Top 7 Best Great Dane Breeders In Arizona (AZ) State

If you are looking for the best quality Great Dane Puppy Breeders In Arizona state, then you are in the right place to meet with your pup!

Finding an authentic breeder of the Great Dane breed is really tough. Though Arizona state has a good number of Great Dane Breeders but sorting the authentic ones is very hard, specially avoiding puppy mills and backtrace breeders.

In this article, I have sum up 7 top reputable Great Dane breeders in Arizona. While sorting them I have focused on the authenticity, health support, pedigree support and also reviews from buyers.

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Find A Great Dane Breeder Near Me In Arizona State

Top 7 Best Great Dane Breeders In Arizona (AZ) State

1. Hudson Farms Great Danes

The Hudson Farms Great Danes is based on Scottsdale of Arizona. They started their journey in 2014. They have specialized in Great Dane puppies according to American Kennel Club (AKC) standard. They provide purely home breed and also ensure the quality of breeding according to AKC standard.

You can also be assured to get an AKC individual dog registration. The best thing about them is their puppies are checked regularly by a certified veterinarian. You will also get dewormed and at least the first set of vaccines. You will also get a puppy pack, a copy of the pedigree of the parents, and a one-month free certificate for pet insurance.

The co-owner and manager Karen has a huge experience with Great Dane breeding. She started her journey from Oregon and now in Arizona. She also has experience with German Shepherds, Boxers, and Toy Poodles.

You can get Mantle, Black, Blue and Harlequin Great Danes from them. So if you are looking for an authentic, experienced Great Dane breeder near Scottsdale, Hudson farms can be your first choice. We all know how good it is to own a in house bred and raised with love puppies.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

2. HausofBlues – Blue Great Danes 

The Haus of Blues is located in Calle Riobamba of Arizona. They are also one of the authentic Great Dane breeder in Arizona who prioritizes the quality of breeding. If you visit their website, you will understand how much love and care they posses for Great Danes.

They always make sure that the owner knows about all the basic needs of Great Dane. If you want to apply for a puppy from them, you will have to assure them that you are capable of keeping your Great Dane healthy and happy.

The Haus of blues also has transport service so if you are worried about how to take your puppy home, they will solve that too.

If you are considering applying for a puppy, go to their website. Then you have to fill up the puppy application and read the sample contract and health contract. You will also need to transfer a refundable deposit. When the litter is ready you will get an update from them.

You can check their Facebook page and YouTube channel for all the updates and pictures and videos of your lovely puppies.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane In Hill

3. TERED-DBM Great Dane

The TERED-DBM Great Dane is located in Northern California of Arizona. In the beautiful Sierra foothills or the “Gold Country”. If you visit their beautiful Danes, you will find all the Great Danes are enjoying and sharing love with humans.

One owner of TERED-DBM Great Dane owns and operates Airport Pet Clinic in Cameron Park. The other owner is now fulfilling his passion for breeding authentic Great Danes. 

You can be assured about the quality of breeding as they are members of many organizations. They are members of The Great Dane Club of America, The Great Dane Club of Northern California, The Great Dane Club of Monterey Bay and Hangtown Kennel Club.

To improve the breeding a careful and conscious breeder is important, this is the goal of TERED-DBM Great Danes. You can also be sure about the health and deworming of your puppies as the owner has a pet clinic.

So if you are looking for an authentic breed Great Dane in northern California, my suggestion is TERED-DBM Great Danes.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Address: Cameron park, Arizona, California, United States
  • Website: TERED-DBM Great Danes
  • Email:;;

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Great Dane With Leaf

4. EnzoDane

The EnzoDane is located in Tucson, Arizona. They are members of American kennel Club (AKC). The owner has a lifelong experience with Great Danes as he was raised with some beautiful Great Danes in his family.

EnzoDane is a member of The Great Dane Club of America, The Great Dane Club of Arizona as well as the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States.

So you can be assured by the quality of breeding from them. Their first priority is meeting the AKC standard for breeding but with equal importance on health and temperament.

They also focus on the longevity and sweet dispositions of the dogs. According to the owner, his goal is to ensure the fur kids an exemplary ambassadors of the breeds to which they belong.

Their Great Danes are also available for shows so if you are looking for a Great Dane to be the supermodel for your next shoot, hurry up and contact them. You can find all information about upcoming litters and available dogs on their website.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Owner’s Name: Nichole Bartlett
  • Address: Tucson, Arizona, United States
  • Website: EnzoDane
  • Email:
Great Dane In Ground

5. Copper State Danes

The Copper State Danes are located on Litchfield Park of Arizona. They are a small family-based breeder based on the beautiful sunny Litchfield Park. The Copper State Danes’ first priority is producing world-class AKC Great Dane puppies.

