Why Do Border Terriers Howl? 11 Common Reasons To Learn!!

In a few forums, I discovered that a commonly asked question about Border Terriers is why they howl so much. Because I am a dog lover myself, I did some research on this in order to reduce your workload. This is what I discovered.

Why Does Your Border Terrier Howl? Compared to many dog breeds, Border Terriers howl more. There are many factors behind it which include their hunting instinct, to communicate, to alert, to express positive or negative emotions, and so on. In these circumstances, you need to train your dog using different tactics to stop them from howling so much.

I have found 11 possible reasons why a Border Terrier howls so much. In addition, I have listed 6 possible solutions for keeping your dog from howling frequently. Continue reading to learn more.

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Why Do Border Terriers Howl?

Does Your Border Terrier Like To Howl?

Border Terriers, like most breeds, howl. You would expect your Border Terrier to bark for a few different reasons. When compared to some of their counterparts, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the Jack Russell Terrier, they are not particularly loud dogs.

It is sometimes possible to come to some reasonable conclusions behind behaviors that appear to make very little sense to us by carefully considering the origins of a breed. The takeaway here is that the majority of canine behaviors are based on logic. If your Border Terrier enjoys howling, there may be a good reason for that.

11 Common Reasons: Why Does Your Border Terrier Howl So Much?

A closer look at some of the reasons why your Border Terrier may be barking is discussed in this section.

#1 Does Your Border Terrier Howl As A Hunting Tactic?

Some of the most well-known howlers are hunting dogs. To comprehend Border Terrier howling, it is necessary to first comprehend their personality.

Border Terriers are often described as energetic, active, excitable, quick to bark, and quick to hunt. They are excellent hunters because of these characteristics. Border Terriers were bred to hunt small animals like moles when they were initially bred.

Your dog’s hunting instinct is still alive, and she may even bolt out the door if she detects small animals in your yard. And, since she is still a hunter, she expresses a successful hunt by howling.

#2 Does Your Border Terrier Howl To Alert You?

Howling can be used as a form of self-defense by your Border Terrier. Most dogs are territorial, and if they believe their property or domain is about to be invaded, they will howl to warn others that this is their space – it is occupied, and they must leave. This happens especially when they come across unfamiliar faces or suspicious movements.

This is a strategy they use to defend or alert their pack, whether it is other dogs or humans. It will be easy to identify if your fur baby is howling because of this reason.

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#3 Does Your Border Terrier Howl To Communicate?

Another explanation why your Border Terrier howls is that it is a means of contact for her. This is another form of dog ancestry.

Dogs, like wolves, use howling as a means of vocal contact. They use it to notify their peers of their existence as well as their current location. As a result, howling is their way of locating one another.

It is common for dogs to howl as a form of communication, and it is nothing to be concerned about as long as the howling is not followed by violence toward other dogs or humans. If the Border Terrier, on the other hand, exhibits signs of disease, that may be a result of accident or illness.

Border Terrier Puppy

#4 Does Your Border Terrier Howl To Seek Your Attention?

There is no doubt that dogs enjoy receiving attention. They enjoy being snuggled, played with, and so forth. When they are deprived of physical activity or are anxious and bored, they can attempt to attract attention by howling.

Since dog’s verbal manipulation can be annoying, humans must learn not to encourage vocal demands. Stop making eye contact with your howling Border Terrier and avoid the temptation to touch her.

#5 Does Your Border Terrier Howl To Express Joy and Success?

Have you ever heard your Border Terrier howl after doing a basic task like catching a Frisbee? 

Howling can be a source of joy. When dogs corner animals in the wild, they howl, and domestic hunting dogs are often taught to imitate their ancestors. 

Even if your Border Terrier is not a predator, she could get excited when she discovers a new treasure in her backyard. Maybe she has found a ball or found a lost toy that she had been looking for a while.

Whatever the award is, howling may indicate that your dog is pleased with a new find.

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#6 Does Your Border Terrier Howl In Response To Other Dogs’ Howling?

Even if you are unable to hear anything, your Border Terrier’s ears will undoubtedly detect the howling’s high-pitched noise or sound, even if it is heard from afar, as in the scenes from “101 Dalmatians.” Canines’ normal response pattern is to respond in the same manner.

In the wild, some members of the canine pack remain at home while others search the area for food. Howling is a means of contact used by pack members to locate one another. Dogs who stay behind, vocalize to direct scouting members back to safety and announce the position of home base.

It is also worth noting that other high-pitched sounds, such as ambulance or fire truck sirens, as well as certain musical instruments, will cause the same howling reaction.

#7 Does Your Border Terrier Howl When She Is Isolated?

Dogs go on hunting trips and often get isolated from their pack. Wolves and other wild dogs would howl in the wild to assist their family members find their way back to them.

When Border Terriers get isolated from the rest of their pack, they howl to communicate their location. Those that are lost will howl and send out a direction signal to those who are waiting for them, and those who are waiting will answer by allowing them to follow the sound and find their way back.

This instinct is also applicable to pet dogs. When you have been out for a while and leave them all alone, they sometimes howl to let you know they are missing you.

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Border Terrier Dog

#8 Do Border Terriers Howl When Separated From You?

Our canine companions are well-known for being the most devoted and affectionate of all pets. They undoubtedly form strong bonds with their owners.

