Can Australian Shepherds Run Long Distances?

Australian Shepherd breed is highly intelligent and is famous for its adaptive capabilities. They were bred to lead and protect herds. Aussies are very active and require a lot of exercises to keep up with that high spirit. Owners may want Australian Shepherds as their running companions.

So, can Australian Shepherds run long distances? Unquestionably, Aussies can run 6 to 8 miles at a stretch. However, they should not be allowed to do it on the first go. As natural working dogs, Aussies can get themselves over-exercised without even realizing it which might create harmful consequences eventually.

Running is a favorite activity for Australian Shepherds, as they usually run a lot due to their natural heading instincts. So, if you’re wondering to know how they do as a running partner? Keep reading.

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Can Australian Shepherds Run Long Distances

Do Australian Shepherds need to run?

Australian Shepherds need a lot of exercises to keep up with their agility. This particular breed is naturally active. Having natural intuitive traits, Australian Shepherds are used for herding and protecting livestock.

Although it is good to get an Aussie if you have a lot of space for them to run and play, it isn’t a big deal if you plan to keep them inside or within your apartment too. You just have to make sure they are getting an adequate amount of exercise to keep them strong and healthy.


So, do Australian Shepherds like running? Australian Shepherd enjoys challenging exercises and long runs.

This canine friend is always up for rigorous mental and physical refreshment, but don’t forget to keep the weather in check as cooler weather is more tolerable for their long coat rather than extreme hotter temperatures.

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Are Australian Shepherds fast runners?

Australian Shepherds always amazed everyone with their amazing working ability around livestock. Naturally, it takes a lot of running to control or to protect the herd and Australian Shepherds have zero problems with jumping and running around.

Australian Shepherds are the best running partners and will keep you company for any and every task that requires heavy exercises.


How fast can an Australian Shepherd run a mile?

34-35 mph. Although the average estimation about Australian Shepherd’s running speed is 35 mph to be exact. However, many cases showed 40mph as Australian Shepherd top running speed as well.

Australian Shepherd’s running capability fully depends on their food habit and the exercises they get daily. The healthier the dog, the faster it runs. Several tested reports have shown dogs do run faster than humans.

A Greyhound crosses 100 meters in only 5.33 seconds whereas the fastest runner on earth, the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, crosses 100 meters in 9.58 seconds.


So, How fast can an Australian Shepherd run 100 meters?

Although there are no exact reports on how fast they can cross 100 meters by running, they are undoubtedly one of the best running dogs who enjoy running thoroughly.

Can Australian shepherds run long distances?

Australian Shepherds are best for hiking on trails with obstacles and uneven surfaces. They love to face challenging stimulations as they have so much energy to burn out. 

So, How much distance can Australian Shepherd cover?

An energetic Australian Shepherd can easily cover from four miles up to six miles if it has a good health condition. 

How long can an Australian shepherd run without stopping?

It’s difficult to tire out an Australian Shepherd. They have so much energy and the zeal to explore that it’s hard to keep them steadily in one place! If you are in the dire need of motivation to get up and start exercising, then wait for your Australian Shepherd because it will keep you on your toes all the time!

How fast can an Australian shepherd run? It is proved with sources that 30 miles per hour is the answer here. They can easily cross 34 to 35 miles per hour as well.

They will maintain their puppy-like energy till three to five ages, so good exercise with enough stimulation is a must for their betterment.


How many miles can an Australian shepherd run?

According to the AKC breed category, Australian Shepherds fall under the herding group. It was bred for heavy-duty ranch work and is the happiest when assigned a job. Australian Shepherds not only strive in field or farm work, but they are also affectionate and loving family dogs, who crave constant care and attention.


So, How far can an Australian Shepherd run?

Crossing four to six miles is a piece of cake for them only when they are in good shape and have enough stamina to endure.

One thing to remember: Australian Shepherd puppies are not ready for jogging or long distances at an early age. It may lead them to various injuries and deformities once they grow up.


