Top 9 Best Rottweiler Breeders In Iowa (IA) State

If you’re looking for the best quality Rottweiler puppy breeders in Iowa (IA) state, then you are in the perfect spot!

Descended from the mastiffs of the Roman legions, Rottweilers are a great working dog breed. Their characteristics are very gentle and suitable for any family circle.

The Rotties are affectionate and extremely loyal towards their family members. They are also known to be one of the top intelligent dog breeds.

So, without a doubt, the breed is very popular among dog lovers. If you’re one of them and searching for a reputed Rottweiler breeder in Iowa state, here are the top 9 reputable and responsible Rottie breeders I’ve listed only for you. Enjoy!

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Top 9 Best Rottweiler Breeders In Iowa (IA) State

#1 Big Star Kennel

located in Southeast Iowa state, Big Star is a family-owned and run kennel that breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs, Rottweilers, along with Poodles and a variation of Doodles and White Golden Retrievers.

Their first dog was a white Golden Retriever. Later they took in a stray Rottweiler and fell in love with the breed. They are a family of dog lovers that turned their passion into full-time hobby breeding. They prefer their dogs to be described as farm-raised rather than kennel-raised.

The owners of Big Star love their dogs dearly and take great care of them. They breed responsibly and when it comes to their dog’s health issues, they take extra caution.

They are a USDA-certified breeder. All of their dogs including Rottweilers are AKC registered. The owners microchip and remove dew claws of all of their puppies before they send them to their forever home.

You are encouraged and invited to visit the Big Star Kennel. The owners want you to witness first hand, how they raise their dogs and the environment they grow up in.

Big Star Kennel is now available on Facebook and Instagram. You can follow their page to see daily updates on their breeding and litters. If you are interested in one of their Rottweilers, give Big Star Kennel a call to know more about them.

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#2 Squaw Creek Kennels

Squaw Creek Kennel is Iowa’s premier breeder of quality purebred and designer breed puppies. The kennel breeds various kinds of purebred and hybrid puppies. Their breed includes Cavachon-Poo, Cavachon, Dachshund, Chihuahua, Golden whoodle mini, miniature Schnauzer and of course Rottweilers.

Edward VanDoorn, the owner-breeder of Squaw Creek grew up on a farm and around animals. His first dog was a Dachshund. The experience with his first dog inspired him to take in more dogs and breed responsibly.

The goal of Squaw Creek Kennel is to provide quality bred dogs to people who need them more than just as entertainment.

The owner of the kennel has been providing therapy dogs to people who are in various stages of life, battling a difficult situation or a disease. He takes pride and great joy in knowing his dogs helped those people in any way possible.

Edward VanDoorn takes good care of his Rottweilers. He goes to great lengths to ensure his breeding practices, vaccinations program, preventative and health maintenance programs, sanitation are up to mark.

The kennel’s vet checks and gives the dogs health exams once a week. The puppies are guaranteed for diseases, vaccinated properly, and given a booster shot.

Squaw Creek Kennel provides a guarantee for their Rottweiler puppies and a 72-hour new puppy wellness check. Your Rotties will also have a one-year guarantee for any major congenital or genetic defects.

If you are interested in Squaw Creek Kennel Rottweiler puppies you can visit their website for more information. They currently have some available Rottweiler puppies. Contact them if you want to give them theirs forever home.

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#3 Haberman Rottweiler

Haberman Rottweiler is located in Northwood, Iowa operated by Brian and Becky Haberman. They are USDA license and state license registered breeders. They are one of the most popular Rottweiler breeders in Iowa state.

Brian and Becky Haberman have been breeding and raising Rottweilers for almost 24 years now. They have experience in breeding top-quality Rotties that are up to breed standards.

The owners of Haberman Rottweilers strive to produce Rottweilers with a huge head and maintain correct confirmation. They maintain conformation in both head and body and also a sound temperament along with a solid health history in their breeding program.

They aim for the top of the family bloodlines which have produced the highest quality puppies. Their Rottweilers are handled at birth and are socialized with children and also with other animals.

Brian and Becky Haberman do everything possible to make their puppy’s transition to their new homes as easy as it can be.

Haberman Rottweiler offers a full two-year health contract. You can visit their website to get updates about their upcoming litters and available puppies. Their contact information is available on their website.

The owners encourage you to contact them if you want to know about their Rottweilers or Rotties in general.

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#4 Sand Creek German Rottweilers

If you are looking for German heritage Rottweilers, raised in a rural, farm family setting, located in Iowa state, Sand Creek German Rottweilers is your place.

Gordon Lee Holdeman, the owner, and breeder of Sand Creek, is committed to providing quality dogs for people who love intelligent, fun-loving, companions. All of their Rottweilers are AKC breed standards.

Sand Creek Rottweilers are from the pure-bred high-quality German breed standards. Their Rottweilers dogs receive personal socialization and affection. The dogs grow up around family and get all the love and affection possible for their great temperament.

Gordon Lee Holdeman takes extra care when it comes to the dog’s socialization. The dogs are socialized with canine groups and family members for their better transition. The dogs grow up outdoors and get a lot of space to run free and play in.

Sand Creek provides AKC registration with all of their Rottweiler puppies. The kennel takes pride in their healthy dogs and encourages you to contact them if you want to know more about them.

They are a comparatively new breeder in Iowa and don’t have a working website yet. But you can easily find them in the AKC marketplace. Check them out if you are interested in getting a Rottweiler puppy from them.

