Top 7 Best Husky Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

If you are struggling to find the best quality Husky Puppy Breeders in Wisconsin state, If that is the case, I am here to give you some good news. That is, I have done thorough research on this subject to assist you.

I have made a list of the top 7 reputable Siberian Husky Breeders of Wisconsin State. I have been careful to put only the experienced, reputed, and quality Husky breeders. Go through the list and make your own decision.

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Find A Husky Breeder Near Me In Wisconsin State

Top 7 Best Husky Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

#1 Maxhaven Kennels LLC

Maxhaven Kennels LLC is one of the most popular Husky breeding programs in my list. It is located in Pittsville city of Wisconsin State.

Since 1995, the owners, Duane and Deana have been raising and breeding Siberian Huskies. They are members of the American Kennel Club. All their dogs are AKC registered.

The dogs are kept in a suitable place for them to grow and play around. As it is a family breeding program, the Huskies turn out to be very social and friendly.  

What I find amusing about this breeding program is the fact that they have successfully been able to introduce their pups in every state in the continental United States. Not just the US, their roots have spread to Alaska, Canada and Saudi Arabia as well.

Once the Huskies are 7 weeks old they are ready for adoptions. If you want to keep the Siberian husky puppies as pets it will cost $800. For full AKC registration with breeding rights, they require you to spend $1500.

Maxhaven Kennels makes sure the puppies are examined at the Marshfield Veterinary Service by a licensed veterinarian, had their first few shots, micro chipped, dewormed if you purchase from them. They also provide health and genetic guarantee, puppy food, toys, a collar, and a blanket.

Duane and Deana are very understanding. In order to answer all your questions and match your family with the right puppy, they are willing to spend a significant amount of time.

I recommend you to visit their website and Facebook page first. You may find all the information you are looking for. The adorable pictures along with details of the Siberian Huskies are given there. Besides, they provided updates on their upcoming litters, payment methods and other useful information as well.

If any question arises, contact them on their telephone number or email address.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Duane and Deana
  • Address: Pittsville, Wisconsin
  • Telephone: 1-715-884-3203
  • Website URL/ Link: Maxhaven Kennels
  • Reviews:
  • Email:

#2 Whispering Winds Huskies

Whispering Winds Huskies is a family oriented breeding program. It is located in western Wisconsin.

They have been in this breeding business since 2005. The Huskies are no less than family members and are raised in a friendly environment. For this, you automatically get a well-socialized fur baby if you purchase from them.

The breeders have been breeding to develop fluffy, thick coated Siberian Huskies with good temperament that are difficult to find. They have been doing neurological stimulation activities to assist the pups to learn new things and process them.

Whispering Winds Huskies ship their dogs anywhere within the United States. If you want to reserve any puppy a non-refundable $200 dollar deposit is required.

They make sure to vaccinate, deworm the pups before sending to your home. Unless there has been permission for show/breeding rights, all puppies are sold on a limited registration.

Visit their website to know about the latest updates on the Siberian Huskies. You will also get the chance to see the beautiful faces of the male and female Huskies there. Besides, to see the wonderful feedback of the previous buyers go to their Facebook page.

Contact them on their email or telephone address to set an appointment or if you have any queries.  

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

Siberian Husky Standing

#3 East Inn Huskies

East Inn Huskies is a family operated Siberian Husky breeding program. It is located in Wausau city of Wisconsin.

They have been breeding Huskies since 2017. Their journey begins with having two purebred Huskies named Thor and Ava. Although they are comparatively new, they have put much effort to be in the position they are today in a short amount of time.

They are devoted towards the dogs. This is a good place to consider if you want to add Huskies to your breeding business or want as family companions. All the puppies cost $1200 in total. This amount includes the $103 which is needed to reserve your puppy.

Visit their website to have a better understanding about their program. Their Facebook page contains wholesome pictures and videos of the Siberian Huskies with the breeders and children. You will also come across the wonderful reviews of the satisfying customers.

If you decide to purchase from them, send them the required deposit. After 7-8 weeks of the pup’s birth schedule a visit.

Call or text them if you have any question in mind. You also have the option to contact them directly through their website.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Alisha
  • Address: 116 E Ross Ave Wausau, WI 54403
  • Telephone: (913) 669-3641
  • Website URL/ Link: East Inn Huskies
  • Reviews:
  • Email:

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Siberian Husky In Green

#4 TreeLine Siberians

TreeLine Siberians is a small, reputed Siberian Husky kennel. It is located near Madison, Wisconsin.  

The dogs are like family members to them. The breeding journey of The Snyder family begins after having Ara, their first Siberian Husky. After that they became more interested in this breed and the story of TreeLine Siberians begins.