Their main focus is exceeding conformation standards along with great temperament and excellent health. Their specialization is Euro Blue Danes which is somewhat difficult to find in Arizona.

They also have blue harlequin studs and standard harlequin along with the Euro Blue Danes. All of their puppies are home raised with other pets and children so that they can get socialized well.

You can get all the information from their website about upcoming puppies and letters. They have two upcoming litters in 2021.You can also ask about the litters info in the enquiry section of their website.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane Is Happy

6. Velocity Great Danes

The Velocity Great Danes are a small family based breeder. The owner has had an amazing childhood with Great Danes in her family. After she got married and started her own family, she adopted her own Great Danes. The journey of Velocity Great Danes began there and now they are providing amazing Danes to many families.

They strictly follow the Great Dane Club of America Breeder Code of Ethics and are members of the Great Dane Club of America and the Great Dane Club of Arizona. Their Danes will only be the AKC registered.

The best thing about them is the health guarantee of all dogs. They test all dogs’ health after age two and post the results on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Their vets use an echocardiogram for Heart testing as that gives a better picture of heart health.

They also check ups the eyes and Xray for the whole body. So if you are looking for a healthy puppy with well tempered, well structure and longevity, Velocity Great Danes can be your first choice.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

Great Dane Dog

7. Premier Danes

The Premier Danes is located in Sierra Vista of Arizona. They are a small family owned breeder. Their commitment is producing the best Great Dane puppies. With conformation, health and temperament the highest of priorities, Premier Danes strives to be the best small breeder in the Southwest.

All of their puppies are raised inside the home with other dogs, cats and kids for early socialization. They never let their dogs in outdoor kennels so that they can be used for breeding purposes only.

If you get a puppy from them, you will also become a part of the family. You can see all the updates about their dogs and upcoming litters from their website. They update about all dogs on the Facebook page too.

Great Dane Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Address: 4860 S. San Paulo Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ. 85650. 520-335-1982
  • Website: Premier Danes
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Premier Danes

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Great Dane In Jungle

What Is The Rarest Color Of Great Dane In Arizona? 

The Great Dane breed can be 8 different colors and patterns. All of the colors and patterns are beautiful and unique in their own way. The white color Great Dane is the rarest color of Great Dane.

However, Fawn is the most common of the Great Dane colors. It’s also the most recognized. As we all can remember our favorite cartoon character Scooby-Doo who was a fawn Great Dane.

How Do I find Good Great Dane Breeders in Arizona?

Texas has a good number of Great Dane breeders compared with other states. Before you decide to take your Great Dane buddy to your home, We suggest you to keep the following things in mind:

  • Do some research, ask your vet as they know a lot about this. Or you can also ask a pet owner’s friends about where they have got their puppies.
  • Meet the breeder in person. Visit where your puppy was born and raised.
  • See the puppies parents, their genetic certificate. Then you will find the authenticity of your Great Dane breeder.
  • Be away from Puppy mills and Backward Breeders.

What Is The Maintenance Cost In Arizona To Raise A Great Dane Puppy?

According to the data of American Kennel Club. The average cost of the first year for a giant breeds such as Great Danes is an annual cost of $3536. 

You will need around 1800$-200$ to feed your Great Dane high quality foods. You will need to spend around 30$ for one grooming session of your Great Dane. You will also need an annual plan of around 400$ for the vet bills.

However, to keep your giant buddy healthy and happy, you need to give him proper care and affection just like your own child.

Great Dane Doggy

Why Should You Be Away From Puppy Mills And Backward Breeders?

 Backward breeders puppies have no authenticity. They breed from any dogs. You won’t find any genetic certificate for your puppy. Also there is always a chance that your puppy is not healthy or purely Great Dane breed.

Also puppies from puppy mills can have several health issues. As they are born and raised like cattle in a farm, so you won’t find the authenticity of the parents. That’s why we suggest you pick your Great Dane from home raised parents.

Over To You

Did you find your desired Great Dane Breeder from our top 5 recommendation? If not, please do not worry.

Are you a Great Dane Breeder in Arizona? Have we missed you from our list? Please comment below, we will also include you in our list.

Do you think we have missed any Breeder from your area? Feel free to notify us, we would like to hear from you.

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