Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?

It is good to have your dog sleep with you if you are alone.

If you love your dog and he is trained and clean, it is only natural for you to want to cuddle with him.

You and your spouse may enjoy having a dog sleep in your bed. 

Dog Sleep With Me

It Is YOUR Choice To Invite Your Dog On Your Bed To Sleep!

You cannot be forced or advised into making this decision. You may wish to allow your dog to sleep in your bed.

He may be the only listening ear you have to tell about your day when you get home. Another perspective may be that life with another dog lover.

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Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog

One of the benefits of sleeping with your dog is to have him to cuddle with while you sleep. Also, you can have him near in case of an intruder.


Comfort Can Be Attained For Both You And Your Dog

Your dog will experience comfort while sleeping in your bed in his blanket cuddled in your arms. You will be comforted by the presence of your dog in your bed.

You were away at work all day; it will be comforting for your dog to touch you during the night.

Can Help You Address Separation Anxiety

Anxiety is not good for a dog; separation anxiety is hard on dogs. If your dog spends long hours alone, it may become a problem.

This may cause him to stop eating or be unable to go poop in the right box and may need the help of a vet.


Security For You And Your Family May Be Improved

With your dog sleeping in your bed, an intruder cannot harm you. Dogs can smell danger.

The intruder may not be human. So your dog can physically defend you from a snake or other harmful animal. Your dog will wake you so you can get to safety in a disaster.

The Warmth Of Another Body Feels Good

Cold temperatures can make you toss and turn and not experience a good night’s sleep. A bit of warmth from your dog’s body will put you to sleep. This warmth will give you a feeling of being in a cozy bed which will help you to sleep well at night.

Labrador Retriever Puppy Smiling

Can Help You Feel Calm

If you have any anxiety issues, your dog can calm your anxieties. Your dog’s breathing will soothe you to sleep.

You will not struggle with your nightmares anymore. Those unworthy thoughts will not enter your mind again. Worries about your future or your finances will no longer stalk your dreams.

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A Dog Next to You Can Help You Fight Insomnia

If you are a diabetic, you know a lot about insomnia. You have spent many hours at night without sleep.

You go to bed but sleep does not come easily. All your family members are fast asleep.

The company in your bed will take you back to sleep within minutes.

Can Strengthen Your Bond With Your Dog

Your dog will love you for this privilege of companionship. Your dog will obey your commands because of the strong bond formed between you two.

There will be less chewing of your furniture with this strong bond. You will appreciate your dog more as you both develop that close bond.


Use a Treat To Encourage Good Behavior In Your Bed

Your dog may not be quick to jump in your bed. Use a treat to coax him into your bed.

If he responds with good behavior, you can give him another treat. Give him some time to get adjusted to the change in the new sleeping arrangement in your bed.

It Can Provide Soothing Background Noise 

The frightful barking of your dog will keep you up at night. ‘White Noise’ provides you with a soothing background noise which can easily put your dog to sleep.

Some people download apps like ‘Calm’ on their cell phones to sleep. He will stop his barking at natural night sounds.

It Can Be Great If You Live Alone 

Living alone can be good if your dog sleeps in your bed. There will be no competition for your attention.

You can go to exercise, eat, watch television, and sleep together. You and your dog will be happy companions and also will be able to communicate with each other easily.

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It Can Serve As A Secondary Alarm Clock 

Your dog will notice the time your alarm clock wakes you to bathe for work. He will watch you get dressed.

One day your dog will wake you with a short bark or by licking your face before your alarm clock rings. Then you will not need your alarm clock.

You May Just Like The Experience

Having your dog sleep in your bed may be the best decision ever. Think of the benefits you will receive.

Your dog will suffer fewer illnesses because you will be side by side while sleeping. You will enjoy having a companion next to you if you feel uneasy at night.

Reasons Why Your Dog Shouldn’t Sleep With You

Your dog may be tiny so there is a risk of you rolling over and killing him.

Your dog may need frequent potty breaks at night and wet the bed. 


He Might Disturb Your Sleep

Your dog may move about a lot at night. Your dog may wish to have an early morning walk before you are prepared to open your eyes.

Your dog may wish to play during the night. These activities can disturb your sleep when you should be getting your beauty sleep.

He Might Exacerbate Your Allergies 

You may have allergies and your dog’s fur can exacerbate those allergies. That would be a good reason to leave your dog in his bed.

Sleeping with him in your bed may have you wheezing and coughing all night. This would leave you tired and without sleep in the morning.  

It Might Not Be Good For Your Marriage

Your spouse may not love dogs as you do. She may believe that a good dog belongs outside of your home to protect it.

She will not welcome a dog sleeping in bed with both of you. If you insist, both you and your dog may be sleeping outside

Your Dog Might Become Aggressive

Some dogs are very territorial. Your dog may bark at you or growl every time you try to get into your bed.

This does not mean you should evict your dog to his outside bed. It simply means that training sessions from a dog whisperer or yourself must occur immediately.


Doggy Drool On Your Pillow

Some dogs drool no matter what. If so, your face, your pillow, and your bedding are in danger.

He will drool on you, pillow, and all your bedding. This may not be a welcome sleeping activity for you.

Ask for advice from your vet on how to help your dog.

Warming The Bed

Having access to your room and bed, your dog may decide to spend the day in your bed. This may not be a pretty sight.

The bed may also be hot from the dog’s body being there during the day. So you can simply forget about sleeping on cool sheets.

Sleeping At Great Heights 

This means that your dog is not able to access your bed without your assistance. If this is so then he cannot go potty on his own and will need to wake you up.

If your dog is too small, then sleeping on your bed is not a good idea.

Pomeranian Puppy With Bed Sheet

Letting Your Dog Sleep In Bed With Can Become A Habit

You may get accustomed to sleeping with your dog. You may travel for your work or to spend a holiday with your family.

Away from home, others may prefer that you house your dog in a crate. This can affect how much sleep both of you get during the night.

It Can Be Dangerous For Your Kids 

Your children may feel exiled if your dog sleeps with you and they sleep in their beds.

Your dog may not like it when the children run into your room and climb on your bed in the morning.

As they are not his sleeping companions, he may growl at them. 

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