Why Does Your Border Collie Howl? 12 Common Reasons To Learn

Border Collies are such an adorable breed. These working and herding dogs are highly intelligent, extremely energetic, acrobatic, and athletic. In situations where many other dogs usually bark, Border Collies generally are found to be opting for howling. And there are some interesting reasons behind such behavior as well. 

So, do you know why does your Border Collie howl? Well, your Border Collie mainly howls in order to communicate with you or others. By howling, your herding dog tries to let others know about his situation. Also, loud noises, high-pitched music, and howling from other dogs can also make your Anglo-Scottish dog howl

In a situation where there’s an intruder or when your pooch faces any stress or separation anxiety, he may keep howling. Besides, boredom, lack of exercise, loud noises, etc. can trigger your dog to show howling behavior as well.

You should pay close attention to your dog and see if your dog is trying to tell you something by howling. Or if there is any specific thing or situation, that causes your pup to howl, you may want to pay attention to that as well. 

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Why Does Your Border Collie Howl?

Do Border Collies Like To Howl Very Often?

Your Border Collie may often howl in order to communicate. By howling, your pooch wants to let you know of his or someone else’s presence. But other reasons may also cause your puppy to howl as well. You as an owner should pay attention to your herding dog if you find something unusual in this. 

What Does It Mean When A Border Collie Howl?

When a Border Collie howls, he does so to attract attention, to make contact with others and to announce his presence. The Anglo-Scottish dog may also howl in response to high-pitched sounds, such as emergency vehicle sirens or musical instruments. 

Border Collie dogs can cry out when he is hurt or scared by something and howl in a sad, mournful, pathetic way to seek help.

12 Common Reasons: Why Does Your Border Collie Howl So Much?

If you are wondering why Border Collies howl, then know that there can be many reasons behind this. And things can differ for different dogs too. Thus, you should learn the causes and symptoms in order to understand your pup. 

#1 Does Your Border Collie Howl As A Hunting Tactic?

Howling can be a hunting technique that your Border Collie pooch uses. Because, other wild dogs use howling to lead the members of their pack back to them or to locate others. Ans domestic dogs may also use this as well. 

When your intelligent pup is lost from the rest of the members, he will howl to send out a location signal so that you can find him. Your pooch may also do this when he wants you home or to tell you to come back. 

You can consider this something instinctual from your acrobatic pooch. Because, even if your pooch is no longer a hunting dog, he still may want to follow the techniques used by his ancestors. 

#2 Does Your Border Collie Howl To Alert You?

Your Border Collie may howl in order to alert you about something. This something can be an insignificant thing or a very serious issue. Because your pooch wants you as his owner to beware of the dangers. 

And as your sheepdog doesn’t know how else to communicate his problem, he will howl to let you know if something is bothering him. Thus, if you find your dog howling, check out the circumstances and make sure that your puppy isn’t injured or hurting somewhere. And try to spend more time with your dog to have a better understanding of his behavior. 

Border Collie Happy

#3 Does Your Border Collie Howl To Communicate?

Like wolves, your Border Collie pooch would opt for howling as a form of communication. Your intelligent puppy will use it to inform his mates both about his presence and location. And thus, howling works as their method to finding each other.

Your Border Collie can howl in order to communicate with its mate or friend or you. You can also consider this as a code by which dogs communicate with each other. As your energetic canine can’t speak to you, it’s likely that he will opt for howling to come into your notice. 

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#4 Does Your Border Collie Howl To Seek Your Attention?

Like other dogs, your Border Collie likes to get your attention too. And he likes to get your appreciation through light pats, hugs, etc and will howl to seek your attention. This is because, when your pooch howls, you try to look at him and pay attention to him. 

Besides, it’s very easy for your Border Collie pooch to become bored if you don’t allow him to have physical exercise or playtime. The lack of exercise and confidence may cause your herding dog to keep on howling just to catch your eye and seek comfort and love from you.  

