Why Do Dachshunds Dig So Much? 5 Common Ways To Stop!

Ever wondered why on earth your Dachshunds dig holes for no apparent reason? Dachshunds dig. If you’ve been with Dachshunds for a while, then I am sure you already know the reason behind it. Digging for Dachshund is a natural activity and it’s high time you make peace with it.

Why does your Dachshund dig a lot? Dachshunds dig due to their natural instinct of hunting badgers and other ground animals. Sometimes they do it for fun as well. Dachshunds are hound dogs and were actually bred to catch and hunt down animals that live in small tunnels and are a threat to crops in general.

So, If you see your Dachshund puppy digging, then stay calm. It’s just in their nature. Dachshunds dig tirelessly. The more they do it, the more relaxed they are. So, if you are a first-time Dachshund owner and concerned about your Dachshund digging, then trust me, there is nothing to worry about! 

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Why Do Dachshunds Dig So Much?

Do Dachshunds Like To Dig?

Dachshunds are hound dogs. Originated in Germany, these hound dogs are best known for their amazing body structure and distinct features. Dachshunds are not for everyone.

If you are someone who has no patience at all, then you should forget about keeping a dachshund as it takes a lot of time to take care and to handle the shenanigans of these doxies.

Do Dachshunds like to dig? Dachshunds are made for burrowing. They are bred for hunting tunnel animals and vermins. Dachshunds like to dig even in their playtime. Their sleek and long body, pointy nose, and sharp claws make them the best hunters amongst other hound dogs.

According to American Kennel Club (AKC), the dachshunds secured 12th position out of 197 due to their popularity among dog enthusiasts.

Why do Dachshunds dig holes? The Dachshunds were bred to burrow and hunt. This results in their digging holes for no reason at all. Even if they don’t find anything, Dachshunds like digging for fun.

6 Possible Reasons: Why Does Your Dachshund May Like To Dig In The Backyard Garden?

If you are a Dachshund owner and if you own a garden or backyard lawn, then be prepared for the ultimate game. Different Dachshunds are different individuals. Thus, they can dig for various reasons besides the innate habit to burrow.

Dachshund digging holes are nothing to be concerned about. Dachshund digging garden is a common sight to observe if you own one. They love it and they enjoy it a lot.

So, Why do Dachshunds dig holes? Innate trait of digging and hunting the tunnel animals drives Dachshunds to dig holes even if it’s just a backyard garden or a pile of sand. Some do it for fun too!

#1 Dachshunds’ Hunting Prey

Dachshunds hunt for animals that live beneath grounds. Hey, hunt for burrowing animals. Dachshund’s body tells a lot about their hunting instinct. Their elongated body, pointy nose are to smell and hunt the burrow animals or vermins that live in your yards.

There are specific signs to detect whether they are hunting anything or digging pointlessly. If you notice your Dachshund digging in a single area rather than the boundaries of the yard, then they definitely have a clue of some animals down there.

If you catch your Dachshund digging around the base of trees, bushes or decks, instead of the yard boundaries, then it can also be a sign of some burrowing animals in your garden. When it comes to detecting yard animals, trust your Dachshund’s instinct.

To eliminate these animals, avoid using harmful and toxic medicines or products that may cause harm to not only the other animals but also to your Dachshund as it has a burrowing trait. Instead, look for more humane methods to catch these and put them outside your garden or yard.

In extreme cases, call an expert instead of applying methods on your own.

Dachshund Puppies

#2 Your Dachshund Dog is Bored

Why does my dachshund dig holes? This question might have popped in your mind for zillion times. dachshund digs. They do it for entertainment, even if there’s nothing to hunt or find. Dachshund digging holes refers to a lot of reasons.

If your Dachshund is left alone for a long period of time or if it has no toys or playmates to play with, then it starts digging for entertainment. Digging not only keeps them busy, but also helps them to get enough exercise for a day which keeps your doxie to stay happy and healthy. 

#3 Your Dachshund Puppy is Trying to Escape

You see your Dachshund digging near the yard boundaries. Are you sure about the dachshund digging for badger? Or is your dachshund digging for moles? Sometimes Dachshunds dig to escape. Escape in a manner to catch something or to reach a point, or maybe due to anxiety that stems from a long time of staying alone without any interaction.

