Top 49+ Perfect Dog Names For Three-Legged Male Dogs


49+Dog Names For Three-Legged Male Dogs

Dog Names For Three-Legged Male Dogs


  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#1 Stumpy A short, thickset person Unisex English
#2 Threepeat A term for a team that wins three consecutive championships Unisex
American English
#3 Pi Actually closer to 3.14159 Unisex
American English
#4 Mitsu Bear Unisex Native American
#5 Steve Crown Male Greek
#6 Robbin Famed: Bright: Shining Form Of Robert Popular Since The Medieval Days Of Robin Hood. Robinson: (English) Son Of Robert Famed: Bright: Shining. Surname. Unisex English
#7 Pinky For Pinky Lee, the painting, and the color of her nose Unisex English
#8 Dochas For the three Doshas   Sanskrit
#9 Lucky Fortunate Unisex English
#10 Mark From the god Mars Male Latin
#11 Drei German word for three Unisex Germanic
#12 Dennis God of wine Male Greek
#13 Sam He is called god Male Hebrew
#14 Hopper Hop grower or seller Unisex English
#15 Hat trick In cricket, if a bowler takes 3 wickets in a row it is called a hat trick Unisex English
#16 Hatty In cricket, if a bowler takes 3 wickets in a row it is called a hat trick Unisex English
#17 Fortune Lucky Male English
#18 Skip Master of a Ship Male
American English
#19 Skipper Master of a Ship Male
American English
#20 Skippy Master of a Ship Unisex
American English

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#21 Morris Moor Male Latin
#22 Silas Of the forest Male Latin
#23 Froggy Only a kiss away from being a prince Unisex Hebrew
#24 Trzy Polish word for three Unisex Polish
#25 Speedy Rapid motion, swift. Unisex English
#26 Kim Regal hill Male English
#27 Terry Ruler of the people Unisex Germanic
#28 Slim Slender in proportion to height. Unisex English
#29 Mac Son of Male Gaelic
#30 Triathlon sports competition with three events: swimming, bicycling, and running Unisex Greek
#31 Jamie Supplanter Unisex Hebrew
#32 Trae Three Male French
#33 Tre Three Male French
#34 Trey Three Male French


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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#35 Heegner Three is the third in the Heegner number series Male Germanic
#36 Flash To move rapidly. Unisex English
#37 Trip Traveler Unisex English
#38 Tristan Tumult   Gaelic
#39 Glenn Valley in the mountains Male Gaelic
#40 Bill Will, desire and helmet, protection Male Germanic
#41 Flipflop   Unisex Hebrew
#42 Jumper   Unisex Hebrew
#43 Pogo   Unisex Hebrew
#44 Pokey   Unisex Hebrew
#45 Roo   Unisex Hebrew
#46 Survivor   Unisex Hebrew
#47 Tango   Unisex Hebrew
#48 Tips   Unisex Hebrew
#49 Tres   Unisex Hebrew
#50 Tripod   Unisex Hebrew


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