Can Doberman Pinschers Jump Over Fences? 13 Ways To Keep Your Doberman From Jumping Fences

The Doberman Pinschers is an enthusiastic and energetic breed and can manage large leaps and bounds. Jumping a backyard fence, though, is unusual since most Dobermans can follow boundaries. 

Can Doberman Pinschers jump over fences? There is no question that a Doberman is able to jump high. A 5-foot height fence is typically appropriate for Doberman owners, but a 6-foot tall safety fence is better suited.

If you are curious about how high a Doberman can jump and if they can jump over fences, then I am here to give you a proper answer to all of your questions.


Can Doberman Pinschers Jump Over Fences? 13 Ways To Keep Your Doberman From Jumping Fences


Do Doberman Pinschers like to jump high?

Doberman Pinschers are very lively and very active dogs. Dobie pups will leap as far into the air to avoid things like walls or hurdles. Whereas, most Fidos can only jump a few inches off the ground.

The Doberman loves to climb up and sometimes likes to do this very frequently when playing. As they are one of the best and most energetic police dogs, like jumping rope, equilibrium is in their blood.


How high can an average Doberman jump?

A healthy Doberman Pinschers has the capability to jump a height of 6-feet with a single movement.

Are you dreaming about changing the height of your barrier? I’m sorry, but this approach won’t fit on this one because your four-legged friend is already trained to climb a ton higher. So, you can trick your mutt now.

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Can Your Doberman Jump Over Fences?

Most often, people mistake dogs who jump fences and who climb over them. Though jumping and climbing are different. They both use the barrier to lift off.

As naturally, dogs are very clever. Your pooch can even dig under a fence, chew through a fence, discover and know how to unlock a gate. They sometimes use some variation of these strategies to get out of the yard. Knowing how your pup breaks out of your yard will allow you to change your yard. 

For Dobie owners, a solid fence might be the answer. But if you are purchasing for a house or company, you may need a taller, stronger fence.

A Doberman is really a fast doggy, and it’s mostly because of their speed that they are capable of impressively high jumps. Height isn’t the only aspect at play- a large Fido is indeed a strong mutt.  


From what age Doberman Pinscher Puppy starts jumping?

Dobermans naturally start to jump or try to jump from the age of 12 to 15 months. As a general rule, most pups may jump many times their own height. Nevertheless, certain canines are capable but not strictly recommendable for jumping activities.

Yeah, puppies shouldn’t be asked to jump into extreme or competitive conditions before they’re at least 12-15 months old (or older for giant/slow-maturing breeds). This is because puppies’ growth plates aren’t entirely closed before at least 12 months of age. Jumping on open growth plates may inflict long-term harm.


Dobie puppies don’t have the luxury of muscle to absorb the force of a jump, as adult Doberman dogs do. Lastly, agility allows your Doberman to learn how to adapt rapidly even after they have mastered how to run around in a safe environment.

Hence, it’s also necessary to limit your young pooch from jumping in day-to-day events, including jumping on tables, over baby gates, and out of the vehicle. While dogs must be at least 15 months of age to engage in agility, there is no need to hesitate to expose your pup to the sport.

Regardless of maturity, young Dobie puppies may require similar instruction and planning for agility training.



Do Dobermans jump a lot?

If you teach your Dobie the correct way, it would not rely on the Doberman’s ability to jump. It is normal for a doggo to jump, walk, run, and so on along the line. But it is the training of the canine as to how it is going to behave in the future.

Another response that you find is that jumping up starts up when your puppy is very little and places his little hands on you to get your focus. The behavioral concern is that your Fido is not allowed to be praised for what it performs. Then, to divert energy, give him something else to do that is praised, perhaps.

A Doberman is one of the best pets, among the fastest dogs. It is really necessary to limit the young pup from jumping in day-to-day tasks, including jumping on bed legs, over baby gates, and out of the car, and having naps in bedrooms.


Is Jumping Fences bad For Your Doberman Pinscher Dog?

You should think carefully about the kind of fencing you need before attaching it to your yard if you have a big, strong, active Scooby-Doo. The heavier the dog the further it will jump.

