Top 7 Best French Bulldog Breeders in Texas (TX) State

If you are looking for reputable French Bulldog Puppy Breeders In Texas state, then you are in the right place!

Finding good breeders who can meet your expectation in the massive state of Texas may seem like a muddle some hassle, but to help you with your quest of finding the perfect French Bulldog.

I have listed 7 authentic breeders who can provide you with your ideal Frenchie, these breeders provide top-notch Frenchies that come in various colors.

All these breeders have been thoroughly scrutinized and checked before listing them down, which is why you can undoubtedly trust every single breeder on this list.

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Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Texas State

Top 7 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Texas (TX) State

#1 Dream Valley Frenchie

Dream Valley Frenchie is an outstanding breeder located in Texas, with a history of producing successful beautiful Frenchie pups. They specialize in multiple colors, such as cream, blue, tan, black, lilacs, and more, not only various colours are available, you will get them in top-notch quality.

Their Frenchies are hard to obtain, as they believe in quality over quantity, making them one of the finest breeders in entire Texas. They initiated this as a mother-daughter duo approximately 12 years ago, gradually expanding over the years.

With years of experience under their belt, they are definitely aware of how to take care of French Bulldogs and provide them with the best environment. They treat their Frenchies like family and have specified that in fact, they are not a kennel, their Frenchies are treated like any other member of the family. 

If you do choose to purchase from here, you will get a health guarantee and a puppy starter kit. Other than that, all their puppies are AKC registered, microchipped, and thoroughly examined by the veterinarian, which ensures that you will be taking your puppy in top health. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog At Street

#2 French Bull Kisses

French Bull Kisses is another wonderful and trustworthy breeder on this list. They have several litters per year and all come in all forms of color, which gives you plenty of options to choose from.

They believe that the quality of the puppy is fully determined by the effort, love, and care conveyed by the breeders, that is why so that you can receive the best quality puppy they do their absolute best to provide their Frenchies with the best of everything. 

If you do choose to buy from here then you will receive a one-year health guarantee, they also have received all necessary vaccines and have been dewormed. You will also receive a puppy starter pack that will help you start your new life with your new puppy.

If you wish, you can also pre-register for a puppy by paying in advance, they are incredibly flexible and will provide you with the best customer service. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#3 Austin French Bulldogs

Austin French Bulldogs are immensely passionate about dogs which is why their breeding is done with immense attention to all minuscule details. If you do buy from them, you will get primarily three benefits, firstly, a Frenchie of superb health as they prioritize health over anything else.

Secondly, the quality of the dog is quintessential, as they believe in developing the perfect structure and temperament. Thirdly, they try to provide you a French Bulldog of superior quality at a fair price. 

They can assure you, that if you do purchase a puppy from Austin French Bulldogs then you can have the tranquility knowing that your puppy has received the best food, environment, socialization, and veterinarian check-ups that a puppy needs to be healthy, so they expect the same level of care from you as an owner of the Frenchie. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

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French Bulldog Smiling

#4 Atoo French Bulldogs

Atoo French Bulldogs is an outstanding breeder, here A.T.O.O stands for A tribe of our own. They are located in North Texas, with a house full of children, and dogs, that is why their dogs are very socialized, and friendly, and can fit in within your life with ease. If you do wish to purchase from them, you must fulfill an application.

You must deposit $1000, and the money that you must deposit may be non-refundable but if you do have any forms of issues or any health problems, which is very unlikely but if you do, your puppy will be exchanged. They will be by your side with all of your inquiries, you can expect the best customer service from Atoo French Bulldogs.

They will provide you with several breeder services, some being Progesterone Testing, semen collection, and artificial insemination. The Frenchies that you will receive are healthy and social, they have received all necessary vaccination, and overall have been brought up in the best environment possible. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog Walking

#5 French Bulldog USA

French Bulldog USA has been producing exquisite Frenchies since 2005, making them one of the most experienced breeders. They are owners first, breeders second, which is why the health and care of their canines are more important than anything else. They have a beautiful collection of the puppy for you to choose from

You must deposit $400, which will be refundable but can be transferred to another Frenchie. They are willing to give you as much time as you need to make your decision which Frenchie you wish to have, you may even go, and visit the Frenchies for yourself.

If you live far away and have issues while collecting the Frenchie, they even hand-deliver their Frenchies though the expense depends on the price of the ticket.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Address: Killeen, Texas, USA
  • Telephone: 917-861-53-78
  • Email:
  • Website: French Bulldog USA
French Bulldog Stare At You

#6 BlueCoat French Bulldogs

BlueCoat French Bulldogs are another outstanding breeder on this list. Located in South Texas, they are breeders who believe that the responsibility as an owner comes first before the job of a breeder.

