123+ Best Soccer Inspired Dog Name Ideas


Best Soccer Dog Names

Dog Name Ideas Inspired from Soccer


  Name Meaning Or Inspiration
#1 Sweeper
A defensive position where the player seeks to get the ball from the opponent should they get past their defensive line
#2 Cobi Cobi Jones A former player, currently is an analyst for the Los Angeles Galaxy
#3 Tab Tab Ramos A former soccer player who is currently the head coach of the United States U-20 team
#4 Solo Hope Solo A goalkeeper, a two-time Olympic gold medalist
#5 Mizuno A Japanese company that manufactures sportswear and sports equipment
#6 Mitre A major brand of sports equipment, including soccer balls
#7 Referee A neutral person who ensures the rules of the game are followed
#8 Sun Sun Wen
A player from China who won the FIFA Female Player of the Century in 2000 1 Lotta For Lotta Schelin, a professional soccer player from Sweden who plays the position of striker
#9 Umbro
A sportswear and equipment supplier based in Greater Manchester, England; used often in soccer
#10 Hamm Mia Hamm Famous US player who led her team at three Olympic Game
#11 Abby Wambark Abby Wambach
#12 Abby
Abby Wambach, an American soccer player who won the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year award six times
#13 Brandi Brandi Chastain An American soccer player who twice won the gold medal in the Olympic games
#14 Andre Furrle André Schürrle
#15 Amandine As in Amandine Henry, a member of the French senior team who is a defensive midfielder
#16 Ben As in Ben Olsen, coach of D.C. United since 2010
#17 Landon Dogovan As in Landon Donovan, a top United States soccer star who played the position of forwarding
#18 Rapid As in the major league soccer team the Colorado Rapids, formed in 1996
#19 Timber As in the Portland Timbers, a Major League Soccer team that joined the league in 2011
#20 Azadi
Azadi Stadium, located in Tehran, Iran; home of the Iranian National Team, the stadium once held 128,000 fans for a World Cup qualifying match

  Name Meaning Or Inspiration
#21 Raven Baltimore Ravens
#22 Barry Barry Sanders
#23 Brandi Brandi Chastain
#24 Ronaldo Brazilian player
#25 Brett Brett Favre
#26 Cam Cam Newton
#27 Bear Chicago Bears
#28 Claudio Claudio Reyna
#29 Cobi Cobi Jones
#30 DeBarkus Beasley DaMarcus Beasley
#31 Becks David Beckham
#32 Sweeper Defensive position
#33 Deion Deion Sanders
#34 Bronco Denver Broncos
#35 Didier Dogba Didier Drogba
#36 Diego Diego Maradona
#37 Garber Don Garber has been the commissioner of Major League Soccer since 1999
#38 Goal
Each goal in soccer gives the scoring team one point Defender The role of the defender is to stop the other team from scoring points
#39 Emmitt Emmitt Smith
#40 Prinz For Birgit Prinz, from Germany, a three-time FIFA World Player of the Year
  Name Meaning Or Inspiration
#41 Claudio
For Claudio Reyna, captain of the US men’s national team until his retirement in 2006; considered one of the best players for the United States
#42 Beckham
For David Beckham, a former professional player from England who played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain and the England national team
#43 Delia For Delia Smith who has a majority share in the Norwich City team
#44 Fabio For Fabio Cannavaro, an Italian player thought to be one of the greatest defenders of all time
#45 Fernando
For Fernando Torres, a player for the Spain national team as well as for La Liga club Atletico Madrid
#46 Freddy
For Freddy Adu, the youngest athlete to sign a professional contract in the US upon being selected by D.C. United in the 2004 MLS SuperDraft
#47 Sawa
For Homare Sawa, a Japanese player who helped lead her team to a silver medal in the 2012 Olympics
#48 Kasey For Kasey Keller, a former goalie for the US men’s soccer team
#49 Messi For Lionel Messi, a member of the Argentinian national team and Spanish club Barcelona
#50 Louisa For Louisa Necib, a player from France who won 19 titles with the French club Lyon
#51 Dynamo For major league soccer team Houston Dynamo
#52 Marco
For Marco van Basten, a Dutch player who played for the Netherlands national team as well as for Ajax and Milan -3 Bruce For Bruce Arena, an American soccer coach and member of the National Soccer Hall of Fame
#53 Michelle
For Michelle Akers of the United States considered one of the greatest female soccer players of all time
#54 Pablo For Pablo Zabaleta, an Argentinian player for the national team as well as for West Ham United
#55 Lilly For player Kristine Lilly, who played on the US women’s national team for 23 years
#56 Chelsea For the Chelsea Football Club that competes in the Premier League
#57 Fire For the Chicago Fire, who won an MLS Cup in 1998, the year that they were founded
#58 Dash For the Houston Dash, a team in the National Women’s Soccer League
#59 Galaxy For the Los Angeles Galaxy, a team in major league soccer
#60 Bulls For the New York Red Bulls who play Major League Soccer; the club was founded in 1995