If your neighbors call and warn you that your dog is howling excessively when you are at work, it is possible that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. When left alone or apart from her owner, a Border Terrier with separation anxiety can bark or howl.

This form of barking or howling is repetitive and seems to be unaffected by something other than being left alone. Try to figure out if your Border Terrier has abandonment issues and if this is the reason why she is behaving in such a way.

#9 Is Your Border Terrier Dealing with Anxiety?

Like I discussed in section 3.9, the reason behind your Border Terrier’s anxiety can be caused by separation from you or other dogs. Howling is a way of expressing the feeling. Here are some other symptoms that may express that your dog is anxious.

Symptoms Of Anxiety In Border Terriers:

A list of signs that may signify separation anxiety is given below:

  • Urinating and Defecating: When left isolated or away from their guardians, many Border Terriers urinate or defecate.
  • Chewing, Digging and Destruction: When left alone or away from their guardians, many Border Terriers with separation anxiety chew on objects, door frames or window sills, scratch doors, or damage household objects.
  • Escaping: When a dog with separation anxiety is left alone or isolated from her owner, she will attempt to flee from the area where she is confined.
  • Pacing: Just like people when they are nervous, some dogs stroll or trot down a certain path in a consistent way when left alone or away from their guardians.

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#10 Does Your Border Terrier Howl In Response To Sirens?

We have all heard sirens in the distance, such as a fire truck speeding to a fire, an ambulance, a car racing down the road, or a train passing nearby. Environmental stimuli, as well as noises in the environment, can quickly set off a dog’s howler.

If your Border Terrier is howling in response to a sound, such as another dog howling or a nearby siren, she would most likely stop howling when the sound ceases. This kind of howling is not normally excessive; unless the effects happen regularly. If they do, you can teach your fur baby to be silent using desensitization and counterconditioning (DSCC).

#11 Do Border Terriers Howl Because Of Medical Issues?

When dogs are injured or ill, they may howl. Your Border Terrier may howl when she is suffering from physical problems such as disabilities, infections, or internal pains. However, this is not always the case. If a Ground Terrier is howling on a daily basis after being fed and cared for, it is important to look for what is causing her to howl so much.

If you figure out that some sort of pain or injury is causing it, before anything else, take her to the vet to rule out sickness or accident.

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How To Stop Your Border Terrier From Heavy Howling?

There are many reasons why your Border Terrier may be howling, and depending on the cause you can stop your dog from doing it by following the steps below.

  •  Ignore Your Border Terrier’s Howling: When your Border Terrier howls, do not scold or punish her. They can find even this kind of behavior rewarding. When your dog howls to get your attention, do not touch, talk to, or look at her.
  • Reward Your Border Terrier For Being Quiet: Wait at least five seconds before giving your Border Terrier something (food, treats, toys, etc.). This will teach the dog that being quiet means having a treat. If the dog howls while waiting for something, avoid them for at least five seconds.
  • Train Your Border Terrier To Be Quiet On Command: You can teach your Border Terrier to avoid howling or make other noises when you give an order, just like everything else. Teach your dog the “quiet” command. Wait for the dog to start howling, and then blow a whistle and yell “quiet” to startle him to end the howling. Wait for a second and reward her with a treat.
  • Spend Quality Time With Your Border Terrier: Increase the number of times you walk your Border Terrier and spend more time with her. Play games with her, such as tug-of-war and fetch, or take her for a stroll so she can use energy that she might otherwise use to step out of line. Besides, playing with them helps to strengthen the relationship while also relieving their tension.
  • Desensitization and Counterconditioning: If your Border Terrier’s howling is caused by their emotions about a situation, you will need to change their motivation and feelings. Fears, paranoia, phobias, and agitation are commonly treated with desensitization and counterconditioning. The aim is to convince your dog to switch her mind about a specific trigger.
  • Consult Your Vet: When your Border Terrier is howling on a daily basis, visit a doctor. She may be making a lot of noise because of an accident or a medical problem. If your dog’s repetitive howling is caused by separation anxiety, your veterinarian will be able to prescribe drugs.

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Border Terrier In Beach

Related Questions:

Is Your Border Terrier Howling at Night?

Like many dog breeds, Border Terriers partake in night howling on some occasions. They sometimes startle the owner awake in the middle of the night with a howl or bark from hearing something we can’t hear.

These events happen occasionally. However, the reason is different if your Border Terrier howls at night on a daily basis. The generally held hypothesis is that since dogs are descended from wolves, they have inherited certain wolf traits and behaviors, such as howling. Part of this reason can also be a cause of howling at night.

Do Border Terriers Howl Like Wolves?

Howling Border Terriers can evoke images of wolves in the wild communicating with one another. In fact, this is the most widely known reason why dogs howl when they hear sirens. Wolves use howling as a means of contact and a basic form of GPS to find each other.

Howling can be heard by the sharp ears of wolves and dogs—from great distances, according to animal behaviorists and experts, making it the preferred mode of interaction.

Why Do Border Terriers Sing?

This “singing” is often referred to as a “Terrier kill cry” in Border Terrier breeds. This sound is made by many Border Terriers when they sense the existence of an animal that may be considered prey to them.

When our dog is idly looking out the window in our homes and notices a passerby, she will keep singing. Many dogs would alert bark and alert their owners to the presence of a potential threat.

As you can see, I added a screenshot above that answered this question. I found that in a popular forum.

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