24 Dog Friendly Restaurants You Must Want to Visit In San Francisco, California

Nearly every restaurant in the United States allows service animals, but what if your dog is just your buddy?

There are some restaurants that will allow canine pals, if they can behave themselves, particularly in San Francisco.

San Fran proudly ranks as the American city with the highest rating on world livability rankings regarding quality of living.

From Fisherman’s Wharf to Chinatown there are many dog friendly restaurants. Let’s see what Golden Gate City has to offer!

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Dog friendly restaurants in San Francisco,CA

#1 Churchill

Don’t let the fact that it shares a name with the cat from “Pet Sematary” fool you! They like dogs, preferably live ones.

This World War II-themed cocktail lounge is named for the respected British prime minister. The place is vintage and classy yet very laid back.

  • Address: 198 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Phone: (415) 754-0194 
  • Website: ChurchillSF.com

#2 Holy Water

Well, let’s just say you’ll be filled with the spirit here! If you like Churchill and bloodhound, you’ll love Holy Water!

You’ll like the easy to follow menu and your dog will like making lots of new friends.

  • Address: 309 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Phone: (415) 555-5555
  • Website: HolyWaterSF.com
Cairn Terrier Eating

#3 MoMo’s Restaurant

This high-end sports bar is a good place to bring your dog on a quiet afternoon when it’s sunny enough to sit on the patio.

The eats are high end, but you get what you pay for and you’ll have your favorite dinner date with you.

  • Address: 760 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107
  • Phone: (415) 227-8660
  • Website: SFMoMos.com

#4 7 Mile House Sports Bar & Grill

Technically, it’s in Brisbane rather than The City by the Bay.

The name comes from the fact that it’s about seven miles from the heart of SF.

Still, the live music and munchies are much like you’ll find in The City.

Your dog will want to try their “dog beer”. (It’s just watered down beef juices)

  • Address: 2800 Bayshore Blvd, Brisbane, CA 94005
  • Phone: (415) 467-2343
  • Website: 7MileHouse.com

#5 Carmel Pizza Company

If you like your pizza made the old fashioned way with hand-tossed dough baked in a wood-fueled fire and toppings that were living at a farm just yesterday, this is the place to go.

The outdoor seating area is dog friendly.

  • Address: 2826 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
  • Phone: (415) 676-1185
  • Website: CarmelPizzaCo.com

#6 Pizzeria Delfina

The patio here is just the place for you to share a slice of a thin crust with your best friend.

The atmosphere is warm and casual, just the place to have a pizza dinner with a canine companion.

  • Address: 3611 18th St, San Francisco, California
  • Phone: (415) 437-6800
  • Website: PizzeriaDelfina.com

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#7 Etcetera Wine Bar

This place gets its name for having more types of wine than can be listed on one page.

With your furry buddy by your side, you can try a variety of wines from all corners of the globe.

  • Address: 795 Valencia St, San Francisco, California 94110
  • Phone: (415) 926-5477
  • Website: EtceteraWineBar.com

#8 Beretta

This place is sophisticated, keeping the Italian tradition of serving well into the late hours.

Fortunately, they also have the Italian tradition of friendliness and wouldn’t deny your “amichino” a bit of bruschetta.

  • Address: 1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Phone: (415) 695-1199
  • Website: BerettaSF.com

#9 MarketBar

As old as the Ferry Building itself, MarketBar takes cues from what’s on the market that day.

This guarantees your meals that are always fresh and never frozen. You and your dog can soak up the sun on the patio.

  • Address: 1 Ferry Bldg. (Market St.), San Francisco, CA 94111
  • Phone: 415-434-1100
  • Website: MarketBar.com
Cocker Spaniel Puppy

#10 Amiti’s Deli & Café

If you’re ever in NoPa, come to say hello to a little corgi named Choco who lives at Amiti’s Deli and Café.

They’ve got breakfast sandwiches, sushi, and poke bowls.

If you and your pooch become regulars, you may get your photo on the Wall of Fame!

  • Address: 800 Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Phone: (415) 563-2828
  • Website: AmitisDeliSF.com

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#11 The Front Porch

With a down-home name like that, of course, dogs are welcome!

It’s even got rocking chairs and house plants like at your grandma’s.

It’s just the place of you and/or your dog loves fried chicken and soul food!

  • Address: 65a 29th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Phone: (415) 695-7800
  • Website: ThefrontPorchSF.com

#12 Starbelly

The alfresco accommodations at this place are but a few sidewalk tables.

However, if some warm night in the middle of the week you’d like to take your dog out to dinner, here it is!

  • Address: 3583 16th St, San Francisco CA 94114
  • Phone: (415) 252-7500
  • Website: StarBellySF.com
Golden Retriever Doggy

#13 Revolution Cafe 

If you and your dog don’t mind a little mess, the smell of kush, and the sound of a sweet jazz piano, this could be the place for you.

There won’t be many empty chairs at empty tables at this revolution, but the croissants and coffee will definitely leave you with a heart full of love.

  • Address: 3248 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Phone: (415) 642-0474
  • Website: RevolutionCafeSF.com

#14 The Ramp

Here’s a place to watch the tide roll away with your best buddy at your feet with a Bloody Mary in hand.

Rest your bones, watch the ships come and go while lounging on the patio on a sunny day.