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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration
#61 Courage For the North Carolina Courage, a team in the National Women’s Soccer League
#62 Jersey For the shirt that players wear in games
#63 Trafford For the venue where Manchester United holds its games
#64 Cup For the World Cup, a soccer event that occurs every four years
#65 Victoria For Victoria Beckham, formerly of the band Spice Girls and wife of David Beckham
#66 Franz Franz Beckenbauer
#67 Pele Great Brazilian player
#68 Packer Green Bay Packers
#69 Harry Kane-ine Harry Kane
#70 Solo Hope Solo
#71 Ian Barke Ian Barker
#72 Colt Indianapolis Colts
#73 Montana Joe Montana
#74 Elway John Elway
#75 Madden John Madden
#76 Unitas Johnny Unitas
#77 Chief KC Chiefs
#78 Bombonera
La Bombonera, in La Boca, Argentina, considered a very imposing environment; both for opponents and fans
#79 Lambeau Lambeau Field
#80 Coach Leader
  Name Meaning Or Inspiration
#81 Lionel Lionel Messi, a member of the Argentinian national team and Spanish club Barcelona
#82 Captain Many teams have a team captain who is considered the leader
#83 Marta
Marta Vieira da Silva, from Brazil, who plays on the Orlando Pride in the National Women’s Soccer League
#84 Gauchito Mascot of Fifa World Cup Argentina 1978
#85 Fuleco Mascot of Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014
#86 Willie Mascot of Fifa World Cup England 1966
#87 Footix Mascot of Fifa World Cup France 1998
#88 Goleo Mascot of Fifa World Cup Germany 2006
#89 Juanito Mascot of Fifa World Cup Mexico 1970
#90 Pique Mascot of Fifa World Cup Mexico 1986
#91 Zabivaka Mascot of Fifa World Cup Russia 2018
#92 Zakumi Mascot of Fifa World Cup South Africa 2010
#93 The Spheriks Mascot of Fifa World Cup South Korea/Japan 2002
#94 Naranjito Mascot of Fifa World Cup Spain 1982
#95 Tip and Tap Mascot of Fifa World Cup West Germany 1974
#96 Ciao Mascot of World Cup Soccer Italy 1990
#97 Mauricio Poochettino Mauricio Pochettino
#98 Mia Mia Hamm
#99 Ditka Mike Ditka
#100 Jet NY Jets

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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration
#101 Raider Oakland Raiders
#102 Peyton Peyton Manning
#103 Phil Doggyelka Phil Jagielka
#104 Steeler Pittsburgh Steelers
#105 Dribble Players use their feet to dribble the ball down the field
#106 Timber Portland Timbers
#107 Blitz quick rush
#108 Azteca
Refers to Estadio Azteca, in Mexico City, the venue considered one of the most hostile towards opposing teams
#109 Pride Refers to the Orlando Pride, a team in the National Women’s Soccer League
#110 Reggie Reggie White
#111 Rio Furdinand Rio Ferdinand
#112 Gronk Rob Gronkowski
#113 Wilson Russell Wilson
#114 Charger San Diego Chargers
#115 Soldier Soldier Field
#116 Titan Tennessee Titans
#117 Goalie The one player who is allowed to use his or her hands when in their penalty area
#118 Fifa The sport’s international governing body
#119 Striker The World Cup Pup, a dog as a mascot of World Cup USA 1994
#120 Howard Goalie
Tim Howard, a player for the Colorado Rapids and the United States national team 3 Cleat For the type of shoes worn by soccer players
#121 Brady Tom Brady
#122 Tom Tom Brady
#123 Walter Walter Perry
#124 Rooney Wayne Rooney


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