101+ Marvelous Spotted Female Dog Name Ideas

101+ Spotted Female Dog Name Ideas

Spotted Female Dog Name Ideas

  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#1 Pepper Pepper Female English
#2 Portia Pig Female Latin
#3 Alameda Poplar tree Female Spanish
#4 Jewel Precious stone Female English
#5 Fawn A baby deer has those adorable spots, too    
#6 Smudge A blotch or smear Unisex English
#7 Snickers A brand of candy bar. Unisex English
#8 Cookie A cookie often has spots of deliciousness within    
#9 Twister A cyclone or tornado. Unisex English
#10 Smokey A grayish blue colour. Slang for highway patrol officer Unisex English
#11 Toffee A hard brown, chewy candy Unisex English
#12 Ladybug A ladybug has spots like your pooch    
#13 Halo A ring, orb or nimbus that appears above the sacred or divine    
#14 Nipper A small boy Unisex English
#15 Maharam A small dot and line pattern designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1947    
#16 Doris A species of sea creatures, related to the sea hare, noted for their spotted patterns. They are known to hide around rocks and coral    
#17 Linsang A spotted, ferret-like creature, the linsang has spots that resemble the leopard pattern with a ringed tail    
#18 Spot After Data’s cat on Star Trek: The Next Generation Unisex English
#19 Minnie After Minnie Mouse and her polka dots    
#20 Appaloosa After the beautiful horse breed    
#21 Sweet Pea After the peafowl and those beautiful feathery spots    
#22 Oreo American cookie brand consisting of two chocolate wafers with white cream filling. Unisex English
#23 Bandit An outlaw or robber Unisex English
#24 Sparky Animated, lively. Unisex English
#25 Stipple Another term for all those spots    

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#26 Flecks Another term for spots, like flecks of paint    
#27 Nugget As in Chicken Unisex English
#28 Strew Because the spots are strewn everywhere    
#29 Badger Burrowing mammal with white stripe on forehead. Also verb to pester or harass. Unisex English
#30 Mocha Coffee of high quality. Unisex English
#31 Bongo Connected drums played by beating with hands. Unisex English
#32 Nebula Derived from mist or cloud, it is composed of interstellar dust and gas. The Andromeda Galaxy Nebula is the next closest galaxy to ours, the Milky Way.    
#33 Splatter Does your dog look like a splatter paint art project?    
#34 Raisins Does your dog look like it’s covered in raisins?    
#35 Freckles Dotted with small brownish spots. Unisex English
#36 Dovie For spotted doves (birds)    
#37 Cheetah For the “cheetah,” obviously covered in and notorious for spots    
#38 Bits For the bits that cover your dog’s coat    
#39 Starling For the European starlings (birds)    
#40 Lucky Fortunate Unisex English
#41 Fang Fragrant Unisex Chinese
#42 Dottie Gift of god Unisex Greek
#43 Brindle Having obscure flecks and streaks in a coat pattern.    
#44 Watermelon If they remind you of watermelon seeds    
#45 Kisses If your dog looks like it’s been kissed by the spot gods    
#46 Sprinkles Is your dog a little sweet cupcake covered in sprinkles?    
#47 Marimekko Japanese design house that distinguished itself with bright bold spotted patterns in the mid-1960s.    
#48 Moose Largest member of the deer family. Moose have heavy brown bodies with humped shoulders and broad antlers. Unisex English
#49 Perdita Lost Female Latin
#50 Flip Lover Of Horses Unisex English

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#51 Callie Most beautiful Female Greek
#52 Perdy Mother Dalmatian in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians    
#53 Scout Observer Unisex American English
#54 Chief One in highest rank or authority. Unisex English
#55 Pongo One who smells. Unisex English
#56 Chocolate Product of cocoa seeds used for drinks or candy Unisex English
#57 Andromeda Properly called the Andromeda Galaxy Nebula, it is a bright pattern of stars against a dark background.    
#58 Sushi Raw fish. Unisex English
#59 Princess Royal son Female English
#60 Nana Short for “Banana,” which often has brown spots on the peel    
#61 Deci Short for “decimal”    
#62 Patty Short for “pattern”    
#63 Quinn Short for “sequin”    
#64 Dot Short for Dorothy, which means “Gift of God.”    
#65 Socks Short stockings finishing above the ankle Unisex English
#66 Domino Small, rectangular black and white blocks used in the game of dominos. Unisex English
#67 Firefly Sometimes the spots might seem to glow    
#68 Thunder Stormy Tempered Unisex English
#69 Constellation That coat may appear to be covered in crowds of stars    
#70 Dapple The dapple coat pattern of the horse mixes with the predominant coat color to form spots, usually on the rump of the horse    
#71 Starry Those spots may look like a starry sky    
#72 Snowflake Those white spots may look like snow    
#73 Fetch To go after something and return with it. Unisex English
#74 Flash To move rapidly. Unisex English
#75 Polka Type of dot pattern and a lively German dance    

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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#76 Purdy Variation on pretty. Unisex English
#77 Cruella Villainess of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, her life’s desire is to make a coat for herself composed of entirely of Dalmatian puppy skins    
#78 Penny Weaver Female Greek
#79 Cotton Woody hill Unisex Welsh
#80 Kusama Yayoi Kusama was a prolific artist who predated the Pop Art movement    
#81 Ashes   Unisex Hebrew
#82 Boots   Unisex Hebrew
#83 Bubba   Unisex Hebrew
#84 Buttons   Unisex Hebrew
#85 Checkers   Unisex Hebrew
#86 Cueball   Unisex Hebrew
#87 Dipstick   Unisex Hebrew
#88 Drifter   Unisex Hebrew
#89 Harlequin   Unisex Hebrew
#90 Inky   Unisex Hebrew
#91 Mittens   Unisex Hebrew
#92 Motley   Unisex Hebrew
#93 Patches   Unisex Hebrew
#94 Pixel   Unisex Hebrew
#95 Scamper   Unisex Hebrew
#96 Snicker   Unisex Hebrew
#97 Snowball   Unisex Hebrew
#98 Speckles   Unisex Hebrew
#99 Squeaky   Unisex Hebrew
#100 Squirrel   Unisex Hebrew
#101 Stripes   Unisex Hebrew
#102 Sundae   Unisex Hebrew


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