Why Do Huskies Bury Their Things? Learn: 7 Tips To Stop Your Huskies From Burying Things!

There are uncountable reasons why your Husky could possibly bury their things, and you have come to the right place to discern the cause behind this behavior. 

So, why does your Husky bury her things? Some of the common reasons are due to anxiety, boredom, canine instinct, to save up, etc. Most of the reasons why your furry friend buries their things are primarily harmless, but if this behavior increases over time, it is important for you to discipline your Husky.

To discipline your canine regarding this kind of behavior, you must be patient and never resort to yelling or shouting, as that would be more detrimental for your Husky. 

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Things?

Do Huskies Like To Hide Their Things?

Huskies compared to other breeds are predisposed to bury their things, this is merely an inherent nature. You may often find your sledge dog digging and burying the most arbitrary things possible, it could be toys, remotes, bones, and whatnot. But, this is no strange behavior is actually quite normal for dogs. 

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10 Possible Reasons: Why Does Your Husky Bury Things?

 There could be countless reasons why your Husky buries things, some of the most common reasons are:

  • Possessiveness: Dogs can be very possessive whether it’s about their own toys or food, this is especially prominent if you have another pet, but in general Huskies tend to be very possessive. 
  • Instinct: Huskies have a very sharp sense of danger, their instinct might tell them to save up food by burying them for any future danger.
  • Boredom: It is also possible that your Husky is trying to appease its boredom by burying their toys/food/things, it is very likely that they are feeling some form of uneasiness due to boredom. 
  • Anxiety: Huskies can also do it to mitigate anxiety, as it in a way is something that can divert their anxiety.
  • More than necessary: If you are giving them more than necessary, then they can bury it to stock it.
  • Saving for the future: Huskies can save it for future usage if they think they do not require any right now. 
  • Nausea: If your dog has any form of underlying medical issue, or is nauseous then this could be a reason.
  • Finds it amusing: Huskies are playful animals, if they are hiding their food/toys for no reason then it could be because they think it’s a game.
  • To hide it from animals: If you have more than one pet, then your Husky could bury their own toys to hide it from other pets. 

#1 Husky’s Natural Instinct

It has been speculated that Huskies bury their things due to a natural instinct, more so it is an intrinsic quality just like the want to eat or sleep. Dogs that have been bred for hunting or outdoor activities may have acquired this trait as safekeeping for their food or items. 

Siberian Husky Happy

#2 Your Husky Is Saving Up For Later

Another this behavior can evoke from the yearning to save up for future usage. This can be predominant for Huskies as they have a keen sense of danger, and may save up their food for times of danger.

#3 Your Husky Has Underlying Health Issue 

Burying may not be the most common symptom, but it is possible that your Husky has amplified digging due to any form of health issue which may make your Husky anxious. So, it would be best to get your canine checked by a vet. 

#4 Your Husky Is Seeking Your Attention

It is possible that this form of behavior has been characterised by your Husky to seek your attention, Huskies often inclined to behave in this manner to grab your attention, your lack of attention could possibly bore them or give them anxiety which is why they could by trying to grab your attention. 

Siberian Husky In Ground

#5 Your Husky Is Showing Some Possessiveness

Huskies are very possessive breeds, if your Husky refuses to share their toys with your other dogs or any other animal, instead they bury them under the ground for safekeeping, there is no doubt your doggy does it due to their possessiveness over their belongings.

#6 You Are Giving Them Too Much (food, treats etc)

Are you giving them too much food? Or treats? Is there a significant portion of food left that they are burying? Then it is possible that your Husky is saving these food for future usage. Huskies have a keen sense of danger, and if they feel like there is more than abundant food/treats now, then they are probably saving up for the future. 

Siberian Husky Beautiful

#7 Your Husky Thinks It Is A Game

Huskies are playful dogs, they love to dig whether it’s on sand, ground, grass, etc, so for them to dig then bury their toys/food could be a part of their game. This kind of behaviour could be expedited due to their playful nature.

#8 Your Husky Is Dealing With Boredom

If your Siberian dog has been incessantly burying their items/food, one of the customary reasons could be that they are bored. A lack of attention could be the cause of your Huskies’ boredom, so they could be burying their toys/food to grab your attention or to appease their boredom.

Symptoms Of Boredom In Your Husky

  • Digging
  • Whining
  • Barking
  • Sleeping too much
  • Lethargic behaviour 

#9 Your Husky Is Dealing With Anxiety

Digging is a common sign that could potentially mean that your Husky is suffering from anxiety.

There could be multiple reasons why your Husky could be anxious, it could be due to any form of fear, or separation anxiety, oftentimes Huskies relieve their anxiety by doing tasks that require a lot of energy, which is why Huskies dig when they are anxious. 

Symptoms of Anxiety In Your Husky

  • Panting
  • Trembling
  • Urinating
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Erratic behaviour

#10 Your Husky Is Dealing With Nausea / Inappetance

If your Husky feels nauseous then it is possible that they are digging holes, as when dogs feel nauseous they begin to heat up, so to cool themselves down it is possible for your canine. 

Symptoms of Nausea / Inappetence In Your Husky

  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite 
  • Whining
  • Lack of energy 
  • Eating grass
  • Burping

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Why Do Huskies Bury Their Foods And Treats?

