Can Chihuahuas Run Long Distances? 6 Things to Watch Out While Running With Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are such an adorable and energetic breed. Your Chi puppy can become a good partner for your exercises if you can train her properly. Even if Chihuahuas are quite energetic little ones, they can’t run the same as bigger dogs. 

So, can Chihuahuas run long distances? Well, Chihuahuas have small bodies making it difficult for them to run long distances. But with proper training, you can take your Chi out for light jogging. And even if Chi puppies can’t run long distances they can run at a  speed of 15mph.  

While your Chihuahua may not be the best dogs out there to accompany you on your run, he can still be a good running partner to some. Their small size may not allow them to run longer distances but this small size can also be a blessing. Because the small body allows your Chi to put less toll on the joints when he runs. 

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Can Chihuahuas Run Long Distances?

Do Chihuahuas Like To Run?

Your small Chihuahua can become a good running partner to you even if he can’t do some super long runs. He may run slower due to having small legs but once you can train him properly, your Chihuahua can start liking running. So, technically, Chihuahuas like running around if it’s some short distance.

But as Chihuahuas are not built for long-distance running, their short snouts and smaller lungs can make it difficult for them to breathe. Thus, it’s quite tiring for your Chihuahua to do outdoor long runs with you. But you can enjoy some light strolls and light jogging with your furry Chi and he enjoys it as well. 

Are Chihuahuas Fast Runners?

Your Chihuahua can be considered to have a good speed for a short run. On average, your Chi can run 10-15 mph with her short legs. But it’s very easy for your furry Chi to lose momentum after running some distance. 

But your Chihuahua being the courageous and super active breed he is can be a good travel companion as well as an excellent walking partner who can run quite some distance with you. And keep in mind that your Chihuahua may not be the fastest runner out there but he does have some natural running abilities.

So, you can also train your puppy to run with you.

Can Chihuahuas Run Long Distances?

Even though it’s not common for Chihuahuas to run long distances, after some proper running training, he can run well.

How Far Can A Chihuahua Dog Run A Day?

Your Chihuahua’s top speed for running is about 10 to 15 miles an hour. And due to having a smaller stature, your Chi is slower than the average dog. You may wonder why your energetic Chihuahua doesn’t make great running partners. Well, it is because of his short legs which do not allow him to run for long hours.  

Can Chihuahuas Run 3 Miles?

Even if Chi puppies can’t run long distances, once you give him proper training he can become eligible to run with you more day by day. And 2-3 miles can be considered a good range for your Chi. 

Can Chihuahuas Run 5 Kilometers?

Unlike average dogs, 5 miles can be a little hard for your Chihuahua to run due to being a small dog. But with proper training you may increase your pup’s stamina and make him able to run 4-5 miles. 

Chihuahua Run

Are Chihuahuas Good Running Partners?

Even though your Chihuahua has a small stature, she can go for runs and can go with you as a running partner. And you’ll find your Chi always ready to go, keeping pace eagerly and hardly ever complaining about being tired. Also, due to having a small body, your furry Chi does have some advantages over other larger dogs. 

Because your pup carries less weight and has lesser stress on her joints. Also, your puppy is quite low maintenance as a jogging companion and has plenty of energy and endurance. So, it’s a good idea for you to take your Chi out as a running partner. Which also can act as a good exercise for your dog. 

Can I Jog Long Distances With My Chihuahua Pup?

It’s evident that your Chihuahua with her small body can’t run long distances. But your puppy, even with her small, stature can run at speeds up to around 15mph. So, even though your pooch can’t run as far as other bigger breeds, she can probably run a good decent mile

And if you train your Chi properly, build up her endurance all while maintaining the overall condition, then your puppy can run a longer distance compared to before. Thus, you can jog with your Chihuahua for some distance after proper training. 

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Chihuahua Playfull

How To Train A Chihuahua To Run With You?

There are certain measures you can take in order to train your Chi to run with you. You need to allow your puppy to grow up and build her body strong enough to handle some training. 

#1 Start Off Slow

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you can’t rush while training your Chi. You need to take things slow and train your pooch gradually. Because sudden strenuous exercise can be quite disastrous for your dog. 

Start slowly and train your pooch’s body and muscles and all while avoiding injuries. At the same time, give your pup plenty of nutrition to replenish. Even though your pup is an energetic one, long hours of exercise can put some strain on her. 

First, start at a jog after a warm-up by walking. Don’t forget to keep a loose leash so that your pooch doesn’t get lost and can keep pace with you. Gradually, increase the running time. Also, take breaks when you feel the need to. 

#2 Build Up Distance

Once your CHi becomes used to running for a good amount of time, try to start building some distance. You should keep the leash loose enough and make sure to give your dog some commands from time to time.

After your pooch completes running for a week or so, try to add about half a mile or around 10 minutes to the run. Check if your puppy can handle this and slow down if you think your pooch is having a hard time keeping up. 

But you need to always put your dog’s health on top of everything. Don’t push your Chi too hard that it becomes difficult for him to keep up or continue the training. 

#3 Be Patient and Take Breaks

It’s always a good thing to take breaks while training your Chi. Even if you are a good runner, that may not be the same case for your pooch. So, remember that your dog is still learning. And you should be patient with her. 

So, make sure that you don’t push your pooch too fast because endurance running is a process. And please remember to be patient with yourself as well because sometimes, your dog may run faster than you!

So, don’t give up on yourself or your furry Chihuahua. Also, it is a good idea to carry snacks and water bottles for both yourself and your Chi depending on how far you plan to go.

#4 Warm Up and Cool Down

The most important thing about exercise and training is preparing your Chi’s body. If you make your pooch jump straight into a run without warming up, it may cause your dog to get injured. At the same time, you need to give your pup some time to cool down as well. 

