Top 9 Best Havanese Breeders In Texas (TX) State

Are you looking for authentic Havanese Puppy breeders in Texas state? Trust me, I know how hard the searching can get to find a pure breeder. Because there are hundreds of backyard breeders or puppy mills.

It seems like a real headache to me. If you feel the same, this is the right place for a solution.

I’ve listed the top 9 reputable breeders of Havana silk dogs located in Taxes for you and your quest of finding a lovable companion. Hope it helps.

Find A Havanese Breeder Near Me In Texas State

Top 9 Best Havanese Breeders In Texas (TX) State

#1 Enchanted Pearls

Enchanted Pearl Havanese is a pure Havanese breeder located in the Houston area: Cypress, Texas. The owner of the breeder house Marta has been in love with the Havanese bichon since she was a teenager.

Why wouldn’t she, right? She has grown her business since 2011. Marta was afraid of dogs when she was a teenager. But then she came to know the Havanese and just couldn’t help falling in love with them.

She says, ‘Havanese dogs are the most kind, friendly and playful I’ve ever met.’ Her breeding business actually started in 2011 with a little Havanese pup named ‘Bubble’, which was a Christmas gift for her three daughters. They also hold the same love for the Havanese as their mother. 

Since then they have expanded their Havanese family and grown some precious Havanese pups. The pups are treated as family members living in the owners’ house. Their goal is to produce great quality, happy and healthy Havanese, so they can improve and preserve the breed.

Why are their dogs special?

The dogs they produce are health tested by The Canine Health Information Centre. The puppies they provide are AKC registered. Their dogs participate in IABCA Senior Puppy International and National events. So, I think there’s no place for doubt that the puppies will have any health issues. 

Moreover, the dogs they use in their breeding program are selected by their temperament, health, and pedigree. The owner loves to experience raising and taking care of puppies and adult dogs. They bring their dogs to dog shows, travel, and train them. They are also a member of Brazos Valley Kennel Club.  

How to get a puppy from them?

You must be wondering what is their process to provide doggies. Personally, I already like this breeder house and would love to get my favorite Havanese puppy from them. 

So, to contact them for your expected pup go to their website and there you’ll find a form. Fill that form and send it. They will contact you as soon as they get your concern.

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owner name- Marta
  • Address- Houston area: Cypress, Texas.
  • Website- Cypress Havanese

#2 Romigh Havanese

The Romigh Havanese breeding house started its journey in 1998 with miniature Dachshunds. Eventually, they thought of breeding a better quality to show.

In 2000 they started to breed the Havanese as they fell in love with these sturdy cute little pups. Why wouldn’t they, right? They first started to show their Havanese along with their Dachshunds and eventually shifted to Havanese entirely. 

Why are they special?

Their initial purpose of breeding is to produce healthy and great temperament dogs for the show. They prioritize good health, great temperament, and improving the breed. They genuinely focus on producing puppies that are well-bred and healthy.

If you visit their website you’ll find some adorable dogs that anyone would love to adopt. I personally liked two of their Havanese dogs! And you know what’s the fun fact? The puppies are skilled with different interesting tasks. To find out visit their website. 

The dogies are AKC registered and the breeder is a proud member of the Havanese Club of America and Red River Havanese Club. Moreover, they produce AKC Havanese standard dogs. 

How to get a puppy from the Romigh Havanese?

If you have decided to choose your loving Havanese bichon from Romigh Havanese then go to their website and send an email or call them on the given number. 

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Owners name- Patty Romigh
  • Address- Texas
  • Website- Romigh Havanese
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 817-229-0883
Havanese Looks Innocent

#3 Tiny Jewel Pup

The Tiny Jewel Pup started their breeding journey initially by looking for a dog for their family. Since then they have grown an eternal love for puppies. Tiny Jewel Pup breeds Havanese, Chihuahua, and Designer breed with all the love and care while treating the puppies as their own family member.

They will make you part of the family once you choose them for adopting your new companion. They do not consider a bit about the knowledge they need for perfectly taking care of their tiny jewels. 

Their mission is to be committed to providing the highest quality, most beautiful, healthiest, and happiest tiny jewel pups for families who will provide the same love and care as they do.

The fact that seemed great to me is that, through their popularity, Tiny Jewel Pup made two families as their partners who once came to find a puppy for themselves.

Now they are three families raising passionately those adorable dogs in their loving homes. 

What’s their specialty?

The pup you’ll get from this breeder will be absolutely gorgeous as they focus on color and temperament. Furthermore, the dogs are bred with personality plus and also lap-sized traveling companions that are easy to train.

Of course, the puppies are health guaranteed. You can check out their website, there you will find a lot of positive reviews about them. 

You can call them at the given telephone number or if you have any questions to ask, you’ll find a short form on their website. They promise to answer as soon as they can. 

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address- 3000 Sage Rd, Houston, Texas 77056.
  • Website- Tiny Jewel Pups
  • Phone number- 832-628-7620

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Havanese Sitting Down

#4 IHavanese 

iHavanese started their journey with a female Havanese dog named Olive, who was not very social. She needed a lot of care and love.

This led iHavanese to employ Otsana K9 to take proper care and training to their pair of Havanese. Otsana k9 is a training service center. That is something different from the other breeders I’ve known. 

Their motive is to train your dogs perfectly with great care and love. The iHavanese permanently hired the Otsana k9 to train all their dogs.

So, for your concern the puppy you will get from the iHavanese will be no lack any behavioral issues.

