Why Do Border Collies Hide Themselves? 9 Common Reasons To Learn!!

Have you noticed any changes in the behavior of your Border Collie recently? Do you think they are hiding more often and are trying to stay within the secluded areas of your home? Then you have come to the right place to find answers.

So, Why Do Border Collies Hide Themselves? There are countless reasons why your puppy could be hiding, some of the most common reasons are due to fear, anxiety, injury, yearning to take a nap, or just due to playfulness.

Hiding is not uncommon behavior in canines, but if you notice them doing it too often, then it is necessary to find out the reasons so that you can help your dog, from whatever stress they are enduring. 

Why Do Border Collies Hide Themselves?

Does Your Border Collie Love Hiding?

Border Collies are one of the most energetic and playful breeds, these canines have a tendency to go around jumping and playing, so if you see your Collie hiding, it is likely that that’s their way of playing around. But, playfulness is not the only reason why your Border Collie may be hiding.

If your Collie does it often, and instead of wagging its tail in a playful demeanor, it barks or snarls, then there’s a good chance your pup is injured.

Again, other reasons why your Collie could be hiding under any furniture is because they are afraid, which could be for multiple reasons, such as due to any change, or due to any loud noise, etc. 

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9 Common Reasons: Why Do Border Collies Hide Themselves?

There are multiple reasons why your Border Collie may be hiding under furniture, some of the most common reasons are:

  • The are afraid 
  • They are playing around
  • They are injured
  • They are looking for food
  • There has been a change in environment
  • They find solace in the dark
  • They are trying to take a nap
  • They found something intriguing to play with
  • They are anxious

#1 Your Border Collie Loves Private Spaces

Border Collies are often portrayed as highly active and energetic dogs, which is to quite an extent true, but after playing around all day long, all canines surely grow tired. So, if you often see your Collie taking a nap under any furniture it could be because they are finding solace in that private space to relax.

#2 Is Your Border Collie Afraid?

One of the more common reasons why your Border Collie might be hiding under their bed is because they are afraid.

There could be countless reasons why your puppy is afraid, for example loud noises such as fireworks, then other dogs, strangers, or any other reason that may induce painful memories. So, to appease themselves, they may try to seek shelter under any furniture. 

Border Collie Puppy

#3 Is Your Border Collie Suffering From Stress and Anxiety?

Border Collies who are suffering from anxiety and stress are very likely to hide under their beds. Anxiety can be caused by numerous reasons, and one of the reasons can be due to a shift in environment, also seeing new people, or a lack of socialisation too can cause anxiety within your canine.

So, try to find out what is causing this anxiety, as anxiety is definitely causing an upsurge in this behavior. So, you must be patient and treat your canine with love and comfort for them to appease their anxiety and stop this erratic behavior. 

Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety In Your Dog

  • They are hiding 
  • Shivering
  • Destroying or chewing on objects
  • Barking
  • Whining 
  • Peeing more than usual
  • Not having an apetite

#4 Is Your Border Collie Unsocial With Strangers?

Though this is not the most common reaction, there are indeed some pups who are afraid of strangers. In such circumstances, you must try to understand why your Collie is afraid of strangers. As this fear of strangers may be a reason why your Collie hides when they see anyone they don’t know.

Now some pups are genetically shy, then again, some Collies while they were puppies did not receive any socialization. To mitigate this fear, you must be patient, and make sure to prepare beforehand any guests that come to your home.

Also, you should never forcefully try to pull out your doggo from their hiding spot, as it will add on to their fear.

#5 Your Border Collie Found Something That They Shouldn’t Have?

Collies are inquisitive natured puppies, and their inquisitive nature often leads them to explore into the wilderness and prod into things that they should not be playing with. Just like that, this behaviour stays consistent inside homes as well.

If you see your Collie pup hiding constantly and going back to the same place over and over again, it could be possible your doggo found something that they shouldn’t have, something that may have piqued their interest. 

Border Collie Playing In Beach

#6 Does Your Border Collie Sense A Change In Environment?

Border Collies are not very fond of change, they prefer to linger to their scheduled life and environment, so it is very likely that any major change in environment may leave them feeling anxious and fearful.

So, if there has been a major change in the environment and you can see your dog hiding more often, then you need to put in effort and time for your canine to get accustomed to the new environment. Once the initial fear fades, he will go back to his former playful self. 

#7 Your Border Collie’s Solitude Approach

Border Collies are family loving pets, but there are times when they too seek solitary solace, so if your Collie has been hiding in any dark area of the house, there is a possibility they are simply recharging their energy by resting in a more isolated spot.

