Can Border Collies Swim Well? 5 Possible Facts To Learn!!!

Your Border Collie is an intelligent and trainable dog. Her breed is famous for being good at herding, obedience, and agility. Swimming is one of the great exercises that your pup comes to like over time and dedication. 

So, can Border Collies swim well? Border Collies love to swim if you socialize and encourage them from a young age. These energetic sheepdogs find swimming an excellent way to exercise, especially in summers. 

Your dog usually becomes a good swimmer if you give proper training. But, she can grow tired and there are many things that you as an owner should be careful of. Swimming is fun but it is dangerous if you do not keep a check over your dog.

You should take proper precautions to avoid potential accidents to your dog. Because she loves moving around and engaging in work and different meaningful activities. After all, most dogs have the energy to keep moving around and playing with their owners!

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Can Border Collies Swim Well?

Are Border Collies Natural Swimmer?

Many people often ask if Border Collies are good swimmers. Well, your Border Collie is not a natural swimmer. But she has some talent for swimming. As your canine is brimming with plenty of energy, she can go through the extra energy by swimming. Your Border Collie canine turns out to be stricken with water once you introduce her to water at an early age. 

Also, like other dogs, your canine also figures out how to swim during socializing. When your Border Collie starts to cherish swimming, you may find it difficult to keep her out of water. Regardless of whether your canine turns into a good swimmer or not, you should keep a regular check on her. 

Can All Border Collies Swim?

To answer if Border Collies can swim well, you must know that these dogs are incredible swimmers. But their fondness for water may differ from one pooch to another. If your Border Collie encounters something dangerous around water, she may become agitated.  The fear of water doesn’t let your pup become good swimmers. 

Swimming is an excellent way to keep your canine buddies fit. Vets prescribe swimming to advance quicker recuperation. Especially from a medical procedure and muscle strain in dogs. Swimming helps increase muscle mass. Also, it delays the onset of arthritis and other age-related limitations.

Generally, all Border Collie puppies have some basic capacity to swim or paddle. But, it’s unlikely that every dog has a talent for swimming. Certain facial structures and body types may hinder some dogs to float in the water for a long period.

Do Border Collies Like To Swim?

Generally, when your Border Collies start socializing, she can figure out how to swim too. Once you introduce them to water in a charming manner, they become fond of it. With proper guidance at an early age,  your pooch gets attached to water bodies and swimming. 

Border Collies become great swimmers if you take legitimate preparation.   Yet, your sheepdog can become tired, especially in the beginning. Besides, there are many things that you as an owner ought to be cautious about. You should play it safe to try not to make any mishaps on your canine while it is swimming. 

Many dogs become terrified of the waters and it’s something very common. In any case, your pup loves to swim or play. It’s in her qualities and not something they plan on changing later on.

Does Your Border Collie Like Water?

All around, Border collies are extraordinary swimmers. Yet their liking for water may vary from one pooch to another. These Anglo-Scottish dogs have a fondness for water. But upsetting past experiences may leave them unable to accept water bodies.

There aren’t any actual reasons why your Border Collie can’t swim. And sometimes, your dog may regardless be hesitant to do as such.  So, if you find your dog being fond or indifferent towards the water, it’s very common. Because a lot depends on how your pooch grew up and her past experiences with water. 

How Long Can Your Border Collie Swim In The Water?

Your Border collie can swim for about 10 to 20 minutes all at once. More often than not, you can track down these lively around you. If you need your pooch to swim without stress, consider having   her wear a day to day existence vest. In any case, don’t rush to pass judgment! 

You should not rush to pass judgment! Your Border collies work hard in protecting you and is ready to plunge into the depths of lakes to help you.

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Border Collie Play WIth Bubble

5 Possible Facts: Why Does Your Border Collie Love to Swim?

Your energetic Border Collie loves taking part in work and other activities. And she has the energy to continue moving around and playing with you and your family members. Here are some reasons why your border collie puppy likes swimming:

#1 Is Your Border Collie Being Buoyancy?

Your Anglo-Scottish dog pet loves the weightlessness of being in the water. The buoyancy or lightness of the water reduces the impacts of gravity. This permits your herding dog’s body to be upheld in the water.

Swimming is an incredible exercise as it puts less weight on joints, bones and muscles. Besides, it helps to build autonomy of development. Your dog can move all the more in the water, empowering weightless exercise. It’s unlike what she does with being ashore.

Border Collie Playful

#2 Is Your Border Collie Doing This From Her Positive Association?

