95+ Marvelous Spotted Male Dog Name Ideas


95+ Spotted Male Dog Name Ideas

Spotted Dog Name Ideas


  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#1 Smudge A blotch or smear Unisex English
#2 Snickers A brand of candy bar. Unisex English
#3 Twister A cyclone or tornado. Unisex English
#4 Marbles A favorite children’s game consisting of swirled and spotted glass orbs.    
#5 Smokey A grayish blue colour. Slang for highway patrol officer Unisex English
#6 Toffee A hard brown, chewy candy Unisex English
#7 Checkers A less cerebral game of strategy comprised of red and black game pieces played on a red and black board. Checkers was also the name of Richard Nixon’s pet Cocker Spaniel, for which his famous campaign resurrection speech was named. Unisex Hebrew
#8 Brand A mark, trademark or spot.    
#9 Nimbus A ring, orb or halo usually appearing above the divine’s head.    
#10 Nipper A small boy Unisex English
#11 Bengal A spotted domestic cat breed with coat patterns ranging from orange and black to silver cloud and black. Name your boy Bengal and you can call him the ever popular dog name “Ben” for short.    
#12 Spot After Data’s cat on Star Trek: The Next Generation Unisex English
#13 Oreo American cookie brand consisting of two chocolate wafers with white cream filling. Unisex English
#14 Bandit An outlaw or robber Unisex English
#15 Sparky Animated, lively. Unisex English
#16 Ansel Ansel Adams is famed for his black and white photography of the American Western landscape.    
#17 Damien Artist Damien Hirst, long revered and reviled for his spot paintings. The spots in his painting range from millimeters in size to sixty feet in diameter.    
#18 Nugget As in Chicken Unisex English
#19 Bob Bright fame Male Germanic
#20 Badger Burrowing mammal with white stripe on forehead. Also verb to pester or harass. Unisex English


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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#21 Chester Camp Male Latin
#22 Chess Cerebral game of strategy with opposing sides of black and white on a black and white board.    
#23 Panda China’s national symbol, these gentle giants feast on bamboo fronds.    
#24 Mocha Coffee of high quality. Unisex English
#25 Bongo Connected drums played by beating with hands. Unisex English
#26 Freckles Dotted with small brownish spots. Unisex English
#27 Sylvester Famous black and white cartoon “puddy” cat who perpetually stalks Tweety Bird. Name your pet Sylvester and you can call him Sly for short.    
#28 Felix Felix the Cat was an early cartoon character revolving around the comical adventures of an upright black and white cat.    
#29 Lucky Fortunate Unisex English
#30 Chip Fragment, piece or bit; gaming token, such as a poker chip.    
#31 Fang Fragrant Unisex Chinese
#32 Seurat Georges Seurat was an artist and draftsman and the father of the pointillist movement. His paintings were composed of tiny dots of color that, at a distance, formed a color-rich composition; when viewed up close, his paintings appeared as a jumble of dots. Pronounced sir-Ought.    
#33 Dottie Gift of god Unisex Greek
#34 Chance Good fortune Male English
#35 Buddy Herald Male English
#36 Gideon Hewer Male Hebrew
#37 Chase Huntsman Male English
#38 Pollock Jackson Pollock, American artist known for his sweeping drip paintings.    
#39 Moose Largest member of the deer family. Moose have heavy brown bodies with humped shoulders and broad antlers. Unisex English
#40 Flip Lover Of Horses Unisex English


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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#41 Macchiato Macchiato is Italian for “spotted.” Name your pet Macchiato, and you can call him Macho Macchiato.    
#42 Skipper Master of a Ship Male American English
#43 Messier Messier 31 is also known as the Andromeda Galaxy, which can be seen as a band of spots in the sky without the aid of a telescope.    
#44 Scout Observer Unisex American English
#45 Chief One in highest rank or authority. Unisex English
#46 Pongo One who smells. Unisex English
#47 Cosmo Order Male Greek
#48 Vincent Painter Vincent Van Gogh’s later work has been associated with the pointillist movement, although he worked with short brush strokes, rather than “points” of color.    
#49 Pinto Pinto is Spanish and Portuguese for painted, tinted or mottled. In English, it is used to describe a coat pattern frequently found on wild mustangs, composed of large swaths of black and white or brown and white markings. Pinto was also the nickname of Animal House character Larry “Pinto” Kroger, freshman pledge to the notorious fraternity, Delta Tau Chi House, played by Tom Hulce.    
#50 Chocolate Product of cocoa seeds used for drinks or candy Unisex English
#51 Sushi Raw fish. Unisex English
#52 Rufus Red Male Latin
#53 Lichtenstein Roy Lichtenstein was a Pop artist whose work simulated the style of newspaper comic strips, composed of halftone dots.    
#54 Jag Short for jaguar, the spotted big cat, sleek race car and US Navy legal eagle.    
#55 Socks Short stockings finishing above the ankle Unisex English
#56 Domino Small, rectangular black and white blocks used in the game of dominos. Unisex English
#57 Orion Son Of Fire Male Greek
#58 Thunder Stormy Tempered Unisex English
#59 Jake Supplanted Male Hebrew
#60 Ray The sea creature, the spotted eagle ray, can weigh up to 500 pounds with a wingspan of four to seven feet. Ray makes a great name for a gentle giant with a white underbelly and predominantly black or dark gray top coat with white spots.    


  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#61 Spatter To cover with drops or spots of something.    
#62 Mark To draw or paint upon an object, verb. A sign or symbol that differentiates the bearer, noun.    
#63 Fetch To go after something and return with it. Unisex English
#64 Flash To move rapidly. Unisex English
#65 Sully To taint, mark or spot.    
#66 Purdy Variation on pretty. Unisex English
#67 Othello Wealth Male German
#68 Otto Wealth Male German
#69 Zephyr West wind Male Greek
#70 Ralph Wolf council Male Germanic
#71 Woody Woodpeckers have striking spotted patterns, frequently adorned with a red crest.    
#72 Cotton Woody hill Unisex Welsh
#73 Junior Younger Male English
#74 Ashes   Unisex Hebrew
#75 Boots   Unisex Hebrew
#76 Bubba   Unisex Hebrew
#77 Buttons   Unisex Hebrew
#78 Cueball   Unisex Hebrew
#79 Dipstick   Unisex Hebrew
#80 Drifter   Unisex Hebrew


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  Name Meaning Gender Origin
#81 Harlequin   Unisex Hebrew
#82 Inky   Unisex Hebrew
#83 Mittens   Unisex Hebrew
#84 Motley   Unisex Hebrew
#85 Patches   Unisex Hebrew
#86 Pixel   Unisex Hebrew
#87 Scamper   Unisex Hebrew
#88 Snicker   Unisex Hebrew
#89 Snowball   Unisex Hebrew
#90 Speckles   Unisex Hebrew
#91 Squeaky   Unisex Hebrew
#92 Squirrel   Unisex Hebrew
#93 Stripes   Unisex Hebrew
#94 Sundae   Unisex Hebrew
#95 Tux Short for tuxedo which is typically a black and white formal wear    
#96 Bullseye The Target mascot with the red spot around his eye    


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