Are Border Collies Good Hunting Dogs? 9 Kinds Of Hunting Abilities!

Border Collies are popular among dog owners, especially those who keep them as herders or as pets. But, many people enjoy hunting and need a trustworthy companion to help them out. 

So, there is always confusion, can Border Collies hunt? Or are Border Collies good hunting dogs? The Border Collie is a British herding dog breed of medium size. They are capable of hunting. But, in this aspect, you cannot consider this breed the best.

Well, like many others, I am also curious about this topic. It is a novel thought to me as well. So, I conducted research and discovered many fascinating facts. Here I’ll go through some of what I found in the article. To know more, read the article.

Are Border Collies Good Hunting Dogs?

Are Border Collies Natural Hunters?

Border Collies are bright, lively, adventurous, and athletic dogs. But hunting is not something they are good at. They are not natural hunters. After years of breeding out of Border Collies, dog breeders developed several features. These features are good for hunting, like aggressiveness.

They do share some characteristics with genuine hunting dogs. They’re willing to pick up and adapt to duties that aren’t their primary function.

Why Do Border Collies Make Good Hunting Dogs?

Already I have been told, Border collies were not bred for hunting. But they do exhibit some characteristics that make them a good hunting partner. When pursuing prey, their frightening gaze and covert movements come in handy.

They have a strong innate prey drive and are fast and nimble. It provides them with a lot of hunting possibilities. Adequate training can help them strengthen their hunting skills. Because they are the primary hunters.

9 Kinds Of Hunting: What Kind Of Hunting Can Border Collies Do?

Border Collies can perform a variety of hunting tasks, according to my research. At present many people are interested in using them for their purposes.

I’ll now go over a few of the areas where the border collie excels.

#1 Can Border Collies Be Good Birds Hunter?

Border Collies are intelligent and brilliant dogs. They have an uncanny ability to catch birds. 

Hunting birds with Border Collies was formerly quite frequent. Many farm owners use Border Collies for bird hunting. They round up the farm’s loose birds and group them together if necessary. Also, they look for different sorts of wild birds in each season.

I searched and identified several amazing dogs who are the best in this scenario. Here’s a video of a Border Collie searching for and hunting birds with his owner.

#2 Can Border Collies Be Good Ducks Hunter?

I’ve already mentioned certain Border Collies who are excellent bird hunters. Ducks are actually a type of bird. Border Collies are also great for hunting ducks. There are a lot of duck farms where the owners use Border Collies as herding and hunting dogs. 

It is a common practice for farms to use various hunting methods. They apply those when it is time to return their farm ducks to their pens at the end of the day. Besides, it is not uncommon for Border Collies to go with their masters on a wild duck hunt.

I came across many Border Collies who are great at catching ducks. Here is a YouTube video of a Border Collie. He is hunting ducks from the water.

#3 Can Border Collies Be Good Rats Hunters?

Border Collies are capable of hunting rats. Unless trained, most collies will hunt a rat or mouse, but will not kill them. Though BCs are capable of catching mice, they rarely do so.

A Border collie will rely on its inherent instincts. They attempt to herd the rat or mouse, oblivious to the fact that the rat or mouse is trying to flee.

Here I added a video above where you can see a Border Collie hunting rats.

#4 Can Border Collies Be Good Rabbits Hunter?

Border Collies can chase, catch, and kill rabbits. But proper training is necessary to make them do so. A single border collie will have little issue with a rabbit on its own.

It is not in the nature of the Border Collie to harm a rabbit. If all goes according to plan, the Border Collie and rabbit will be best friends. They enjoy spending time together. The worst-case scenario is that they will be indifferent to one another and avoid each other.

#5 Can Border Collies Be Good Squirrels Hunter?

Border Collies are well-known for squirrel hunting. They have a good ability to teach anything very fast. If you want them to catch squirrels, you have to train them.

The border collie is widely regarded as the smartest dog breed. But, if you do not give the dog a job, this genius can exhibit itself in undesirable behavior. Border collies with a task-oriented personality pick up squirrel hunting rapidly.

I found a Border Collie named Ruffles who was adept in squirrel hunting. After being diagnosed with bladder cancer, he lived for 14 months.

I’ve attached a YouTube video of Ruffles for your convenience. In the video, you will see Ruffles hunting squirrels.

#6 Can Border Collies Be Good Deers Hunter?

If you want to hunt and track big animals like deer, a Border Collie is probably not the best breed. Several things have led to this.

