Why Do Beagles Bury Things? 10 Root Causes To Learn!!!

Do you have a Beagle that likes to keep stuff hidden? And, more specifically, you discover them hiding away their treats? Among dog-related groups, this is a common issue.

So, why does your Beagle bury things? Beagle dogs bury their foods, chew bones, toys, and other things as a part of their natural instincts. This dog breed may like to hide their food or favorite things in their own safer place to use those later. Other possible reasons may exist when your Beagle pup is burying their things as well. 

Following some analysis, I came up with a list of potential causes for the Beagle problem. To find out more, keep reading. I even added in a few pointers to help you deal with this issue.

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Why Do Beagles Bury Things?

Do Beagles Like To Hide Everything?

When Beagles are the only canines involved, hiding anything normally does not serve to be a purpose. They naturally want to keep the items they love hidden. These dogs are very protective of their precious thing, keeping it locked and hidden to avoid being stolen.

Because the others may like to feed or play with the treats, Beagle dogs sometimes conceal their food and toys so the others can’t find them.

Beagles also hide food, chew bones, play with toys, and hunt for prey. It was a useful characteristic trait for the domestic dog in the past because it provided them with a way to secretly feed while keeping them away from having to be easy to track them later.

Like any most daily activities, dogs are perfectly capable of hiding their private things to avoid exposure.

10 Root Causes: Why does your Beagle bury everything?

The Beagles may try to dig and bury almost anything they come across. Even small, childish things like Xmas comics or children’s toys capture their attention. If it’s a prize, then your Beagle is more likely to find something in the pile of dirt. Some of the Beagles are more gifted with the ability to see things as interesting than others.

#1 Beagle’s Natural Instinct

Hiding things is considered an instinct of the Beagle. This behavior may have evolved as a result of powerful survival instincts inherited from the wild ancestors of domesticated dogs, such as wild dogs and gray wolves. 

An interesting theory to apply to Beagles is they can dig down to search for more precious things under the ground, not just for food. Thus, they have a desire to see items of importance as being simply capable of protecting and safeguarding. It is their natural habit.  

#2 Your Beagle is saving up for later

Beagles didn’t always have easy access to food. They had to search for food in the past, and they had to make the best of what they had. Wild dogs, such as Beagles, will often hide the treats near their dens. If your Beagle dog is also doing the same that means he is following his ancestors. 

By keeping the meal out of direct sunlight, the soil serves as a natural cooler, and the temperature of the ground drops with the depth of the cavity, keeping food fresher for longer, allowing the Beagles to retrieve it later when food is not available.

Beagle Is Crazy

#3 Your Beagle is underlying health issues

Beagle dogs suffering from health issues may try to bury their food in the ground. It happens often when your Beagle dog is not feeling well, he or she does not want to eat anything. And to ensure that you would not order them to finish their food they hide it somewhere they think you cannot find.

It might be the time to take your Beagle pooch for a check-up because he could be suffering from a health problem. 

Your Beagle Puppy Is Dealing With Teething

Teething happens in Beagle dogs as their teeth emerge from the gums and settle into their mouths. Teething is a traumatic experience for your Beagle puppy, much as it is for people, and he or she can behave strangely.

However, the Beagle should not have to bury stuff whether he or she is teething. He or she can behave strangely, but this does not involve burying objects. 

#4 Your Beagle is Seeking Your Attention

Beagle dogs who steal and bury peoples’ belongings, such as small bags and remotes, are most likely attempting to get more recognition. A Beagle puppy soon discovers that negative attention is preferable to none at all. When they feel neglected, they will act out.

Bear in mind that if a stolen object is eaten, the attention-seeking Beagle dog can unintentionally put himself at risk. 

#5 Your Beagle is showing some Possessiveness

If your Beagle dog is constantly shielding his or her favorite items from others, he or she is displaying possessiveness about those items. Your Beagle dog is simply more possessive than others, especially if he or she lives in a household with many pets.

He or she can prefer to bury their precious belongings in your garden, twisted in your room, or tucked in the nooks of your sofa. This may be an anxiety symptom.

Seek the advice of a canine trainer or behaviorist if your Beagle dog becomes overly stressed or becomes excessively possessive of their belongings to the point of resource guarding. 