#5 Does Your Border Collie Howl Express Joy And Success?

You might have seen your Border Collie howling right after finding something enjoyable. When your dog masters a new move or catches the ball you had thrown at him, he is likely to become happy and joyous. This may lead your puppy to how in order to express his success or joy or excitement. 

And if your intelligent pup is howling out of joy, you will find it different from when he is sad or bored. Thus, you should observe first and see if your acrobatic pooch is howling due to being joyos or sad. 

Border Collie Puppy

#6 Do Border Collies Howl To Defend Their Territory?

Your Anglo-Scottish dog is quite territorial and he may opt for howling to mark his territory. Especially, if your dog finds a stranger invading his territory or zone or boundaries, he instinctively tries to howl to fend off or warn the person. 

Also, for dogs living in packs, this also acts as a signal to inform other members of the pack about the intruder. And Border collies can be quite protective of their family and owners and thus they are ideal guard dogs. If your border collie notices something new, he will try to alert others by howling or barking loudly.

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#7 Does Your Border Collie Howl In Response To Other Dogs’ Howling?

Your Anglo-Scottish dog can naturally detect the howling from other dogs. The high-pitched noise or sound from others may cause your sheepdog to howl as a response to others. 

You can’t detect such sounds but your dog surely can. And the howling from your pooch indicates that he has heard the sound and expresses his readiness to respond or desire to join in the action. Other loud noises like ambulance signals, fire truck sirens and even some musical instruments can also create similar situations. 

#8 Does Your Border Collie Howl When She Is Isolated?

Your Border Collie can often suffer from “Pack Separation Anxiety” which is something very common to this breed. The ancestors of Border Collie used to live in packs and once separated, they would howl to communicate with others or to express their anxiety. 

Thus, when your pup is separated from you or the group, he tries to howl in order to indicate the location. Even if your intelligent pooch is no longer a part of a pack, he can still show such separation anxiety if you leave him alone for too long. 

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#9 Do Border Collies Howl When Separated From You?

Your pet Border Collie is very much loyal, affectionate and attached to you as you are his owner. Thus, when your pooch becomes separated from you, he howls in an attempt to be found by you. 

Separation can cause anxiety and stress for your puppy. And your Border Collie wants to return to you as soon as possible. Thus, the howling attempt in this situation seems more like a desperate cry, unlike others. And the moment you find your dog back, you may find him howling once again but with joy this time.

#10 Is Your Border Collie Dealing with Anxiety?

The herding dogs like Border Collies are quite anxious and fearful in nature. This might be due to them being sensitive and attentive towards their surroundings. And if you observe your pooch closely, you’ll surely be able to tell that your pup is anxious. 

Symptoms Of Anxiety In Your Border Collie

  • You find your Border Collie barking or howling when you aren’t at home.  
  • Even if the weather is not that hot, you may find your pup panting and pacing excessively. 
  • You may find your dog shivering even if it’s not that cold. 
  • Your dog may try to run away and cower in the corner of a house due to being anxious. 
  • You can see sudden excessive digging into mud/soil from your dog. 
  • Your pooch may try escaping the yard due to being anxious. 
  • Your anxious dog may end up destroying your furniture.
  • You see excessive licking or chewing from your puppy which is an act of self-harm. . 
  • Your dog may refuse to eat or become indifferent towards eating. 
  • Your dog can pee more often than usual due to anxiety. 
  • Your pup finds it hard to settle anywhere and can’t be at peace. 
  • Other symptoms: Others symptoms of anxiety can be Lip licking, showing whites of the eyes, lifting a paw, looking away, etc. 
Border Collie Smiling

#11 Does Your Border Collie Howl In Response To Sirens?

You may find your Border Collie howling when there are high-pitched sounds of a siren. This is because your pooch thinks another dog howling in the distance. Thus, your Border Collie also wants to join in after hearing a siren as he thinks another dog is nearby.

