spotted Dog Name Ideas

  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#1 Fawn A baby deer has those adorable spots, too    
#2 Oreo A black and white sandwich cookie    
#3 Smudge A blotch or smear Unisex English
#4 Reversi A board game that use white and black discs    
#5 Snickers A brand of candy bar. Unisex English
#6 Dalmatian A breed of dog that is typically white with dark spots    
#7 Daisy A colorful flower with a spot in the middle    
#8 Cookie A cookie often has spots of deliciousness within Unisex English
#9 Twister A cyclone or tornado. Unisex English
#10 Merle A dog coat pattern that involves patches of color    
#11 Dot A dot is like a spot    
#12 Marbles A favorite children’s game consisting of swirled and spotted glass orbs.    
#13 Fuli A female cheetah cub from Disney’s ‘The Lion Guard’    
#14 Bridget A funny giraffe from Disney’s ‘The Wild’    
#15 Othello A game of strategy involving white and black discs    
#16 Domino A game played with tiles featuring black spots    
#17 Jasiri A good spotted hyena from Disney’s ‘The Lion Guard’    
#18 Smokey A grayish blue colour. Slang for highway patrol officer Unisex English
#19 Boots A great name if the boot fits    
#20 Cluster A group of things positioned closely together    
#21 Toffee A hard brown, chewy candy Unisex English
#22 Honey A honeycomb is made up of many hexagon shaped cells    
#23 Ed A hyena with spots from the film ‘The Lion King’    
#24 Jag A jaguar is a type of spotted wild cat    
#25 Ladybug A ladybug has spots like your pooch    
#26 Cheetah A large cat known for it’s spots    
#27 Sox A lazy way to spell socks    
#28 Leo A leopard is a wild cat known for its spots    
#29 Checkers A less cerebral game of strategy comprised of red and black game pieces played on a red and black board. Checkers was also the name of Richard Nixon’s pet Cocker Spaniel, for which his famous campaign resurrection speech was named. Unisex English
#30 Brand A mark, trademark or spot. Unisex English

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#31 Lynx A mid-sized wild cat with spotted fur    
#32 Snow A patchy coat with white appears like snow    
#33 Tiger A predatory animal with a coat featuring dark stripes    
#34 Nimbus A ring, orb or halo usually appearing above the divine’s head. Unisex English
#35 Halo A ring, orb or nimbus that appears above the sacred or divine Unisex English
#36 Genet A skinny, cat-like animal with spotted fur    
#37 Nipper A small boy    
#38 Buttons A small disk used to fasten clothing    
#39 Maharam A small dot and line pattern designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1947 Unisex Hebrew
#40 Chip A small piece of something    
#41 Ladybug A small red beetle with black spots    
#42 Flake A small, thin piece of something    
#43 Peng A snow leopard cub from ‘Kung Fu Panda’    
#44 Blizzard A snowstorm that makes your vision of non-white things spotty    
#45 Doris A species of sea creatures, related to the sea hare, noted for their spotted patterns. They are known to hide around rocks and coral    
#46 Bengal A spotted domestic cat breed with coat patterns ranging from orange and black to silver cloud and black. Name your boy Bengal and you can call him the ever popular dog name “Ben” for short.    
#47 Shenzi A spotted hyena from ‘The Lion King’    
#48 Linsang A spotted, ferret-like creature, the linsang has spots that resemble the leopard pattern with a ringed tail    
#49 Pox A spotty rash    
#50 Paisley A textile design with teardrop shapes    
#51 Bengal A tiger with an orange and black striped coat    
#52 Holstein A type of cattle with a black and white or red and white patchy coat    
#53 Nimbus A type of cloud that produces precipitation    
#54 Mittens A type of glove    
#55 Spot After Data’s cat on Star Trek: The Next Generation Unisex English
#56 Minnie After Minnie Mouse and her polka dots Unisex English
#57 Appaloosa After the beautiful horse breed    
#58 Sweet Pea After the peafowl and those beautiful feathery spots    
#59 Oreo American cookie brand consisting of two chocolate wafers with white cream filling.    
#60 Pac-Man An arcade game that’s all about consuming dots    


