Top 6 Best Rottweiler Breeders In Mississippi (MS) State

When you are looking to get a puppy from the best quality breeders in Mississippi state, there’s a lot of factors you have to think about. The most important and also the hardest part is to choose a reputable breeder, who is also responsible for their dogs.

If you are in Mississippi right now and looking for a good Rottweiler breeder, I just made your job easier. Look through our list of the top 6 reputable Rottweiler breeders in Mississippi state and let me know what you think of them.

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Top 6 Best Rottweiler Breeders In Mississippi (MS) State

#1 Mississippi Rottweilers

Mississippi Rottweilers is located in Gloster, MS state. Brandy Stockstill is the owner and breeder of Mississippi Rottweiler Kennel.

He started breeding in 2010, with just a couple of dogs. Now, he is a renowned Rottweiler breeder of Mississippi state Raising Rottweilers is a family commitment for Brandy Stockstill. Brandy was curious about dogs ever since his childhood. When he was a kid, he always wanted to raise dogs.

Now, in his adulthood he is capable of taking good care of the dogs and also financially able, it is a dream come true for Brandy. While raising the dogs, he is also teaching his kids responsibility and good work ethics. His family-bound kennel makes his Rottweilers different from other dogs.

Mississippi Rottweilers is a breeding kennel that produces and sells AKC German and European standard Rottweiler Puppies, Youth, and Adults. They are a proud member of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The kennel is pursuing top champion bloodlines. They import their puppies from some of the best breeding kennels around the world. They can also provide extra care and socialization for puppies because their kids are homeschooled.

Their puppies are socialized with their four kids who are aged 9 to 17. The dogs are also able to play on the owner’s 20-acre kennel property. They follow the vet’s recommendations for shots and worming.

When you’re getting a puppy from Mississippi Rottweilers Kennel, your puppies will come with a health guarantee. This helps to ensure you are protected when purchasing from Mississippi Rottweilers. They have their health guarantee contract available for their new customers, on their website.

If you want to get a puppy from them, you will be asked to fill out an application. You will also be required to put a deposit to hold your puppy for you, until pickup.

They also suggest you research the breed and make sure you are prepared for your new addition to the family. If you want to know more about them, you can visit their website. They also have a Facebook page.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

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Rottweiler Puppies

#2 Rottweiler Zwinger vom Schönen Dorf

Rottweiler Zwinger vom Schönen Dorf is a small hobby Rottweiler kennel formerly of Northwest Florida, they are now located in Meridian, Mississippi. They are a “Code of Ethics” Rottweiler breeder of 100% German line Rottweiler puppies.

Scott Norris is the owner and breeder of Rottweiler Zwinger vom Schönen Dorf kennel. Showing and breeding rottweilers is an enjoyable hobby for him. The owner is very active in the ARV, RKNA, & AIRK German-style conformation shows here in the US. He has immense passion and devotion for this wonderful breed. He is also a Rottweiler enthusiast who spares no expense in his dogs or his Rottweiler breeding program.

All of the Kennel’s Rottweilers at Rottweiler Zwinger vom Schönen Dorf are either Pink Papered German Rottweiler Imports or are out of German Imports. The owner has chosen the German lines specifically because of their strict ADRK breeding requirements.

The ZTP– is a breeding test where qualified ADRK judges evaluate the rottweilers and a written critique of the entire test is provided to the owner. Each dog has three attempts to pass the ZTP. If the dogs pass in these 3 attempts, they are considered to be ‘not breed-able’.

This way the dogs are cared for strictly, and their dogs can preserve the best qualities of German standards. The dogs are also socialized regularly for a better transition when you take them home.

At Scott Norris’s kennel not only does he offer German line Rottweiler puppies for sale, but also has a new Pink Papered German Import Rottweiler stud.

The owner invests all he can into the breeding, raising, socialization, feeding, showing, and training of his rottweilers. Their goal at Rottweiler Zwinger vom Schönen Dorf is to produce the highest quality German line Rottweiler puppies that possess correct structure, genetic soundness, and excellent temperaments.

If you want to get your quality rottweiler from them, you can call them for available puppies or upcoming litters.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

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#3 Southern Bred Rotts

Southern Bred Rotts are a small kennel located in Brandon MS state. They have been raising this beautiful breed of Rottweilers for many years now. They strive to produce beautiful, loving, healthy, quality Rottweilers. Their Rottweilers come from pure European bloodlines.

They breed to preserve their Rotts’ bloodline and their European bloodline’s qualities. The owners of the kennel are very passionate about the breed and take as much care as possible for them and carefully choose their buyer so that their dogs can go to one loving family from another.

All Southern Bred Rotts, Rottweilers are AKC registered. Pedigrees are provided on each one of their dog’s pages, on their website. All of their dogs are of European descent. Southern Bred Rotts’ puppies come with AKC registration papers, tails docked, dew claws removed, and are provided their first shot and are on a worming regimen when they are ready for their new home. Their puppies are socialized with people of all ages and many different animals.

