Top 15 Best Dog Beds For Pugs: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out the best one from all the best dog beds for Pugs we reviewed, then we recommend the Majestic Suede Dog Bed as the best one.

We all know how Pugs are mainly lap dogs that never like to leave your side. So you may ask why exactly should you get a bed for them when you can’t keep them out of yours.

Dog beds for Pugs have more benefits than you may think of first hand. I hope with this article I can show you the benefits and even some beds to choose from near the end. 

Beds For Pugs

In this article, we’re going to review the following dog beds for Pugs:

What a Good Bed For Your Pug Can Do?

Think of a good dog bed as the equivalent of a good mattress for us. The right bed can really make a difference for your Pug.

There are quite a few benefits too that I will go through below.

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Having a Safe Spot

Pugs were bred to be companion dogs, so in turn they suffer immensely from separation anxiety. Giving your pup a good bed to call their own can give them a nice safe place to curl up as they wait for your return.

If you choose to kennel your dog while you are away, a good bed can really make the kennel feel more like a den where they can relax. 

Comfort for Health Issues

Due to how the Pugs were bred to what they are now, they are riddled with health conditions such as hip dysplasia and poor breathing.

A good bed can give them the proper comfort needed to ease their pains. Some beds can give the right support needed for any joint pains, and others can help with struggling breathing. 


Hip Problems

Pugs struggle with hip issues within their joints and sockets. Having the right bed, such as a memory foam one, can conform to their body and relieve any pain they suffer from.

It will support their body just the way they need to get a restful sleep. 

Breathing Complications

Pugs are known to be a brachycephalic breed; dogs with a squashed face. This leads to many breathing issues, one of which is the weird grunting Pugs are known for.

A bed with the right support for the neck to stretch out during sleep will make their breathing easier. 

Snoring Problems

You may have noticed how badly your Pug snores when they are laying flat on the bed with you.

The reason for this is all those folds of skin push their palate into their airways. A bed that allows them to lift their head even slightly will greatly reduce the snoring every night. 

Accident Proof

Young and senior Pugs alike struggle with bladder problems that may show themselves on your bed when you are trying to sleep. This can range from a small piddle here and there or a full blown accident that could ruin the floor or mattress they are sleeping on.

Buying a waterproof bed that is even washable will keep the mess off your bed and keep it easily cleanable on theirs. 

Separation Anxiety

When you only give your Pug the option to sleep with you, they struggle to sleep when you are gone. Giving them a bed early can give them a place of comfort for when you just can’t be home to cuddle them.

If you are still worried about them struggling with you gone, try adding something that smells like you to the bed too. 

Contain the Shedding

Pugs are one of the breeds that sheds an insane amount, and if you have any surface that catches the hair you know how bad it can get. Giving them a bed of their own can collect the hair that would normally be all over your bed or couch. 

Keeping it all in one place is much easier to clean than your whole bed. 

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What to Look For in a Bed for Your Pug?

If you are not sure where to start when searching for the perfect bed for your Pug, I can give you a bit of a nudge in the right direction.

Below I will go through what I have found that could find you the perfect bed for your pup. 

Perfect Fit

Pugs are a smaller breed of dog, so when you are looking for a bed, try looking for one that isn’t too large. Getting a bed that is at least a foot and a half to two would be ideal.

You want the bed to be just big enough for your Pug to stretch out completely without being dwarfed in it. 

Sleeping Pattern

How your Pug sleeps is an important factor to consider in what kind of bed you should get for them.

If your Pug loves to burrow into your blanket when you sleep, the best bed would be one that is den-like where they can hide inside.

If they stretch all the way out in sleep, a bed with enough room is definitely preferred. If you aren’t sure how your Pug sleeps, watch them for a while just to be sure.

Hypoallergenic Material

Since Pugs have terrible breathing issues, getting a hypoallergenic bed can help with sneezing fits caused by allergies.

Some bedding materials hold onto lots of dust and hair that can really aggravate any allergies your dog may have. If you get one with hypoallergenic material, your Pug will be able to breathe easier when they sleep.

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Bedding Filling

If you are planning to get a soft bed, you need to have a good idea of what fills it. You may not think a bed will flatten since Pugs are so small, but if you opt for a cheaper material, it will flatten without a doubt.

I suggest finding a bed that is made with the same filling we put in our beds if you want something that lasts. 

Machine Washable

Earlier, I talked about why you should get a good bed for your Pug. One of the reasons was because both young and senior dogs have accidents from time to time.

