Top 5 Best Australian Shepherd Breeders In Florida (FL) State

Here is your complete guide for the five best Australian Shepherd Breeders in Florida state to avoid unnecessary hassle. Confused about choosing breeders for your Australian Shepherd? Well Not anymore! Here we have covered special details about each reputable breeder which will help you to choose the best one for your lovely pet.

You want the best for your pet, and these breeders are the best as they do not stand by the concept of mixing other breeds with the pure Australian Shepherd.

These breeders not only take care of the Australian Shepherds but also dive deep into the details whenever they include a dog in their breeding programs.

Starting from checking temperament to confirming mental health, these breeders go all in to ensure the best quality Australian Shepherd just for You!

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Find An Australian Shepherd Breeder Near Me In Florida State

#1 Great Oaks Aussies

Great Oaks Aussies is an Australian Shepherd Breeder known in Florida for their top-notch breeding service with exceptional caring approaches to the Australian Shepherd breed. 

The Lee family has dedicated their lives to taking extra care of the purebred Australian Shepherd in order to produce perfect, playful, and intelligent puppies to bring joy to the lives of their masters. 

If you are planning to get an Australian Shepherd as a house pet, then you should keep the fact in your mind that, Australian Shepherd Dogs are Working dogs who need to be busy all the time.

If you do not have much work for him to do, make sure you keep him busy and active with some activities or games, otherwise Australian Shepherds tend to get lonely and destructive.

Unlike most breeders, Great Oaks Aussies have created a “puppy cottage” along with a mini-split system to provide the puppies and their parent’s utmost comfort. They keep the dogs free to play and run as this breed is known for being agile all the time.

At six weeks, each puppy is brought to the Lee house for extra attention, love along with crate and leash training. 

Great Oaks Aussies are quite reputable for being registered with AKC, ASCA and UKC, IABCA and for their service to their previous customers as everyone is happy for choosing them as the breeders for their Australian Shepherds.

In Florida, you will find tons of puppy mills and kennels where even though they breed Australian Shepherd, they eventually grow up with lots of diseases due to no care and proper treatment that this breed requires. 

These puppy mills and backyard breeders give no attention to hygiene or maintaining bloodline which often results in disasters. Great Oaks Aussies are proud breeders for keeping up with the clean and pure bloodline with a goal to produce a healthy and beautiful standard Australian Shepherd breed.

Australian Shepherds make good companions easily and are very decisive when the matter comes to making decisions. Looking for intelligent puppies nurtured in extra luxury? You know Great Oaks Aussies is the answer!

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeders Details:

Australian Shepherd With Flower

#2 Cowboy’s Australian Shepherds

Cowboy’s Australian Shepherds breeders know how to keep it real and grounded. The purebred black tricolor Australian Shepherd “Kate” was the first-ever ranch dog with which they started.

Kate was intuitive and intelligent which eventually inspired the owners to start breeding NSDR registered dogs at their ranch.

The Cowboy’s breeders produce intelligent ranch working dogs and take them to trail rides for refreshment as well.

Cowboy’s Australian Shepherds focuses on breeding purebred Australian Shepherds without mixing just to bring the best outcomes while maintaining the pure genetic Australian Shepherd characteristics.

If you are planning on adopting a purebred puppy from them, you must choose which puppy would you like when they are 4 weeks old.

They regularly take the puppies and the ranch dogs for medical checkups and provide treatment if any anomaly is found during checkups.

Being a sheepdog for livestock, Australian Shepherd is always up for challenges and new things! Cowboy’s Australian Shepherds breeders produce their puppies and provide them with an adequate amount of time and activity so that they grow and learn to their fullest.

Check below to get in touch with the Cowboy’s Australian Shepherd breeders now!

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeders Details:

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Australian Shepherd Sitting Down

#3 Copper Sky Ranch

Copper Sky Ranch breeders located in the Florida area, keep a hard check on their dog breeding system. Do you want an intelligent pack of purebred Australian Shepherds? Or, miniature American Shepherds? Copper Sky Ranch has it all sorted! 

Copper Sky Ranch provides the puppies medical, mental, PTSD support to ensure no aspects of any puppy are left unchecked. They do not produce any mixed breed dogs and believe to maintain the authenticity of the purebred Australian Shepherd breed along with ensuring the fact that all of their dogs are registered with AKC and/or ASCA.

The average cost for reputable and authentic Australian Shepherd breeders in Florida varies from around $600 to $800. In this case, female puppies are slightly less expensive than male puppies.

Producing active and playful puppies is their ultimate goal as their puppies always prove themselves to be the best fit for any kind of circumstances.

Copper Sky Ranch breeders ensure the best environment to keep their puppies safe and dog healthy and cheerful. Extra care is the first and foremost condition of these breeders. Standard Australian Shepherds shed a lot, so they need to stay within a proper environment to stay fit and healthy.