Dachshunds although keep themselves entertained, they need a lot of attention, affection and interaction to keep their mind fresh and anxiety-free. Escaping is a bad trait as dogs are the best loyal companions and they always want to stay closer to you. So, make sure you give your dachshund enough time to stay with you.

#4 Your Dachshund Needs Shelter And / or Comfort

It is a mystery at times to figure out the reason behind a dachshund puppy digging. It can have a relation with the weather as well. Dachshunds often dig if the soil is cooler.

Dachshund digs a shallow hole and lays down in the hole which is quite comfortable for them on hotter days. One reason behind your dachshund digging garden can be the need of shelter. If your Dachshund is an outdoor dog and does not have a dog house or shelter to get away from the weather elements, then it digs to save itself.

If the positioning of the dog house is not in a comfortable and shady place then Dachshunds tend to dig to make themselves comfortable in different weather.

Dachshund Looking Forward

#5 Your Dachshund Is Concerned About Her Survival

Dachshunds as well as dogs of other breeds often dig to store food to survive. They dig to store their valuable things if they do not feel safe anywhere. It is a natural trait of dachshunds to dig for burrowing animals such as badgers, moles, groundhogs, hedgehogs, insects etc.

If there are no particular findings then they dig for fun. They often hide their toys, food or bones in holes to keep them safe. It is only to protect these things as they are precious to your Dachshund.

#6 Female Dachshund Dogs May dig Holes As part of their natural mating behavior.

Another possible reason behind why your Dachshund digging your garden is a sign of mating. Females Dachshunds often dig when it is their mating time and they are in heat. You should pay attention and keep a keen eye to your female Dachshunds mating time to keep it healthy.

It is natural for dogs to act differently when they are ready and receptive to mating. Pregnant Female dachshunds start digging due to their motherly instincts as they prepare a den for their puppies. Be careful and don’t forget to keep your pooch in check so that it does not overwork itself due to digging habits.

Do you know any other possible reason for why Dachshunds dig in gardens? Did we miss out on any points? Let us know below!

Is Your Dachshund Digging Holes For Plants?

Dachshunds are great diggers! I am not talking about hole-digging, they have records to dig for hours, digging flower beds, big holes and what not! This is their natural habit and you can’t change them but a little knowledge about the reasons and proper training may save your day.

Dachshund digging holes for plants is not a matter of concern until they start pulling out the plants. Dachshunds are great garden-helpers and love to be around when you are busy with garden stuff, so keep your dachshund in check! 

What To Do If Your Dachshund Starts Digging For Plants?

  • Increase exercises: Less exercises make anxious Dachshund. They start digging plants when they do not get enough chance to dig or when they lack adequate amounts of exercises.  Increase the activities to keep your Dachshund busy and away from the plants.
  • Supervise: Keep your Dachshund under constant supervision. This way it will get enough attention and will be away from the plants. 
  • Digging pit: Bring your doxie a fun digging pit! If your Dachshund gets its own digging pit, then he will be busy with digging holes in his own pit all the time.
  • Certain area for digging: If you don’t think the idea of bringing a digging pit is not feasible, then make room for your Dachshund to dig at a certain place. Hide a toy under that certain place and train your Dachshund to dig it out. The sense of familiarity will bring them to a certain area for the next digging session!
  • Discourage: Discourage when your Dachshund pulls out the plants. Instant discouragement makes them choose what is allowed and what is not. By discouragement, I do not mean to yell or to beat. Never ever do that! Maybe some display of anger emotion or some commands like “No”, “Don’t do it”, “Stop” will help them to understand that this is forbidden.
  • Daily Training: Training saves a lot. If you can train your Dachshund into a habit of not destroying the garden and to play in his designated area, then it saves your garden from destruction smoothly.

Is Your Dachshund Digging Up For Crabs?

You are at the beach having fun to the fullest. Suddenly you notice your Dachshund is digging in sand curiously. You look up close and are surprised to realize it is actually digging for a crab.

