Top 3 Best Chihuahua Puppy Breeders In Nevada (NV) State [2022]

After searching online, I found some good breeders of Chihuahuas in Nevada. Even though the number is large, you should know that not all breeders are proper ones. Because, oftentimes, there were puppy mills, backyard breeders, pet shops.

So, after going through many things, I have tried to bring the best breeders of Chihuahuas from near you.

With the help of this article, you can find the best breeders. Because, I have considered a lot of cases like their reputation, history, social engagement, goodwill, and authenticity, etc. After considering many parameters, I’ve finally decided on the list.

I have also mentioned some additional things that will make it easier for you to choose a breeder. Because, before adopting a Chihuahua, there are certain things you should look up to. 

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Top 3 Best Chihuahua Breeders In Nevada (NV) State

Whether you are new to raising a puppy or already have experience in doing this, I believe my article will help you a lot. I have tried to give you a glimpse of the basic costs of adopting and raising a Chihuahua baby.

Also, check out the common colors of the Chihuahua section where I have mentioned the different types and colors of Chihuahuas available in Nevada. 

#1 Las Vegas Tiny Chihuahua

Las Vegas Tiny Chihuahua is a reputed breeder from Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have already searched for Chihuahuas near Nevada, you probably heard about this breeder. Because some of the most famous and trendy Chi pups were from them and one of it’s known as Kuzma. 

I think you can find your dream puppy here because this breeder has got everything you need. Be it the experience in, healthcare or training programs, they are known to be the best in here. The pups get checked regularly by a certified Vet. And the Chis’ also get proper nutrition. 

Price for blue/chocolate puppies: $2800-4500 (pet only) Merle color $4000.00-6000.00, all prices depend on the size, color, coat type, and gender. Keep in mind that all sales are done with a purchase agreement only.

Detailed instruction is given on the website as well. So, if you want to book a pup or want to purchase one, make sure to go through the instructions properly.

If you follow them on Facebook then you can learn more about the available puppies. In case you want to discover more, visit their website or text/ call them. I found each and every Chihuahua adorable and I believe you will get to meet your desired puppy from here.

Chihuahua Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Nevada, US
  • Address: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Telephone: +1 702-430-9904, +1 347-388-3788
  • Website: Las Vegas Tiny Chihuahua
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email:

#2 Cane River Chihuahuas

Cane River Chihuahuas is a reputed breeder based in the Nevada southern border region. You can find lots of adorable and intelligent Chi puppies from this breeder.

I found them on social media and when I was scrolling through their page, I was totally in awe. You can hardly imagine how adorable each puppy is! Also, if you are a local, you probably have heard about this breeder since they are quite reputable.

You’ll find Chi pups of different variations. Also, you’ll find these Chi puppies quite playful and homely since they are raised so well.

You can contact the breeder via social media or email and ask more about the available pups. You can ask the breeder if you have any special queries. If the breeder allows, you can also get to visit physically. 

You also don’t need to worry about health issues since the Chihuahuas are already vet-checked. The vaccinations and other nutritional treatments are done properly.

Take your time and see if you can find a Chihuahua that you’d like to take home. Once you do, let the breeder know. I’m sure you’ll love them all.

Chihuahua Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Nevada, US
  • Address: Highway 6 Natchitoches, NV border, 71457
  • Telephone: +1 318-332-5180
  • Website: Cane River Chihuahuas
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email:

#3 Totally Chihuahuas

Totally Chihuahuas is a small breeder from around Fernley, Nevada. I visited their website but currently, it is under construction.

So I looked up for more and found that this breeder has quite a reputation in breeding for the last few years. And, even though you can’t see all of their pups online, I believe a physical visit will be very satisfactory.

The best thing is I guess, the fact that all the pups are raised at home and treated just like family members. They are social, playful, and easy to get along with. Also, no need to worry about health issues since the puppies get proper treatments at a regular interval.


I will always suggest you check everything for yourself first before you adopt.

In case you are worried about it. Ask the breeder the questions that you have and allow the breeder to elaborate more. You should give the breeder a call to book an appointment to check the puppies. I’m sure you can find a furry Chi here!

Chihuahua Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Location: Nevada, US
  • Address: Fernley, Nevada, USA
  • Telephone: +1 775-313-6887
  • Website: Totally Chihuahuas
  • Email:

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How do you find a good Chihuahua breeder in Nevada?

You can find that looking for a healthy Chihuahua can be exciting and fun. And there are so many Chihuahua breeders in Nevada online. Still, how can you be sure that they are a good and reputable breeder?

Do you know what important things should you consider when selecting a Chihuahua pup from a Nevada Breeder? Do you know specifically which questions you need to ask your breeder? 

I think these things are really important for you to consider before you precede for adoption and I suggest you try these steps to find a good Chihuahua breeder near you:

Read the online reviews

You can check online reviews by googling. Search for reviews of ‘breeder name’ or Reviews of ‘breeder name’ +Nevada. You’ll find quite a few reviews in the first few search results.

