Top 71+ Astonishing German Shepherd Dog Names From Movies and TV Shows


71+ German Shepherd Dog Names From Movies And TV Shows

German Shepherd Dog Names From Movies And TV Shows


  Name Meaning Or Inspiration    
#1 Boomer A large full grown kangaroo. A baby boomer. Male English
#2 Gizmo A mechanical device or gadget. Unisex English
#3 Kane A spear Male Hebrew
#4 Delgado Appeared in 2008 film Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Male  
#5 Belle Beautiful Female French
#6 Milo Beloved Male German
#7 Bolt Bolt is an animated film of 2008 Male  
#8 Horand von Grafrath Born in 1895, this was the first of the German Shephered line. Male  
#9 Ace Canine movie star from 1938 to 1946. Male Latin
#10 Eliot Shag Featured in Jim Henson Productions’s Dog City on TV. The dog was a star here with puppetry and animation. Male  
#11 Ace Hart Featured in the animated series Dog City from 1992 to 1995. Male  
#12 Sam From I am Legend 2007. Male Hebrew
#13 Strongheart He was common dog actor in several films. One of the films was White Fang released in 1925. Unisex  
#14 Won Ton Ton Hero of the 1976 movie Won Ton Ton-The Dog Who Saved Hollywood. The role was played by Gus. Male  
#15 Sherlock Like the detective. Male  
#16 Tulip Main character of the book My Dog Tulip by J. R. Ackerley.The dog was the hero when the book was made into a film in 2009. Female  
#17 Rin Tin Tin Movie star in The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin series of movies from 1922 to 1931. The dog was also featured in the animated series with same name. Male  
#18 Bob Lee Swagger`s Shooter 2007. Bob Is the Name of the German Shepherd in this film. His original name is Logan. Male  
#19 Rusty Star of the 1947 film For the Love of Rusty, one of eight movies in the Rusty series. Male American English
#20 Hobo Star of the 1960s and 1970s TV series The Littlest Hobo. Male  
#21 Wolfie Terminator 1984.In this movie you can see in some scenes a German Shepherd is barking on the terminator. Male  
#22 White Shadow The dog in the 1956 drama Corky And White Shadow Male  
#23 Andromeda The dog in the 1961 movie The Parent Trap. Female  
#24 Honey The dog in the 2018 documentary, reality-tv The People’s Vet Unisex  
#25 Bella The dog in the 2019 reality-tv Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Female  


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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration    
#26 Rex The famous character in the animated series Inspector Rex, played by Beejay. This is an Austrian-made police TV drama. Male Latin
#27 Max The greatest Male Latin
#28 Jerry Lee The hero of the film K-9 with James Belushi. Male  
#29 Chips The most famous war dog during World War II. Male  
#30 Trakr The rescue dog which had the credit to rescue the last survivor of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Also known to have produced five cloned puppies. Male  
#31 Charlie B. Barkin The yellow dog in the animated movie All Dogs Go To Heaven. Male  
#32 Buddy This female dog was the first trained guide dog who accompanied Morris Frank, founder of The Seeing Eye guide dog school and the first owner of a seeing eye dog in the U.S. Unisex English
#33 Bullet This highly trained German Shepherd was star in The Roy Rogers Show, an American TV series in 1951-1957. Unisex English
#34 Captain   Male  
#35 Aragorn   Male  
#36 Astro   Male  
#37 Atticus   Male  
#38 Balto   Male  
#39 Beethoven   Male  
#40 Blondie   Female  
#41 Bluto   Male  
#42 Chance   Unisex  
#43 Clipper   Male  
#44 Darwin   Male  
#45 Django   Male  
#46 Dude   Male  
#47 Dudu   Unisex  
#48 Falcor   Male  
#49 Fangs   Male  
#50 Ferris   Male  


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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration    
#51 Groucho   Male  
#52 Juno   Female  
#53 Marley   Male  
#54 Marv   Unisex  
#55 Maverick   Male  
#56 Morpheus   Unisex  
#57 Murph   Unisex  
#58 Napoleon   Male  
#59 Neo   Unisex  
#60 Norman   Unisex  
#61 Odie   Male  
#62 Prince   Male  
#63 Sandow   Unisex  
#64 Shakespeare   Male  
#65 Sylvester   Male  
#66 Tramp   Male  
#67 Trinity   Female  
#68 Twister   Unisex  
#69 Vito   Male Spanish
#70 Voyager   Male  
#71 White Fang   Male  
#72 Wolf Heart   Male  
#73 Yoda   Male  



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