  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#61 Pong An early Atari game that involved hitting a small white dot back in forth    
#62 Brand An identifying mark    
#63 Bandit An outlaw or robber    
#64 Sparky Animated, lively. Unisex English
#65 Dotsy Another name variation of dots    
#66 Stipple Another term for all those spots Unisex English
#67 Flecks Another term for spots, like flecks of paint    
#68 Ansel Ansel Adams is famed for his black and white photography of the American Western landscape.    
#69 Damien Artist Damien Hirst, long revered and reviled for his spot paintings. The spots in his painting range from millimeters in size to sixty feet in diameter.    
#70 Nugget As in Chicken Unisex English
#71 Strew Because the spots are strewn everywhere Unisex English
#72 Blue Blue the Dog – a blue spotted dog from the children’s series ‘Blue’s Clues’    
#73 Bob Bright fame Unisex English
#74 Badger Burrowing mammal with white stripe on forehead. Also verb to pester or harass. Unisex English
#75 Chester Camp Unisex English
#76 Chess Cerebral game of strategy with opposing sides of black and white on a black and white board. Unisex English
#77 Chester Chester Cheetah – the mascot for Cheetos    
#78 Panda China’s national symbol, these gentle giants feast on bamboo fronds.    
#79 Mocha Coffee of high quality.    
#80 Bongo Connected drums played by beating with hands.    
#81 Lucas Dalmatian puppy from the children’s series ‘Doggy Day School’    
#82 Nebula Derived from mist or cloud, it is composed of interstellar dust and gas. The Andromeda Galaxy Nebula is the next closest galaxy to ours, the Milky Way.    
#83 Splatter Does your dog look like a splatter paint art project? Unisex English
#84 Raisins Does your dog look like it’s covered in raisins? Unisex English
#85 Freckles Dotted with small brownish spots.    
#86 Sylvester Famous black and white cartoon “puddy” cat who perpetually stalks Tweety Bird. Name your pet Sylvester and you can call him Sly for short. Male Germanic
#87 Pongo Father of the puppies from ‘101 Dalmatians’    
#88 Felix Felix the Cat was an early cartoon character revolving around the comical adventures of an upright black and white cat. Unisex English
#89 Dovie For spotted doves (birds) Unisex English
#90 Cheetah For the “cheetah,” obviously covered in and notorious for spots Male Latin

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#91 Bits For the bits that cover your dog’s coat    
#92 Starling For the European starlings (birds)    
#93 Lucky Fortunate Unisex English
#94 Chip Fragment, piece or bit; gaming token, such as a poker chip. Unisex English
#95 Fang Fragrant Unisex English
#96 Geoffrey Geoffrey Giraffe – the giraffe mascot for Toys R Us    
#97 Seurat Georges Seurat was an artist and draftsman and the father of the pointillist movement. His paintings were composed of tiny dots of color that, at a distance, formed a color-rich composition; when viewed up close, his paintings appeared as a jumble of dots. Pronounced sir-Ought. Unisex English
#98 Dottie Gift of god    
#99 Chance Good fortune    
#100 Spotti Has lots of spots    
#101 Brindle Having obscure flecks and streaks in a coat pattern.    
#102 Buddy Herald Unisex English
#103 Gideon Hewer Unisex English
#104 Chase Huntsman    
#105 Watermelon If they remind you of watermelon seeds    
#106 Kisses If your dog looks like it’s been kissed by the spot gods    
#107 Camo Is short for camouflage    
#108 Moteado Is Spanish for spotted    
#109 Sprinkles Is your dog a little sweet cupcake covered in sprinkles?    
#110 Pollock Jackson Pollock, American artist known for his sweeping drip paintings.    
#111 Marimekko Japanese design house that distinguished itself with bright bold spotted patterns in the mid-1960s.    
#112 Moose Largest member of the deer family. Moose have heavy brown bodies with humped shoulders and broad antlers. Unisex English
#113 Brindle Literally refers to a streaky color of animal fur    
#114 Kaleido Look into a Kaleidoscope    
#115 Perdita Lost Unisex English
#116 Flip Lover Of Horses    
#117 Macchiato Macchiato is Italian for “spotted.” Name your pet Macchiato, and you can call him Macho Macchiato. Unisex Chinese
#118 Skipper Master of a Ship Unisex Chinese
#119 Patches Means a part of something that stands out due to a certain characteristic    
#120 Speck Means a small spot    


  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#121 Pied Means having multiple colors    
#122 Pepper Means to cover with a lot of something    
#123 Spatter Means to cover with spots of something    
#124 Sprinkle Means to scatter small amounts of a substance    
#125 Motley Means varied in appearance    
#126 Messier Messier 31 is also known as the Andromeda Galaxy, which can be seen as a band of spots in the sky without the aid of a telescope.    
#127 Callie Most beautiful Unisex Greek
#128 Perdy Mother Dalmatian in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians Unisex Greek
#129 Perdita Mother of the puppies from ‘101 Dalmatians’    
#130 Scout Observer Male English
#131 Clawhauser officer cheetah from the movie ‘Zootopia’    
#132 Chief One in highest rank or authority.    
#133 Rolly One of the ‘101 Dalmatians’    
#134 Banzai One of the spotted hyenas from ‘The Lion King’    
#135 Pongo One who smells. Male English
#136 Cosmo Order Male Hebrew
#137 Vincent Painter Vincent Van Gogh’s later work has been associated with the pointillist movement, although he worked with short brush strokes, rather than “points” of color. Male English
#138 Cloud Patches of white on the blue sky    
#139 Pepper Pepper    
#140 Piper Pied Piper – a German folk tale character, pied means having two colors    
#141 Portia Pig    
#142 Pinto Pinto is Spanish and Portuguese for painted, tinted or mottled. In English, it is used to describe a coat pattern frequently found on wild mustangs, composed of large swaths of black and white or brown and white markings. Pinto was also the nickname of Animal House character Larry “Pinto” Kroger, freshman pledge to the notorious fraternity, Delta Tau Chi House, played by Tom Hulce.    
#143 Polka Polkadot is a pattern of round dots on fabric    
#144 Alameda Poplar tree    
#145 Jewel Precious stone    
#146 Chocolate Product of cocoa seeds used for drinks or candy Unisex English
#147 Andromeda Properly called the Andromeda Galaxy Nebula, it is a bright pattern of stars against a dark background. Unisex English
#148 Sushi Raw fish. Female Latin
#149 Rufus Red Unisex English
#150 Sketch Refers to a rough drawing    

