Why Do Irish Wolfhounds Howl? 6 Ways To Stop Your Irish Wolfhound From Excessive Howling

I learned on a few web forums that one of the most frequently asked questions about Irish Wolfhounds is why they howl so loudly. I did some research on this because I am a dog lover myself, in order to reduce your workload. This is what I figured out.

Why Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl? Irish Wolfhounds are known to be quiet and more on the introverted side. However, they may start howling for a couple of reasons which includes their hunting instinct, to communicate, to alert, to express joy or pain etc. In these situations, you will need to use a variety of techniques to teach your dog to stop howling.

I have found 11 possible reasons why an Irish Wolfhound howls so much. In addition, I have listed 6 possible solutions for keeping your Irish Wolfhound from howling frequently. Keep reading to know more.

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Why Do Irish Wolfhounds Howl?

Does Your Irish Wolfhound Like To Howl?

Irish Wolfhounds are known for being calm and passive despite their size. Considering their ancient hunting and war origins, the modern Irish Wolfhound is a gentle giant and one of the most common pet companions for those who enjoy large dogs.

Irish Wolfhounds are not known for barking or being especially vocal. The Irish Wolfhound’s powerful howling, which they sometimes let loose around other members of their breed, is one of their distinctive breed characteristics.

Your Irish Wolfhound may enjoy howling and making a lot of noise sometimes. They may bark at strangers, but they are not guard dogs. For a variety of reasons, this breed, like a wolf, enjoys howling.

11 Common Reasons: Why Do Irish Wolfhounds Howl So Much?

A closer look at some of the reasons why your Irish Wolfhound may be barking is discussed in this section.

#1 Do Irish Wolfhounds Howl As Their Hunting Tactic?

The Irish Wolfhound is a hunter, despite being known as “gentle giant.” This is an ancient breed whose roots are lost in antiquity and whose aim was to hunt by sight, hence the name sighthound.

The Irish Wolfhound dog breed is originally known for dragging men off horses and chariots during wartime. Large animals such as deer, boar, and wolves were also hunted.

While dogs howl for a number of reasons, the Irish Wolfhound’s nature to howl can be tended to due to their in-depth hunting instincts. Despite their reputation as quieter, less active dogs, their hunting instincts are high and many Irish Wolfhound owners are aware of that.

#2 Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl To Alert You?

Your Irish Wolfhound may use howling as a means of self-defense. It could be anything minor, or it could be a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Most dogs are susceptible to potentially dangerous circumstances and want to alert their owners.

Dogs are defensive, and if they feel their land or territory is about to be violated, they will howl to let others know that this is their space, and they must leave. Irish Wolfhounds may bark at people they don’t know, but they are not exactly guard dogs. If your fur baby is howling for this reason, you will be able to tell it right away.

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#3 Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl To Communicate?

Another cause the Border Terrier howls is because it is a way for her to connect with you. Dogs, like wolves, use howling as a means of vocal contact.

Howling is a common way for dogs to communicate over long distances. However, Irish Wolfhounds used howling for more than just hunting. Irish Wolfhounds were sent on long-term journeys, according to ancient texts and historical sources. At that time they would howl to communicate with their pack, which could be stretched out for many miles.

Dogs howl as a means of interaction, and it is nothing to worry about as long as the howling is not accompanied by aggression against other dogs or humans. However, if your Irish Wolfhound shows signs of sickness, it may be the result of an injury or illness.

#4 Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl To Seek Your Attention?

Dogs, without a doubt, love being the center of focus. Some dogs discover that howling draws human attention. If your Irish Wolfhound howls for this purpose, she may do such activity in your presence when she needs love, food, or particular things. Perhaps you run across the house to see what’s wrong, only to be met by your dog who wants to play with you.

Since a dog’s howling can be frustrating, humans must learn not to encourage them. Avoid eye contact with your howling Irish Wolfhound and fight the desire to pet her while she howls.

Irish Wolfhounds In Ground

#5 Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl Express Joy and Success?

Have you ever heard your Irish Wolfhound howl after completing a simple task, such as catching a Frisbee? Howling can be an experience of joy.

When dogs catch wild animals, they howl, and domestic hunting dogs are often trained to resemble their forefathers. Even if your Irish Wolfhound is not a predator, she might get excited if she finds a new treasure in her yard. Maybe she found a ball or a long-lost toy that she had been searching for.

Howling can mean that your dog is pleased with a new find, regardless of the award.

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#6 Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl In Response To Other Dogs’ Howling?

The majority of people who own Irish Wolfhounds, see the gentle giant side of this magnificent breed, and only hear the howling on rare occasions.

Some members of the canine pack stay at home in the wild, while others search the area for food. Howling is a form of communication used by pack members to find each other. Residing dogs bark to guide scouting members back to safety and to announce the location of home base.

When your Irish Wolfhound howls, it is not because of a battle or the existence of the hunt. Your dog may be simply following her instincts to communicate her position to other dogs. However Irish Wolfhounds tend to prefer only communicating to other dogs of their own breed.

#7 Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl When She Is Isolated?

“Pack Separation Anxiety” is another name for this. Dogs, like wolves, used to live in packs. As a result, if they become separated from their pack or if a fellow pack member goes missing, they howl to signal their location and search for the missing party.

This instinct also applies to domestic dogs.Domestic dogs may develop this trait if they are left alone for a long period of time. As a result, they may howl to let you know they are missing you.

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#8 Do Irish Wolfhound Howl When Separated From You?

A howling dog may simply be crying for attention. If your neighbors call and warn you that your dog is howling loudly when you are at work, it is likely that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. When your Irish Wolfhound is left alone or otherwise isolated from you, separation anxiety howling occurs.

