Top 9 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

If you are looking for your city’s best quality Doberman Puppy Breeder In Wisconsin state, I welcome you here, you’re in the perfect place!

The Doberman is closely formed, muscular and strong. They mix beauty and strength, pace, and stamina. They’re proud and vigilant in their cart, and open and energetic in their gait.

Here, I have created a list of the top 9 reputable breeders in town for you, so you don’t have any difficulty choosing the best Doberman.

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Find A Doberman Pinscher Breeder Near Me In Wisconsin State

Top 9 Best Doberman Pinscher Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) State

1. Supreme Doberman Kennel

In the Supreme Doberman Kennel, they take an enormous degree of confidence in their breeding program. It has proved to be a very effective brand over the years.

They have produced the absolute finest family dog that they can. In order to produce a Doberman with the best temperament, they have been breeding multiple bloodlines together so that they don’t have the same violent characteristics to be passed down to future generations.

As they don’t have any puppies, who are not held in kennels, they are free range to roam all they want to roam. People that are around you will act as though they are part of the family and you will be able to see it and find it.

Therefore, The Pets are only for family consumption. They now have a little over 9 super good puppies but they just have two of those remaining, the remaining seven puppies already found a wonderful family in a great house.

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

Doberman Pinscher Puppies

2. Dynasty Dobermans

Dynasty Dobermans has been breeding high-quality German Doberman Pinschers since 1980. Some Dynasty Dobermans are raised for: Schutzhund, Home Security, Search and Rescue, Endurance, Service Function, and Wonderful friends. They also raise European Working Line Doberman Pinschers.

They breed for your desires and personal tastes. They do the Doberman ear-flap operation, and the tail docking. You may occasionally see an older instance of a Doberman puppy in Dynasty Dobermans.

Each Doberman is bred with European bloodlines and competitions. Dogs who are born at this kennel are all health screened. It was mentioned that their Dobermans are of good behavior and outstanding fitness. From time to time, they provide delivery solutions to their customers in the US.

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

3. Dog Team Dobermans

The Dog Team Dobermans is a really consistent and good performing breed of dog that is known for still having the nastiest snap you can find.

They also promise to get puppies born during the month, but for as long as twice a year. There are different colors and patterns expected for the newborn puppies of the Dog Squad law enforcement. 

Dog Team Dobermans’ goal is to provide households with high-quality, high-upstanding dogs, all at a great price. Almost all of these breeders include pets and their owners, who are raised as family members and friends. As a consequence of this, the dog has a much easier job of transitioning to a new environment and owners, as well.

Since 1990, Mr. Johnson has bred and sold several Dobermans. In fact, he has created a deep impact on many of his customers and their families by good experiences with their breeds.

Each of the colors of the rainbow is accessible to order. They pledge that no “in-breeding” happens to create hybrids.

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address: 6239 Horse Barn Rd, Pleasant Plains WI, 62677
  • Phone: 217-741-0228
  • Email:
  • Website:
Doberman Pinscher Puppy

4. New England Dobermans

New England Dobermans is the finest breeder In the state of Illinois, European Dobermans are bred as Doberman puppies. So it is recommended to call ahead of time to inquire about their Dobies. One of the things that you can have to choose from is the Doberman breed. This is going to be a Doberman Breeder.

They raise home-raised, educated, and qualified Doberman Pinscher with ambitious drive, strong ability to protect, and who will be your along with your Illinois family’s Loving Companions.

Some dog breeders’ Dobermans are licensed with the AKC and a guarantee lasting up to two years in dog welfare. New England Dobermans is a trained, family-owned, and run breeding company in the heart of New England that provides premium European Dobermans.

It is their experience as a family that they are a family pet who live in their home, explore and play in their big backyard, and take part in family time where they enjoy plenty of affection and care.

Dog breeders, including the European Doberman Club who are supporting you, are looking forward to the day you will pet your European Doberman.

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

5. Lyles European Doberman

Lyles European Dobermans are the best Doberman breeders around Illinois State. They ship puppies worldwide and have a strong appreciation for the dog spaying industry they do too.

It is a world championship of males and the strongest male species they have to pick is the courageous breed. They raise puppies with all the latest qualities, of necessity.

Their pets are fuzzy and well-natured. They have male Dobermans and female dogs as well. Both breeds of dogs are Bibo and Extasy Di Cass. All of their Dobies are eligible for adoption.

Here are some of the prizes they have claimed: Foreign Champion, Junior CH Serbia, CH of Slovenia, CH Bulgaria, CH Serbia, Club Winner – Dobermann Show Bijeljina ’10 BIH, Club Winner on VII, Champion of the Union of the World Doberman Clubs.

They have all the Premier European Dobermans for sale and studs. To them, the Final Output is their focus.

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address: Chicago, Wisconsin, US 60443
  • Phone: +1 708-269-8217
  • Email:
  • Facebook Page: LylesDobermans
Doberman Pinscher In Jungle

6. Petland Bolingbrook

Petland Bolingbrook is a pet-owning store that has been functioning for over 10 years in Bolingbrook, IL. A state of the art location providing you and your family with a fun and hands-on approach to learning about pets and their required needs.

They have built a great reputation since all these years. They have established their reputation as being a leading figure in pet adoption, and has helped thousands of families to successfully adopt new pets into their homes. They promise to deliver the best care to your pet as a new relationship with your pet can be.

Their education staff receives intensive training.  They have the best breeding program in the world, which is healthier for animals.  As the industry’s leaders, they share the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry.

They conduct education programs for people who have pets that discuss care for pets. Customers are having the ability to make informed choices that are going to be able to benefit them in improving their lives and the lives of their pets.