  • Address: 855 Terry A Francois Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94158,
  • Phone: (415) 621-2378
  • Website: TheRampRestaurant.com

#15 Cafe Flore

If you’re ever out walking your dog on Noe Street, come stop by Cafe Flore for a Greek yogurt parfait for you and a ground beef pie for Fido.

The recent change in management means you can now just have a seat on the patio and a server will be along shortly to take your order.

  • Address: 2298 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Phone: (415) 621-8579
  • Website: Flore415.com

#16 Stacks

The only thing better than a pancake breakfast is a pancake breakfast made by someone else.

Some people who make pancakes will give the first one (because it’s a little messed up) to the dog. (Do not do if you’ve added chocolate chips)

Here, all the pancakes and sausage are perfect. Share anyway!

  • Address: 501 Hayes St, San Francisco CA 94117
  • Phone: (415) 241-9011
  • Website: StacksRestaurant.com
Pomeranian Sweet Puppy

#17 Lotta’s Bakery

Here’s the place to go if you like antique shopping and freshly baked treats.

Give your well-behaved buddy one of Lotta’s dog bones as a reward for being a good little doggie.

  • Address:1720 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109
  • Phone: (415) 359-9039
  • Website: LottasBakerySF.com

#18 Bloodhound

It’s named for that breed famous for an impeccable sense of smell, but all dogs are welcome.

Despite what some pop art would have you believe, dogs aren’t much for playing pool, but there is a table if that’s what you like.

Fido is more likely to chill to the tunes from the jukebox or bark at the Big Buck Hunter game.

  • Address:1145 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Phone: (415) 863-2840
  • Website: BloodhoundSF.com
Pug Puppy Smiling

#19 1400 Bar & Grill (And Pizza)

This is a dog-friendly establishment that is also dedicated to serving safe policy and individuals with allergies.

They have a beautiful dog-friendly patio with abundant seating…

1400 has even painted an adorable paw print path so that dogs can lead their owners to the patio – just proceed along Central Avenue on the path and turn into the driveway!

#20 Sausalito Seahorse

The Sausalito Seahorse is an Italian restaurant that specializes in seafood.

They offer a large garden with a covered area and a patio with a view of the bay.

From their side all the dogs are welcome and of course, all the “service pets“ are more than welcome inside!
You will find many water bowl.

And if request the kitchen make a special Grilled chicken for our friends!!

Pit Bull Puppy

#21 Brazilian Breads

The owner of Del Rodrigues is a passionate dog lover.

She grew up with dogs and cats, and her husband is a dog walker (however, he never consciously chose to be known to be pet friendly).

Brazilian Breads have a few outdoor tables and are located in North Berkeley we ended up having a strong community of dog lovers visit us regularly.

As the people working nearby loves animals. So the BB guys always give them plenty of love and attention.

Although they don’t have a dog menu yet) but some owners at their own discretion ‘share’ their foods with their pets!

The ‘dog visitors’ usually love the Pao de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) of Brazilian Breads. These bread are made with a few simple ingredients: tapioca, cheese, egg, oil, and milk.

  • Address:1707 Solano Ave Berkeley, CA 94070
  • Phone: (510) 647-8894
  • Website: BrazilianBreads.com

#22 All Good Pizza

As an exclusively outdoor restaurant, AllGoodPizza has a unique opportunity to create an incredibly pet-friendly location.

They love allowing the furry friends to roam the garden and sit with their families at our picnic tables.

They always have a water bowl for pets and are happy to honor food requests for animals.

AllGoodPizza frequently hosts pet-oriented events – as they have partnered with Pawtrero and others for adoption days and other pet-centric events!

In a city that has few outdoor spaces, AllGoodPizza loves being able to provide a sunny spot to enjoy a pizza with wine or beer and have your best friend at your side!

  • Address: 1605 Jerrold Ave San Francisco, CA 94124
  • Phone: (415) 933-9384
  • Website: AllGoodPizza.com

#23 The Monk’s Kettle

The Monk’s Kettle has outdoor seating along the side street, Albion, on which they always welcome the dogs.

They use that patio less during the winter. The Monk’s Kettle guys are always willing to set up a table for a dog owner, even if that’s not set up for the day already.

They also offer all dogs a water bowl!

  • Address: 3141 16th St San Francisco, CA 94103
  • Phone: (415) 865-9523
  • Website: MonksKettle.com

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#24 Toasty

Toasty loves all types of animals! They wish people would take out their cats and hamsters too!

For the time being, they offer a small patio sitting area for dogs and owners. These guys also offer water for dogs. Lots of customers bring their dogs.

Toasty is currently looking to partner up with a dog treat brand, so they can also offer those to the cute paws.

Aside from that, they got some inspiration from a cafe in LA and want to offer foods for dogs on their menu in near future.

Dogs can come here with their owners for a great breakfast, shop for some fashionable clothes next door and visit the neighborhood pet just a block away.

  • Address: 2760 Octavia St San Francisco, CA 94123 
  • Phone: (415) 640-9047
  • Website: Toastysf.com

Which Restaurant Do You Want To Visit With Your Dog In San Francisco, CA? 

Which of these restaurants sound the most interesting to you?

The restaurant business is a shaky one, so if you find one you like tell everyone you know about it!

Have you visited any of these restaurants?

Planning to visit one?

Is there a restaurant in your area you’d recommend?

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