Their breeding program preserves the distinctive characteristics of the breed while focusing on the development of superior fitness, temper and conformation of the Huskies. Besides breeding, they are also devoted to enlighten people who are likely to get their own fur baby about responsible ownership of dogs.

The breeders are very careful when it comes to breeding the right dogs. They spend countless hours learning about this breed and choose only those with a superior health, temperament and compliance.

What I like about them is that unlike most breeding programs they are not worried about becoming number one or producing the largest number of Champions. As a matter of fact, the sole intention of Kevin and Mara Snyder is to breed quality and healthy dogs. As a result, you can expect that most females would not have more than 2-3 litters in their lifetime.

Kevin and Mara are very strict about sending their pups to the right home. So, make sure to do your research if you want to purchase from them. They only sell the Huskies with limited AKC registration.

Visit their website to have a chance to look at the wonderful puppies they have. You can also get necessary information on their breeding plans and future litters from there.

Message them directly from their website if any question pops into your mind. You can also contact them on their telephone or email address.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Kevin and Mara Snyder
  • Address: Madison, WI
  • Telephone: (239) 287-5243
  • Website URL/ Link: Treeline Siberians
  • Facebook URL:
  • Email:
Siberian Husky Happy

#5 Happy Huskies

Happy Huskies is a hobby Husky breeding program. It is located in the Ellenboro city of Wisconsin.

The first Siberian Husky of Happy Huskies was called Max. The love for Huskies grows within the breeder, Jan from taking care of Max and fulfilling his little needs.

The dogs are like family companions to them. In fact, as being part of the family these pups go biking, swimming with the breeders. These Huskies are lucky enough to get enough space in the pasture to roam around and play.

Their goal is to create an ambiance where everyone living on the farm can find peace, joy and happiness. Apart from Siberian Huskies, they also have beef cattle and sheep.

Their Siberian puppy costs $850. With a deposit you can also reserve any puppy and be on their waiting list.

Visit their website to get to know the breeders and the Huskies better. Go to the blog section to see the videos and images of the Huskies performing different activities.

According to the website they do not have any puppies available now for adoption. However, I want to recommend you to contact them for reassurance. In order to do that, call or email Jan at their provided contact addresses.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Jan
  • Address: Ellenboro, WI
  • Telephone: (608) 723-8789
  • Website URL/ Link: Happy Huskies
  • Email:
Siberian Husky Puppy

#6 Trepak Siberians

Trepak Siberians is a Siberian Husky breeding program located in the St. Croix River valley region of North-Western Wisconsin.  

The breeder, Eileen M. Gacke has the experience of interacting with this breed long before she actually owned one. Her breeding journey begins after the very first time she walked into the show ring. It has been 20 years since that. 

The dogs are not just for shows. In fact, they are like family members to her and kept indoors with others. It is a hobby of the breeder to show and engage the canines in many activities.

Eileen is an active member of the Siberian Husky Club of America and the Siberian Husky Club of the Twin Cities, Inc. Her objective is to produce Huskies of high quality that meet the fitness, temperament, and structure of AKC standard. Besides, they make sure to carry out all the required health tests like CERF and OFA on the parents.

The breeders are careful in choosing suitable homes for their pups. They also make sure to choose the perfect fur baby for you and your environment. That is why each litter is checked at the age of 7 weeks with the intention of gaining an insight of the personality of each puppy.

Trepak Siberians sell their Huskies on spay/neuter contracts. Once you purchase from them, Eileen guarantees to be there for you in any assistance you need with your dog. She also ensures lifetime bonding with her puppies.

Visit their website. You will come across the information on the current and previous canines. If you are interested in buying from them, an appointment must be made for meeting the breeders and their canines.

For more information contact them at their given email address.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Eileen M. Gacke
  • Address: NW Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota
  • Website URL/ Link: Trepak Siberians
  • Email:
Siberian Husky Beautiful

#7 KPM Siberians

KPM Siberians is a renowned breeding program located in Amery, Wisconsin. This is a good place to consider if you are looking for stunning, high-quality Husky puppies with AKC registered and CKC registered.

Their Siberian Husky pups are social and friendly. They have the experience of breeding dogs for 11 years and precisely 5 years of breeding Siberian Huskies. They are licensed by Wisconsin State.

Go to their website to have a look at the adorable male and female fur babies. The names of the dogs along with details are given below their pictures. Visit their available puppy page. The prices of the pups vary from one another.

To know more about the upcoming litters and available puppies contact them directly from their website.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

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Over To You

Do you think my list can be useful to your research? Which part of Wisconsin State do you come from? Did I cover your city? If not, which breeder was nearest to you?

Enlighten me if you know any Siberian Husky breeder of Wisconsin that I have not put in the list. I am open to suggestions and ready to feature them anytime.

Please leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. Wish you good luck in finding the perfect Husky breeder for you. 

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