Top 7 Best Husky Breeders in Minnesota (MN) State

Having the hardest time in finding the best quality Husky Puppy Breeders in Minnesota state, among so many? Well in that case leave all the worry behind because to assist you I have already done my research on some of the best Siberian Husky breeders of this State.

From my research, I have made a list that contains the top 7 reputable Husky breeders of Minnesota State. I have been cautious to include only the experienced, reputed, and quality Husky breeders.

Go through them all and choose wisely.

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Find A Husky Breeder Near Me In Minnesota State

#1 Tricia’s Siberians LLC

Tricia’s Siberians LLC is a small kennel. It is located in Le Sueur city of Minnesota State.

They show their dogs in both AKC and UKC conformation. They have the experience of participating in Trick Dog events as well. When it comes to breeding Tricia, the breeder makes sure the Huskies are health tested.

They provide you puppies that are vaccinated, microchipped, and vaccinated. They also send the Huskies to their new homes with a puppy kit which includes food, toys, treats etc. The breeders request the buyers to send the pups back at any age if they no longer can afford to keep them.

Tricia’s Siberians LLC sells their Siberian Huskies as pets with limited registration at the price of $1500. They do not provide breeding rights. Only if you have prior approval for show/breeding rights, you can breed their Huskies.

If you want to hold any of the pups, a non-refundable $300 is required. Once they turn 8 weeks old you will be able to choose your desired pup. They can assist you in choosing the right fur baby according to your needs.

If you purchase from them you have to keep in mind that you have to go there in person as they do not ship their puppies.  They already have planned litters for May 2021.

Visit their website to have a better understanding. Go through the review section of their Facebook page to see what the previous buyers said about them. You will also come across adorable pictures of their lovely Siberian Huskies.

To know more, contact them at their Facebook page or given email address.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

#2 Jasper Blues Siberians

Jasper Blues Siberians is a good place to consider if you are looking for a good husky with an excellent temperament.

The breeder, Amy Junes is very fond of the Husky babies. She treats the Huskies like family members and raises them indoors among children. As a consequence, they turn out to be well-socialized. Her love for the dogs can easily be understood by looking at the beautiful canines.

I like how they are so careful to only choose the pups for breeding who pass their yearly eye testing & OFA hip/health certification testing. The breeders spend countless hours studying the best ways to give puppies an ideal start to life so that they leave them healthy, well-rounded, and well-prepared to join their new families.

Jasper Blues Siberians create a good bond with the buyers and keep in touch with the dogs as much as possible. The breeders are careful about sending their Siberian Huskies to the right home. That is why they require you to fill out the puppy questionnaire form if you want to purchase from them.    

Once the Huskies are 8 weeks old you can adopt them. You can do that by visiting with an appointment. They do not provide breeding rights. You can hold up to 4 puppies at a time if your questionnaire gets approved.  Each pup requires a non-refundable $400 amount.

If you purchase from them, you will get dewormed and microchipped puppies with their first vaccination. They will also provide AKC registration, a puppy start-up pack that includes a blanket, a 24-month genetic health guarantee on eyes and hips.

Visit their website and Facebook page to get a better understanding of them. The beautiful images of the male and female Siberian Huskies are given there as well. To know more contact them on their telephone or email address.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

#3 Aruff Siberian Huskies

Aruff Siberian Huskies is a well-known family-based dog breeding program in my list. Taking up to 40 acres of space, it is located in the Northwoods of Akeley, Minnesota.

This breeding program has been on the run since 1992. The Huskies get quite a lot of space and a perfect environment to roam around and play.

They have Russian and UKC Champion Registered Siberian Huskies. These pups are purebred and AKC registered as well.

The breeder, Sharon, is devoted to raising family companion Huskies. In this case, I can tell you that she has succeeded. Her dogs are very well-socialized, loving, and have good temperaments. They love to be around humans and interact with them. They are raised with children from the very start which helps them in developing a far better and softer personality.

Aruff Siberian Huskies is committed to raising puppies of high quality. That is why they are careful to pick each parent with the best health and genetics. Apart from breeding, they are also involved in Siberian Husky rescue.

The breeders take the Huskies’ health very seriously. The dogs are frequently vaccinated, vet checked, and dewormed. They pride in giving a lifetime health and temperament guarantee for every puppy.

Once the Siberian Huskies are 8 weeks old they are ready for adoption. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to be on their waiting list. When your puppy is selected, an extra $300 is required at that time, till before the puppy is ready to go.

They make sure the dogs are microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed before sending to your home. They also provide the puppy’s pedigree, health record, Bag of puppy food, NuVet Vitamins, Blanket, Dog Collar or Harness, Toy.

If you want to purchase your own little fur baby as a pet, this is a good place to consider. They hardly give puppies breeding rights.

Visit their website as it contains detailed information about them and their pups. To have a better look at the Huskies, it is better to visit their YouTube page as well. Go to the review section of their Facebook page to see others’ experiences.

If you have any queries, call or text Sharon at the given addresses on their website.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

Siberian Husky In Green

#4 Whitefield Siberians

Whitefield Siberians is a devoted dog breeding program located in Willmar, Minnesota.