Getting a bed that is super easy to wash and keep clean would be best to combat the smell of said accidents. 

I suggest finding one with a good cover and a washable inside material that won’t fall apart with one wash. 

Environmental Temperatures 

Do you live in a place with extreme weather conditions? If so, you may want to take that into consideration when you are buying your dog their bed.

If you live in a really hot area year round, I suggest getting an elevated bed to allow air flow around it. On the other end of the spectrum, try getting a heated bed or one cozy enough to keep warm in. 

Non-Slip Bed

If your Pug is in their energetic years, you may find they love launching themselves onto the couch or bed when they get that burst of puppy energy. Getting a bed with a non-skid bottom will keep them from flying into a wall on their slidy bed. 

You may not need one for a senior dog, but it wouldn’t hurt in case they get the need to run into their bed. 


There are many reasons to try and get a waterproof or water resistant bed. Again, as I mentioned earlier, accidents happen, and a waterproof bed will be much easier to clean.

Also, if your dog is a water-bug during the warm months, this will keep their bed from being soaked after every outing. 

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Best Dog Beds For Pugs: Puppies & Adults

Suede Bagel Dog Bed#1 Suede Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

If your Pug loves to curl up, this is the bed for them. Since the bolster goes all the way around, it gives a really snug feeling that can be really calming when you have to leave them home alone.

The base is made out of waterproof Denier that can withstand anything.

It is also machine washable, however the only way to dry it without ruining it would have to be done as air drying only. So if you are in a hurry there, it will end up taking a while. 


  • Full circle bolster for cozy feeling.
  • Waterproof base made out of Denier.
  • Machine washable in a larger washer.
  • Bolster allows for the dog to stretch out and straighten their spine for better breathing.


  • Suggested to only be air dried which takes a while.
  • Can go flat in a quick time.
  • Does not come as plump as advertised.

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Sofa Bed - Plush & Suede#2 Furhaven Couch Bolster Plush Bed

This has to be one of my favorite beds on the list so far. This bed comes in so many different styles, colors, and material choices. 

If you are looking for something that will fit into your home or just something to support your dog properly, this bed can definitely accommodate.

Even though it is not made of waterproof material, it can be cleaned without much trouble. The only trouble I can think of with this bed is the fact that it can be easily chewed apart. 


  • The bed is made out of very comfortable materials.
  • Comes in many different colors.
  • Has different materials you can choose from for the base.
  • The cover is completely machine washable.
  • Very soft cover.


  • Bolster is a bit too small to provide enough support.
  • Not great for dogs who love to chew things up.
  • Not water resistant.

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#3 Kuranda Elevated Cot Bed

The Kuranda elevated cot bed is built to be durable with pvc pipe. While it is not the most appealing of dog beds, it is built to last for a long while.

It has a nice canvas fabric that allows for air circulation and a nice hammock comfort. While the colors aren’t all that great, it is made to withstand multiple cleanings.

I suggest this one if you are looking for something that is going to last you through the years.


  • Very durable and able to last a long time.
  • Water resistant and easy to clean.
  • The canvas is made for constant moving and up and down.
  • Nice lift for orthopedic support.


  • Comes in very unappealing colors.
  • You have to assemble it yourself, which can become tedious.
  • Not for a dog that likes to chew of everything.

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#4 MidWest Super Plush Flat Bed

I picked this one, even though it is flat, because it is the perfect fit if you kennel your Pug or if you have their bed in their kennel. It is made out of really soft material that any Pug would love.

The best thing about this bed though is that the whole thing is machine washable if you worry about any accidents that need cleaning.

It also has a non-skid bottom that will keep it in place if you choose not to use it in a kennel.


  • Completely machine washable and dryer safe (on a tumble dry).
  • Non-skid bottom to keep it in place.
  • Different sizes to perfectly fit any kennel.
  • Pillow-like softness.
  • Affordable for anyone.


  • Since it has a stuffing like filling, it can go flat faster than other beds.
  • Holds on to odor quickly unless washed.
  • Not ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

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#5 Brindle Memory Foam Flat Bed

Even though this is a flat bed without bolsters for neck support, the memory foam is really thick and allows your dog to just sink into it comfortably. 

It comes in many different colors that could fit in better with your home, and it also comes in different sizes that could comfortably fit the crate you have.

Out of all the dog beds I have researched, this also is the only one that says it is hypoallergenic, so if you have a sensitive dog, this could help them sleep better. 