Visit Facebook Groups

You can visit the Facebook groups as they are great places to find honest reviews of Breeders. Ask questions in the pages or groups and you are sure to get satisfactory answers. 

How much does a purebred Chihuahua Puppy cost in Nevada?

As you already know, Chihuahuas are such an adorable and intelligent breed and they are quite famous all around the world. Almost everyone falls to their charms. If you want to buy a Chihuahua, you should be prepared to spend a large amount of dedication and cash.

 Getting a Chihuahua puppy from Nevada can cost from $500 to $2,000 or more due to medical tests and vaccinations that come before they are sold.

Generally, the costs increase depending on some factors and additional features like social training and other ones as well. Here are some general ideas for you about the costs of getting a Chi pup from Nevada:

  • If you are considering a reputable breeder, usually it can cost you around $500 to $1,500.
  • The tiny teacup version of Chihuahua can cost you up to $2,000 due to its desirable cute-looking appearance.
  • Even if puppies from these sources cost more than $500, you can always assure that they are free of any health issues and that their breeds are pure and good.

Also, keep in mind that the costs of Chi puppies can be more considering that reputable breeders include certifications on health and breed as well as proper vaccinations and other stuff.

How much does raising a Chihuahua Puppy cost in Nevada?

Raising a Chihuahua puppy in Nevada is likely to cost you between $375-$2,420 with the average price being $800. In the first year, your expenses are around $3,330 and will be about $1,045/year (or $87/month) after that. 

Through the dog’s lifetime, the average cost of owning a Chihuahua is $17,960. Also, if you want to adorn your Chi baby with additional things and spoil it more, that’s totally up to you. In that case, you need to consider spending more than the average. 

What is the most common color of Chihuahuas in Nevada?

Although every Chihuahua is adorable, there are many different types of colors they come with. In a state like Nevada, you can probably find most colors. Do you have any preferred color for your Chi puppy? If you don’t have any ideas yet, don’t worry. 

Here’s the list of common Chihuahua colors in Nevada:

  • Cream – You’ll find this color somewhat closer to white. Also known as Off-white. 
  • Fawn – The most trendy color of Chihuahua. It is usually the one you see in the dog’s coat. 
  • Red –  You’ll find this color somewhat closer to Orange and not entirely red. 
  • Sable Fawn – You’ll find this color slightly varying from the Fawn color. The Sable color is usually Blue, Brown, Chocolate, and Black, which is the most common.
  • Gold – More like a dark amber color or honey color.
  • Fawn & White – You’ll see that the head, neck, chest, and feet of the dog have White markings while the rest of the coat is Cream color.
  • Chocolate and Tan with White – You probably heard of it as a Tri-colored pattern. The primary color is Chocolate with Tan on the cheeks, eyes, legs with a combination of white on the dog’s face, chest, and legs.
  • Black & Tan – You’ll see that the undercoat is all black except for the cheeks, chest, legs, the area above the eyes, and the tail’s underside.
  • Chocolate and Tan – It’s similar to Black & Tan with the Chocolate color replacing Black.
  • Chocolate and White – Chocolate color (solid or is mixed) with White markings around the dog’s face, chest, and legs.
  • Black and White – Black is the predominant color while the face, chest, and legs are White.
  • Blue and Tan with White – Another Tri-colored pattern. The dog’s coat is Blue all over except for the eyes, back, and legs, which are tan while the face and the underside of the tail are White. Chest and legs are either Tan or White.
  • Black Spotted on White – The dog is white in color with splashes or marking in Black.
  • Blue – It’s a somewhat bluey shade. 
  • Blue and White – Except for the face, chest, legs, and tail, which is White; you’ll find the rest of the coat mostly a shade of Blue.

These are the general patterns of colors that are evident in Nevada. At a certain time, not every color is available. If you have a preferred color, ask your breeder if he/she has one of that color. Even if they don’t, I believe they can help you find one easily as they have more connections than you do. 

Do you know of any other available colors apart from the above-mentioned ones? ANd which particular color do you like the most? Please do let me know in the comment section as it will help me improve my list further. 

Over To You

I believe that this article is a helpful guide for you to find Chihuahua breeders in Nevada. Also, have you decided on any particular color that you prefer? Have you already selected which breeder you will like to contact first? 

While making the list, I made sure to include all authentic and pure breeders. But, as I can’t reach every single breeder, I might have missed one or two that should have been on our leader.

Did you know of any such breeder from Nevada? If yes, then please do let us know in the comments below. Please do share your opinions so that we can update our list and help other Chihuahua lovers like you. I will be very grateful if you could share your expertise regarding Chihuahuas and search for a breeder. 

How much did you like my article? Was it helpful to you? Is there anything else you would like to add?

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