Why Do Dogs Flip Their Beds Over? 16 Possible Reasons You Can Learn

Let me guess! Your dog suddenly starts flipping her bed over and over. And you’re unable to teach her to stop doing this. Although your fur baby is a nice well-trained pup, this time she behaves a bit odd. Trust me, you’re not alone!

So, why does your dog keep flipping his or her bed over? Your dog may flip her bed if she does not like the bed set. Or, she may not feel comfortable or safe enough in the spot her bed is in. Some canines flip their beds when they are bored. Well, there are many more reasons.

Well, there are few more reasons. Keep reading to learn how you can stop your pooch from flipping her beds over and over.

Why Do Dogs Flip Their Beds Over?


16 Scientific Reasons: Why Do Dogs Flip their Bed Over And Over?

While researching, I found sixteen explainable reasons. I put them below in detail. So that you get some better understanding when your Fido tosses the bed.

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#1 Is your dog bored?

Our dogs need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. If not, they’ll find a way to release this pent-up energy on their own. Hence, flipping his bed because they’re bored. Daily exercise and mentally challenging toys will help reduce restlessness.

Adding treat-filled toys, along with physical activity is key. Your dog loves to be with you, so take him along for a swim or a jog. Even a walk around the park or beach. Remember that any activity other than sitting around the house will benefit you as well.


#2 Is Your Canine Trying To Make His / Her Bed Comfortable?

Have you noticed your dog flips his bed before laying down? Why does he do it? Is it habit or instinct passed down through generations? It may be both. Puppies spend a lot of time with their mama. Could this be a learned behavior? Or could it be instinctual?

Before dogs became our family members, they slept outside. Finding a patch of tall grass. Warm hay in a barn or even digging a hole in the dirt. These pups had to find a way to protect themselves from the elements as well as be comfortable and safe.



#3 Does Your Pooch Feel Anxious?

Anxiety may be the reason your dog is flipping its bed. We can never be sure of what goes on in our pup’s minds, but their behavior can tell us a lot. Unfortunately, Separation Anxiety is common amongst rescued dogs. Most had lived hard lives before finding a permanent loving home. Thus, becoming very attached to their new owners.

It makes sense that being left behind can be a scary feeling for your pup. But, with the right training, patience, and love, the anxiety will diminish. In time both you and your pup will be feeling much better.

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#4 Is Your Doggy Looking Out For Some Threats?

The idea that your dog possibly feels threatened in your own home may seem surprising to you. Yet to him, it’s quite normal. In the days before we welcomed dogs into our homes, threats were everywhere. Perhaps, this is one reason your dog flips his bed over before curling up to rest.

Living out in the wild could be downright dangerous. Dogs needed to make sure there wasn’t anything lurking underneath their beds. To this day, the behavior is ingrained in them to always keep a close eye where you lay their head.


#5 Is Your Pup Being Territorial?

Dogs are usually very protective of their toys, blankets, and even other pets. Did you recently bring home a new pet or a roommate? A new baby? This most likely is a clue to why your dog is flipping his bed over. He may be feeling a bit territorial.

This behavior is his way of letting others know his bed is his bed. It belongs to him. He may also feel the need to scratch or dig into the bedding. Making sure to cover the bed with his scent as a warning to stay away.


#6 Can Dogs Flip Their Beds Over When They Don’t Like The Bedding?

As dog owners, we go out of our way to ensure our companions have a comfortable place to sleep. Aside from our beds, that is. One sign that your dog isn’t happy with his bedding is by flipping his bed or moving it around.

Dogs can be very particular about their beds. Like us, dogs have preferences when it comes to their sleeping arrangements.

Smaller breeds prefer enclosed beds, while large dogs like to have room to stretch. Ultimately, it depends a lot on your pup’s personality. He doesn’t care about the materials used, the construction, or how great it is for the environment.


#7 Does Your Pooch Want To Be Alone?

Dogs and humans alike need their alone time. Dogs need to go to a safe, quiet place to rest or take naps. Our pups need to take many naps a day to stay healthy and alert. Most people like to keep their doggy beds in rooms where the family gathers.

If your dog is flipping his bed over, he might be trying to let you know he’s being disturbed. He might even try crawling under his bed.

Making it quite obvious that he’s trying to find a space where there is nothing to disturb his peaceful rest. Moving his bed to a quiet place in the house may help him get the rest he needs.


#8 Does Your Dog Feel The Place Safe Enough?

Sometimes dogs are not comfortable in the spot we chose for their beds. Have you seen your dog flipping his bed or dragging it to a different spot? He may be feeling vulnerable.

Dogs like to sleep with their backs to the wall. They might even sleep in a corner or under a piece of furniture. Any place they feel protected.

If your pup isn’t feeling safe, he won’t be able to relax in his own bed. Keep this in mind when finding the perfect spot for your doggy bed and you too will be feeling much more relaxed.


#9 Does Your Dog Feel Too Cold or Too Hot?