  • Cheap price for the type of bedding.
  • Multiple modern colors to choose from.
  • Waterproof lining under cover to completely protect the foam.
  • Really thick foam for orthopedic support.
  • Hypoallergenic materials that is resistant to dust.
  • Perfect fit for crates.


  • Flat style bed with no bolster support for the neck.
  • If your dog digs before they lay down, they can wear out the cover quicker.
  • The suede fabric can get pretty nasty after a while.

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#6 K&H Elevated Cot Bolster Bed

This K&H brand bed is a sturdy cot style bed that could be very comfy for your Pug.

I think it is perfect because not only does it have a bolster to let your Pug prop up their head and stretch out their neck. But it is also elevated to allow for air to flow around it to let them cool off in warm months.

It is made to be an outdoor bed, so the material is made waterproof. 


  • Water resistant for outdoor use with a mesh middle to keep dry.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack down for travel.
  • Elevated style to regulate temperature.
  • Bolster for comfort and to allow your Pug to stretch out their neck.
  • Elevated cot also allows for joint relief.
  • No tools needed for assembly.


  • Non-washable like it says, the stuffing in the bolster will come out.
  • Easy to chew apart into shreds.
  • Proven to not be that long lasting.
  • Can be very creaky when your dog gets up and down during the night.

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#7 PetFusion Memory Foam Bolster Bed

Petfusion makes quality memory foam beds that are perfect for just about any dog. It is made to be water resistant, and the cover on it can be removed, washed, or replaced with no issue.

I personally think this is a pretty stylish and comfy bed that could really help a Pug with any joint issues.

Even though it is on the expensive side for dog beds, it seems to be made out of quality material and well made. 


  • Soft memory foam bedding for peak comfort.
  • Bolster for comfort and a cozy feeling.
  • Very durable cover that can be removed and washed.
  • Waterproof cover that is not easy to tear.
  • Non slip bottom to keep it in place.
  • Easy to spot clean and to remove hair.


  • Lighter colors show slobber stains and hair easier.
  • Can become way too hot in warmer climates.

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#8 Petsure Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed

Just looking at this Petsure memory foam bed, you can tell it is very comfortable. It has a soft bedding lining with a plump bolster around the sides for your Pug to lay comfortably.

The bolster is even detachable so it can be washed after any slobbery dreams. The memory foam mattress is perfect for any dog with joint problems or aches.

For a memory foam bed, this one isn’t that expensive either. 


  • Detachable bolster for easier washing.
  • Non-slip bottom to keep it in place.
  • Memory foam mattress made for comfort.
  • Water resistant liner so the mattress can remain clean.
  • Bolster for a pillow-like support.
  • Not too expensive for this kind of bed.


  • Not completely waterproof.
  • Sides can collapse from overuse.
  • The memory foam isn’t as thick as it appears in the images.

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#9 K9 Ballistics Orthopedic Bolstered Bed

While this bed may not stand up to others in various regards, it does have its shining points.

It has proven to many that have bought it that it is super comfortable to dog standards. It is made with quality materials even though it is not waterproof.

There isn’t too much on this particular bed, but from what I have seen, it is a good one to pick from if you just aren’t sure if your dog will like it. 


  • Very sturdy bolster sidings that can hold up for support.
  • It has a good amount of thick foam that fills the cover completely.
  • Perfect to stretch out in and relax.


  • Expensive for the type of bed with not many choices.
  • Not recommended for dogs that chew on everything.

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#10 K&H Original Cot Dog Bed

This bed is the classic cot many people buy for their dogs. It is elevated and water resistant with a mesh middle. It is very simple to put together and does not require any tools. 

I think the best thing about it is that it is perfect for warmer climates. The elevation and mesh make it easy for your dog to cool off and just relax without overheating.

Another great thing about it is the hammock like mesh that relieves stress on dogs joints. 


  • Non-Slip feet to keep it in place.
  • Water resistant and easy to clean off.
  • Elevated to allow your dog to cool off during warmer weather.
  • Hammock for joint relief.
  • Light-weight and easy to travel with.


  • Mesh can get ripped and pulled by dog nails.
  • May not be the most comfortable for senior dogs.
  • Cover is not made to a great quality.
  • Non-skid feet can rub against floors.