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#151 Prism Refracts light into the spectrum of colors    
#152 Rocky Rocks can be compared to spots    
#153 Lichtenstein Roy Lichtenstein was a Pop artist whose work simulated the style of newspaper comic strips, composed of halftone dots. Unisex English
#154 Princess Royal son    
#155 Nana Short for “Banana,” which often has brown spots on the peel Male
American English
#156 Deci Short for “decimal”    
#157 Patty Short for “pattern” Female Greek
#158 Quinn Short for “sequin”    
#159 Dot Short for Dorothy, which means “Gift of God.” Unisex
American English
#160 Jag Short for jaguar, the spotted big cat, sleek race car and US Navy legal eagle. Unisex
American English
#161 Tux Short for tuxedo which is typically a black and white formal wear    
#162 Socks Short stockings finishing above the ankle Unisex English
#163 Freckles Small patches of brown color on your skin    
#164 Pebbles Small stones are like spots    
#165 Domino Small, rectangular black and white blocks used in the game of dominos. Unisex English
#166 Moo Some cattle have colored patches on their coat    
#167 Firefly Sometimes the spots might seem to glow Unisex English
#168 Orion Son Of Fire Unisex English
#169 Marbles Spherical toys that come in a variety of colors    
#170 Dotti Spots are like dots so a dog that is spotty could be named Dotti    
#171 Sparkle Spots of reflected light    
#172 Puddles Spots or patches of water on the ground    
#173 Thunder Stormy Tempered Male Greek
#174 Jake Supplanted    
#175 Constellation That coat may appear to be covered in crowds of stars Female English
#176 Dapple The dapple coat pattern of the horse mixes with the predominant coat color to form spots, usually on the rump of the horse Female Latin
#177 Melman The giraffe from ‘Madagascar’    
#178 Francis The grumpy ladybug from ‘A Bug’s Life’    
#179 Gia The jaguar from ‘Madagascar 3’ has a spotted coat    
#180 Phango The leopard and main character from the movie ‘Khumba’    


  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#181 Sulley The monster with shaggy fur and purple spots from ‘Monsters, Inc.’    
#182 Spot The most obvious of spotted dog names    
#183 Ray The sea creature, the spotted eagle ray, can weigh up to 500 pounds with a wingspan of four to seven feet. Ray makes a great name for a gentle giant with a white underbelly and predominantly black or dark gray top coat with white spots.    
#184 Otis The spotted cow and leader from the movie ‘Barnyard’    
#185 Marshall The spotted dalmatian fire pup from ‘PAW Patrol’    
#186 Sabor The spotted leopard from ‘Tarzan’    
#187 Bullseye The Target mascot with the red spot around his eye    
#188 Pixel The tiny areas of illumination on your screen    
#189 Trunk The trunkfish is a spotted fish found in the Caribbean    
#190 Starry Those spots may look like a starry sky Female Spanish
#191 Snowflake Those white spots may look like snow Female English
#192 Splash To cause liquid to splatter on to something    
#193 Spatter To cover with drops or spots of something. Unisex English
#194 Mark To draw or paint upon an object, verb. A sign or symbol that differentiates the bearer, noun. Unisex English
#195 Fetch To go after something and return with it.    
#196 Dapple To mark something with spots    
#197 Flash To move rapidly. Unisex English
#198 Smudge To smear something by rubbing    
#199 Sully To taint, mark or spot. Unisex English
#200 Polka Type of dot pattern and a lively German dance Male Latin
#201 Dice Typically a white cube with black spots    
#202 Purdy Variation on pretty.    
#203 Cruella Villainess of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, her life’s desire is to make a coat for herself composed of entirely of Dalmatian puppy skins Female English
#204 Othello Wealth    
#205 Otto Wealth    
#206 Penny Weaver    
#207 Zephyr West wind    
#208 Ralph Wolf council    
#209 Woody Woodpeckers have striking spotted patterns, frequently adorned with a red crest.    
#210 Cotton Woody hill Unisex English

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#211 Kusama Yayoi Kusama was a prolific artist who predated the Pop Art movement Unisex English
#212 Fawn Young deer are born with white spots    
#213 Junior Younger Unisex English
#214 Ashes   Unisex English
#215 Boots      
#216 Bubba   Male Greek
#217 Buttons   Unisex English
#218 Cueball   Unisex English
#219 Dipstick   Male Hebrew
#220 Drifter      
#221 Harlequin      
#222 Inky      
#223 Mittens      
#224 Motley      
#225 Patches      
#226 Pixel      
#227 Scamper   Unisex English
#228 Snicker   Unisex English
#229 Snowball   Unisex English
#230 Speckles   Unisex English
#231 Squeaky      
#232 Squirrel      
#233 Stripes   Unisex English
#234 Sundae   Unisex English


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