At least one other symptom of separation, such as pacing, disturbance,exhaustion, weariness or other signs of pain, are frequently associated with this form of howling.

This form of barking or howling is monotonous and seems to be causing disturbance among your neighborhood. Try to determine if your Irish Wolfhound has abandonment problems and if this is the source of her behavior. 

#9 Is Your Irish Wolfhound Dealing with Anxiety?

As I mentioned in section 3.9, separation from you or other dogs will cause your Irish Wolfhound to become anxious. The act of howling is a way of communicating emotions. Here are a few more signs that your dog is stressed.

Symptoms Of Anxiety In Your Irish Wolfhound

A list of signs that may signify separation anxiety of your Irish Wolfhound is given below:

  • Urinating and Defecating:

Nervous dogs, like humans, may get a sudden urge to go to the toilet. When your dog urinates soon after meeting a new canine companion, he may be marking territory and also responding to the stress.

  • Chewing, Digging and Destruction:

Many Irish Wolfhounds with separation anxiety chew on objects, door frames or window sills, scratch doors, or destroy household objects when left alone or away from their guardians.

  • Escaping:

When confronted with an unpleasant situation, your Irish Wolfhound may attempt to “escape” by concentrating on something else.

  • Pacing:

When agitated, dogs also pace like people. When left alone or separated from their owners, some Irish Wolfhound may walk or trot down a certain path in a predictable manner.

  • Panting:

When dogs are hot, excited, or stressed, they pant. If your Irish Wolfhound is panting despite not having exercised, she may be stressed.

  • Changes In Eyes and Ears:

Dilated eyes and rapid blinking are normal in stressed dogs, just as they are in stressed humans.

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#10 Does Your Irish Wolfhound Howl In Response To Sirens?

Environmental stimuli may cause your Irish Wolfhound to howl. Ambulance, police, and fire-engine sirens, a car racing down the road, or a train passing nearby are all common triggers.

If your Irish Wolfhound is howling in response to another dog howling or a nearby siren, then she would most likely stop howling when those sounds stop. Normally this type of howling is not excessive, unless the symptoms occur frequently. If they do, you can use desensitization and counterconditioning to encourage your pet to be quiet (DSCC).

Irish Wolfhounds Sitting Down

#11 Do Irish Wolfhounds Howl Because Of Medical Issues?

When a dog is hurt, sick, or not feeling well, they will howl. They can’t think of any other way to show their distress, so they howl to let you know something is bothering them.

However, this is not always the situation. It is important to figure out what is causing your Irish Wolfhound’s excessive howling even after being fed and cared for on a daily basis.

If you figure out that some sort of pain or injury is causing it, before doing anything else, take her to the vet to rule out sickness or accident.

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How To Stop Irish Wolfhounds From Excessive Howling? : 6 Easy Ways You Can Apply

There are a variety of explanations why your Irish Wolfhound may be howling, and depending on the explanation, you can prevent it by following the steps below.

  • Ignore Your Irish Wolfhound’s Howling:

If your Irish Wolfhound is just trying to attract your attention, ignore her the second she starts howling. Pretend she is not in the room by not talking to her, petting her, or looking at her. Praise her and give her a dog treat when she finishes howling.

  • Reward Your Irish Wolfhound For Being Quiet:

Wait at least five seconds before offering your Irish Wolfhound something (food, treats, toys, etc.). This will tell the dog that when she is quiet, she gets a reward. Avoid the dog for at least five seconds if she howls while waiting for something.

  • Train Your Irish Wolfhound To Be Quiet On Command:

Teach your Irish Wolfhound the “quiet” command. Stand outside the door with a helper and press the bell. Say “quiet” to the dog and keep a reward by her nose as she barks. Repeat the order and give her the delicious morsel as she turns her eyes away from the door to smell the treat. Wait for another ring and then repeat the instruction.

Give the dog a treat if she calms down. If she tries to bark, show her the reward but wait until she is quiet before giving it to her.

  • Spend Quality Time With Your Irish Wolfhound:

Increase the number of walks you take with your Irish Wolfhound and the amount of time you spend with her. Play games like tug-of-war or fetch with her, or take her for a walk so she can use energy that she would otherwise use to get out of line.

Furthermore, playing with her strengthens the bond between you two while also relieving her anxiety.

  • Desensitization And Counterconditioning:

You will need to switch your Irish Wolfhound’s motivation and thoughts if her howling is triggered by her emotions over a situation.

Desensitization and counterconditioning are widely used to treat fears, hysteria, phobias, and anxiety. The aim is to get your dog to change her feelings about a particular trigger.

  • Consult A Specialist:

If you can’t keep your dog’s howling under control, do not be afraid to seek the advice of a Licensed Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT).

If your dog is behaving badly with strangers, other pets, or family members, it might be time to get professional help. They will help you find the best cure for your howling canine.

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Irish Wolfhounds In Sunset

Related Questions:

Are Irish Wolfhounds Loud Dog Breed?

Irish Wolfhounds are referred to as ‘gentle giant’ for their temperament. They are calm and friendly. They get along well with humans and other dogs.

They are not usually loud. However, as they have a high prey drive, it might lead them to howl loudly while chasing their prey or at strangers. Keep in mind they are neither good watch dogs nor good guard dogs

Do Irish Wolfhounds Howl Like Wolves?

The deep, wolf-like howl that Irish Wolfhounds sometimes let loose near other members of their breed is one of their special breed characteristics. A chorus of Irish Wolfhound howls will resemble a herd of wolves howling. It is truly a wonderful sight to witness.

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