Generally, your dog’s love for water comes from positive association. Like children, your intelligent canine too needs to realize that she has protection. Also, her belief in her capacity to swim in the water helps a lot. It’s better if she can appreciate the fun of swimming. 

The positive association helps your pooch become more comfortable with water. And, this also helps in her becoming a better swimmer. Once your pooch finds it fun, you may have a hard time keeping her away from the water. 

#3 Is Your Border Collie Doing Exercise?

Your sheepdog loves to swim because it is a great exercise.  Once your pooch knows how to swim,  she becomes naturals and adjusts according;y. Swimming does wonders for your canine. The resistance of the water enacts muscles to work more and more. 

Also, the water gives your pooch the sensation of being weightless. It is an ideal exercise for your canine to get a decent workout while securing her joints. And it’s likely that your canine will rest after a decent swim session.

Border Collie Smiling

#4 Is Your Border Collie Reduce Mental Stimulation?

Your pooch becomes exhausted and bored. As an owner, you must have also noticed this. Swimming is a great exercise and also helps with mental well-being. While swimming your canine alters her strolling development from a trot, to a paddle.

Usually, your pup’s swimming looks as normal as a fish in the water. But there is more spotlight on the thing their body is doing than we understand. Like us, her cerebrum surveys the surrounding factors while she swims.  With the cerebrum and the body working together, she stays occupied. And swimming brings her both joy and mental stimulation. 

#5 Is Your Border Collie Doing Fun?

One of the reasons why your dog loves to swim is on the grounds that it is entertaining! Canines who love swimming resemble kids in a pool, it’s difficult to get them out. One moment of swimming is comparable to four minutes of land work out. The sensation of being weightless while getting a full-body exercise is great. 

besides, swimming is a good time for canines. This exercise gives help with discomfort from joint pain, aggravation, and versatility issues. In your pool, she can enjoy the pleasant advantages of swimming. And more so, throughout the entire year in a safe controlled climate.

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Border Collie Happy

Things What You Need To Consider Before Your Border Collie Swim in The Water

If you find your dog being curious about swimming, you should take proper precautions.  Especially, it’s better to avoid large water bodies for a swimming session.  Introduce your pooch to swimming during sunny mornings. 

This will not only give you a great time together but also will make your pooch more comfortable with the water. On the off chance that your canine likes to swim, I prescribe that you urge them to do as such. This is on the grounds that it holds a huge load of advantages, for example,

#1 Don’t Leave Your Border Collie Unsupervised

You should not permit your pooch to swim without management. Especially in waterways that have currents, like rivers and oceans. Your pup has a low capacity to grasp something, it’s likely that she will meet dangers in large water bodies. 

And even if you do take your dog to a water body, you should never leave her unsupervised. At the point when uncertain about the strength of the water momentum, it’s best to decide to be alert.

#2 Don’t Go With Your Border Collie For Swimming in Unfamiliar Waters

Due to various reasons, it is best if you don’t go with your Border Collie for swimming in unfamiliar. Because the unknown water bodies can lead to unknown dangers. Some can even be deadly. 

For example, you might find many wildlife dangers like snakes in riverbanks. This is because some snakes prefer to hide in small holes in the ground or under rocks. Apart from dangerous wildlife, sharp objects like rocks or shells can cut your dog’s feet. Besides, it can or swallow your dog into depths of water. 

If you don’t know the depth of the water, you should check it out before allowing your dog to jump in. Also, beware of the ignored danger is blue-green algae in the water. The blue-green algae can cause severe gastrointestinal upset to your dog. Also, they can cause eye, ear, throat and skin irritation to your pooch.

#3 Don’t Let Your Border Collie Get Too Tired

Don’t allow your Border Collie to become tired while swimming as this can cause your dog to not make his way back. So, never take your eyes off your dog when he/she is swimming in the water.  Because your dog can become stranded and may become unable to get out.

I recommend you build your dog’s stamina in the water with proper training. This will also allow you to have a rough idea about the time it takes for your dog to show some signs of becoming tired. If your dog becomes tired in the water body without you noticing, it may become dangerous. 

#4 Don’t Ignore Cold Weather

As an owner, you should never expose your Border Collie to odd temperatures. Especially the ones that you yourself are not comfortable being in. Please keep in mind that your dog cannot tell you when he/she is feeling hot or cold. So, if you feel that the water is too cold for you, then don’t let your dog jump into that. 

Being exposed to cold water puts your dog at risk of hypothermia. Hypothermia causes your dog’s body temperature to fall below the normal range. And the blood flow drives from the skin and extremities to vital organs (heart, lungs and brain). As a result, your dog’s muscles get tired very soon and the risk of drowning increases.