Also, your pooch may howl at sirens which has something to do with protection. Especially if your dog senses something new, unusual, or potentially threatening, he may end up howling in order to warn you about it.

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#12 Do Border Collies Howl Because Of Medical Issues?

While this may be very uncommon, it’s not an unavoidable cause that your Border Collie may howl when he suffers from physical issues. For example, injuries, illnesses and internal pains, etc. And as an owner, you should check whether your puppy is howling constantly due to facing medical issues. 

And if you see this is the case, you should seek medical help if necessary. Remember that your dog can’t tell you about his injuries and it’s your duty to take care of him and pay close attention. 

How To Stop Your Border Collie From Excessive Howling?

Oftentimes, you may find your Border Collie’s howling behavior becoming so annoying that you want to put a stop to that. 

  • Ignore your dog’s howling: Sometimes, your Border Collie may howl just to get your attention. What you can do is to ignore his behavior and show him that howling is not a good way to get your attention. Instead of scolding, try not to touch, speak, or look at your pooch when he tries to get your attention by howling. 
  • Reward your dog for being quiet: Once your pooch becomes quiet, reward him. In this way, your puppy will stop howling excessively. Also, do not give your dog anything (food, treats, toys, etc.) until it becomes quiet for at least five seconds. 
  • Train your dog to be quiet on command:  You can train your Border Collie to stop howling or making other noise when you give a certain command. Use certain words for commands and give praises and rewards when your puppy masters that training. 
  • Finding help: It’s a good idea to seek help from a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) when you can’t get rid of your dog’s howling.  Professional trainers can help you to find the right treatment for your dog’s howling. 
  • Desensitization and counterconditioning: If your Border Collie howls due to any specific situation, all you need to do is to change his motivation and feelings.
  • Spend time with your dog: If you leave your Border Collie alone for long hours, he can get anxious and sad. You can try spending more quality time with your puppy which can strengthen your bond with him too. 

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Why Do Border Collie Owners Often Make Their Canine Howling?

As an owner, you may end up making your Border Collie howl due to various reasons. It might be your loud noises or separation from your dog or some other reason. 

Why Do Some Border Collies May Not Howl?

There may be some Border Collies who do not howl due to their nature. It also depends on what type of environment your pooch grows up in. Or, the herding dog may opt for barking instead of howling. 

How To Make Your Border Collie Howl?

You can make your Border Collie howl using the following ways:

  • Try singing or howling yourself.
  • You can play a musical instrument which has some sharp noise. 
  • Try playing siren or alarm sounds.
  • Whistle for your Border Collie.
  • Play videos of other dogs howling and show them to your pup. 

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Border Collie Playing In Beach

What You Can Learn From Border Collie’s Specific Type Of Howling?

You learn that your Border Collie howls in order to get attention or to make contact with other dogs. Also, your dog can howl to announce his presence. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Howling At Night?

You may find your acrobatic pooch howling at night due to facing separation anxiety, frustration, boredom, or having to use the bathroom. Especially, if you leave your pooch alone the whole day, then he may howl once you return home due to his anxiety. Besides, the tendency to bark also increases at night when other dogs in the neighborhood make loud noises. 

Why Does Border Collies Howl Like A Wolf?

Your Border Collie may have a tendency to howl like wolves and he will howl in order to let others know about his location. This may be the fact since the ancestors of Border Collies are wolves. Also, your dog can howl in response to a siren or from a familiar dog that he sees nearby. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Howl To Old Town Road?

If you find your Border Collie howling while playing ‘Old Town Road’ know that your dog is doing this as a form of response to the music. And your pooch is trying to sing along with this song. SImilar songs with high-pitched sounds can also cause the same effect. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Howl At You?

You may find your Border Collie directly howling at you for attention. Your pooch is quite intelligent and if you do not spend enough time with him, or do not play, you may find him howling at you. Because your dog howling at you is him showing his desire for you to interact with him.

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Border Collie Laughing

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