Top 13 Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Texas (TX) State

If you’re seeking the top quality Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders in Texas (TX) state, you’ve come to the right spot.

The Golden Retriever is a firearm dog of medium size. People used to breed it to use as a hunting dog. The term “Retriever” refers to the breed’s ability to return shot game unharmed due to its soft mouth.

I’ve made a list of Texas’s best 13 reputable Golden Retriever breeders. It will help you in making the best decision.

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Find A Golden Retriever Breeder Near Me In Texas State

Top 13 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Texas (TX) State

#1 Waco Goldens

Waco Goldens’ all puppies will arrive with AKC registration paperwork, initial vaccinations, and deworming. They microchip all the puppies. All the parent canines are AKC registered Golden Retrievers and live with them as pets. All dogs are in good health and have never had any joint problems or other health concerns.

You’ll find photos of the parents under the “Our Dogs” page. Blue Buffalo big breed puppy food’s provided to all the puppies.

There are currently no pups available. For further information on existing puppies, visit “Current Litters” and “Future Litters”. They take checks, cash, and money orders for deposits. But only cash or money orders for payments when the puppy’s picked up.

They can begin presenting pups at 4-6 weeks of age, and they can place the pups in homes at 6 weeks of age. To reserve a puppy, they will accept a deposit at any age.

People select an available puppy based on Internet photos and pay a deposit at a young age. At 4-6 weeks or later, you can preview available pups and place a deposit.

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Golden Retriever Doggy

#2 Lagniappe Goldens

To suitable purchasers, Lagniappe Goldens offers exquisite English Cream Golden Retriever pups.

They are a family who enjoys English Cream Golden Retrievers. Also want to share that passion with others. They value their dogs as parts of the family, and they aim to pass on their love for them to others. 

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#3 Farley Goldens

Farley Goldens is the finest breeder in over 35 years, the family owns pets. They consider their pets to be members of their family. They’ve fostered dogs, cats, and bunnies for the SPCA.

They’ve adopted dogs and assisted their daughter with her 18-year-old rescued racehorse, Jake. Laura’s first Golden Retriever was a pound rescue when she was fresh out of college. Laura’s supervisor chose to re-home them for the second time.

They chose all Golden Retrievers for their health, companionship, intelligence, and loving temperament. They’re registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). They have selected healthy parents and have reared their children at home.

They’re definitely not puppy mills. All the dogs sleep inside with them and are in desperate need of affection.

Josey Pet Ranch Hospital in Carrolton provides specialized treatment for their breeding females. They do progesterone tests, sonograms, and X-rays. So that they can ensure the mother’s and puppies’ health. After that, they inspect all the puppies.

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Golden Retriever With Jacket

#4 TouchGold Kennels

Touch Gold is a small hobby kennel in Mico, Texas, approximately west of San Antonio, in the hill region. Since 1997, they have been displaying and producing golden retrievers.

They dedicate themselves to carrying out their kennel’s motto. That is “Bred with thought, Reared with affection, and Shown with pride.” They’ve worked hard to breed the greatest Goldens they can. With the goal of making each dog a much-loved pet with a terrific disposition.

They believe in producing and presenting dogs that are healthy and happy. Only dogs with all the breed club’s approved health clearances bred by them.

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#5 Xanadu Kennels

Van Duzer founded Xanadu Kennels in 1992. They’ve grown to become one of the South’s largest breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. All their dogs enjoy themselves by playing, training, swimming, and generally enjoying life. They attempt to outbreed as much as possible to find the “Ideal Chessie.”

They use simple breeding principles with success. That is sound dogs, proper in all aspects, and outstanding temperaments. The original hues are what they breed for. They’re socialized from the moment they open their eyes.

They sell their puppies with assurances on hips, heart, and eyes, as well as a contract. They search for the greatest homes for their puppies. They prefer to meet the complete family before deciding whether they are the ideal fit.

Golden Retriever Puppy Breeder Contact Details:

  • Breed Owner: Shelby
  • Address: 26150 Grand Pines Rd., Magnolia, TX 77355
  • Phone:  281-794-7878
  • Email:  
  • Website:  
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#6 Weatherby Goldens

Weatherby Goldens is located south of Houston in the lovely state of Texas. They like producing and rearing English Cream Golden Retrievers. They produce clever, gorgeous, and healthy pups. Their dogs are all AKC registered, imported from Europe, and have champion bloodlines.

The Goldens live with them at home because they are more than pets to us. They’re beloved family members.