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#5 Meierotto Rottweilers

Meierotto Rottweilers is located in Bonaparte, IA and has been breeding Rottweilers from 2018.They are a small family breeder that cares about the Rottweiler breed and breeds to preserve their quality and top-class bloodline. Their mission is to bring to you the authentic breed of the Rottweiler dogs.

Their Puppies are AKC registered and the parents are also registered by AKC. Which assures that their dogs are of top quality.

The dogs are socialized with people of different ages and various animals. The dogs grow up around children and receive a lot of love and affection. The dogs get proper shots. Their tails are docked and dew claws removed.

Puppies and dogs are vets checked and microchipped. The parents are imported from Europe and German.

Meierotto Rottweilers offer a health guarantee. They provide pedigree upon request. They require a non-refundable deposit to hold their puppies.

If you are interested in getting one of their puppies, you’re in luck. They have some available litters and you can check them out on their AKC marketplace page. They also have a Facebook page, check out their page for daily updates from the owners.

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#6 Schulte Farms Rottweilers

Schulte Farms Rottweilers provide high-quality, farm-raised Rotties from their home to yours. Their journey with Rottweilers started in 2013, with their family dog ‘Brutus’. Now they have multiple sire and dams on their farm. They love their Rottweilers and strive to breed to make them better.

Schulte Farms takes pride in both the quality of their dogs and the quality of the homes into which they place their puppies.

The owners place their pet pups only with loving, caring families. They want you to educate yourself with proper information about the breed and how to take care of them.

So that you can provide a healthy, clean, and loving home for Schulte Farm’s Rottweiler puppies. Their puppies are up to date with their vaccination and deworm before you take them home.

The take-home date of their puppies are generally 8-9 weeks from their birth. Their puppies come with limited AKC registration. If you are interested in their puppies, you can contact them to be put on their waiting list.

If you want to hold one of their puppies, you have to put down a deposit. They have the deposit form available on their website. You can check out their website for more information about them and their rottweilers.

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#7 Ardusers Rottweilers

Located in Nevada St Indianola, IA state Ardusers Rottweilers raise AKC registered Rotties. Ardusers Rottweilers was established in 1997. They strive to produce quality Rottweilers that have great temperaments.

Their dogs are beautiful, healthy, and display the correct structure. The owners and breeders of Ardusers Rottweilers want to preserve the line of these incredible companions.

They are very passionate about the Rottweiler breed and breed to better the bloodline. The breeders take good care of the litters as well as the parents. They are a homely breeder and their Rottweilers grow up around people of different ages.

So, the dogs get plenty of socialization and transition to their new homes easily. The Rottweiler puppies are vaccinated at the vet.

The puppies get regular health checkups. And when they are ready to leave with you, they will have dew claws removed and dewormed.

If you are interested in getting one of their Rottweiler puppies, you can check out their Facebook page. They don’t have a working website and operate their business from Facebook. You can simply text them on their Facebook page to check the availability of their litters or their pricing details.

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#8 Irish Eyes Kennels

Irish Eyes Kennels located in Grand Mound, Iowa state is operated by a hobby breeder. They produce top-quality Rottweilers and German Shepherds dogs. The owners only breed from proven lineage merit & health-certified dogs. They take pride in their quality and healthy Rotties.

Their puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age to assure proper placement and purpose for their new owners. Every one of their litter is raised at home, in the middle of their day-to-day life. Their dogs are loved and cared for.

The breeders make sure the rottweilers are socialized well with different aged people and various pet animals. They follow appropriate health protocols and do regular health checkups on their puppies.

You can visit their kennel or contact them to know more about their rottweiler puppies. The puppies come with a health guarantee. They are up to date on vaccinations and deworming, as well as a parasite control.

The Irish Eyes Kennel’s breeders encourage you to contact them if you are interested in their Rottweilers. They currently don’t have a website, but you can check them out on Facebook. Other contact details are also available on their Facebook page.

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#9 Von Nokken Rottweilers

Finally, last on the list, there’s Von Nokken Rottweilers kennel located in Mason City, IA state. They are a large family of dog lovers and are especially passionate about the Rottweiler breed.

They are passionate about raising Rottweilers who’ll be your best friends and also your protectors. They strive to produce rottweilers that will have family-oriented temperaments.

Their dogs are bred for excellent quality, intelligence, soundness, good health, and excellent temperament with a focus on conformation, and service. Their Rottweilers grow up in a big family and are always around people. So, the dogs get as much socialization as possible.

The dogs are also introduced to different kinds of pet animals so that they can adapt to new situations or a new home quite easily. The puppies will be dewormed on a regular basis and vaccinated before leaving for their forever homes.

Von Nokken Rottweilers currently don’t have a website and operate their business from their Facebook page. They have a huge following on their page.

You can check out their page for daily updates on their puppies or about upcoming litters. If you are interested in getting a puppy from them, you can simply text them on their page.

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Over To You

Getting a new puppy can be a hard decision. There are so many things to consider. But the most important thing is to choose a responsible and ethical breeder.

In Iowa state, there are a handful of Rottweiler breeders. I narrowed down 9 good and responsible Rottweiler breeders from Iowa. Let me know what you think of them.

Are you considering getting a Rottweiler? Have you researched about the breed you are getting?

Do you think Rottweilers are great home pets? Comment down and I’d like to know your opinions.

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