Why Does Your Border Collie Keep Licking You So Much?

It’s possible you’re a Border Collie fan. Your dog is well-behaved, to say the least. Then, why is your dog so fond of licking you? Do you have any concerns about this? If so, are you looking for a way to get rid of this issue and find out why?

Well, almost all types of dogs licks. There is nothing to be concerned about. But of course, you may be aware of the reason. The simple reason is that it comes naturally to them. From expressing affection to requesting attention from their owners, licking can serve a multitude of purposes. 

Licking is often not dangerous, but if it persists or becomes persistent, it may become a behavioral issue. I’ve covered practically everything regarding your Border Collie’s licking behavior in this article. Read the article for more information.

Why Does Your Border Collie Keep Licking their owner?

Why Do Border Collies Like To Lick People?

The act of licking people comes naturally and instinctively to Border Collies. The border collie’s licking behavior is quite risky.

It serves as a means of self-expression, companionship, and grooming for them. There are a plethora of reasons for why Border Collie’s lick people.

  • When a dog is fond of someone, they will lick them to show their affection.
  • In addition to showing affection, border collies lick when they are worried or hungry. It improves their mood when they are stressed.
  • Border Collies may lick a person if they seek to get the attention of that person.
  • It’s possible that they’ll lick humans who seem to be in danger. It’s difficult to understand why this is so.

Why Does My Border Collie Always Lick Me So Much?

Loving and safe feelings are likely to come from your dog’s affectionate behavior. In the same way that human puppies kiss their mother’s cheeks to express their contentment, dogs do the same with licking.

Why Border Collies Lick Their Owners?

Licking is a form of communication and process of showing expression. However, excessive licking may indicate something more serious like a medical issue. There are many reasons why Border Collies lick their owners.

To Strengthen Social Bonds

Border Collies lick their owners to attract attention. If you’re ignoring their demands, they’ll lick to get your attention.

They expect this would improve social relationships. They lick you to remind you of their bond when you’re distracted.

Asking For Food

The dog will indicate that it wants food by licking the owner’s hands and looking into his eyes. This is how Border Collies and the other dogs beg the owner for food.

Lowering The Stress

When stressed, border collies lick their owner. So, licking can also be a sign of relaxation and stress release.

To Taste The Skin Of The Owner

Border collies also lick their owners to taste and smell them.  You can give your dog any chew toy if you find your irritation with their tendency of licking.

For Showing Greetings And Affection

The most obvious justification for licking is to express affection. They utilize it as a greeting and a means of reaffirming your connection on a social level.

They exhibit their most endearing behavior and are attempting to get close to you when they lick you.

Anxiety Or Illness

When your Border Collie licks excessively, it may be a sign of a serious disease or a lot of stress. They’re attempting to get you to see that something’s not quite right.

Why Does My Border Collie Lick My Face?

Face licking is a trait of all wild dogs.  Border Collie saliva creates little issues. Vets say that to avoid getting sick, you shouldn’t let your Border Collie lick your mouth, eyes, or nose.

There are some reasons for why your Border Collie licks your face:

  • Border Collies learn to lick from birth. Mother licks her puppies to clean, to show love, and to promote egress. Puppies learn licking from their mother. They use their tongues to explore the world around them.
  • Border Collies like tasting your perspiration.
  • They enjoy seeing their owner returning home. As a result, they lick their owners’ faces to extend a friendly greeting.

Why Does My Border Collie Lick My Feet?

Your Border Collie licks you for a variety of reasons, including affection, attention, a better understanding of you, and just because. However, the reason they could choose your feet is that.

  • They are brimming with fragrance information that reveals a great deal about you.  They gain an understanding of your whereabouts and activities.
  • If your dog is continuously licking your legs, it is because it enjoys the salty, sweaty flavor of your feet and wants attention.
  • Your dog enjoys the response they receive from you.
  • They believe that when they lick your feet, you will be communicating with them.  They’ll keep doing it whenever they want to play. Also they can do it when they need anything from you. 

