Why Do Border Collies Lick Themselves? 5 Scientific Reasons To Learn!!!

Do you think your Border Collie has been licking a little too much lately? And it seems highly unusual for you? Then it’s up to you to find out the reason behind this highly unusual behavior. 

So, why do Border Collies lick themselves? It could be due to countless reasons, such as to express affection, it could also be possible that they are feeling nauseous or anxious, in those cases it could be detrimental for your Border Collies health.  But, if they are constantly licking your face in a more exuberant and playful manner, then you can relax as they are doing in a more doting manner. But, they could also be licking due to internal pain which is not visible on the outside. 

A Border Collie licking too much is definitely not a good sign, so you must consult the vet and understand why they are behaving in that certain manner because you can not help your canine if you do not understand the reason.

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Why Do Border Collies Lick Themselves

5 Scientific Reasons: Why Do Border Collies Lick Themselves?

Border Collies can lick for countless reasons, and it is very crucial that you as the owner understand why your Border Collie is licking, and some of the most notable reasons are:

  1. They lick themselves to heal any wound or bruise
  2. They could possibly lick themselves if they’re having any allergies
  3. They can lick themselves due to any form of infection
  4. They can clean themselves
  5. They can if there has been any bruise due to any sharp objects

#1 Is Your Border Collie Suffering From Arthritis?

Arthritis can be quite common in dogs as they get older, this causes severe quivers in the limbs of your Collie. If your Border Collie is showing signs of quivering while doing daily activities then he could be suffering from Arthritis.

It can happen for a number of reasons, such as any untreated fracture in the joints, obesity and other diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, etc. If your dog is suffering from Arthritis, then be sure to take him/her to the vet as soon as possible. 

Some Possible Symptoms Of Arthritis In Border Collies:

  • Signs of trembling and quivering
  • More apathetic and lethargic, while being more prone to sleeping
  • Less enthusiastic for walks or outdoor activities
  • Slower or more stiff movements
  • Whimpering or signs of distress

#2 Your Border Collie Might Dealing With Any Kind Of Allergies

Border Collies are not free from allergies, in fact, allergies in dogs are quite common. Border Collies can have all sorts of allergies, one of the most commonly found allergy would be a food allergy.

Approximately all dog-related allergies are food allergies, and you should consult a vet as soon as possible to discern what kind of food your Border Collie may be allergic to. Other than that, your Border Collie could be allergic to any environmental substance, such as dust can cause your dog to give an allergic reaction.

Other environmental allergies are primarily seasonal and tend to end after season change, still you should consult a vet to be fully aware of the details.

Some Possible Symptoms Of Allergies in Border Collies:

  • Itchiness in dogs
  • Severe stomach rumbles and diarrhoea
  • Suddenly becoming more withdrawn and lethargic
  • Lacking an appetite 
Border Collie Stare At You

#3 Your Border Collie Might Get His Nail Jammed  

It is highly possible that your Border Collie accidentally got its nail jammed, in situations like these you may see that your Collie is incredibly distressed and is constantly licking its paws. If your dog’s nail is jammed then surely trim away any broken nails, then stop the bleeding.

It is incredibly crucial that you clean the paw to diminish the chances of infection. But, despite everything, it is important to consult a veterinarian. Untreated nail injury can result in a far more adverse situation, your Border Collie could have permanent bruises and injuries, which is why trying to ameliorate the situation as soon as possible. 

#4 Your Border Collie Might Be Suffering From Any Fractured Toe

Your dog could possibly have a fractured toe, which is when the bones in their paws are fragmented or cracked.

There can be a number of ways how your Border Collie could have ended up with a fractured paw, for instance, if someone accidentally steps on your dog’s paw it could possibly cause a crack or any other injuries, jumping from higher platforms too can put a lot of strain on their paws.

Then it can happen due to any form of accidents like getting hit by any object or getting bitten by a larger dog, so if you think your Border Collie has a fractured toe, consult the veterinary as soon as possible. 

Possible Symptoms That Your Border Collie Has Broken Or Fractured Her Toe Bone:

  • If they show signs of limping
  • If they constantly lick their paw
  • If they walk while lifting their paw up
  • If they are constantly distressed and whimpering 

#5 Your Border Collie Might Be Dealing With Depression, Stress, Or Boredom

Just like humans, your Border Collie has emotions too, so to feel such negative emotions such as depression, stress, and boredom is possible. If your Border Collie seems more withdrawn and dejected due to any significant changes, then your dog could be depressed.

It can happen due to many reasons, such as changes in the environment, bereavement of any other close furry friend or human. Emotions in Border Collies are very similar to emotions in humans, as they can suffer from other emotional changes, such as boredom and stress.