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Beagle Dog

#6 You are giving them too much (food, treats, etc)

If your Beagle pooch is always hiding food, you might be over-feeding him. Hiding food might be a sign that you’re overdoing it on the diet and treats.

This behavior of a stable dog indicates that they have more food than they need and will save it for later. Domestic dogs like your Beagle dog are normally fed daily and should not be encouraged to store food.

Traditional diets often overestimate the amount of food your Beagle dog needs per day, while raw and homemade diets are free of fillers. This allows your Beagle pooch to get the nutrition he requires for less food.

#7 Your Beagle thinks it is a game

If your Beagle dog is hiding objects at random, that may think it’s a game for them.

Your Beagle dog needs excitement and sources for their energy daily, and if you do not have it, they will find ways to entertain themselves. A fun game to play is stealing a television remote and burying it to get your attention. It’s referred to as “attention-seeking activity.” Your Beagle dog is doing so to break up the monotony of their everyday life. 

#8 Your Beagle is dealing with Boredom

When bored or anxious about being alone at home, Beagle dogs dig holes or bury objects. If your Beagle dog spends a lot of time alone, he or she will engage in certain things to keep themselves mentally entertained.

Symptoms Of Boredoms In Your Beagle

Boredom can cause your Beagle dog to hide something obsessively, and if you aren’t paying attention, it can lead to other destructive habits. There are a few signs that the Beagle dog is lonely.

  • Chewing shows boredom with the Beagle puppy. Excessive chewing or scratching indicates that the Beagle dog is bored and is doing these things to keep himself occupied.
  • Excessive licking and over-excitement are also symptoms of boredom. They are ecstatic as they discover something or someone to play with.
  • Boredom manifests itself in escaping, speeding backward, and pacing. If your Beagle dog is tired, he or she could be running or pacing for no particular reason.
  • Scratching without a physical cause may also indicate boredom. Because your Beagle pooch is bored he is doing that all the time. 
Beagle In Jungle

#9 Your Beagle is dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety behavior can be influenced by fear and depression. This behavior may be more common in multi-dog households or in dogs who grew up in environments with limited resources, such as a puppy mill. If your Beagle pooch is also from a puppy mill, he might have this problem as well. 

Symptoms of Anxiety In Your Beagle

If your Beagle dog is dealing with an anxiety problem then he or she might show some behavioral problem. Some indications can help you to identify if your Beagle pooch is dealing with anxiety or not.

  • Because digging is a self-soothing behavior, your anxious Beagle dog may bury items to calm themselves.
  • When your Beagle dog barks or howls when you are not at home, it is a sign that he is anxious.
  • Your Beagle dog’s anxiety was manifested by panting, pacing, or shivering for no apparent reason.
  • Running away or cowering in a corner of the house are both signs of anxiety in your Beagle dog.
  • Your Beagle’s anxiety behavior may include digging or fleeing the yard.
  • One of the most common signs of anxiety behavior in your Beagle is destroying furniture or self-harm. 

#10 Your Beagle is dealing with Nausea / Inappetance

 Nausea is a very serious concern in dogs. Your Beagle dog could even be experiencing sickness. One of the most frequent signs that veterinarians have in pets is nausea. Nausea is more difficult to describe in Beagle dogs so they can’t tell you they’re “sick to their stomach.” In certain cases, you won’t know there’s a problem until the Beagle dog vomits.

Symptoms of Nausea/Inappetence In Your Beagle

Common signs of Nausea/ inappetence in your Beagle dog may include-

  • Excessive drooling, excessive licking, or excessive biting could be symptoms of Nausea in your Beagle dog. This is when your Beagle dog isn’t feeling good and is trying to recover.
  • Nausea will cause the Beagle to lose his appetite because he isn’t feeling well in his stomach.
  • Nausea may also be accompanied by vomiting or bloating.
  • Nausea causes dehydration, which is a major issue that should be addressed.
  • Nausea with the Beagle dog may also be indicated by weight loss or other physical irregularities.
  • Diarrhea is a common consequence of your Beagle puppy’s nausea. 

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Why Do Beagles Bury Their Foods And Treats?

Digging and burying stuff is in your Beagle dogs’ blood. It’s both a learned trait and a canine instinct. When your Beagle puppy is teething, he or she can seek out any item they may get their mouth on. They could even collect a few items and conceal them later.