  • They are strong enough to follow deer for a long time. But they don’t have some of the other skills needed for this kind of hunting on different types of land.
  • Even though they can smell like other dogs, they don’t have as much of a sense of smell as pure hunting breeds.
  • Also, they can be jumpy and not be able to focus well enough to track effectively.
  • Border Collies can also be a bit rowdy at times, and their barking may frighten the deer away.

#7 Can Border Collies Be Good Coyotes Hunter?

Yes, Border Collies are able to track and hunt coyotes. Sometimes they are also observed killing coyotes.

While researching, I found two amazing Border Collies named Sage and Sully. Their owner is Mark Kayser. According to Kayser, Sage was a hard worker and a good follower of the basic commands. Sage hunted a significant number of coyotes before his retirement.

Kayser is training Sully, the second dog he’s working with. Sully, like Sage, never questions orders. He is so engaged in hunting that he runs when he hears the gun go off.

I added a link above that will take you to more information about Sully and Sage.

You can watch the video I have added above. You will understand Coyote hunting technique by Border Collies.

#8 Can Border Collies be truffle hunters?

A subterranean ascomycete fungus’ fruiting body is called a truffle. Truffle hunting with Border Collies is possible. In this case, they’re pretty effective.

While looking for truffle hunting dogs, I found a Border Collie named Riley. Riley’s owner is James Bell, who rescued Riley from the Geelong pound and trained him to hunt Truffles. Riley is quite experienced in searching for truffles.

I’ve included a YouTube video above showing Riley hunting truffles.

Here’s another YouTube video with another Border Collie seeking truffles.

#9 Can Border Collies Be Good Wild Boar Hunter?

You may know Wild Boar as wild swine or wild pig. Border Collies can be great wild boar hunting dogs if properly trained. There is a lot of evidence where I have observed so many Border Collies who are doing this successfully. Of course, you’ll have to teach them how to do it.

Mat and Lan are two Border Collies. They are great bailing dogs. Matt and Ian go on a hunt with Clark and his Border Collie dog team. They capture some large feral pigs in central Queensland.

I’ve added one of their videos. You will find them very active and responsible in their work.

Can You Train A Border Collie To Hunt?

Already you know that Border Collies aren’t natural hunters. But you can train them. But it’s not easy and can take a long time to teach them how to hunt. They are unlikely to be able to assist you with every area of hunting. As a result, focus on specific tasks.

  • You must want your Border Collie to be trustworthy hunting companions. For that, you need to teach your Border Collie some basic commands. Teach them to sit, come, stay, down, or fetch, among other basic skills.
  • Train your dog to distinguish between useful and ineffective noises.
  • Make some obstructive courses for your dog so that it can practice there regularly.
  • Finally, you may teach your dog to identify, flush, and rake up game if you believe it is ready to hunt.

Your Border Collie Is Also Good At What?

It is common for Border Collies to be employed as livestock and as pets for families. There are a lot of great things about a Border Collie that you’ll learn about here.

Can Border Collies Be Good Farm Dogs?

There is no doubt that Border Collies are great farm dogs.  They are the ultimate herding dogs because of their hard ethic.

Can Border Collies Be Good Cattle Dogs?

Border Collies are genetically endowed with herding aptitude, athleticism, and boundless energy. Border Collies are the world’s most used stock dogs. They work with sheep, cattle, goats, hogs, and even poultry.

Can Border Collies Be Good House Dogs?

There is no doubt that Border Collies make great home pets. But they’ll need a place with a lot of room for exercise. Dogs with strong herding instincts are ideal for families who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Can Border Collies Be Good Guard Dogs?

Border Collies have several attributes that make them ideal watchdogs or guard dogs. Like most herding breeds, Border Collies are notorious for their excessive barking. A dog’s natural instinct is to bark when a stranger knocks on the door since they are naturally wary of strangers and fearful of the unknown.

Can Border Collies Be Good Service Dogs?

One of the most popular breeds of service dogs is the Border Collie. As a therapy or service dog, they can work with any impairment.

Can Border Collies Be Good Emotional Support Dogs?

The Border Collie is a great breed for emotional support. Border Collies are intelligent, faithful, and affectionate. These dogs enjoy movement and will persuade their owner to do so, even if they are unwilling.

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Over To You

Border Collies are useful in some areas, but not all. If we properly train them, I believe they will be successful in other fields. 

I solely discussed their hunting characteristics in this article. I hope you found it entertaining.

Are you interested in learning more about this topic? Is there anything you believe I forgot to mention that I should pay attention to? If such is the case, please let me know. I’ll do some extra study and find out what they are.

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