We know that certain breeds have been bred for certain environments. Chihuahuas like to keep warm. Other breeds such as Huskies enjoy colder temperatures. This should be something to consider when deciding where to place his doggy bed.

If your dog is flipping his bed, he may be too hot or too cold. By flipping his bed over, he can make himself comfortable on the cool side of the bed. The same way we flip our pillows. If he’s feeling cold, the material on the opposite side might be warmer.

Finding the perfect spot in your home may take a little time, but your pup will thank you.

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#10 Does Your Pup Want More Privacy?

Dogs sometimes become overwhelmed from having too much activity. If your dog is flipping over his bed more than usual, he may be looking for some “me” time. Yes, dogs need privacy as well.

Understanding your pup’s behavior can be difficult at times. One cause of this behavior could be that his doggy bed is in an open area, causing him anxiety.

Your dogs need plenty of rest during the day. He needs a place where he can get away from the action and relax. Chances are he’s feeling overwhelmed. Moving his bed to a quieter area in the house will surely help calm his nerves.


#11 Is Your Fido Nesting?

If you have a pregnant mama dog around your home, you’ve seen this behavior. Scratching or flipping the dog bed. Moving the bedding to a different spot. It’s quite normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Even if it seems a bit excessive, it’s easy to understand her concern. She’s instinctively in search of a safe and comfortable spot to have her new arrivals.

You can do your part by finding a nice, quiet place for her to have her pups. Don’t forget to add a few blankets and towels. This should help her feel much more relaxed as the big day approaches.


#12 Is Your Mutt Out Of Regular Habit?

Is your dog’s new favorite habit flipping over his/her bed? Chances are he’s bored of his old toys. Create positive habits by adding new chew toys to occupy his time. Take him for a walk before you leave for long periods of time.

If you don’t have time, throw a ball for a little bit. It’ll help him use up some of his stored energy, and he’ll be more relaxed while you’re gone. Put his bed away during the day. Only bring it out when it’s bedtime. Eventually, he will forget about his new-found habit.


#13 Is Your Pooch Imitating or Mimicking Your Behavior?

Can your dog learn simply by watching you? Studies have shown observing and copying others can help dogs survive in the wild. It’s not known if all animals have this ability. Imitation requires some complex cognitive skills.

It has been proven that dogs can do it, due in part to being domesticated. It’s entirely possible that when your dog flips his bed over, he is copying you.

Although dogs learn from us in a similar way a child does, there are significant differences. Some studies look at how dogs imitate the actions of other dogs, but not as many. Humans are better teachers.


#14 Does Your Doggy Seek Your Attention?

There are reasons we call our pups our kids. Here’s a perfect example. When you get a phone call. Does your pup immediately start getting into trouble? Or when you are watching your show, does he run off and grab a sock? Obviously hoping to entice you into chasing him around the room.

The same goes for your dog flipping over his bed. Just another way to get your attention. The more you react, the more he wags his tail. After all, he’s getting the exact reaction he was looking for. Never underestimate the intelligence of your pup. He knows you better than you think.


#15 Does Your Pup Have Some Lack Of Training?

Dogs are very intelligent animals. Therefore, it’s important to start training as early as possible. If not, they will develop bad habits and bad manners. Keep in mind that dogs are like children.

They come into this world without knowing right from wrong. It’s up to us as responsible dog owners to raise well-behaved dogs.

If flipping his dog bed over is unacceptable behavior, training could be the answer. A little practice and patience every day are all it takes. Another benefit to training is that it will also build a bond with your pup. He will learn to trust you. And before you know it, your pup will be a well-behaved dog.


#16 Is The Fido Getting Quality Toys To Play With?

Good, quality toys are important to the wellness of your pups. They help stimulate him mentally, as well as a way to release energy. There is a wide range of toys on the market. When purchasing a toy for your pup, there are a few things to consider, such as breed, energy level, and size.

A Shi Tzu has different needs than a German Shepard or Retriever. It can be a bit daunting to find the right toy for your buddy.

Have you ever brought a toy home for your pup to find that he’s more entertained by flipping his bed over and over? A good toy maybe all he needs to take his attention away from his doggy bed.


How To Stop Your Dog From Flipping Her Bed Over?

  • It’s important that your pup get daily regular exercise and good quality toys that will keep your pup mentally occupied.
  • Keep your pup comfortable by using cooling beds filled with water or gel.  Elevated beds are great for senior dogs as well. Elevated beds help alleviate joint pain.
  • Help break the habit of your pup flipping over his bed by putting it away when you leave the house. Only bring it out at bedtime.
  • Make sure your pups’ doggy bed is in a quiet place where he feels safe and secure. Dogs need to relax in a spot where they don’t feel threatened or anxious.
  • Training should begin as early as possible. Dogs need to learn discipline and boundaries as soon as possible.

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Final Thoughts

Let me know which topic was most helpful to you? These are things I’ve wondered about and I hope by including the most common reasons for your dog flipping his bed over helped answer a few of your question as well.

Let me know what you think. Add any feedback or questions to the comment section. And If you liked my post, please share.


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