Top 3 Best Samoyed Breeders In Arizona (2022]

Do you like white, furry, big dogs? Are you looking for a friendly and lively pet for your family? Then Samoyeds are perfect for you. But it is a high-maintenance breed, and finding a reputed breeder is also not easy.

So I eliminated all the backyard breeders and puppy mills. Went through a dozen names to bring you the top Samoyed breeders in Arizona state. I considered the breeder’s reputation, price, and services they offer. 

In the end, I have also brought you some additional tips, so let’s have a look!

Best Samoyed Breeders In Arizona

#1 Diamond Star Samoyeds

Our first breeder Diamond Star Samoyeds is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Breeder Katrina Knapp started her journey six years ago, back around 2016. Her family has been breeding since she was a child, Katrina now breeds pure Samoyeds in her home.

Finley and Piper, the current parent Samoyed dogs are both tested for Hip Dysplasia, Eye Certification- Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Companion Animal Eye Registry (OFA CAER), and Cardiac Evaluation (OFA). Together, these two breed healthy and beautiful Samoyed litters.

Diamond Star raises their puppies at home. Litters are bred to the AKC (American Kennel Club) standard as the parent dogs are also AKC registered. Pups are also AKC registered before going to their forever homes.

The babies are potty-trained before going to buyer homes. Diamond Star vaccinates, deworms, and checks their puppies by a vet before you take them to your house. The two-year health guarantee which comes with your dog covers the genetic conditions. But you are instructed to check your puppy within the first 72 hours to be sure of its sound health.

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Litters play and socialize with the adult parent dogs in the home. If you come as a prospective buyer, you can also play with them before you purchase. But only after the puppies get their necessary shots. The price is $3500, and the deposit amount is $500 which is only accepted when the puppies are two weeks old. 

The go-home date is around 8 weeks after the puppy is born so the litters have time to grow well. You may have to stay at least for 9 months on the waitlist but can always contact the owner for details.

Samoyed Breeder Details:

#2 Carefree Samoyeds

Carefree Samoyeds is run by professional dog handler Raygen and her husband John Best. Raygen has handled dogs since she was 12 years old. She has experience working with many professional handlers.

The couple lives with a big happy Samoyed family in Paulden, Arizona. Currently, 3 male (Malone, Anakin, Luke) and 5 female (Promise, Korra, Paisley, Ray, Leia) parent Samoyeds are under their care. Each of the dams and sires has OFA(Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Hip, Elbow, and Eye certifications.

Age-specific delivery is offered if you mention the desired age for the puppies in the form. Puppies are given full veterinary attention before delivery to buyers. You can pick up the puppies from their place at Paulden. Also, Carefree Samoyed offers delivery service with an inclusive charge.

The puppies are raised inside the family house along with the adult dogs, they are playful and social. Raygen keeps the litters open in the room inside a protection fence instead of enclosed small kennels as her daughter also plays with the dogs every day. 

You can fill a detailed form on their website and follow their journey on the official Facebook page. The parent dogs are all active in many dog shows. And Carefree is a well-known name in this business. 

There are many satisfied customers who claim to be lucky to find carefree Samoyeds. It won’t be an overstatement to say that this is the most reliable breeder in Arizona.

The next batch of fluffy white Samoyeds are coming in the winter of 2021 according to the updated calendar of last December, but the waitlist is approximately 6 months long. So you might want to contact Carefree Samoyeds right now to find the snowy Samoyed puppy for you and your family.

Samoyed Breeder Details:

  • Location: Paulden, Arizona
  • Address: Big Chino Road, Paulden, Arizona
  • Website: Carefree Samoyeds
  • Phone: 602-396-3663
  • Email:
  • Reviews: Facebook

#3 Landmark Samoyeds

One of the oldest Samoyed breeders in Arizona, Landmark Samoyeds is still running a business with grace in this area. The foundation bitch Cameo started the breed line back in the early ’90s.

Landmark Samoyeds is a respected member of the Samoyed Club of Central Arizona, which is licensed by the American Kennel Club.  Samoyed Club of Central Arizona is also a member of Samoyed Club of America. 

The clubs thrive to maintain a healthy environment for the breed by regulating various policies for the breeders to oblige. Landmark Samoyeds are in good standing in the Samoyed fanciers Society of America, as all the parent dogs are champions of breed categories.

Owners Diane and Carl Landstorm ensure health checkups as per the regulation of OFA. Both the litters and parent dogs are nurtured with the best care. Diane attends various shows with the dogs and keeps meticulous records of the pedigree of the puppies. 

Transparency about the litters’ pedigree and breed is very important. So Landmark Samoyeds do not sacrifice with that. You do not have to worry about being scammed by a backyard breeder or puppy mill here.

To get puppies from Landmark, you have to mail them or call them to put in a reservation. After taking your information it will be decided if you are eligible to get a dog. 

Landmark also offers limited registration on companion dogs. If you are looking for a trustworthy breeder with a long history of breeding, Landmark Samoyeds is your place.