The breeders respond to the slightest whimpers of the puppies and keep their surroundings clean to guarantee the best life for them because to the breeders “It is so much more than just a dog business.”

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeders Details:

Australian Shepherd Dog Smiling

#4 Longshadow Australian Shepherds

If elegance is your top priority, then you can rely on Longshadow Australian Shepherds with your eyes closed! Providing Smart Australian Shepherds while maintaining a clean bloodline is their ultimate goal.

Longshadow always commits to producing the bests of the bests and ensures every canine friend gets an equal amount of attention. Although Australian Shepherd is considered to be a noisy breed, proper training proves this assumption wrong. Perfect Training brings the best of this intelligent breed as Standard Australian Shepherd are known for being very intuitive and obedient.

They are not low-maintenance as they need constant exercises to channel out their energy. Longshadow breeders keep them busy with activities so that they do not feel miserable at all. Starting from the puppies’ genetic testing to routine medical care everything is on time with the Long shadows.

They get OFA, CERF, MDRI checkups for their dogs before breeding to ensure the flawless quality of a Standard Australian Shepherd.

Proper research before choosing your Australian Shepherd breeder will save your time. The chances of a dog being healthy depends much on good breeding lines. Longshadow breeders keep their breeding dogs in check.

They keep a keen eye on the history line of the dogs engaged in their breeding system to keep the breed pure and healthy. They have been in the pure Australian Shepherd breeding business for more than 20 years and never disappointed a soul with the quality of their puppies ever!

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeders Details:

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#5 Honey Creek Australian Shepherds

Honey Creek Aussies are just the right place for you If sticking up with commitments is your thing! Ben and Linda are dog lovers who started Honey Creek out of their love for their pets. The couple leaves no stones unturned to ensure the best for their Australian Shepherd breed as they do not see it as a means of business but as your humane responsibility. 

Unlike other breeders, Honey Creek Aussies do not ship their puppies anywhere, as they believe if the owner is responsible enough, they will come and receive the puppy in person.

Honey Creek breeders check every possible aspect of their puppies and parent dogs. Starting from cleaning the litter pans to checking up the daily needs of the Australian Shepherds, The McCune couple makes everything comfortable for the puppies and the ranch dogs to keep them productive and active.

The Standard Australian Shepherds need a lot of attention in order to be friendly with you. Although mini Aussies or Toy Australian Shepherds become friendly easily the standard Australian Shepherds are more reserved in nature.

You need to socialize, play and be attentive to their needs in order to set up a friendly and reliable connection with them. Honeycreek Breeders keep their dogs and puppies in full luxury so that every pet feels loved. 

Ben and Linda believe the dogs are their responsibility even if they find new homes in the future. They promise to train and take care of them along with producing intelligent, smart, friendly puppies which retain the clean bloodline of their predecessors.

If you are searching to choose a canine friend for life, then Honey Creek Aussies should be your first choice!

Australian Shepherd Puppy Breeders Details:

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Australian Shepherd Puppy

Steps to find right Australian Shepherd Breeders in Florida:

Research is the key: 

Do your own research depending on the size, color, and characteristics that you want in your dog, research about prices, and authentic breeders who only use pure breed. Choose a breeder who is open to accept your preferences while breeding.

Know your breeder: 

Check the details before choosing a breeder for your Australian Shepherd pet. Know about their services, breeding programs, systems, quality of the dogs included in the program, in short, everything.

The average lifespan of Australian Shepherd dogs is 12-15 years, so if you are going to spend that much time with your pet, make sure your pet gets the best!

Ask Questions:

Ask your breeders questions regarding Australian Shepherd. Ask about its health, possible types of sicknesses, temperament, nature, a style so that it becomes easier for you to understand your breeder and your pet better.

Apply for your desired breeder:

After making the final choices, send your application and make a deposit to your breeder. If they ensure everything is safe with you after checking your background, conditions, and environment, they will definitely hand in your own standard-sized Australian Shepherd and you are all set to go!

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Over to you 

In a nutshell, Standard Australian Shepherds are diligent pets to have for your family. It is energetic, friendly, intuitive, and very easy to train as per your style. The exuberant nature of Australian Shepherds makes them stand out from the other breeds.

This is important to keep their bloodline free from mixing breeds brings only different outcomes with no authentic characteristics of a certain breed. Pure Australian Shepherd puppies are often expensive as maintaining a pure bloodline is a tough job for breeders.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all breeders maintain hygiene and clean bloodline while breeding like some money-making puppy mills and backyard breeders who only focus on the business and treat the dogs as commodities.

That is why, we have researched and covered only the top five of the authentic breeders in Florida who only believe in maintaining the pure bloodline of the Australian Shepherds and taking care of them as a member of their family, not as a showpiece.

These breeders believe in the concept of being responsible for the puppies they produce and do not leave the older or retired dogs alone.  

Which breeders will you trust in Florida? Share your thoughts below!

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