Top 85+ Golf Inspired Dog Names


Golf Inspired Dog Names

Golf-inspired Canine Name Ideas


  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#1 Floater A ball whose contact and trajectory are compromised by tall grass and thus floats in the air, falling short Male
#2 Nassau A bet/competition set up to reward points for winning the front 9, back 9 and total 18 Female
#3 Gimme A conceded putt Female
#4 Groove A consistent swing Male
#5 Whiff A hard miss Male
#6 Slice A harder cut to one side than a fade Female
#7 Bunker A hollowed area of grass or sand meant to be an obstacle or hazard Female
#8 Flub A missed or straight up terrible shot Male
#9 Waggle A motion or motions used to keep a golfer loose before a swing Female
#10 Yips A psychological condition where someone talented seems to lose all of their skill in an instant Female
#11 Balata A rubber-like substance that lines the outside of golf balls Female
#12 Wedge A severely – angled iron used in special situations Female
#13 Lob A short, high flying shot meant to have a soft landing Male
#14 Lag A shot purposely hit to fall short of the target Male
#15 Fade A shot that flies only slightly off to one side Male
#16 Hook A shot that flies sharply outside (left to right for righties) Female
#17 Draw A shot with a slight drift from right to left for righties and vice versa for lefties Male
#18 Flier A shot with unusual spin due to the lie or conditions that causes it to sail further than normal Male
#19 Bag Rat A slang term for a caddie Male
#20 Quacker A slang term for a duck hook Female


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  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#21 Hacker A slang term for a terrible golfer Male
#22 Oscar Bravo A slang term for out of bounds Male
#23 Croquet A style of putting Female
#24 Shank A swing that misses so severely it hits the ball with something other than the club head Female
#25 Pistol A type of grip usually used for putting Female
#26 Fluffy A type of lie where the ball rests on top of taller grass Female
#27 Block A type of swing that uses the forearm to produce a purposeful direction Male
#28 Calcutta An auction where people bid on teams or players that will be playing in a tournament Female
#29 Spoon An outdated term for a 3-wood Male
#30 Arnold / Arnie Arnold Palmer Male
#31 Palmer Arnold Palmer Male
#32 Dawn As in dawn patrol, the first golfers on the course Female
#33 Duck As in Duck Hook; a shot that flies hard off to the left for righties Female
#34 Flip As in Flip Shot; a short, high shot Female
#35 Byron As in Iron Byron, a testing device used to test clubs and balls Male
#36 Link As in links, a term used to describe a course built on linksland which is reclaimed from the ocean Male
#37 Chunk Bad shot  
#38 Hogan Ben Hogan Male
#39 Bubba Bubba Watson Male
#40 Callie Callaway  


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Top 85+ Golf Inspired Dog Names

  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#41 Scramble Catching up after falling behind Male
#42 Scratch Even par Male
#43 Freddy Fred Couples  
#44 Fuzzy Fully Zoeller  
#45 Links Golf course style Male
#46 Happy Happy Gilmore  
#47 Nuke Hitting a ball to the maximum distance possible for that club Male
#48 Mulligan Hitting a second ball without penalty (not legal but commonly used in friendly games) Male
#49 Ace Hole in one  
#50 Augusta Home of the Masters  
#51 Grip How a golfer holds their club depending on style and shot Male
#52 Coil How the golfer’s body turns during the backswing Male
#53 Carry How well a ball travels Female
#54 Jack Jack Nicklaus Male
#55 Bear Jack Nicklaus’ nickname Male
#56 Daly John Daly Male
#57 Flop Like a flip shop but with a slower swing Male
#58 Muff Like a flub; to mis-hit a shot Male
#59 Obie Out of bounds  
#60 Rory Rory Mcilroy  


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  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#61 Ryder Ryder Cup  
#62 Bogey Scoring one over par on a hole Female
#63 Birdie Scoring one under par on a hole Female
#64 Eagle Scoring two under par on a hole Female
#65 Shooter Shooter Mcgavin  
#66 Chip Short shot  
#67 Divot Spots of the course displaced by the strike of a club Male
#68 Yip Swing issues  
#69 Taylor Taylormade  
#70 Driver The 1 – wood club; a club with the lowest loft Male
#71 Flange The angled head of a wedge or putter Female
#72 Grain The direction the blades of grass grow Female
#73 Jaws The few inches surrounding the cup/hole Male
#74 Heel The part of the club head that is closest to the hosel Female


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Top 85+ Golf Inspired Dog Names

  Name Meaning / Inspiration Gender
#75 Hosel The part of the golf club that connects the shaft to the club head Female
#76 Caddie The person who carries and grabs/exchanges clubs for the golfer Female
#77 Pivot The rotation of the body during a swing Male
#78 Par The score an average, accomplished player is expected to make on an individual hole Male
#79 Pace The speed of a swing or the greens Female
#80 Cabbage Thick, inescapable rough Female
#81 Tiger Tiger Woods Male
#82 Watson Tom Watson Male
#83 Torrey Torrey Pines Female
#84 Dormie When a golfer is up by the same number of strokes as the number of holes left Female
#85 Cuppy When the ball is sitting in a small depression Female
#86 Teebox Where golfer’s begin each hole and tee off from Female



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