Top 3 Best American Pitbull Terrier Breeders In Arizona (AZ) State [2022]

Having the hardest time finding a good American Pit Bull breeder in Arizona state? then you’re in the right place!

First of all, you made a great choice by thinking of adopting it from a breeder. A Pit Bull raised in a pet home and a Pit Bull raised in a shop or puppy mill cannot be the same.

I recommend you to give serious thought and do in-depth research before making this big step. To assist you on this matter, I have already done my research. I have listed 3 top American Pit Bull breeders of Arizona.

I have kept in mind to only include the experienced, reputable, and quality American Pit Bull breeders in this list.

Give it a read and make your own decision.

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#1 Pitbulls of Arizona

Pitbulls of Arizona is a well-known breeding program of Arizona. It is located in Apache Junction, Arizona. They breed UKC / ADBA and AADR Rednose / Blue Poll, American Pit Bull Terriers.

The breeders guarantee a lifetime companionship with their dogs. Once you become a customer they assure you a lifetime bond with them too.

Pitbulls of Arizona make sure the pups are worm-free, vaccinated and health checked before they reach your home. In specific emergency cases, they agree to exchange the dogs. An amount of approximately $500 to $1000 is required to buy these American Pit Bull Terriers.


Their website contains the necessary information about the American Pit Bulls. The name of the dogs along with their pictures and pedigree information is given. Besides, there is a different section about the past litters too.

If you want to have a newly born fur baby from them, they require you to pay the full amount by the time the pups are 6 weeks old. Visit their website to know more details. If it suits you, fill up their agreement form and get yourself a new family member.

For further information, you can also contact them at their email or telephone number.

Pit Bull Breeder Details:

  • Address: Apache Junction, AZ, 85217
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Email:


#2 Canyon Pits

Canyon Pits is a small, family-oriented breeding program run by Kirk and Alex. It is located in Arizona. Along with American Pit Bull Terrier, they also breed American Bullies. All the dogs are UKC and ABKC registered.

Canyon Pits aim to make show quality American Pit Bull Terriers and American Bully puppies. They also target to improve these breeds.

The pups are raised as family members along with kids and other family members. As a result, they are quite social and friendly.


Their website contains the necessary information, pedigrees, and images of the male and female Pit Bull puppies. You can reserve the pups for an amount of $500 which is non-refundable.

I want to recommend you to consider them if you are looking for an American Pit Bull that possesses all the qualities to be a show dog. You can either email them their website’s address or contact the owners directly through their email address or telephone number as per your convenience.

Pit Bull Breeder Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Kirk, Alex
  • Address: 1660 N. Lindsay Rd Mesa Az 85213
  • Telephone: (602) 689-7405, (480) 278-3037
  • Website URL/ Link:
  • Facebook URL: CanyonPitsaz
  • Email: (general), (personal), (personal)

#3 King of Bullys

King of Bullys is a well-known dog breeding program. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

They have American Pit Bull Terrier, English Bulldog, French Bulldog in their breeding program. After years of hard work, King of Bullys has now come to the place it is today.

If strong-boned, Bully-styled, large framed Pit Bulls are your choice then look no further. They breed exactly this type of American Pit Bulls. But if you are looking for different styles of Pit Bulls still it is a good choice to contact them. They can assist you in getting in touch with other breeders that breed different styled dogs.


The canines are trained to be good-natured and well-tempered. Their primary strand is the bully’s “bluenose”. 

Once the puppies are 6 weeks old they are ready to get adopted. The costs of puppies vary in price from $1000 to $6500. Besides, they require a $500 deposit if you want to reserve any dog.

They sell and ship puppies all over the United States and even in some particular cities of some other countries. Canada, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Italy, China, etc are some of the countries.


Visit their website to know more about their program. The beautiful pictures of the past buyers holding their Pit Bulls are given on the website. Besides, the list of FAQ sections may answer your questions too.

If you are interested, contact them on their given telephone number. You also have the option to contact them directly through their website.

Pit Bull Breeder Details:

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Can you own a Pit Bull in Arizona?

Unlike many countries and states it is legal in Arizona to own and breed American Pit Bull Terriers.

At present, Arizona is a state that does not exclude dogs based on their breeds. A neutral stance on the Arizona Pit Bull regulations has been taken by the United States Humane Society. As a result, it is okay to breed and own Pit Bulls in Arizona.


This is a victory for the families throughout the state who own or wish to own Pit Bulls as family companionships. It is also great news for the American Pit Bull breeders whose utmost desire is to surround themselves with this breed.

Many people recognize them as being dangerous and aggressive. But in reality, they are very good family companions if they get the proper atmosphere and this is true for any dog breed.


Arizona cleared the obstacles for a few other states as well. After Arizona, two more states passed the law which became a huge source of happiness to the Pit Bull lovers.

Breed-specific law is racist and unfair to specific breeds of dogs. This breed had a good reputation until recent times. Most of this has been because of the media highlighting dog attacks and the focus on Pit Bull.

But now American Pit Bull is safe in the state as Arizona has eliminated breed-specific laws.