Both of these can happen to Border Collies due to any grief, or acclimatisation to changes. You can tell when your Border Collie is stressed by understanding its symptoms.

Some Possible Symptoms Of Depression, Stress, Or Boredom in Border Collies:

  • Constantly licking the paw
  • More lethargic movement
  • Loss of interest in things that they once enjoyed
  • Constant whimpering
  • Not willing to go out
Border Collie Sitting Down

Why do border collies lick their paws?

A shift in excessive licking of paws could signal some crucial health problems within your Border collie, in such a situation you must inspect the paws of your Border Collie with scrutiny, then you will be able to detect where the problem lies.

Another reason why your Collie might lick its paw is because of any laceration due to any object, it could be pins, shards, glass or any other piercing objects. Afterwards, it is incredibly important that you contact the veterinarian as tending to it could be something beyond your capacity.

Some of the main reasons why your dog could lick its paws are:

  • Untended wound
  • Any kind of aches
  • Parasites

Why do border collies lick their legs?

Border Collies can lick their reasons for a number of reasons, they tend to lick especially if there is any form of irritation due to any food allergy, if your Border Collie does not stop soon, then it would be best to consult a vet to understand the true reason, and some of the reasons may be:

  • Allergies
  • Stress/ anxiety
  • Nausea 
Border Collie Laughing

Why do border collies lick their lips?

Border Collies licking their lips is actually quite common, but it can happen because of normal circumstances such as excitement for the meal, or cleaning themselves after a meal, but then again, licking lips can be a sign of anxiety regarding something as well, especially if your Border Collie is in some form of pain.

Some reasons why your Border Collie may lick their lips are:

  • Insect bites 
  • Dental diseases
  • Oral ulceration
  • Injuries and bruises on lips

Why do border collies lick their face?

Border Collies can lick their faces to express their discomfort at anything, it could be a way to try to soothe their internal fear or agony, so if you see your Border Collie constantly licking their face then do understand that probably something is wrong and consult a vet.

Reasons why a Border Collie will probably constantly lick its face are:

  • Internal pain
  • Oral pain
  • Allergic reaction

How to stop Border Collies From Licking Themselves?

For you to stop your Border Collie from licking themselves, you need to understand why they are constantly licking themselves because different dogs have different reasons, if your dog is licking themselves due to any untended wound then you must consult the vet, but if your dog is licking due to any form of allergies, then you can try changing their diets, dogs can be allergic to many kinds food.

Again, parasites and lices could be a reason why your Border Collie constantly licks themselves, if that is the case then make sure to use anti-lice shampoos that can help to reduce the itchiness.

Another reason why your Border Collie could be licking themselves is due to stress, if that is the case you must ensure a no-stress environment for your dog and other necessary steps such as dim lighting, no loud noises, etc must be ensured so that it helps to diminish the existing anxiety of your dog.

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Why Do Border Collies Like To Lick Their Owners?

 It is quite a common sight to see Border Collies wanting to lick their owners, and the reason behind this is a form of expression, your Border Collie can lick your face to show affection, or another reason why your Collie might be licking your face is to seek your attention.

Again, dogs can also lick you as a sign of wanting more food, in a way demanding that you share your portion of food with them. Dogs licking your face is generally harmless, and there is nothing to worry about as it does not indicate that there is something wrong with your Collie, it is more of a sigh of love and affection.

But, just so you can stay without any doubt you can still consult a vet and if it has been cleared that there is nothing wrong with you Border Collie, then you can try to train your dog so that they refrain from excessively licking your face. 

Why Do Border Collies Lick Everything?

Unlike humans, dogs have only a few ways of expressing themselves, and licking is one of the most common ways. Border Collies tend to lick everything and everyone to show certain changes in their moods, temperament, and behaviour.

It can be something completely harmless such as wanting to show affection and love, while it can be something related to their health or mood, as dogs tend to lick more often if they are incredibly anxious about something, or if they have any untended injury then they would also lick more often.

Licking also works as a method to familiarise yourself with new objects, if you see your Border Collie licking new objects or places it’s their way of exploring and getting to know the unknown.

But, there are more health-related issues too, for example, your Border Collie could be licking to soothe its anxiety or any other fear. Dogs also lick if they are feeling nauseous, so if these signs increased then take your dog to the vet for a thorough checkup.  

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Border Collie Playing In Beach

Over To You

Could you find the reason behind why your Border Collie has been licking? Did this article help you to identify the sudden erratic behaviour in your dog?

If not then do tell me what I can do to make this more helpful, if you think I have missed any crucial detail then be sure to tell us so that we can make our article more organised and useful for you.

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