Remarkable 49+ Perfect Dog Names For Three-Legged Female Dogs


49+ Dog Names For Three-Legged Female Dogs

Dog Names For Three-Legged Female Dogs


  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#1 Tiara A three-tiered crown Female English
#2 Tiarra A three-tiered crown Female English
#3 Mitsu Bear Unisex Native American
#4 Isolde Beautiful Female Welsh
#5 Robin Bright fame Female Germanic
#6 Robbin Famed: Bright: Shining Form Of Robert Popular Since The Medieval Days Of Robin Hood. Robinson: (English) Son Of Robert Famed: Bright: Shining. Surname. Unisex English
#7 Pinky For Pinky Lee, the painting, and the color of her nose Unisex English
#8 Eileen Form of Helen Female Gaelic
#9 Lucky Fortunate Unisex English
#10 Hopper Hop grower or seller Unisex English


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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#11 Cindy Light Female Latin
#12 Irene Peace Female Greek
#13 Speedy Rapid motion, swift. Unisex English
#14 Terry Ruler of the people Unisex Germanic
#15 Slim Slender in proportion to height. Unisex English
#16 Tres Spanish for three Unisex Hebrew
#17 Star Star Female Latin
#18 Jamie Supplanter Unisex Hebrew
#19 Charm

The phrase “Third time’s the charm” refers to the superstition that after two failures in any endeavor, a third attempt is more likely to succeed.

#20 Star

The Roman numeral III stands for giant star in the Yerkes spectral classification scheme.



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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#21 Flash To move rapidly. Unisex English
#22 Stumpy A short, thickset person Unisex English
#23 Skippy Master of a Ship Unisex

American English

#24 Flipflop   Unisex Hebrew
#25 Froggy   Unisex Hebrew
#26 Jumper   Unisex Hebrew
#27 Pogo   Unisex Hebrew
#28 Pokey   Unisex Hebrew
#29 Roo   Unisex Hebrew
#30 Survivor   Unisex Hebrew
#31 Tango   Unisex Hebrew
#32 Tips   Unisex Hebrew


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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration
#33 Cilly Max Schmeling
#34 Loeki Napoleon
#35 Loeki Napoleon
#36 Grenouille Napoleon Bonaparte
#37 Faussete Napoleon Bonaparte
#38 Fortune Napoleon Bonaparte
#39 Jed P.G. Wodehouse
#40 Lump Pablo Picasso
#41 London Queen Elizabeth
#42 Deckel Queen Victoria
#43 Boy Queen Victoria
#44 Skip Teddy Roosevelt
#45 Wаldі The first-ever mascot of the Olympics held in Munich 1972.
#46 Clyde Wayne Gretzky
#47 Helena William Randolph Hearst
#48 Crusoe An internet sensation, you may have seen in his many cute and funny dog videos.
#49 Dash Mary Tyler Moore


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