Beach is a common place to find red, black and white sand crabs as crabs like to stay under warm sand and often use the sand to hide by camouflaging from the enemies. 

If your dachshunds dig up crab, immediately take action! It is better the dachshund as if the crab attacks your dog, the results may end up in unpleasant situations. So, Better safe than sorry!

What To Do If Your Dachshund Starts Digging Up For Crabs?

  • Stop your Dachshund: It can be dangerous for both the dog and the crab, so it is better to stop your Dachshund digging up for Crabs immediately.
  • Save the crab: If your dachshund already caught the crab, then save it from its mouth first. Take it out and release the crab a little far from where the Dachshund is.
  • Keep the Dachshund away: Keep your Dachshund away from the certain area where it was digging up for crabs. To stop Dachshunds digging up for crabs discourage their act instantly to teach them it is forbidden.

Is Your Dachshund Digging Up For Badgers?

Dachshunds were bred to eliminate badgers.They are bred to smell the scent of badgers and hunt them down as soon as they dig their way to the badgers.

Dachshund digging for badger is a common trait as you cannot ignore the fact behind why this particular breed was bred.

What To Do If Your Dachshund Is Digging For Badgers?

  • Stop immediately: If you want to stop your Dachshund digging up for badgers then immediate action is needed. Immediate discouragement works the best.
  • Train them: Train them not to run or dig for tunneling animals. Although burrowing and hunting animals is why they were bred for, the act can be kept under control with proper training.
  • Provide a digging spot: Providing a certain digging spot keeps the dachshund busy and keeps them away from hunting badgers. 

Is Your Dachshund Digging Up For Moles?

Moles are little earth mammals that live on the insects and vermins of your backyard garden.

Although it keeps your garden almost insect-free, the holes they dig look ugly in a beautiful garden. To see your dachshund digging for moles is common as they were bred to hunt these earth animals out.

What To Do If Your Dachshund Starts Digging For Moles?

  • Instant discouragement: To stop your Dachshund digging up for moles you need to go for instant discouragement. Dogs do not usually disobey commands so use the trick to stop the habit.
  • Keep them busy: Playing with your puppy for plenty of time and keeping them busy and away from the garden may help in this case.
  • Enough toys and digging pit: Toys and a personal digging pit can stop Dachshunds dig up for Moles

Why Do Dachshunds Dig In Construction?

Dachshunds love to dig. Sand pits are their favorite places. If you find your Dachshund digging in a construction site, then the only reason is they are excited!

Excited to see all those sand piles and could not resist digging. Training a dachshund pup is not easy but nothing is impossible as well. So, a little try is never a waste!

What To Do If Your Dachshund Starts Digging In Some Constructions?

  • Make them understand: Making your Dachshund understand that it should be at home and dig at a certain place, not at a construction site.
  • Use the toys: Bury their favorite toy at a certain place. Tell them to find it out. This game will keep them busy and help them to understand that they should dig at a certain place only.
  • Instant Awards: Give them treats instantly. If your Dachshund obeys you then reward them with a treat. This will encourage them to obey your rules more!

Why Do Dachshunds Dig In The Beds?

Bed is the perfect spot to rest after a whole day of tiring activities. Dachshunds were bred to burrow. They dig holes to sleep naturally, which is the only reason behind dachshund digging in bed. 

Why does your Dachshund puppy like to dig in bed? Even though you give your Dachshund a cozy bed with foams and blankets, it will dig the bed before it sleeps as that’s what they are supposed to do naturally. After all, innate habits can never be changed!

How to stop your Dachshund from digging in bed? Digging in bed makes the place comfortable and cozy and it helps your Dachshund to fall asleep right away. If this is naturally comforting for your pooch, then stopping it is not an option!

Why Do Dachshunds Start Digging In Carpets?

Carpets are meant to be slightly different than hard and solid surfaces. As carpets add a mushy and earthy feeling to your home, your Dachshund may take it as a place to dig in.

Boredom is a primary reason in the case of a Dachshund digging carpet. 

What To Do If Your Dachshund Starts Digging In Carpets?