The Golden Retrievers have provided them so much delight. They’re incredible creatures. Nothing compares to the joy of having a unique English Cream Golden Retriever

They breed and produce magnificent English Cream Golden Retrievers at Weatherby Goldens. Pets are a crucial and fundamental part of life. They live on 15 acres of gorgeous forested land where the dogs can run around and play.

The dogs are well-behaved and look forward to their daily travels as much as they do.

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#7 Goldenwind Golden Retrievers

Goldenwind Golden Retrievers is a Golden Retriever breeder. They’re exhibitors in Texas with several AKC Champion, Obedience, Hunt/WC, Agility. They have Rally named Golden Retrievers as well as several Canadian Champions.

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#8 Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers

Carmel Bliss Golden Retrievers has two sites, One in Dallas, Texas, and the other in Casper, Wyoming. They are happy to meet out-of-state clients. They’ll at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport or the Denver International Airport. They’ll make traveling with a puppy as a carry-on at your feet a breeze. Thursdays, 2-4 pm are the official office hours.

They are a small breeder. They’re dedicated to creating healthy, talented, and athletic Golden Retrievers. They are capable of adapting to any situation. Hunters, service dogs, therapy dogs, and beloved family members are past puppies.

The Goldens they use for breeding has undergone extensive genetic and orthopedic testing. Their pups are OFA and/or Pennhip certified. They also test for cleared hips, heart, elbows, and eyes.

As well as complete Paw Print Genetics, Royal Canin Health Analysis, or Embark genetic profiles. The results, as well as links to their dogs’ pedigrees, you’ll find in the profiles on the websites. 

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#9 Briarcrest Golden Retriever

Briarcrest Golden Retriever is a magnificent breed. They strive to breed gorgeous Goldens that conform to the breed standard. All their dogs have excellent “Golden” temperaments. They’ve received OFA eye, cardiac, hip, and elbow clearance. Also genetic testing before mating. They place a premium on their health and lifespan.

They are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America. Also, they’re members and officials of the Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club. They’re based in Houston, Texas. The Goldens are first family members and companions, with “show dogs” coming in second. 

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#10 Creed Goldens

They’re looking forward to assisting you in finding the happiest, healthiest Golden puppy. They welcome you into the Creed Goldens family.

The pets have altered their lives, bringing them happiness in the good times and comfort in the bad. They wish to share that joy with beautiful, deserving families.

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#11 Keela Golden Retrievers

Keela Golden Retrievers bred for hunting, fieldwork, and agility. And to be caring family members.

They don’t have any litter or dogs for sale right now, and they don’t intend on having any in the future.

Beautiful Golden Retrievers were once bred for hunting, fieldwork, and agility. And to be caring family members. They don’t have any puppies.

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#12 Texas TLC Goldens

Texas TLC Goldens is a small, family-owned, and maintained breeder. They’re AKC registered Golden Retrievers headquarter near Bulverde, Texas.

They are glad to report that they have loved and cared for their dogs as pets and companions. They live with them in their house for their whole lives. And they want to be able to provide you with the same kind of lovely Golden Retriever pups.

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#13 Alpha’s Golden Retrievers

In Texas, Alpha Golden Retrievers is a top AKC breeder. They’re seasonal breeders that only deliver healthy, confirmed puppies. They deworm all the pups. They’re given their first round of immunizations after nurture. They’re reared in the country with our children and socialized.

They are also backed by a health guarantee. They bred the puppies in this litter for confirmation and disposition. Golden Retrievers are wonderful family pets because they are affectionate and devoted. They do, yet, enough activity and grooming.

Because the pups sell, it’s better to choose a puppy early and reserve it with a deposit.

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Is it acceptable if I adopt a Golden Retriever from an Alabama shelter instead?

The number of animals euthanized will decrease. If more people rescue dogs instead of buying them. Adopting a loving animal and making them a member of your family saves a life. Also allowing another animal in need to find a home.

You are also free to use my breeder list if you want a lovely puppy that you can develop and teach as you see fit.

Everything is up to you and your circumstances. Many wonderful dogs have ended up in shelters for no clear reason. They deserve to get love. And they also deserve to live in a loving home.

What is the price of an Alabama Golden Retriever?

A Golden Retriever pup’s said to cost somewhere between $500 and $3000. The pricing might change depending on a variety of circumstances.

A Golden retriever puppy may cost anywhere from $500 to $7000. If purchased from a reputable and certified breeder.

Final Thoughts

Many individuals make this mistake. They buy their first pet from an untrustworthy breeder. Don’t smack yourself across the head.

You can buy a Golden Retriever pup from someone who lacks any of these characteristics. But know, you’re contributing to the extinction of the breed. And also the necessity for lengthy and time-consuming rescue operations.

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