So, when you are taking one of their adorable puppies to your home, the puppies can easily adapt to a new household and your family.  

They update their website whenever they have available puppies or upcoming litters. you can contact them and get on their waitlist, to get yourself a European descendent Rottweiler.

They have a puppy contract available on their website. You can read the contract to get more information about how and what to do, to get a puppy from Southern Bred Rotts.

You can also call them or send them an email if you want to know more about them or their dogs.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

#4 R&R Rottweilers

R&R Rottweilers are a quality breeder of Rottweiler breeds. They are located in northern Mississippi. They strive to produce top quality with work ethic and temperament for all kinds of Rottweilers. They are a family-operated kennel. Their Rottweilers are raised in a homely environment.

The owners take pride in their quality Rottweilers. They are dedicated to preserving their Rottweilers DNA and making them better with each of their breeding programs.

Their Rottweilers have great temperaments and are great for home pets. They also have adult dogs trained to work as a service dog. Their rottweilers are socialized with people of all ages.

The rottweilers are also introduced with various animals. This helps them to adapt quickly in different situations and with different people. R&R rottweilers love their puppies and take great care of each and every one of them. Their rottweilers are given age-appropriate vaccinations and are given regular checkups. Their dew claws are removed and tails are docked.

So, when you come to pick up your puppy, you’ll have a perfect puppy waiting for you.

If you are interested in getting one of their adorable and healthy Rottweilers for you or your loved one, you can visit their website. They have many happy customers, who recommend them, if you are looking for good and healthy rottweilers.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any available puppies right now. But you can contact them to get on their waiting list.

You can also visit their website to know more about them and their adorable puppies. They also post updates about their litters on their website. They have also provided their business hours on their website.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

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#5 Prometheus Rottweilers

Prometheus Rottweilers use world class bloodlines to produce their World Class Rotts. They have high quality German Rottweiler puppies in their kennel. They take pride in their German standard Rotts. They import their high-quality studs directly from Germany. The owners are dedicated to breeding responsibly and with the right health instruction. Their Rottweilers are healthy and of good temperament.

Maintaining true German standard is a very responsible and quite hard job for a rottweiler breeder. But Prometheus Rottweilers do their job properly and maintain all the ADRK standards. In Germany, the ADRK serves as the Head Breed Warden. In there your rottweiler is more than a pet, it is also a working partner and a true member of the household.

Prometheus Rottweilers dogs are also socialized regularly. The owners spend a huge amount of time with their puppies. The puppies are welcomed inside the owner’s house. So that they can grow up in a homely environment. The dogs are checked by their vet regularly. The dogs in this kennel are vaccinated and given quality health treatment.

Their website is not currently updated, but you can check them out on Facebook. Their Facebook page is full of their adorable puppies. If you want to get a puppy from them visit their Facebook page for more information. You can also send them a text or email them describing what you are looking for.

They will review your information and match you with the best puppy that fits you and your home.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

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#6 Boss Babe Rotties – Vom Hause BBR

The kennel is located in Vardaman, Mississippi. Boss Babe Rotties – Vom Hause BBR are small homely kennels with purebred German Rottweilers. They specialize in breeding and raising their German Rottweilers.

The kennel’s rottweilers are registered with respected kennel clubs. They take pride in their quality Rottweilers. You can see how dedicated the owners are toward their dogs when you visit their Facebook page. They are a kennel full of love.

They are truly dedicated to preserving their breed quality and produce better Rottweilers with each breeding program.

All of their dogs are imported from Europe. So, you do not have to worry about their pure-bred Rottweiler’s qualities. The breeders are very careful and take safety precautions when it comes to their breeding program. They do tests for Hips, Elbows, Heart, as well as JLPP before any breeding takes place. They have litters upcoming all year round. They socialize their puppies with different ages of people.

The puppies also get familiar with different kinds of animals. These experiences make them adapt faster to new situations. Rottweilers are intelligent breeds, to begin with, the breeders also take care of the rottweilers’ mental state. So that they can grow up to their mark.

The rottweilers come with a health guarantee. When you are getting a puppy from Boss Babe Rotties – Vom Hause BBR, the puppy will be ready with age-appropriate vaccination shots, dew claw removed, ear cropped and tail docked.

The owner also offers lifetime support for you, when you get a dog from their kennel. The kennel has many happy customers and a growing client base. You can read their reviews on their Facebook page.

They currently don’t have a working website. But you are encouraged to contact them through their Facebook page if you have any questions or inquiries about the kennel or their puppies. You can also send them an Email.

They will get back to you with an available puppy list and pricing details.

Rottweiler Puppy Breeder Details:

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Over To You

Rottweilers are extremely loyal. They can be a great breed to take home as a house pet. They can also work as service dogs.

The tricky part is where to get a good Rottweiler. I hope my list can make your job of searching for the perfect little Rottie, a little bit easier.

Do you know about any other Rottweiler breeder in Mississippi state? What is the best breed of dog for a state like Mississippi? What other dog breeds are you interested in?

Let me know in the comment section. I would love to know your opinions.

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