What’s their specialty?

The puppies will be knowing bio-sensory factors, environmental factors and get socialization daily as a part of their breeding program.

They are AKC registered and have 30 days of pet health insurance with up to $1500. Besides, you will have your whole puppy package. A notable specialty indeed!

To find your adorable Havanese pup contact them through the online form provided on their website. else you can email or call them at the given address. 

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Website- I Havanese
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 832-704-4982
Havanese Smiling

#5 Havanese Happiness 

Happiness is the first thing that the “Havanese Happiness” breeder house will offer you and they swore not to settle for anything less. Their motive melted my heart.

The owner and his wife had been in the breeding business for a long time and the Havanese bichon has attracted them the most. And they decided to settle for the Havanese! They say, ‘we have never known a breed with as many positives as the Havanese’. Honestly, me neither!

The breeder offers you the quality, pure-breed Havanese. The dogs are raised in their loving family, raised with all the love and care from their children and adults also. They are perfectly socialized and live with other dogs happily and comfortably.

The pups are specialized with excellent pedigree, healthiness that will make a joyful addition to your family. They guarantee you the happiness that will be brought with your Havanese.

In case you face any difficulty with your puppy they will have your back. And surely, the puppies come with limited AKC registration and health tested by Vet and a health guarantee. They are also OFA registered

Give them a call, text, or email to connect with them, and also you may pay a visit to their house to meet those adorable puppies. 

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details: 

  • Address- DFW area, Texas.
  • Website- Havanese Happiness
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 940-453-8018
Havanese Puppy

#6 South Texas Havanese 

South Texas Havanese is the finest breeder located in Texas, The owner Doug and Terri have been dog people since they adopted their very first two Black Lab girls Penny and Nickel. Living as family members after fifteen years the dogs died and Doug did not bring any more dogs for a long time.

But after their first child was born Doug and Terri decided to bring a hypo-allergic, non-shedding, and kid-friendly which is no doubt a Havana silk puppy. they found the last dog that they will ever have. 

Their goal is to breed pure-breed Havanese to bring out the best characteristics that a Havanese can have. Their motto is to train the puppies to be one of your excellent family members. 

South Texas Havanese specializes in AKC registered, show-quality, champion pedigree puppies. The puppies live with them just like their own children and have a 2-acre backyard to play and run. They offer their dogs only to those who have the same love and affection for dogs as well. 

To contact send an email at the given address and you definitely should visit their website to meet their adorable puppies and their parents. 

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details:

Havanese With Flower

#7 Huggy Bear Havanese 

Huggy Bear Havanese located in The Woodlands, Texas has grown into a great breeder house as all of their family members have the same affection for dogs. Their first dog was Coco, who was genuinely loving, loyal, cuddly, and made her place in the house as well in their hearts too.

Their business expanded since then. I loved their belief that watching a puppy raised by its mother can teach a lot about love, hard work, organization, and dedication. 

They consider their puppies as an extra amount of love added to the family. They focus on raising the puppies with the best happiness, love, and care so that the puppies can bring that happiness to your family. 

To connect with them go to their website and make the form completely. They will respond to you as soon as they hear from you. 

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details:

Havanese Run

#8 Wild Rose Havanese 

Wild Rose Havanese started their breeding business in 1991, Located in the northeast Texas area. The owner has been fond of dogs since he was only 13. He started breeding and showing dogs from then. In search of a smaller breed, he found the Havanese. He started working with Havanese in 1991.

The surprising fact is that the Havanese was recognized by the AKC in 1999. So, Wild Rose Havanese has been breeding the species before the AKC was aware of the breed. 

They believe in the betterment of the breed and they always prioritize quality, not quantity. The breeder is also a breeder of merit with AKC. They are also a member of the Dallas Fort Worth Toy Dog Club. The dogs are all health tested with BAER, CERF, and many others. 

You are invited to mail them if you are interested to buy your puppy from them or anything you want to know about the dogs.

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details: 

  • Address- North East, Texas.
  • Website- Wild Rose Havanese
  • Email-    

#9 Roughedges Kennel 

Roughedges Kennel breeds two species- pulik and Havanese. They started their journey with both of the kinds. Their mission is to provide you the best puppy experience. The pups are fun-loving, active, and intelligent. You will be provided with every piece of information you will need for taking care of your new puppy. 

Locating in Ravenna, Texas the Roughedges Kennel will be pleased to ship their pup for you anywhere you want. Their puppies are microchipped and AKC registered. You may visit their website and meet their adorable Havanese and Pulik dogs. 

To get in touch with Roughedges Kennel look over their website and complete the confirmation. Or you can call or email them to contact. 

Havanese Puppy Breeders Details: 

  • Address- Ravenna,Texas.
  • Website- Roughedges Kennel
  • Email-
  • Phone number- 903-583-1239

how much can it cost to buy and raise a Havanese in Texas?

Now from the above list if you have found your desired breeder, and finalized to buy your puppy Havanese, you must be thinking right?  

The average price of a Havana silk puppy is between $1000 – $3000 in Texas.  The prices vary through the maturity of the breeders. You will find the puppies more expensive in a well-known and popular breeder than a relatively new one. And don’t forget about the maintenance cost that you’ll have to face that every dog owner faces. 

Over To You

So, have you decided yet which breeder you are going for? Do you know any other breeders in Texas than that I have listed above? If yes please comment and let me know about them!

You can share any of your experiences with your dogs or any history that you have related to dogs. I’ll be happy to hear your stories!

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