Samoyed Breeder Details:

  • Location: Arizona
  • Website: Landmark Samoyeds
  • Phone: 623-935-4214
  • Email: 

Can Samoyeds live in Arizona?

Samoyeds come from Russian and Siberian backgrounds. It has white snowy fur which has two thick lairs. The topcoat, and the undercoat. This is why you may ask if they can live in the heat of Arizona. 

Arizona has hot summers, around an average of 40-42 degrees Celsius. So honestly speaking, Samoyeds don’t really love it here, but that doesn’t mean they despise it either. In fact, they can adapt very well to the warm weather, sometimes more than many other breeds.

There are people who sometimes want to shave the thick fur of their pet Samoyeds because they think it will help them during hot summers. But that is an absolute no-no! Shaved Samoyeds may fall prey to the scorching heat even worse, and get sunburned.

Their white fur, as much as that protects them from harsh winter breeze, also keeps them cold during warm days. You see, the first layer of their fur has rough and long white hairs which reflects the harmful rays of the sun. And the undercoat fur is soft, fluffy; basically, an insulation system that keeps them cold during summer. This is why northern breeds like Samoyeds stay lively and playful even in warm homes.

Why are pure Samoyed puppies so expensive in Arizona?

Well, it is not only in Arizona. Samoyed puppies are considered among some of the most expensive breeds. The price varies from dog to dog, or breeder to breeder. Not only their purchase, but their upkeep also costs high.

The price varies due to several reasons. Such as:

  • AKC registration: 

Registering a parent dog or puppies costs the breeder both money and time. If you are purchasing a purebred Samoyed pup from a recognized breeder, then you have to carry a share of that cost too.

  • Age: 

Puppies below the age of 12 weeks are desired more than the older ones. And that is why the breeders also try to earn profits while selling young 8-12 weeks old puppies. Getting a puppy between that age range will be costly for you as the demand is high.

  • Color: 

Cream, Biscuit, and White, there are three types of color to choose from if you want a Samoyed pup. But as they mostly come in white, if you want to buy a different colored baby Samoyed, you have to pay more.

What is the maintenance cost in Arizona to raise a Samoyed?

  • Food

Medium-sized adult Samoyeds consume about 15-30 pounds of food in a month, give or take. This will cost you about $20-$60 per month depending on your dog food type or brand.

  • Veterinary care

The benefit of taking your puppy from a home breeder is that they will take care of the first batch of shots. But your puppy will require several. Considering neutering/spaying costs and periodical check-ups, every year you will spend at least a few hundred dollars for your Samoyed.

  • Grooming

It might be a little difficult for you to give a bath to your Samoyed because of their long thick fur coat. If you decide to go for grooming sessions, each session will cost you between $40-$100.

Why should you avoid Puppy mills and Backyard breeders?

You can’t be sure that your puppy is purebred if you collect him from a puppy mill. Because unlike home breeders and reputed dog handlers, they do not register their parent dogs, do health checkups, or give health guarantees. And all the puppy mill owners care about is making cash. So their parent dogs suffer from various diseases and receive next to zero medical attention. Your purchased puppy will also suffer from behavioral problems. It can be very unsocial, angry, or physically weak.

Backyard breeders are not so unethical like puppy mills, but generally, they lack experience. You can’t be sure your breeder has taken the time to make a proper genetic match. So if you are looking for a Purebred Samoyed, backyard breeders can’t offer you the guarantee.

As I know you are looking for a purebred Samoyed puppy, rescue centers won’t benefit you. Most rescue center dogs are adults, already grown at other homes. So you may not find any young puppy there.

Tips for Samoyed owners in Arizona:

  • To understand if your Samoyed is feeling hot, notice him/her closely. If they are panting excessively, not sitting or lying down anywhere, and very thirsty, they are feeling warm.
  • Do not force your Samoyed to stay out in warm weather. If he/she barks or whines at the door, immediately get them inside.
  • To calm down your overheated Samoyed, put a wet towel under its armpits, between hind legs, and around your neck.
  • Wet their paws and ears to make them feel cold.
  • Take your dog out to walk in the morning or the evening.
  • Make sure there is a shady area for them to stay in.
  • Don’t leave them inside a car or inside the house without good air ventilation on a sunny day.

Steps to choose a Samoyed breeder in Arizona:

  • Search Google to find websites and Facebook pages of Samoyed breeders in your area.
  • Take a good look around their website and Facebook timeline. Previous customer reviews are good ways to verify a trusted breeder.
  • Contact them through phone or mail. Make sure they are not a puppy mill or backyard breeder. If possible go visit the parent dogs and check for OFA certificates.


Still looking for a Samoyed breeder in your area in Arizona? My list here has you covered as I have handpicked the top 3 Samoyed breeders in Arizona for you. 

I suggest you contact a breeder listed under the American Kennel Club and the Samoyed Club of Central Arizona as they maintain specific health and facility standards per the regulations. It is very important that you are not choosing a puppy from a puppy mill rather a good home breeder.

Is there any other local trusted home breeder in Arizona that you know of?  What qualities do you think a good breeder possesses? What other breeds in Arizona would you like me to cover next? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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