Border Collie Puppy

Things To Do After Your Border Collie Finishes Her Swim

If you do not take care of your puppy properly after a swim, it may cause harms. So, after your dog finishes her swim, there are certain things to do to keep your dog realty. Such as: 

  • Rinse your dog: Rinse your dog’s coat with cool water to remove all the chlorine and other pool chemicals. 
  • Dry your dog: You should towel-dry or blow-dry your dog after rinsing.
  • Comb out the tangles: Try combing your dog’s coat to get rid of the chlorine residue.  

Are Border Collies Scared Of Swimming?

Your Border Collie pooch comes to love swimming as long as you encourage her to do so while she is young. But, don’t worry if she doesn’t want to swim or feel hesitant. Some dogs can get scared of the waters and it’s normal. You can introduce swimming to them until she becomes used to it.

What Will Be Border Collie Puppies’ Swimming Lesson?

You should start by putting your puppy on a leash which allows you to have control over her. Take your Border Collie into the water in a welcoming environment. Prepare enough treats. Try to reward your pup for every positive step she takes, even if it’s a small one.

How To Train Your Border Collie To Swim Well

At the beginning of the swimming training, try to use a floating accessory for your dog. It is very important to allow your mutt to have plenty of fun. It also encourages your dog to have good swimming training. Here are some basic steps that you should include in your dog’s training: 

  • Know Your Puppy: You should first check if you can take your puppy to the water and can enjoy swimming. 
  • Start Small: At first, allow your pup to be familiar with water in a small kiddie pool. And keep encouraging her to get used to larger water bodies. 
  • Wear a Life Vest: Use a life vest as it can boost your puppy’s confidence as well as keep her safe. 
  • Get Wet: If your pup sees you having fun in the water, she’s more likely to do the same. 
  • Follow the Leader: If your family or a friend has a swimming puppy, bring her along for the swimming lesson. This will help to boost your new puppy’s confidence but also allow her to learn by the other puppy’s example.
  • Have Fun: Praise your puppy with lots of love, attention and toys once he can master swimming. 
  • Nourish the body: Swimming can be a very strenuous exercise for your pup. So, prepare the necessary foods and nutrition for your dog.  
Border Collie Looks Innocent

Border Collies’ Behavior Related Questions:

Do Border Collies Like To Cuddle?

Your Border Collie likes to cuddle a lot. Especially with her owner or family. She has a spunky and energetic personality. So you might not think of her as the cuddly kind of dog. But with plenty of daily exercises, your pup loves spending time with you. You’ll find her snuggling up to you after a hard day of work or play. A cuddly dog means an affectionate dog so try embracing these hugs from her. 

Do Border Collies Pick One Person?

Generally, the Border Collies dogs prefer to bond with one person. Your sheepdog has inherited the instinct to do so because she likes to work with one person as a team. 

And Border Collies have by instinct get attached to one person in the family. As herding dogs, they follow one person and it’s common for them to pick that person. 

Do Border Collies Ever Calm Down?

You can teach your Border Collie to settle. Your dog in particular may have health or other issues. So, you need to treat your dog. Besides, regular exercise and play help your pooch become stable a lot. 

Especially, an adolescent Border Collie is likely to be at the “peak” of her energy level. And with age, she may become calmer. But your time, patience and help can make your puppy calm early.

Why Do Border Collies Smile?

Your Border Collie can smile when she relaxes her face. When she opens her mouth to reveal a relaxed tongue while wagging her tail.  t is generally accepted as a smile. 

besides, excitement, joy or happiness can cause your pup to smile a lot. If your puppy gets proper exercise and nutrition, it’s likely that she’ll be happy and smiling. But a weary smile may mean otherwise. So be sure to check if your puppy if facing something weird lately. 

Border Collie Stare At You

Why Does Border Collie Stare At You?

Border Collies are workaholics and very focused on getting tasks done.  She needs more stimulation and activity compared to others. So, you may find your Border Collie staring at you if you do not give her enough of the action she requires. 

She needs to have a great deal of stimulation to meet her desire to work. Try to give her enough exercise or work or playtime so that she does not become bored. 

Over To You

Which of the above mentioned facts did you find helpful? Which ones are new to you? Did you  already know about all of them? 

Which solution works best for you Border Collie to swim better? Have I missed something important? Do you think I should also write about some additional topics?

Please share the article with your fellow dog lovers if you have liked it. Don’t forget to put your questions and feedback in the comment section below.

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