But is it still not safe for your Doberman to hop up and down like that? As a question, is it okay if your canine jumps over the fence? In a word, this is clearly safe for a grown canine to jump. 

Yet there are several rational arguments. Here are some of the issues:

  • Dobies appear to have a very high amount of energy, which is why they will sprint as fast as 26 mph. The average female person can rise to a height of approximately 24 to 26 inches and can weigh about 60 to 90 pounds. 
  • The first move that a Doberman can do is to jump on whoever it runs across – the breed itself is such that you cannot prevent the restlessness and curiosity it displays any time it comes across someone near it. 
  • You should not encourage them to jump off high of stuff, or, to jump high in the air. It is balancing on its pads and is normally not heavy-footed. 
  • While some people might find the Doberman Lab frightening for its scale, the Lab seems to be fairly sensitive. The Lab also likes to hop a little.  
  • The Doberman Pinscher is a one-of-a-kind dog that exceeds a height of seven feet. It has been popular in the canine community over the years it has been around. 
  • Because of their outstanding appearance and forgiving temperament, Dobies are usually well-liked animals. Dobermans, unlike certain other breeds, are “companion friendly” pets.


How to Stop Your Doberman Pinscher from Jumping The fences?

Is it possible to stop your Doberman from jumping? My answer is, “Yes”. I also often found several steps that will hopefully discourage the mutts from being able to scale the barrier.

#1 L-Footer

An L-footer is a perfect solution to avoid the dog from leaping over the barrier. As a responsible owner, you can build the L-shape and firmly connect the short side to the top of the fence and get the remainder of the hardware pointed into the yard so that they can see fences as the pooch looks up.

It is an incredibly successful method to keep them fenced in the yard where they belong, and since they realize there is a barrier in their way, they would not attempt to jump.


#2 Use a Second Fence

Your Doberman would not be able to get a decent running start and climb far enough to clear the first one. The energy is what causes these pooches to soar across the fence like an eagle taking off!

You may build a second, smaller fence about 3 feet in front of the main one. In order to deter them from leaping, a second fence can aid.


#3 Plant Some Trees

Consider the idea of planting trees or other obstructions such as a low fence or a couple of bushes, within a few feet of the fence. These actual challenges can find it virtually difficult for your dog to get a running start so that it can leap over the barrier.


#4 Jump Harness

A very recent innovation that can certainly fix this issue is the anti hop belt. It has a screw mechanism that limits the dog’s hind legs to a restricted region such that it can’t jump at all. Sustained utilization of this modern treatment can only be in the sense of depressive treatment during the early phase of preparation.

It shouldn’t only deter them from leaping chain link fences, but it should also stop them from jumping on people and furniture, too.


How to Stop Doberman Pinschers From Climbing a Chain Link Fence?

It is necessary to acknowledge the activity that your dog is doing so that you can find out a treatment for the issue. You can avoid the problem without needing additional training or cost.


#5 Use PVC Pipes For Fence If Your Doberman Pinscher likes to jump randomly

To keep the dog from getting across the enclosure, which can also be achieved through another tool, an inexpensive PVC pipe can be used at the top to discourage pups from walking or running across the barrier.

First, split some 5-inch diameter tubing into a long duration. Next, link the sections together by dragging the piping from side to side, vertically and horizontally. You will secure the valve in position with really tiny screws.


#6 Use a Coyote Roller On The Fence To Prevent Your Doberman Pinscher From Jumping

A coyote roller is a 4-foot aluminum roller intended to keep wildlife from scaling a fence’s roof. This system not only functions well for dogs and coyotes, but also for any animals who may want to climb your fence and invade your yard.

The reason that works is that the metal roller flips when they struggle to get their bearings as a coyote or other animal scales to the top of a fence. They are unable to hang on and slip harmlessly to the bottom as the roller rolls.

If you are residing in a remote area and want to prevent coyotes from quickly jumping your chain link fence, we will also strongly suggest the coyote roller.