Are Australian shepherds good running partners?

Who’s up for running exercises? Your Aussie pooch it is!

The Australian shepherds are great running companions.

They need a lot of exercise to keep up with their energy levels. 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise is a must for them as they were bred to be active working dogs. If they do not get the proper amount of exercise, they can be destructive and difficult to control at times.

Bad training and less exercise can make them dig holes, anxious and aggressive as well. Heavy exercise is what they love. If you take them to jog or light exercises like strolling, make sure they spend 2 to 3 hours on it.


Australian Shepherds love being around their owners all the time. Their natural sense of providing constant protection and support makes them want to be around you all the time. Thus, if you’re going for some running, you will definitely find your Aussie running beside you!

So, are Australian shepherds good running companions? Hell yes! Their endless energy and stamina is a plus-point when it’s all about running or exercising for hours.


How to Train an Australian Shepherd to Run With You?

How far can you run with an Australian shepherd? Well, I don’t know about you, but your Aussie pooch will absolutely not get tired even if it’s about crossing six to eight miles at a stretch!

Good training brings the best out of every canine friend. Australian Shepherds are fast runners, intelligent, and easy to train. The following steps will turn your Australian Shepherd into your best running companion:


Slow Start is a good idea

Australian Shepherds love going outside for running, jumping, and exercising. Their excitement knows no bounds when it’s time for some work.

Exercise is a must to keep Australian Shepherds functional and to avoid hip dysplasia which is very common for this particular breed if they do not stay active.


You should consider their body, age, environment, weather to check if they are suitable to face the heavy training sessions or not. Slow start means you can start taking them for walks, then for running, after that for hiking. It simply indicates not to pressurize them with heavy stimulations just at the beginning.

Give them time and increase the time span of exercise sessions eventually. Slow start always works for long-term plans as you have to make sure your Aussie is getting the bests of the bests!


Grow distance little by little

Are Australian shepherds good running companions? Undoubtedly. Aussies are one of the brilliant breeds who’d do anything to get your attention and to be your running partner.


Can an Australian Shepherd run 3 miles?

Adult Australian Shepherds can cross 4 to 6 miles of distance smoothly. Although, you need to stay cautious about Aussie puppies. Crossing long distances and much pressure at an early age can cause them fatal health injuries.

Growing distance exercises little by little means taking one step at a time. Overdoing anything or doing anything in a haste always comes with the worsts of consequences. You can focus on building up their running distance once they are introduced to exercise timings. Aussies need 60 to 90 minutes of exercise daily.

Initially, you can start with a mile or two, then you can keep on adding extra miles. Weeks after weeks, once their muscles get accustomed to running and heavy exercises.

This will not only help them to stay healthy but also will keep them happy and anxiety-free!


Breaks are blessings

Heavy exercises come with several intervals. Runners need to rest for a while before they start the second round. The same applies to your Aussie pet! Do not push your pet to cross straight five or six miles directly. You need to be patient when you are training your Aussie to run with you. 

Australian Shepherd and running are more like synonyms. They love running and enjoy being around their masters. Australian Shepherds are living power-houses and it can really be tiresome if you want to train them with strict rules. Breaks will make the exercising session fruitful and enjoyable.


Stretch before beginning

Ever had cramps on the first day of exercise? It happens when you overdo without thinking whether your muscles are ready to take the tension or not.

You need to think about your Aussie’s health before starting any and everything. A little warm-up and stretching like jumping, walking for 10 or 20 minutes will keep their muscles sturdy and flexible.


Australian Shepherd is always ready for challenges. They love to explore everything around them. Before starting the exercise session, make sure they are getting enough Stretching.

It will introduce their body to every kind of exercise and they will be able to walk slowly or run extremely fast without any hinges. It will help them to start their day fresh and will keep their body muscles tension-free.


Should You Run Long Distance With Your Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherds are natural leaders as they were bred to control and protect livestock. Running long distances is a piece of cake for them, but they should be fully matured other than it can lead to unpleasant injuries.