This is their solitude approach, where they seek comfort in areas where there is less noise and people, and there are countless reasons why dogs can do this. 

#8 Your Border Collie Looking For Food

Border Collies like many other dogs love treats. So, if you see them hiding while sniffing for something, it is most likely they are looking for food. Then again, just because your pooch is looking for food doesn’t mean they are hungry, it is an inherent nature of canines to constantly crave  delicacies.

So, it is entirely possible that they are simply looking for food, and that they don’t have any form of underlying health issues. If that is the case, then you should train your Collie to control their appetite. 

Border Collie Stare At You

#9 Your Border Collie Physically Ill or Injured?

There may be countless harmless reasons why your Collie prefers to hide, but that does not mean there are no negative reasons why they do this. It is possible that your Collie is actually injured, so if you see your puppy whining while retreating to its corner to hide, then it is likely they are injured.

If such conditions arise then make sure to take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible and see what kind of injuries they sustain. If their injuries remain untreated then it will be detrimental to their health, and will eventually deplete. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Hide Behind Flower Pot?

If your Border Collie has been hiding behind a flower point, you may have been thinking what is the cause behind this erratic behavior. Well to answer you, there can be numerous reasons why your Collie hides behind a flower pot.

Generally, the primary cause can be fear, if there is something that your dog witnessed that scared them, which is why they ran behind the flower pot, or anxiety after seeing a stranger could be another reason, but usually the reasons are due to a sudden change in mood, and to alleviate that they may hide behind flower pots. 

How To Stop Your Border Collie From Hiding Behind Flower Pot?

To stop Border Collies from hiding behind flower pots you must:

  • By removing the flower pot from its location
  • Training them 
  • By making sure their cause of anxiety or fear diminishes 
  • By not yelling or scaring them

Why Does Your Border Collie Hide Under Bed?

There are numerous reasons why your Collie might want to hide under a bed. The spot under a bed is quite secluded which is why it is perfect for any kind of nap.

So, your Collie could be under the bed to rest, but then again, there are also other reasons why they may be under the bed. Your pup could be afraid of something, things such as loud noises startle dogs and they could seek comfort in these secluded areas. 

How To Stop Your Border Collie From Hiding Under Bed?

  • Block the entrance 
  • Train your dog
  • Do not drag him out when he is under
  • Discern their cause of hiding
Border Collie Looks Innocent

How To Get Your Border Collie Not To Hide

There are many reasons why your dog hides under the bed, but you must make sure that even if you are training them to not hide under the bed, you should never drag them out by force.

You should never come across as aggressive and forceful while training them not to hide under the bed, instead be more patient and gentle. Again, give them time to get accustomed to the environment, if they are hiding under the bed to seek comfort from a new environment, dragging them out will only exacerbate this situation.

Other than that, make sure to train them to not constantly go under the bed. 

Border Collie’s Behavior Related Questions:

Why Does Your Border Collie Hide Things?

Border Collies are known to have some peculiar instincts and habits, and hiding their possessions is one such habit. This is primarily a harmless habit as it does not necessarily indicate that there is something wrong with your Collie. Instead, it could indicate that they are very possessive of their belongings and wish to hide them from an external threat.

Why Does Your Border Collie Hide Foods And Treats?

Your Border Collie could be threatened by another animal or person, which is why they possibly hide their treats or food, other than that, it is also possible that they are receiving more food than they can intake which is why they feel the need to hide their food for future usage.

They have a keen sense of danger, so that’s a reason that they hide food when they think they might need it during precarious times.

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Why Does Your Border Collie Hide Toys? 

This is more common if you have other pets in your house, but it is possible your puppy refuses to share their toys with other pets, that is why they hide their toys. Again, they might also hide their toys if you give them too many at a time, they might feel the need to keep the extra ones safe until they are done with the ones they are playing with. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Bury Bones?

Border Collies aren’t the only dogs who do this, and the reason behind this hoarding is to have food during tough times. Even though your furry friend does not need to prepare for danger, it is still an instinctual act that has been passed on for ages, so that is why they bury bones. 

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Border Collie Laughing

Over To You

Could you find the reason why your Border Collie constantly hides? There are various reasons and it is indeed difficult to discern all of them.

I have tried to list down all the necessary reasons but if you think I have missed out on any information then please add your own opinions in the comment section.

Other than that, if you think there is any crucial information that you think we missed regarding their erratic behavior then surely tell us in the comment section so that all of our viewers can get insight regarding all the necessary information.

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