69+ Most Popular Pitbull Names


69+ Most Popular Pitbull Names

List Of Most Popular Pitbull Names


  Name Meaning Or Inspiration Gender Origin
#1 Hank Hank is such a cute, fun name that will bring a smile to many. Male  
#2 Nyx In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of night and possesses exceptional power. We’ve met a number of dogs at the dog park with this name and think it’s both tough and on trend. Female English
#3 Jessica Alba It is adorable white American dog names for Pitbull, after musician David Bowie. Female  
#4 Bud It is famous for creating the first trip across the US from NYC to San Francisco with his proprietor. Unisex  
#5 Bullet A sharp object that is fired from a weapon, suitable for a determined dog Male  
#6 Honey A sweet nectar gathered by bees from flowers Female English
#7 Peanut Again, this is another cutie patootie name that can be used ironically for a big, strong Pitbull. Unisex  
#8 Snoop American rapper and media personality Male  
#9 Scarlet An excellent red color with a touch of orange Female  
#10 Archer Arrogance combined with a caring nature Male  
#11 Roxie   Female  
#12 Sabre   Female  
#13 Saffron   Female  
#14 Buddy Buddy is another popular dog name these days, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Male  
#15 Kiki Do you love me? Made famous by Drake but this name is very cute nonetheless Unisex Hebrew
#16 Artemis Goddess of hunt, and wilderness Female  
#17 Lucky A complete classic, Lucky is still a go Unisex English
#18 Romeo A fun name for your little lover. Male  
#19 Chance A great sounding classic name for a Pit. Unisex  
#20 Gunner A person over-ambitious or loving Male  


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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration Gender Origin
#21 Turtle   Unisex  
#22 Twirl   Female  
#23 Vandal   Male  
#24 Warlock   Unisex  
#25 Winona   Female  
#26 Hannibal Named after Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibal character made famous in a series of novels and movies Male  
#27 Cujo Pitbulls have a certain stigma to them, although not completely deserved, so you could play on the perception with the name Cujo, the crazed dog from the Stephen King novel. Unisex  
#28 Fabio Remember that long-haired, muscled man on the cover of romance novels? The one who can’t believe it’s not butter? This name is flat-out hilarious for a Pitbull pup. Male  
#29 Bruno Strong and masculine, Bruno is another great choice when it comes to Pitbull names. Male  
#30 Bruce Surname Since Medieval Times: Now A Common Given Name. Folklore Tale Of 14Th Century Robert King Of Scotland: (The Bruce) Who Learned The Value Of Perseverance From Watching A Spider Spin A Web. Male English
#31 Kaley Cuoco The greatest dog in the world and it is the major advocate for Pitbull awareness. Female  
#32 Rambo The name of the iconic Sylvester Stallone character translates well to a Pitbull and makes for a good laugh. Male  
#33 Cash   Unisex  
#34 Chopper   Unisex  
#35 Coco   Female  
#36 Tankerbell There was a female Bulldog in our old neighborhood named Tankerbell, and boy did that name crack us up. The play on the feminine fairy Tinkerbell is too perfect for a squarely built female dog. Female  
#37 Scrappy We love this cute and cuddly name for a rugged female furball. Female Japanese
#38 Opal Well suited for a blue nosed Pitty Female Sanskrit
#39 Yoda With their round, scrunched-up faces, Pitbulls look a lot like the iconic Star Wars character, don’t you think? Male  
#40 Jack Brutus Worked for Company K. Male  


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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration Gender Origin
#41 Nala Yes, from the lion king. A cute name for your gorgeous wee girl Female  
#42 James Bond You cannot get more badass than that Male  
#43 Archie   Male  
#44 Battle   Unisex  
#45 Boxer   Male  
#46 Brawler   Male  
#47 Grunt The Pitbull Character from the famous movie Flashdance. Male  
#48 Daddy The right-hand dog of Cesar Millan. Male  
#49 Marc Jacobs The world-famous Fashion designer has a better style than anyone. Male  
#50 Darling   Unisex  
#51 Dash   Male  
#52 Fairy   Female  
#53 Mama   Female  
#54 Phoenix   Female  
#55 Pluto   Male  


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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration Gender Origin
#56 Poppet   Female  
#57 Rebel   Male  
#58 Xena As in the warrior princess from the cheesy ’90s show. Female  
#59 Athena As the goddess of wisdom and war, Athena was one of the strongest female characters in Greek mythology, which makes this a perfect name for a female Pitbull. Female  
#60 Genghis As in Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol empire and overall badass. Male  
#61 Softie   Female  
#62 Swash   Unisex  
#63 Thanos   Male  
#64 Tilda   Female  
#65 Tinker   Unisex  
#66 Sergeant Stubby It is the most adorned dog of the First World War. Male  
#67 Petey It is the pit bull character picked from the Little Rascals. Female  
#68 Champion It is the three-legged Pitbull from Parks and Refreshment. Unisex  
#69 Zeus Last but certainly not least for tough male Pitbull names is Zeus, the ruling god of Mount Olympus in Greek mythology. Male  
#70 Biscuit Likewise, the name Biscuit is a bit ironic for a tough and tumble dog. Unisex  


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