Why Do Border Collies Follow The Owner Everywhere? 6 Ways To Help Clingy Border Collies

Does your Border Collie behave like a clingy dog? Does she follow you around everywhere? Well, you are not alone. Border Collies are intelligent, loyal, and dedicated dogs to their parents. Their drive to please and feel connected to their owners is what makes them a perfect family pet. That being said, this dog breed has a tendency to become clingy and strongly attached to those who care for them. 

So, why does your Border Collie follow you around everywhere so close? Simply answered, Border Collies seek attention and affirmation from their owner(s). Moreover, they may follow you closely because they just want a treat, a walk, or to ensure you are staying close by. I have explored this important question in detail and I hope to provide you with more helpful information below.

If you have an overly attached Border Collie, it is not too late to make some corrections and provide your canine with a healthy, balanced relationship.

why does my Border Collie follow me around everywhere

do border collies get attached to one person?

It is not rocket science that dogs are referred to as man’s best friend, but as a Border Collie owner, have you ever wondered why Border Collies get attached to one person? Or more specifically, attached to their owners?

Border Collies love to please their owners. This drive to people-please is accompanied with their desire to provide love, loyalty, and affection. Border Collies are working dogs and they love to work for their person or family. As a result, this makes them clingy to one person or more!


Are Border Collies Really Velcro Dogs?

A clingy, attached dog typically has Velcro Dog Syndrome. In other words, an attachment disorder makes leaving them a hard task. If you are curious if your Border Collie has this, there are a variety of symptoms and reasons to consider. Let’s take a look!


Symptoms of a Velcro Border Collie Dog

  • Excessive following you from room to room. Perhaps your Border Collie acts like she is attached to your hip because she doesn’t want to be left without you.
  • Whether you are relaxing on the couch or brushing your teeth in the bathroom, your Border Collie is right there at your feet. She may even sleep on your feet if she gets it really comfortable.
  • Never taking their eyes off of you. If your Border Collie constantly watches you, perks their ears if she sees you moving too far away, or even getting up and moving to a spot closer to you, this is another tell-tale symptom.



11 Possible Reasons: Why Is Your Border Collie So Clingy? And Follows You Around Everywhere?

No matter their age, a loyal Border Collie puppy or senior dog will want to be with their owner(s). This may cause you to question: Is something wrong with my Border Collie that she follows me everywhere? 

A Border Collie that is clingy is a normal occurrence. But it requires the pet parent to be mindful and responsive to ensure it is a healthy attachment. Here are a few important reasons why this breed follows its owners around.



Reason 1: Your Border Collie May Simply Enjoy Human Companionship More Than Other Dogs

Dogs are part of a pack and they treat their family as such. One of the reasons Border Collies follow their owners everywhere is because they want affection and warmth from their partner.

It is the pack mentality that ultimately drives their desire to be with humans. They understand that their owner provides them with comfort and joy.


Reason 2: Did Your Border Collie Come From a Shelter?

Dogs who come from shelters experience a whole range of emotions and traumas. Moreover, dogs who have been in shelters for an extended period of time may be more clingy than those who have only been in a shelter for a short period of time.

If your Border Collie was in a shelter for any amount of time, there is a chance she developed her clingy nature due to that. Perhaps, your pooch is concerned you may not return and their desire to stay close to you is to ensure you will always be there.


Reason 3: Your Border Collie Feels a Strong Bond with Special Friends

Your fur baby does not have anyone else in their life but you! The love, loyalty, and warmth your canine gets from you are why she loves to be near you so much.

When your Border Collie feels a strong bond to you, it wants to spend as much time with you as possible. You make him/her feel safe and secure. It is a natural feeling that is normal!


Reason 4: Breed Trait: In-Sync with their Masters

The more time you spend with your Fido, the more in-sync you will become with one another! If you are thinking: how can I be the same as a dog??  Well, the more you get to know each other, the closer you will be.