When your Beagle puppy is out and about looking for something to chew on, he or she can come across some very useful teething toys. Since your Beagle dog loves to bury his toys, hiding them under the bedsheets is the next best option. To keep other pets in the house from stealing things, the Beagle pooch hides them.

How to stop Your Beagle from stealing food?

For a variety of reasons and motivations, your Beagle puppy may engage in burying behavior or stealing food. Boredom, fear, and the innate need to conceal items in quiet locations are all examples of this. It’s a common occurrence.

Provide scheduled hikes, playtime, constructive reinforcement strategies, and other suitable ways for your Beagle dog’s resources to mitigate this activity. When you’re not home, leave fun toys out for your Beagle dog to play with. Kong toys with treats or puzzle toys are particularly successful. To make it fun for your Beagle, change the toys. 

Why Do Beagles Bury Their Bones?

Burying bones, including herding, shooting, and tending, is a normal instinct for your Beagle puppy. As part of their hunting instinct, Beagle dogs bred for hunting may have a greater incentive to protect resources and, as a result, are more likely to bury bones.

Your Beagle is simply exercising the canine instinct to hoard food. Bone is one of your Beagle dog’s favorite treats, and he does not want to share it with others. Bones and carcasses will be buried near the Beagle’s nest.

How to stop Beagle from burying bones

You can support your Beagle dog’s urge to bury his bones by making those options more limited, thereby saving your field. If your Beagle dog has a habit of burying his bones, offer him just one or two at a time.

To keep your dog interested and stop boredom, recycle bones once a week. Often, don’t give him a bone right after he eats, so his stomach would be full. 

Why Do Beagles Bury Their Toys?

When Beagle dogs share a room with other dogs, they can feel compelled to fight for toys, hiding or burying their prized belongings. This conduct can also be displayed by the Beagle dog in a single dog abode, purely out of instinct. Your Beagle does not like sharing his treats with other dogs.

He or she may want to lock his or her favorite toy so that no one else can play with it. It’s a kind of possessiveness for one’s employees. As a result, you should be aware that hiding toys is a common reaction. 

How to stop Beagles from burying toys?

If your Beagle dog enjoys the game of burying or hiding toys, you might transform it into a trick wherein he hides a toy in a pile of blankets or pillows on command. Then send him a signal to go get it. This converts it into a game that both you and your dog will love by not ruining your yard.

You can also give your dog his dirt box to play in if you have the space, where he can bury toys and treats to his heart’s content. 

Tips To Stop Your Beagle From Burying Everything?

  • When you’re not home, leave cool toys out for your Beagle dog to play with. 
  • Make sure to change the toys or treats to keep it fresh and fun for your Beagle.
  • Burying can be turned into a friendly indoor game so the Beagle dog doesn’t have to do it alone.
  • To get your Beagle dog’s attention, call his name. Demonstrate that you care for them and that you are searching for them.
  • Limit the Beagle dog’s proximity to toys and treats so that he gets involved in the toys and treats you leave out for him. 

Do Beagles Like Hide And Seek?

Chasing prey or toys that can stimulate your Beagle’s predators drive reaction gives your dog a huge rush of excitement. Playing Hide and Seek with your Beagle puppy, as you might with a child, can be enjoyable.

When your Beagle dog locates you, you can either reward him with food and affection or play a game of chase with him.

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Why Beagle Hides Under Bed?

In most cases, it’s a harmless habit. Your Beagle dog sleeps under the bed mostly because it is a safe place for them to rest and sleep. Other, more worrying explanations for your Beagle dog lying under the bed may include fear or sickness.

Beagle With Harness

Over To You

 For several reasons, including instincts and underlying stress, your Beagle dog loves hiding things. If off-limits items continue to vanish, hiding patterns can become a challenge. To stop it, you must take the requisite precautions.

I’ve tried to cover anything that could be of use to you in this situation. Tell me which fact was the most beneficial to you, which one you already knew, and which one you didn’t.

If you want to try some of the tricks or if you have already tried some of the tricks listed in this article, please let me know.

Also, please let me know if there’s something I’ve missed, and please share any helpful comments you have on this article.

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