Although buying a puppy can often be one of the most joyful experiences in your life. And that’s why they’re here. Petland puppies must take on their own character before they can become Petland puppies.

They take their temperature and weight on a regular basis. We do not only have dogs, we offer them of different breeds. I’m confident we will be able to match you with the right breed of your personality and lifestyle.

Pets bought from Petland go home with a complimentary first veterinary exam. They give you a health certificate, as well as the vaccines you need up to date. All of their puppies come with a microchip chip that they activate for you within the purchasing process. You must provide two pieces of paper: The Registration Papers and the 3rd Generation Pedigree.

All of their dogs are guaranteed to have a 1 year hereditary and congenital warranty. They provide you the benefit of using the Pets for a Lifetime Resources Kit (with a training video).

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

  • Address: Petland Bolingbrook, 744 E Boughton Rd, Bolingbrook, WI 60440
  • Phone: (630) 739-1213
  • Website:

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Doberman Pinscher Dog Playing

7. Von Haus Gebet Dobermans

Von Haus Gebet Dobermans, operated and managed by the family, is an all-encompassing training scheme based in Peterborough, NH, Massachusetts.

They have service pets and pet families for working people. Their breeding program encourages everyone to buy a dog of a unique requirement for whatever cause, from top competing Schutzhund dogs to search and rescue service dogs to caring families.

References are gladly given from the real dog owners of Von Haus Gebet Kennels, as well as from the doctor who has been managing the breeding scheme since it started more than 20 years ago.

They are a good small-breeding program with a great heart.

Susan LeClair, owner of Von Haus Gebet Dobermans, is synonymous with Schutzhund USA. With over twenty years of compassion, determination and line study, the opportunity to build the greatest potential Doberman Pinscher companions is often given to her.

She is committed to preserving Doberman’s working characteristics. Any of the best bloodlines in the world were received by her.

Her specialty and biggest fondness is coaching, from lovable kittens, to adult education, to unruly pooches, to addressing problem activity. They support pets for diligent management. You should ask about their initiatives for interaction. At Von Haus Gebet Dobermans, they offer specialized dog care.

For all breeds, but particularly the Doberman breed, work is finished. And over 25 years of clinical practice, multiple facilities, behavioral issues, clear course compliance by off-leash obedience are given. They have a wide spectrum of events.

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

Doberman Pinscher Doggo

8. Roxy’s Doberman

Roxy’s Doberman is a family that favors Dobermans to some other type of breed. They’ll be sending you some pretty cool Dobies to demonstrate how loving and obedient they are. Their aim is to develop the canine into the kindest and most tempered dog imaginable, so that the breed only gets the better.

They have four kiddos in the house, and they all love puppies, so they can make every dog adjust to the family form of atmosphere required for such a pup.

All puppies would be guaranteed to come with: As records, a copy of AKC paperwork, Dew paws, Tails Docked, Up to date with vaccinations, De-wormed, Vet tested, and (Ears can be cropped for an additional charge). In addition, you can even get a free dog kit. They are located in Jordan Minnesota.

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

Doberman Pinscher Doggy

9. Drury Lane Dobermans

For over 45 years, Drury Lane Dobermans has been taking care of and raising quality, healthy Dobermans. They are based in Willard, Missouri, just outside. Their ranch is located in the beautiful Ozark Countryside on Asher Creek. They are a working ranch, so with horses & cattle, their Dobermans are bred.

At Drury Lane Dobermans we carefully select our Sire’s for temperament, conformation, and health. All of their Dobermans are pedigreed by AKC, reviewed by vet, tested for fitness & have outstanding temperaments. They are qualified in transportation, and they provide all air and ground operations.

Over the past 45 years, Drury Lane Kennels has sold Dobermans to 33 states and Canada a large portion of them to repeat buyers. They have sold as search and rescue dogs, therapy patients, for the blind, and most of all good family companions.

They have been shown at AKC shows and sold to buyers that show them in obedience.  They make great pets and loving friends and protection. Owners get compliments on how pretty their dogs are and how nice the ears are. 

Doberman Puppy Breeders Details:

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What is the Maintenance cost to raise a Doberman Puppy in Wisconsin State?

One may expect to spend $1500 to $2500 for the typical price of a Doberman. Based on a variety of different variables, the cost of a commodity will fluctuate. When a Doberman puppy is bought from a legitimate breeder, there is a high variety of expected costs. (1500 bucks – 2500 dollars).

Buying a pet Doberman, which is of pet standard, is currently cheaper, but buying a show-quality Doberman would be much cheaper. For the typical American Doberman, this price scale is applicable.

Why Pure Doberman puppies Are expensive In Wisconsin State?

An costly Doberman Pinscher puppy is typically well-bred and stable with a good disposition. 

Ear cropping, tail docking, and other expenditures such as replacement of dewclaw and puppy vaccination are several other items that will influence the sum of Doberman. 

From food, housing, veterinary expenses, and licensing the Doberman with their country’s kennel club, there are many expenses that Doberman breeders need to cover.

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Doberman Pinscher Funny

Final Thoughts

A lot of people make a mistake as they initiate this journey for the first time and purchase baby chickens.

Don’t let things sound blue to you. For your own personal intentions, the failure of our breed and the need for costly and time-intensive rescue operations were directly caused by you.

A breeder of consistency will be extremely educated regarding the type of Doberman and will be very careful about ensuring that their puppies go to good homes.

Your investment would be a loss if you buy a Doberman from someone who does not meet any of the foundations of a successful Doberman.

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