Huskies can bury their food and treats for multiple reasons, oftentimes it is related to any form of internal behavioral issue, either anxiety, boredom, instinct, or any underlying health issue. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Due to anxiety 
  • Due to fear of anything 
  • To seek attention
  • Instinctually 
  • For future use
  • They sense any form of threat or danger

How To Stop Your Husky From Hiding Their Foods?

To stop your Husky from hiding food, you will require to train them with rewards. Training is the best method to show your doggo that this is bad behaviour, on top of that you must make sure that you are not giving more food than required, because that might prompt your sledge dog to hide their food.

So if you give the necessary amount and train them, this behavior can be brought under control. 

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Heads?

Huskies are denning animals, which means they try to create a den/home/environment that feels safe to them, so your Husky might be burying their heads to develop a feeling of security.

They might also bury their head to seek comfort, or might be expressing their love for you. Yet again, another negative reason could be that they are anxious and are trying to mitigate their anxiety. 

How To Stop Your Husky From Hiding His/Her Head

To prevent this kind of behavior, you need to understand the reasoning behind it.

In most cases, Huskies bury their faces primarily to seek comfort or security, so it can be considered as an intrinsic behavior. But, anxiety too can be a common reason, so to stop your floofy friend from feeling anxious you can try multiple things like music therapy, exercising with your furry friend, giving treats, etc.

Siberian Husky Standing

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Faces?

Huskies can bury their faces for a number of reasons, some of the most prominent ones are, to show submission, this is not necessarily a negative sign, as there is no form of aggression on your Huskies part. Another reason why your Husky may do this, is due to anxiety or fear, if this is the cause you must find ways to mitigate this feeling.

How To Stop Your Husky From Hiding His/Her face?

To stop your big doggo from burying their face, you need to realise why they are doing it. Usually it is not a sign of anything negative, but if your Husky is doing it due to anxiety, then you must find ways to mitigate their anxiety by training, rewards, and affection. 

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Nose?

Huskies bury their nose due to similar reasons why they bury their heads and faces,  it is primarily to either seek comfort, security or it can also be due to anxiety, but another reason could be due to aromas. If your furball is burying their nose into something, it could be possible they are trying to inhale the fragrance. 

How To Stop Your Husky From Burying Nose

If you wish to prevent your dog from burying in excessive amounts, then you should train them, and training should be done through rewards to tell them that they are doing a good job. Yelling and shouting should be refrained no matter what. 

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Bones?

Hoarding food is primarily a canine instinct, which is why your sledge dog may instinctually bury their bones. But this instinct does not come out of nothing, instead it is a survival instinct. This means that Huskies usually bury their bones for any times of danger, and store food for the future.

How To Stop Your Husky From Burying Their Bones?

Stopping Huskies from burying their bones will require a lot of training and perseverance. Oftentimes, it is an instinctual act so you can not fully stop them, but if it is being caused due to anxiety, then you can opt for various methods to soothe the anxiety of your furry friend, and by training. 

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Poop?

It is a common behaviour for Huskies to bury their poop, but why is that? It is not the poop that the doggy is trying to bury, instead it is to get rid of the scent. Dogs primarily recognise other dogs through their scents, so it is a canine instinct for Huskies to remove their scent to avoid other dogs. 

How To Stop Your Husky From Burying Their Poop

Huskies inherently have a canine instinct, so they bury to hide their own scent. So, if you wish to stop this, you should not let your big dog poop on public property.

Siberian Husky Puppy

Why Do Huskies Bury Their Toys?

Dogs burying their toys is completely normal, and it may be more common in households that have more than one pet, if yours is one like that, then it is possible your Husky may get possessive of your toys.

Another reason why they may bury their toys is because of boredom. Then again, your canine may get the urge to guard their toys if more than necessary are given, give them only limited toys and put away the extra ones. 

How To Stop Your Husky From Burying their toys?

One thing that you must make sure while disciplining your Husky is that you must never resort to violence, yelling and shouting will not resolve anything, instead, it will make things worse for your Husky. So, if you wish to stop a certain behavior, you must train your furball with rewards and treats. 

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Tips To Stop Your Husky From Burying Things?

  • Distract them by calling for them
  • Train them 
  • Give them treats for affirmation 
  • Do not yell or shout at them
  • Limit their toys
  • Do not give more food than required
  • Give them more productive work to do

Huskies’ Behavior Related Question:

Why Do Huskies Bury Themselves In Snow?

Huskies are Nordic dogs, which means very few dogs enjoy the snow like a Husky. So, if you see your doggy burying themselves in the snow, there are many reasons why they may do that, it could be due to their playful nature, or to just enjoy the snow. 

Do Huskies Like Hide And Seek?

Hide and seek is one of the best games to play with your Husky, one that they love as well. The reason behind is that, it has been analysed that dogs are quite similar to children, so just like children they are overjoyed when they realise the thrill of this mischievous game, that is why they love hide and seek. 

Why Do Huskies Hide Under The Bed?

You may often see your Husky napping under the bed, the reason behind is that they find that small, dark space under the bed to be a safe spot. On top of that they may find the spot under bed to be cooler than the rest of the house. 

Over To You

There are several reasons why your sledge dog could be burying their things, though most of the time this form of behavior is harmless still it is wise to understand why your Husky does it. Out of all the reasons stated, have you managed to understand why your Husky buries their things?

If not, do you think we missed out on some very crucial points? Then please do share what you think we missed in the comments section below.

There could be a lot of reasons why your furry friend behaves this way, it is quite difficult to detect them all, so if you think there is more information in general regarding Huskies that the viewers should know about, then add your opinions in the comments. 

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