Top 49+ Lovely Female Dog Names From Chicago

49+ Female Dog Names From Chicago

Female Dog Names From Chicago

  Name Meaning Or Inspiration Gender
#1 Macy A block long department store formerly owned by Marshall Field Female
#2 Naomi A lawyer and activist, founder of Blacks in Green Female
#3 Snowy A salute to the cold, wet winters in Chi-town Female
#4 Jennifer A wonderful singer from Chicago, Jennifer Hudson Female
#5 Margo Acclaimed business executive, president of the Americas Female
#6 Lake After Lake Michigan Female
#7 Amanda Amanda Lannert is the CEO of the Jellyvison lab Female
#8 Raquel As in Raquel Welch; this sexy actress was born in Chicago Female
#9 Roxie Featured character in the musical Chicago Female
#10 Michelle First lady Michelle Obama is a native of Chicago Female
#11 China For those who love the Chinatown neighborhood Female
#12 Gwendolyn Gwendolyn Brooks is a revered poet and winner of the Pulitzer Prize Female
#13 Hillary Hillary Clinton was born in the suburbs of Chicago Female
#14 Windy Honoring the Windy City, of course Female
#15 Beverly If you live in this neighborhood this could be the perfect name for your dog Female
#16 Ida In honor of Ida B. Wells Barnett, investigative journalist and civil rights activist Female
#17 Goldie In honor of the Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago Female
#18 Blossom In recognition of the Blossom Foundation Female
#19 Mrs. O’Leary It was said that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow was responsible for starting the Great Chicago fire Female
#20 Jewel Jewel Lafontant was the first African-American woman to graduate from the University of Chicago Law School Female

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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration Gender
#21 Maggie Maggie Daley, wife of long time Mayor Richard Daley, was known as the First Lady of Chicago Female
#22 Melissa Melissa McCarthy, star of film and TV, is from Chi-Town Female
#23 Oprah Oprah Winfrey, who hosted her award-winning TV show for 25 years in the Windy City Female
#24 Penny Penny Pritzker, the 38th U.X. Secretary of Commerce Female
#25 Tori President, Cook County Board of Commissioners Female
#26 Shonda Shonda Rhimes is the creator of such hit TV shows as Scandal and Gray’s Anatomy Female
#27 Cindy Supermodel Cindy Crawford is proud to hail from suburban Chicago Female
#28 Suzie Suzie Ortman is a well know investment specialist, author, and TV personality Female
#29 Karlie Top model Karlie Kloss started her career in Chicago Female
#30 Unity Unity Temple is a Frank Lloyd Wright landmark Female
#31 Daisy   Female
#32 Lucy   Female
#33 Stella   Female
#34 Chloe   Female
#35 Sadie   Female

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  Name Meaning Or Inspiration Gender
#36 Luna   Female
#37 Bella   Female
#38 Molly   Female
#39 Lily   Female
#40 Oliver   Female
#41 Lola   Female
#42 Coco   Unisex
#43 Bailey   Female
#44 White Sox   Unisex
#45 Comiskey   Female
#46 Sweetness   Female
#47 Sky   Female
#48 Rose   Female
#49 Ivy   Female
#50 Zane   Female
#51 Da   Unisex

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