Aussies love challenging stimulations. They are always ready to cross obstacles and protect their owners. 

You should not pressurize yourself when you’re out with your Aussie. Dogs run faster than humans. So, you need to keep that fact on your mind whenever you take them for a walking or running session.

It is hazardous to take Aussie puppies for long-distance trails or running sessions as their bodies do not mature enough till 18 months old.


So, Is it bad to run an Australian Shepherd?

Definitely not! But, make sure your Aussie pet is matured enough to endure heavy activities and to cross long distances.

At what age can an Australian shepherd start running?

Aussie puppies are naturally very energetic. Age is an important factor when it is about starting your Aussie pup’s exercises. Australian Shepherds need a lot of exercise in order to keep fit.

However, if Aussies start running long distances before they are fully grown-up, it can cause several problems in the future.

Australian Shepherds should not go for long-distance running until they are at least 18 months old or a year old.

If you take your Aussie puppy to run with you before they are fully grown then it can lead them to Hip Dysplasia (a disease that creates disfiguration), Chronic Allergies, and more unwanted diseases.

Besides, young dog bones are fragile and need to be sturdy enough before facing hard activities, so make sure your Aussie puppy gets enough time to grow before they start doing heavy activities naturally.

So, how far can Australian Shepherd puppies run? You shouldn’t allow your Aussie to run for long, not before their bodies are fully prepared or they’re age is at least a year old.


Things to Watch Out For While Running With Your Australian Shepherd

Running or exercising is always good for Aussies as it keeps them active and healthy. However, there are some factors that need to be kept in mind while running with your Australian Shepherd.

These will not only help you to understand your Aussie better but also will save your time from some unwanted consequences too!


Alerts of Overexertion

Are Australian shepherds good running dogs? Hundred percent! Australian Shepherds are energetic running companions as they do not get enough of you ever! 

Besides the constant exercise and work, you need to stay alert about your Aussie’s mental health as well. Dogs often fail to understand if they are over-exercising as they focus more on playing, so the owner should always keep an eye on them to avoid overexertion.

Some of the alarming indications of overexertion can be lack of focus, anxiety, facing difficulties to follow commands, confusion, panting, excessive drooling etc. It may take some time to recover if your Aussie is over exercised, but it is not impossible.

A lot of rest, increased fluid intake, energy dog treats or foods and shade helps to cure an Aussie of overexertion. So, make sure they are taking enough rest along with exercising, to avoid such circumstances. 


Behavioral training

Australian Shepherd is a herding breed. They are intuitive and intelligent and know when to take action. As Aussies were bred to control herds, they naturally show herding traits as soon as they start growing up.

So, train your Aussie as soon as they start showing their herding instincts.

Owing to that herding instinct, Aussies often start to herd their owners. So, stay calm when they start pushing you, train them with the leash on, focus more on commanding them and on their obedience training sessions so that you can take control over their herding behavior.


The Weather

The long coat of Australian Shepherd indicates the fact that they were bred for colder weather.

Winter is Aussies best friend as the weather is very soothing for them. They easily get heated if the weather gets slightly warmer. In hot weather, it gets really hard for Australian Shepherds to keep their cool due to their long coats. So, make sure to keep the weather in check before deciding on going for a walk.

So, do Australian shepherds run in hot? Warmer weather is quite intolerable to Aussies. They prefer staying under shades during summertime. It does not mean they don’t go for running sessions, but it is better not to keep them outside for long.  


Over To You

Australian Shepherds love to spend time with their owners and enjoy pleasing them with their activities. They are in their best shape if they exercise regularly. Running is Aussie’s favorite exercise and they have always been the best running companions.

Do you have or plan to get an Australian Shepherd? Tell us what you love most about them! Any special tips for new Aussie owners? 

We are always eager to know more from you. Please share your experience in the comments and don’t forget to like and share our article if you found it helpful and informative!

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