The breeders, Leonard and Brenda Jergenson have the experience of breeding puppies of over 20 years. The dogs get the opportunity to interact with the family members and other dogs as well. They breed 1-2 litters a year because they love this breed and want to share this pleasure with others.

They make sure the pups are AKC registered, dew claws removed, vaccinated before sending to your doorstep. They also provide a health guarantee and puppy kit.

If you reserve any dog from them, they will provide you the photos and videos so that you can enjoy seeing them grow. To reserve their Huskies, you need to fill out the puppy questionnaire form. You are also welcome to visit them.

Go to their website to see the photos of the male and female Siberian Huskies along with their details. You will also get an idea of their current available or planned litters.

If you have any queries, contact them on their telephone or mail address.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Leonard & Brenda Jergenson
  • Address: 6300 7 St SW Willmar, MN 56201
  • Telephone: +1 320-894-2406
  • Website URL/ Link: Whitefield Siberians
  • Facebook URL: Whitefield Siberians
  • Email:
Siberian Husky Puppy

#5 Liberty Siberians

Liberty Siberians is a Husky breeding program located in Little Falls, Minnesota. If you are looking for a show-bred dog, this is a very good place to consider.

The breeder, Bonnie Schaeffel is very fond of this breed. She has championed and grand championed dogs in AKC, UKC, and CKC (Canada), as well as in International/National Dog shows. Liberty Siberians have achieved the position of being number one in UKC showing 5 times in total.

Bonnie put much effort and spends a lot of time studying pedigrees and researching about this breed from other breeders. She raises each pup like her own child and makes sure they go to a good home.

In case of breeding the breeder only prioritize the ones with good mental and physical health. If you purchase from them you can expect to have a lifetime bond with them.

Apart from breeding this program also offered their knowledge on this breed in the past to the interested people. You can make an assumption of this breeding program from their well-socialized dogs. The beautiful and loving Huskies are the representative.

Go to their website to see what they offer along with their pups. They have provided all the information in detail. You will get to see the images of the Siberian Huskies as well. Contact them for further inquiry.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Bonnie Schaeffel
  • Address: Little Falls, MN 56345
  • Telephone: 320-493-0654
  • Website URL/ Link: Liberty Siberians
  • Email:

#6 Echoing Wind Siberians

Echoing Wind Siberians is a small home for Siberia Huskies. It is located in Randall, Minnesota.

They have AKC, UKC, and IABCA International Champion Siberians. They have over 50 years of collective experience in producing high-quality Siberian Huskies with excellent temperaments, charm, and grace.

The breeders of this kennel, Charity Reger and Robin Malchow strive to produce good quality Siberian Huskies. They create a lifetime bond with their pups and are willing to take them back anytime.

They are very careful in choosing the right home for their fur babies. That is why, unlike most breeding programs, they require you to fill out the puppy application form and give a phone interview before making any deposit.

The breeders of Echoing Wind Siberians are very confident when it comes to the temperament of their Huskies. They take pride in raising pups with excellent temperament and also give you written health guarantees.

When it comes to breeding they prioritize the health, temperament, and structure of the dogs, putting less emphasis on color and marking.

The amount of the Huskies is $2500 which contains $500 non-refundable deposit to be included on the waiting list.  The puppies go to their new homes with a microchip, AKC limited registration papers, and puppy starter kit. The puppy star kit includes puppy vaccination, a copy of the health guarantee, pup’s pedigree, puppy food, a toy, a training guide etc.

Visit their website to have a look at their beautiful male and female Huskies. You will get an understanding of their current available pups and adults and how they are like. The gallery section contains lovely pictures and videos of the Siberian Husky babies.

They welcome you to call or text them if you have any questions in mind regarding the dogs. The contact addresses are given on the website.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Name of the owner(s): Charity Reger and Robin Malchow
  • Address: 3724 215th St Randall MN, 56475
  • Telephone: 920-203-2988
  • Website URL/ Link: Echoing Wind Siberians
  • Reviews: Echoing Wind Siberians
  • Email:
Siberian Husky Beautiful

#7 Posh Husky Puppies

Posh Husky Puppies is a Siberian Husky breeding program located in Saint Joseph, Minnesota.

It is a family breeding program. The heart-melting pictures of the lovely Huskies are given on their website. It also contains thorough information on this breed. Read the FAQ section to get an insight into Siberian Huskies.

They do not have any puppies available at the moment. However, I want to recommend you to keep an eye on their Facebook page to know the latest updates. You can also contact them via email. A non-refundable $200 is required to reserve each Husky.   

Posh Husky Puppies always try to choose the best home for their pups. If you are interested to purchase from them, go to their website and fill out the puppy application. This will help them to determine whether their puppies are a good match for you or not. If you do get approved, they will put you on their waiting list.

Husky Puppy Breeders Details:

Siberian Husky Standing

Over To You

What do you think about the list? Do you think it can reduce your workload to some extent? Did the list cover the area you are from?

Do leave your valuable insight in the comment section.

Besides, if you know any Siberian Husky breeders from any part of Minnesota that I have not included in the list, you can also suggest me that. I will be very happy to feature them.

Wish you good luck in finding the perfect Husky breeder for you. 

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