How much does a purebred Pit Bull Cost in Arizona?

Along with popularity, the price of Pit Bull dogs is also increasing day by day. Pit bulls are available at varying prices, completely depending on what purpose you want to buy them and their kinds.

If you want a pet and do not want to breed, Pit Bulls are suited for you with limited registration. However, you should pick fully licensed Pit Bulls if you want to breed, which of course are far more expensive than the limited registration. 


# Price of Pit Bulls with limited registration:

The cost of Pit Bulls puppies in this process is not very high. Usually, it ranges from $800 to $1300 for each pup.


# Price of Pit Bulls with full registration

The cost of full registration puppies varies depending on the origin, breeders, pedigrees, etc. For example-


# Pit Bulls from ordinary breeders

Usually ranges from $1300 to $2500 for each pup. Such puppies mostly have a similar pedigree, more than 95% purebred, and are only raised as pets.


# Pit Bulls from well-known breeders

Usually ranges from $2500 to $6000 for each pup. These puppies are 100% pure-breed, raised to breed, suitable for dog shows.


How do I find a good Pitbull breeder in Arizona?

It can be difficult to find a good dog breeder and it can be even harder with a breed such as American Pit Bull Terrier.

Sadly, these dogs are often raised by inexperienced breeders in a poor environment. However, there are certain steps you can take to find a suitable breeder for you. For example-


Use Reputable Breed Registries

You may find a lot of dog breed registries on the internet. However, not all of them are reputable breeders.

Moreover, even if the dog is registered and the breeder is reputable, still it does not guarantee a quality dog.

Still, I want to suggest you make sure to buy dogs from a breeder who put the effort to register the dogs at least. This can be a sign of them not being backyard breeders. Look for UKC/ADBA registered dogs.


Look for Awards and Titles

Look for the website or Facebook page of the breeder. You will get a lot of information about the dogs from there.

Puppies from a dam and a sire are more likely to belong to a quality breeder because they have an interest in enhancing the dog’s temperament through training and other practices. Besides always looking for the bloodline, age, the height of the dogs.


Ask for Professional Recommendations

It is always a good idea to get suggestions from professionals. They can tell you which breeders to consider and which to avoid.

They make sure to suggest only experienced, reputable, and quality breeders. Veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, trainers help you in this case with their experience.

As it is a very big decision, do your study properly. Do not settle for less.


Why and how to avoid puppy mills while choosing a Pit Bull Puppy in Arizona?

Puppy mills should never be considered when it comes to adopting dogs for a family.

Puppy mills aim for making the most profit with the least money. They do not care about the dogs, their needs, and their condition. As a result, often the pups suffer from health and behavioral issues.

The Humane Society of the United States has been trying to close down these institutions since the 1980s. So, do your part by researching and choosing wisely. Here are some tips to help you:


Avoid pet stores, newspaper ads, and great deals online

Many puppy mills provide fake data to local pet shops. So, be very careful before jumping to any conclusion just by seeing the ads.


Visit the breeder and ask questions

Be curious. Go visit the breeder and ask to see the whole facility in which the dogs are born and kept. See if it is clean and suitable for the pups.

Observe the verbal and non-verbal emotions of the breeder when you are asking for information. See if he/ she gets hesitant in revealing details about the facilities.

A reputable breeder will never give their puppies to any family or home without inquiring. So, keep that in mind too when visiting any breeder.


What is the Maintenance cost in Arizona to raise a Pit Bull Puppy?

How much is the monthly cost of owning an American Pit Bull in Arizona? Well, the amount varies depending on a lot of factors. But most owners would say that initial investment will range from $200 to $1000. The list of cost is given below:


Cost of Dog Food:

For the initial first month, approximately $25 dollars would get you a mid-grade bag of quality food to feed your dog. Find some of the best-rated dog food when finding food for your dog.

A healthy dog supplement is recommended as well as quality dog food especially for training, working, dog shows, etc. Dog bowls are needed and cost around $50 or more.


Cost of Housing:

The cost of the crate will be between $50 and $100, but then again, it might not be a monthly price rather a one-time purchase. If you purchase an outdoor kennel, that will be more costly and might range from $400 to $800.


Pet Health Costs:

You might be handed an amount of $50-$100 on the first vet visit. You need to purchase flea and heartworm preventative which will cost you about $20.

You can expect to be spending $500 on the first purchase even if the pup is free of health issues. But the bright side is that most of these investments are for a lifetime.


The main cost will be on food, flea, and tick medicine which will be approximately $50 a month. Savings are advised in the case of an emergency and keeping aside $20 a month will help too.

It is better to have health insurance for the dog. However, those insurance policies can range from $15 to $100 a month, but they can certainly be useful in the case of an emergency which will save a budget and maybe even a life too.


Over To You

Do you find the above list and information useful? Is there any other information that you want me to add?

I am eager to know your thoughts. 

Enlighten me with your experience if you already know any reputable breeder of Arizona that is not on my list. I am always open to suggestions. Please do not forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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