What you can do is, walk around for a few minutes before starting running and get your pooch’s muscles moving at a slower pace. You can also try doing some stretches. After a good run, finish it off with a light walk or stretch in order to cool down.

Chihuahua Dog

Things to Watch Out While Running With Your Chihuahua

There are a few things that you should watch out for while running with your Chi. Some may have to do something with your pooch while some are just for you. 

#1 Age Of Your Chihuahua

You should already know that if your Chi is either too young or too old, she should not run for a long time. This is because running can damage it can do to their bodies. If your puppy is young, her bones and joints are still developing whereas, if your pooch is older, then his bones and joints are more vulnerable. 

So, before your young pup can have a body strong enough to do some training, it’s not a good idea to put a strain on her. Also, your older Chi finds it difficult to run due to various reasons.

Make sure to take regular veterinary exams in order to make sure that your senior Chihuahua dog is physically able to handle the stress of a jog before you try it.

#2 Health Of Your Chihuahua

No matter how old your Chihuahua is, you need to consult your veterinarian first before making any changes. Your Chi dog could develop a health condition that might make running dangerously for her.

Issues related to heart, respiratory, muscle, bone, and joint etc. can leave your pooch open to further injury with strenuous physical activity.

It’s not a good idea to assume that your dog is healthy and just start running several miles right away. Just like you, your Chi too needs to build up her strength and endurance. And try to follow a routine so that your pooch can stay healthy and avoid injury on her runs.

#3 Signs Of Overexertion

You need to see the signs that can indicate a problem with overexertion of your puppy. You can see missing cues and commands, panting excessively, breathing heavily, feeling extreme thirst, lagging behind, and a reluctance to run from your Chi.

Even if you are being careful and not pushing your Chi too hard, injuries can still happen.

For example, hip dysplasia can cause your pooch to be limping or hooping, favoring one leg, hesitating when exercising or going upstairs, having difficulty standing, and sensitivity or even aggression around the hip.

Thus, you need to be careful enough to help your Chi puppy.

#4 The Terrain

You need to keep in mind that unlike you, your Chi doesn’t have shoes protecting her feet. So, it will hurt her quite a lot if you select a road that is too rough or has sharp edges. Your Chihuahua’s paws may be tougher than your feet, but she will still get hurt on rough surfaces. 

Especially, in winter where ice, acid melt and can cause injury to her paws as well. Try to use terrains with soft dirt trails, beaches, and grasses, as these are all safe options for running with your dog. Also, try to avoid surfaces that are too hot in summer. 

#5 Suitable Weather For Your Chihuahua?

It is always a good thing to consider the weather before you take your Chi out for a run.  Also, you should pay attention to your Chi’s natural coat before you decide to take her outside for physical activity. 

Running In Hot Weather

Typical hot weather can exhaust your pup and you can put on a cooling vest to keep your Chi cool on such days. Always keep water bottles filled with water enough for yourself and your dog. 

In case your dog doesn’t know how to drink from your water bottle, you can bring along a foldable dog bowl as well.

Running In Cold Weather and/or Snow

An extremely cold winter can affect your Chi dog as she has a thin and short coat. While running in the snow, your pooch can gather ice balls in her paws or snowballs on her fur. 

You should put on a jacket on your dog and also can use boots to protect your puppy’s paws from the winter elements. If you don’t want to go with booties, try using a wax-based paw balm to protect her paws from ice, snow, salt, and chemicals used on the pavement during the winter months. 

#6 Gear For Running With Your Chihuahua

There are a few gears you can use while going for a run with your Chi. For example, hands-free leashes can help you prevent falling or not having a free hand for balance.

Also, you can try using a system that can carry the necessary stuff like treats, water bottles, towels, holders, a pocket to store a phone, poop bags, keys, etc.

You can buy ready-made ones from the store or can make your own kit that you are comfortable with. Also, it becomes a good way to manage your important stuff and reduce the risks of losing them. 

Chihuahua With Harness

Tips For A Safe And Enjoyable Jog With Your Chihuahua

There are a few things you can try to have a good run with your Chi: 

  • Always warm up your Chi before running and cool her down after finishing. 
  • Don’t forget to check the weather conditions as your Chi can’t handle heat and humidity as well as you can.
  • Make sure to carry water and offer it to your pooch from time to time.
  • Give your dog breaks from time to time so that she can recharge.
  • Put a leash on your dog and only allow her to run off-leash where it’s safe and legal. 
  • Always check if your Chi is tired or exhausted. Because, sometimes, she may just run to please you even when she wants to stop.

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What You Can Learn From Your Chihuahua’s Different Types Of Running Approach

Why Does Your Chihuahua Run Away From You?

Your Chihuahua may run away in order to seek companionship from other dogs or people. This might become the case if you are neglecting your Chihuahua for days and avoiding her. This negligence will only encourage your Chi to run away from you.

Why Does Your Chihuahua Run Around In Circles?

Psychological issues like anxiety, boredom, frustration, or fear can cause your Chi to run around in circles. Also, lack of physical and mental stimulation can also encourage your Chi to show such behavior as a means to alleviate her frustration and stress.

Why Does Your Chihuahua Run On Three Legs?

Sometimes, your dog’s dislocated knee slips out of its socket and causes your dog to limp. However, if your Chi gets enough time to relax and rest, the knee usually goes back into its normal position.

Over To You

Which fact has helped you the best to identify if your Chihuahua is ready to jog with you? Which technique did you already know and which one is new to you?

How much distance do you want to bring your Chihuahua for a run for the first time? Have I missed something? 

Do you think that I should also cover some additional topics? Please share the article if you liked it. Please put your questions and feedback in the comment section below.

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