They only have a few litters per year as they don’t want to pressurize their canines into excessive breeding, but the litters that are produced are of top-notch quality with no lackings.

If you do wish to buy a puppy from here, you must fulfill the reservation application, and then deposit $2500 to make the reservation successful, and then pay the rest of the payment after final negotiations.

You can communicate with them, and get all forms of information, they believe in providing their customers with the best customer service. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog Laughing

#7 Ballpark Bulldogs

Ballpark Bulldogs is located in North Texas, run by a family who strives forward with the aim to produce the best quality Bulldogs. Though they produce both English and French Bulldogs, both of the breeds they produce are superb.

If you want a Frenchie from them, you can definitely put your trust in them. They reveal that it has taken them years to bring out exemplary results. That is why they have pride in their methods as they know they can supply you with the best quality Frenchies by giving it the best necessities. 

They have been upfront that French Bulldogs are not cheap, but your money will not be wasted upon them as they do everything within their capabilities to provide you with the best French bulldog.

For your convenience, they have listed down several procedures of how you can pay, and get the Frenchie of your dream. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Address: 1020 Lake Sierra Way, Little Elm, TX 75068, United States
  • Telephone:  +1 214-909-8701
  • Website: Ballpark Bulldogs
  • Social Media:

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French Bulldog With Basket Ball

How to care for French Bulldogs

As one of the most popular breeds in the USA, French Bulldogs are now being sought after more than ever. If you want an intelligent breed that can adapt to apartments then the French Bulldog is ideal. It is a perfect breed for novice owners, and that is why it is easy to train as it is highly intelligent. 

  • Frenchies are very prone to heatstroke, they have very little tolerance for warm weather. That is why a Frenchie should never be outside during the summer or during the peak of the day. Make sure your Frenchie is home, in the comfort of the air-conditioner, and in a neutral temperature.
  • Do not exert your dog overbearing exercise. You Frenchie does need exercise but unlike other dogs, they have low energy levels, which is why too much exercise can be severely detrimental to their health. 
  • Even though Frenchies don’t shed as much as other dogs, Frenchies still need to be groomed properly. Use a pet brush, and a bristle brush to get rid of the excess hair, and your Frenchie should be bathed so that you can keep your Frenchie clean. 
  • Always remember to clean the fold, and ears of your Frenchie, these are often overlooked which is why you must clean them regularly to avoid bacteria. Use pet wipes or cotton, you should not use any fabric that may have a rough texture. 
  • Another overlooked aspect of grooming is dental hygiene. You should brush the teeth of your Frenchie every day for at least 20 to 30 seconds, it may seem difficult initially but your Frenchie will get used to this training. That is why be patient with your French Bulldog. 
  • Do not use a leash for your Frenchie, you should use a harness instead as the harness puts the pressure in a more balanced manner, whereas the leash simply puts the pressure on the neck that might be detrimental for your French Bulldogs neck as they are of a small structure. 
French Bulldog With Grass

How to avoid Backyard Breeders

Avoiding backyard breeders may seem like a difficult task, but if you keep your guard up you can easily tell the difference between an authentic breeder, and a backyard breeder. 

  • You must ask your breeder all forms of questions, especially about the environment in which your litter grew up at. If they are reluctant to share such details with you, then there is a chance they have something to hide.
  • You should ask for all medical records and vaccination records. If they refuse from showing you these then they are probably backyard breeders as they have neglected their litters, and have not provided proper vaccination. 
  • Check if the puppy is at least 8 weeks old or not, backyard breeders mainly try to get rid of their litter. The wellbeing of the puppies is not their focus which is why they often don’t bother if the age of the puppy is proper before sending them off with owners. 
  • Don’t be happy if puppies are being sold at inconceivable low prices. Good quality puppies are going to be somewhat expensive, if someone tries to sell them at a very cheap price that may seem unusual then there is a chance that the breeder is not genuine, and the litters were not bred with proper care, and attention. 

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Over To You

The aim of this is to help you find your perfect Frenchie who can be your companion for a long time.

Do tell us if you think I missed any breeder who you think should be on this list, do you think there is any inform Oftentimes ideas and information coming from our readers can be more helpful to our views, which is why you are highly encouraged to share anything that you please, the action that I should have added?

If so then please share with us. If you have any opinions regarding Frenchies then please tell us as well, also if you think there are certain things one needs to keep in mind about the maintenance of French Bulldogs, share that with us as well in the comments below.

Oftentimes ideas and information coming from our readers can be more helpful to our views, which is why you are highly encouraged to share anything that you please.

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