  • Give them attention: How to stop your Dachshund from digging carpets? Give them attention. Play with your doxie. These pups love to get attention from everyone. This may distract them from scratching or digging the carpets.
  • Eliminate boredom: To stop Dachshunds digging carpets, you need to make sure your dog is not bored. Boredom often makes them scratch the carpets. Give them toys to play with, to chew when they are bored.
  • Check for problems: Scratching carpets may also indicate some discomfort in your pup. Check whether something is bugging them or not. To be safe, pay a visit to the nearest vet.

Why Do Dachshunds Start Digging In Crates?

Dogs have a natural instinct of digging for dens. Why do Dachshunds dig in crates? Natural instinct of digging for shelter makes them dig in crates.

Dachshunds digging in crates are nothing to be worried about. They enjoy digging in crates as the natural behavior makes them happy.

What To Do If Your Dachshund Starts Digging In The Crates?

You can try the following tips to stop your Dachshund from digging in their crate 

  • Walk your dog daily.
  • Give toys to keep your dog busy.
  • Train them with time and patience.
  • Play with them.
  • Instant rewarding system.

Dachshunds dig due to their natural instinct. They dig in crates for the same reason too. There’s nothing much to worry about in this case.

Why Do Dachshunds Dig Their Toys?

Dachshunds are very intelligent dogs. They are very responsive and witty when it comes to taking actions. They like to bury their precious things in the ground. They often bury foods, toys, even treats you give daily too! 

Why do Dachshunds dig their toys? Hiding the prized possession is a natural trait of Dachshunds. Dachshund digging toys is a common phenomena. They bury their toys and dig up when they want to play with it.

What To Do If Your Dachshund Starts Digging The Toys?

  • More toys!: Make the game fun for them. Dachshunds like digging their toys. So, the more the merrier!
  • Daily checkup: It is alright for them to bury and dig their toys every now and them. However, be careful about not mistaking the digging trait as just a playful activity. Visit the vet daily to make sure your pet is anxiety free and healthy all the time.

How to stop your Dachshund from digging toys? Why stop them when they love and enjoy the activity with all their hearts!

How to Stop Your Dachshund From Dig Holes In Backyard Gardens?

Dachshunds dig naturally. They were bred to do it to hunt the ground critters down.

The problem starts when they start digging the beautiful backyard garden that you nurtured with your heart. There are certain ways to keep your Dachshund away from destroying gardens for fun. 

  • Build a digging area: Building a personalised digging pit for your Dachshund. This will keep them busy in playing with their own toys in the pit, and it will keep them distracted from the garden area as well.
  • More exercises: Daily exercises keeps Dachshund away from destroying gardens. Standard Dachshunds require an hour of exercise whereas mini Dachshunds only need half an hour to stay fit and healthy.
  • Attention: Attention is the key with Dachshunds. Spend plenty of time with your doxie. This will make them feel a part of the family and they will love to be around you all the time, away from the garden.
  • Make the shelter cozy: The Dachshund loves to spend a lot of time in their own space. Keep their shelter in a cozy, shaded place and plant trees around the shelter. It will keep them calm and keep them away from the garden.
  • Instant awards: Rewards help a lot in training dachshunds. Use treats as a tool to train them properly. Instant rewards for not destroying gardens will make them understand what to do and what not to do.

How to keep dachshunds away from digging? Dachshunds dig. However, this trait can be curtailed to a limit through proper training sessions and by following the above-mentioned steps.

Dachshund Sitting Down

Over To You

Dachshunds love to dig. Yes, they enjoy it as they were bred to burrow and hunt the earth critters. The digging may at points be the reason for great distress if the puppy receives no training at all. Dachshunds are courageous, feisty, and happy spirits who are just there to light up your day!

Dachshunds are popular for being great watchdogs and good hunters. They dig and dig a lot.

I summarized why Dachshunds dig and how to train them into digging at specific areas and save your places from destruction. Following proper steps will help you to keep their digging trait within a limit of your tolerance. Did you find the article informative? Which information was new to you?

As a dachshund enthusiast, I would love to know from you what techniques did you apply to stop your Dachshund digging? Did I miss something to cover? I love communicating with my fellow Dachshund lovers. Share the article if you like and comment your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below!

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