Dogs can read human emotions and feelings and will often respond in canine ways to help you (i.e. nuzzling up against you, licking tears, laying their head on you). This is one of the main reasons your Border Collie follows you everywhere; she wants to make sure she doesn’t miss a thing!


Reason 5: Border Collies Feel Safer in a Group

In the wild, dogs travel in packs; just look at their ancestors, the wolves! Once your Border Collie trusts you, she will feel the safest near you or your family. A dog is not an independent creature; they love being with others!

For example, when in the wild, a dog pack will guard each other while they go anywhere – this is pure loyalty and friendship! Therefore, your Border Collie follows you everywhere because she wants to make sure you are protected and that she is, too!


Reason 6: Your Border Collie’s Childhood Habit

Was your Border Collie clingy from her childhood? If yes, then chances are she will continue this behavior into adulthood. Additionally, if your herding dog was adopted at a later stage in life, you may not have any information on how she was as a puppy.

As a dog owner, it is important to practice patience with your pooch and provide it with security. It may be hard to fix your pooch’s childhood habits once it reaches a certain age. Therefore, it is important to contact a dog behaviorists who may be able to work with your clingy older dog to improve its behavior.


Reason 7: It is Time for Dinner or a Walk

There are two things all dogs love: dinner and a walk! Your Border Collie may be hungry and looking for its dinner, or it may be wanting to get some exercise. Remember, Border Collies are active breeds who need lots of exercises.

Activities like agility or running at the dog park are perhaps what your Border Collie is begging for. After working hard, your canine will obviously be hungry. A reason why your Border Collie follows you around everywhere is it may be looking for food or exercise.


Reason 8: Your Border Collie Wants Attention

All the toys in the world can’t compare to an owner’s touch or companionship. Sometimes, all your Border Collie wants is attention from their owner(s). One of the reasons your Border Collie follows the owner around is to look for someone to play with.

She may want you to give her a treat, scratch their belly or ears, or even toss a frisbee around for her to catch. This is especially important to consider if you work away from home all day; perhaps your Border Collie is lonely.


Reason 9: Your Border Collie is Bored

A Border Collie that stays home alone all day may simply be bored. If your Border Collie follows you around a lot, it may be looking for some entertainment.

For example, it may be hinting that it wants to go to the park, go for a walk, or wants you to play with him or her. Remember, your Border Collie is a loyal dog that waits for you to get home. Therefore, it is important to pay some attention once you are home.


Reason 10: Your Border Collie is Trying to Tell You Something

Dogs are very in-tune mammals. This means they are alert to their surroundings and can often pick up on things even humans have a hard time doing.

Your Border Collie may be following you around to show you something or turn your attention to something important. It is a good idea to never brush off your dog’s hints and to pay attention to her.

# Lack of Confidence or Anxiety

All dogs are different, but your Border Collie may be following you around due to a lack of confidence or because she is anxious about something. This is what is referred to as separation anxiety. Perhaps you are getting ready to go to work or on a vacation; your pup may pick up on this and follow you around.

Reason 11: Reinforcement: You are the “Bringer of Good Things”

Dogs know who feeds them, loves them, and brings them treats! Therefore, this is what causes many dogs to follow their owners around.

Your Border Collie knows you are “the bringer of good things” and probably wants to see what you have for her. Many velcro dogs are just curious and want to know if you have a yummy cookie for them to eat or a new toy.



Why Does My Border Collie Follow Me to the Bathroom?

If you have noticed your furry friend following you to the restroom, maybe you are confused and ask yourself why does my Border Collie follow me to the bathroom?

Well, simply put, in the wild, dogs protect one another while they are going to the bathroom.

When a dog goes to the bathroom, they are in a very vulnerable spot, therefore, they have a pack to watch their back. Your Fido follows you to the bathroom to ensure you are protected. This is one of the loyalist reasons your Border Collie follows you anywhere.


Should You Be Concerned About Your Border Collie Following You?

So, when your Border Collie’s clinginess becomes a problem? Before you can be aware of this, it is important to recognize when a problem exists. When your pooch starts to destroy things at home, such as chewing the couch, shredding toys or clothes, this is a sign of a problem.