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#11 AmazonBasics Sofa Bolster Bed

I love browsing through AmazonBasics for pet stuff, and when I came across this bed, it looked like such a comfy bed that I had to add it to the list. It has a nice bolster that goes almost all the way around it which gives it a nice cozy feeling.

This bed is also machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting too dirty after a while.

Not to mention this bed has memory foam in it so your Pug will sleep so comfortably. 


  • Machine Washable.
  • Memory foam mattress for comfort.
  • Bolster sides for your Pug to prop up onto.
  • Canvas cover with water resistant liner.
  • The memory foam mattress is thick so it is less likely to flatten.


  • May need to reshape after washing.
  • You have to put the bed together, it does not come as it shows.
  • If your dog is a chewer, this may not last that long.
  • Foam can get to be a little firm.

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#12 Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

If you are looking for a thick memory foam bed for your dog, this may be what you need. It is about four inches thick and comes with not just the memory foam but a firm foam base to keep it from flattening too fast.

Though this does make it a bit on the taller side that makes it harder for senior dogs to get into.

The cover is removable and washable, though it may have some trouble with the grips so it is suggested to air dry. 


  • Really thick memory foam insert with a sturdy foam base.
  • Washable and easily removable cover.
  • Non-slip grips on the bottom of the bed.
  • Soft and comfortable but firm to withstand constant use.
  • Waterproof cover to protect the foam from accidents.


  • Flat style bed with no bolsters for neck supports.
  • Needs constant maintenance to ensure there is no mold or mildew in the foam.
  • The non-slip grips may fall off during wash.
  • Too high off the floor for senior dogs to easily climb into.

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#13 Dogbed4less Memory Foam Flat Bed

While I don’t typically like flatter beds since they don’t have much neck support, I did find this one to counter that with the memory foam within it.

It is infused with gel and is made highly dense so your dog can get all the support they could need in a bed.

It is made to be waterproof and even has two covers over it to make sure of it.

While it doesn’t have smaller sizes, if your dog loves to stretch out, I am sure they won’t mind the extra wiggle room.


  • Waterproof liner and two barrier covers to keep the foam dry.
  • Gel infused memory foam for perfect support for joints.
  • Very thick memory foam meant to keep shape for a while.
  • Has hypoallergenic properties.


  • Flat bed without any bolster supports.
  • Does not come in sizes for really small Pugs.
  • Denim can not withstand the might of chewers.
  • Easily holds onto odor.

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#14 The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

This dog bed is another simple cot style bed that is simply just the mesh. I like this kind of bed for the reason that it allows for your dog to cool down fast and easier in the warm months.

This bed is not only water resistant, but also mold and flea resistant. It is made to last through any weather conditions if you plan to have it as an outside bed.

A great feature of this is how easy it is to travel with since it doesn’t take up too much room. 


  • Water, mold, and flea resistant.
  • Mesh hammock for joint support.
  • Breathable fabric to disperse heat and allow air through.
  • Super easy to wash and maintain.
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with.


  • May be hard for seniors or puppies since it is 7 inches from the ground.
  • Fabric sags and needs to be retightened.
  • You have to put it together yourself with tools to tighten bolts.
  • No non-slip grips on the feet.

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#15 K&H Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper

K&H has many beds that they make, but this one does seem the most comfortable at first glance. The shape is unique, but the bolster seems like it could support even the heaviest sleeper since it is overstuffed.

The base is made out of “medical grade” memory foam that can support a dog with joint issues.

The cover and liner are both removable and the whole thing is washable so you don’t have to worry about it getting too dirty.


  • Has medical grade memory foam for support.
  • Liner and cover can be removed and washed.
  • Overstuffed and comfortable bolster.
  • Really soft suede cover.


  • Sizes are too varies from one size to another.
  • Is a bit flatter that it first appears.

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FAQs About Dog Beds For Pugs

# How Often Should You Replace Your Pug Dog Bed?

This really all depends on the type of bed you have purchased. I would go by how it looks or by your dog’s behavior towards it.

Once they start avoiding it, it may be time to find a new one. 

Did You Find Dog Bed For Your Pug Today?

Out of the fifteen dog beds that I have covered here, the one that stood out to me the most is the Suede Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products. I typically stay away from flatter beds. This one seems to be really comfortable to any dogs that have slept in it.

It is very great for support for your Pug’s joints and allows them to sink comfortably into it. It is also washable so you don’t have to worry about any accidents that may happen.

Though, if this one is not the bed that you go for, please let me know below which one you went for. I would love to see if they worked for your Pug.

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