#7 Cat Netting Can Keep Away Your Doberman Pinscher From Jumping

To avoid your Fido from having a foothold and ascending, you should put some “cat netting” on the fence at an angle. As the gaps of the cat net are so very narrow, Doberman dogs are unable to place their hands over the cat net.

Maybe it would deter your Dobie from leaping.


Preventative Measures For Your Jumping Doberman Pinscher

Jumping up on you typically begins when your little Doberman is a puppy and he brings his cute tiny hands onto you to get your focus. Understandably, you couldn’t help but glance.


#8 Restrict Your Doberman’s View

They’re much less inclined to attempt to hop or scale the barrier if your Dobie can’t see it. There are a number of different aspects in which you can limit their viewpoint. The first is the usage of fencing with reeds.

This is a convenient and inexpensive method of restricting how many your dog can see. Wooden fencing often has the benefit of preventing sunlight almost fully and can also be installed very high.

Another choice to check at is to plant some fast-growing shrubs right in front of the fence so you can hold your canine away from them as they expand, else your canine might kill them, putting you back at square one in no time.


#9 Get Rid Of Anything That Helps Your Doberman Pinscher

A knowledgeable dog will use ordinary items in your yard, such as trash cans, stacks of firewood, lawnmowers, or even a low-hanging tree limb to give them the push they need to get over the barrier.

Dobermans are reasonably wise. You will be shocked by what they might do to help them run, but be sure that there is nothing they might potentially do to their benefit near the fence.


#10 Make the Yard More Fun For Your Doberman

When they are in the yard, you don’t want the dog to be terribly lonely. One that’s going to run to run is a restless canine. Luckily, to try to make your time in the yard more interesting, there are certain easy yet sometimes forgotten stuff you should do.


#11 Offer Special Food and Treats To Your Doberman Pinscher

One strategy is to use an automated dog food dispenser with a time-release cycle to dispense limited quantities of food or treats. This can hold them occupied for hours as they are waiting to come out with the next snack.

You may even choose to conceal any snacks in the yard and your pooch would be out struggling to pursue them for hours racing about.


#12 Play Games With Your Doberman

You can try to keep your dog busy by playing some basic sports, including fetching your puppy. First of all, the real gameplay would certainly wear them out so badly that they won’t have the strength to leap the fence. Secondly, you equate the excitement of the game with the courtyard. They’ll be less inclined to seek to break out if they have fond memories of the yard.


#13 Give Your Doberman Pup Some Toys

A loop or a fan can be among the first items to purchase for entertaining your puppy. A small Kong toy or rawhide bone, as they chew happily, will also keep them entertained for hours.  You can load up a Kong toy with sweets, and for hours, the dog can tug on it struggling to get inside the treats.


Last Option: Crating Your Doberman Pinscher

Certain people lock their doggies in tiny crates for up to 18–22 hours overall a day. But extended isolation may be harmful. Over-crated pets, they claim, from “cage-rage,” to agitation, fearfulness, and distress will experience complications.

It is safer for your Doberman pup in the long term whether he is conditioned to challenge his boundaries. Second, the mutt would have a comfortable and protected location where he can flee to, his own private room.


First off, it would teach your Fido to live in his environment without a mother around. This is going to discourage your pup from having separation anxiety. Dogs who have this check would automatically be more inclined to relax in a barren crate.

Therefore a box with a door should be used to gently introduce dogs to a barren crate. And since a well-trained Doberman pup, an obedience-trained pooch, finds her crate a secure and happy room, you can never put a blanket or a cover over it to automatically prevent her.

Your Fido can benefit from a doggie bed as an opportunity for a wind-down.



You fence in your backyard in an attempt to be a responsible pet owner so that your furry Doberman buddy can have a place to explore and play as well as a place to go when he wants to go, but you can’t take him on a stroll.

It is not rare that dogs will climb up a barrier. There are many explanations why your Fido jumps fences. Just remember that there are just as many ways to handle the action. When you find out that he is jumping you will start trying to avoid the action instantly with a few lifestyle adjustments and by actually rearranging the atmosphere.

I believe this article is going to provide you with all the details you need regarding the fence issues.

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