Is Border Collie Licking You A Good Thing?

Most of the time, you don’t like the licking behavior of our Border Collies. We view it as a form of disease or affection. However, a frequent query I receive from people is, “Is licking a good thing?”

But occasionally, you might think it’s a good thing. The more friendly a border collie is toward you, the more it licks. They do it as a method to express their love.

It’s evidence that they genuinely care about you and are happy to be around you. Through this behavior, it will be clear to you that they like you.

Licking might be a useful indicator of your dog’s hunger. This could serve as a helpful reminder if you neglect to feed your Border Collie.

This is another quick approach to determine whether your dog is sick or not. You can take it to the vet if you discover it to be ill.

How To Stop Your Border Collie From Always Licking You?

To get rid of your Border Collie’s licking behavior, you first need to figure out what’s causing it.

You need to figure out why your border collies are licking themselves. Then, move to the solution.

Ignore It For Some Period

Do you believe your Border Collie is licking you in an effort to win your attention? If so, simply ignore it. It would be your best course of action.

If it stops licking for a while, you should pay attention again. The intention is for it to realize that licking is something that you don’t prefer.

Give Reward 

Rewarding it for not licking you is another approach to get it to stop. You will be able to get the desired behavior in this manner.

Give It Toys

You may provide a plethora of playthings for your Border Collies. This will allow it to concentrate on licking them rather than on you.

When it comes to licking and chewing, Kong and other chewing toys can be quite beneficial. If licking starts to become a habit for your border collie, you should give it a Kong toy.

Necessary Treatment

You should always bring your dog to the veterinarian when you suspect it is sick, injured, or distressed. It will help to keep your pet safe.

Proper Training

When a Border Collie wants to communicate, licking is a natural choice. Actually it’s so tough for you to get it to entirely quit licking. There is, however, a method of lowering it.

Be ready for more than one training session if necessary. Training might help you avoid your Border Collie’s licking tendency.

Take Up Exercise

I already mentioned that Border Collies licks when they are stressed. So, if you take steps to remove stress, you can reduce licking. Long walks will help your dog feel less stressed.

It could help them stop licking your face. When dealing with dogs who lick out of neurotic habits, this strategy is particularly helpful.

Switch Up Your Body Scent

Dogs prefer particular scents more than others. Try switching your body wash or perfume for one that your dog won’t like as much.

Get A Shower

After a strenuous, sweaty workout, does your dog find you particularly alluring?  If you clean up afterward, your dog won’t think of you as a walking salt stick.

#1 Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy

If your Border Collie’s licking tendency worries you, a chewing toy can be a good solution. I’ll recommend the Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Chew Toy.

Compared to genuine bones, benebones are more durable and stay longer. Your dog can instantly grab the Wishbone and start chewing because it is curved for paw-friendly handling.

I discovered that the majority of purchasers were content with this product. They claim that this toy is quite durable. Strong chewers will love it.

Additionally, the cost is reasonable. But I discovered several clients who aren’t pleased with these toy. One of them claimed to have smelled nothing from the toy that would have attracted his dog.

#2 KONG – Extreme Dog Toy

A Kong toy is an option for your Border Collies if you wish to decrease licking.  I will advise KONG-Extreme Dog Toy in this situation.

The KONG Extreme dog toy is made from the strongest KONG rubber and is designed to last for years. The KONG Extreme black rubber toy helps dogs fulfill their innate demands and stimulates their minds.

Most of the buyers of this item are happy with their purchases. They claim that this toy is a great option for entertaining active chewers.

It’s simple to clean. To clean it, you can simply wash in warm, soapy water. Also it is enduring and strong.


I tried to include all I needed to focus on Border Collies’ licking habits. I’m hoping you’ve already figured out why your Border Collies lick you so much and found an answer to the problem.

Does anything else come to mind that I need to talk about? If so, please leave a remark below. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to address them.

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