Moreover, when your pup whines and barks for extended periods of time, this is another sign of an anxious dog. Other concerns are not eating, becoming aggressive, and even shaking. If you come across any of these problems in your velcro dog, it is imperative to see a veterinarian or expert to help your Fido overcome them.


What Can You Do If Your Border Collie Keeps Following You and It’s Bothering You?

While it is sweet to have your furry friend trail behind your heels, it can get frustrating as an owner. Perhaps you are trying to get work done around the house or leave for work without feeling guilty.

Whatever it is, if you are feeling bothered by your Border Collie following you around, there are some helpful tips to consider and put in place.


#1 Teach the “Place” Command to Your Border Collie

This always remains an effective dog training method. Teaching your Border Collie how to “Place” or “Stay” in position can be helpful. All it requires are a few simple steps! First, you will want a tasty treat your dog cannot resist!

Next, entice your Border Collie to come into a spot and have all four paws on a mat. Say “place” and praise when your dog stays in place. Repeat until you feel your dog is catching on.


#2 Teach “Out” Command To Your Border Collie

The “Out” command is another helpful command you will want to keep in your back pocket! The “Out” command originated from hunters who would use it to send their dog out into the field to fetch a game.

You can teach your Border Collie this command anywhere, whether you are in the living room or backyard. It is helpful for correcting unwanted needy dog’s behavior.


#3 Teaching The Command “Down-Stay” To Your Border Collie

This is a very popular command that may prove helpful in correcting a needy Border Collie. All you have to do is teach your Fido how to go “down” on all fours. Pause. Then, say “stay” slowly as you are backing away.

You must remember to reward your pooch for any amount of stay she completes. As you back away from your pup, she should remain in the stay position until you tell her to snap out of it. This command is helpful if you are wanting to leave the room or need your mutt to stay out of something (i.e. laundry and cooking).



#4 Crate Train Your Border Collie

A crate can be a safe and comfortable spot for your Border Collie. Additionally, it can be the perfect place for your older dog to spend some alone time and leave you alone. A crate is designed to hold your domestic dog while you are out of the house or traveling.

Teaching your Border Collie to love its’ crate and feel at home in it is the first important step in getting it to spend time in it. Make sure the crate has blankets and water.

I recommend starting your Border Collie spending only 5 minutes at a time and then build up intervals. You may also want to practice leaving your pup in its crate and leave the house for 30 minutes. After a while, your clingy dog will build up a tolerance to being alone in the crate.


#5 Arrive and Depart Calmly

This is one of the most important parts of creating a healthy relationship with your Border Collie. Your anxious dog may follow you everywhere because she wants to be near you.

Therefore, when you finally leave your Border Collie on your own, it is essential to do so with calmness and ease. When you depart, simply pet your pooch and leave. Don’t look back and keep reassuring your mutt you will be home. A needy Border Collie may start to feel anxious.

When you arrive home, come in the house calmly and pet your Fido. Refrain from squealing in excitement and letting your dog go crazy and jump around.


#6 Set Boundaries For Your Border Collie

Creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with your Border Collie means setting boundaries while petting them as well. These boundaries are to ensure your pet feels safe and not anxious.

It can be hard to resist coming into the house with excitement or letting your furry friend follow you around because she enjoys it.

Maintain composure and be loving but firm with your canine companion. The boundaries you set (such as crate time, alone time, commands) will only strengthen your relationship together. 


Over To You

So, does your Border Collie match with any of the above reasons? Which one fact seems most useful to you? As there can be various reasons for your Border Collie to behave clingily, I believe my article will help you figure out your doggie’s behavior. 

So, which parts among these were you already aware of? And which one was completely new to you? If you also have tried many different means to solve your Border Collie’s clinginess problem, please let me know in the comment section below.

If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to like and share it with your pet lover friends as it might also help them. If you have any recommendations or suggestions to add to this article, please do let me know as well. I’ll love to hear from you!


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