Top 6 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Nevada (NV) State

If you are looking for the best quality French Bulldog puppy breeder in Nevada state, you are at the right place.

The French Bulldogs are renowned for being easy-going, mischievous, and snuggly. Moreover, since French Bulldogs are polite and adaptable, many city folks have discovered that they make a great addition to their family. However, as long as their family is nearby, these dogs are willing to live anywhere.

If you’ve decided to bring a French bulldog puppy into your home, all you have to do is find the right breeder to ensure that your new puppy is healthy, happy, and ready to join your family. However, it must be difficult to locate a reliable French Bulldog breeder in Nevada.

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 reputable French Bully puppy breeders in NV state. I believe that this article will assist you in getting your little buddy with minimal difficulty.

Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Nevada State

French Bulldog Breeders In Nevada (NV) State

#1 RedRock Frenchies

If you are searching for a Frenchie in Nevada State, you are at the right place. You can consider RedRock Frenchies as your final destination to get your little buddy.

RedRock Frenchies is an amazing breeder located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They strive to produce purebred French Bulldogs. They raise not only a little pooch for you, they literally rear your future family member.

You’ll be glad to know that RedRock Frenchies is way too conscious about their Frenchies. They preserve all the health records of every pooch as these are important for the future owner to understand the overall condition of the puppy and also for the puppy’s well-being.

There is no doubt that the French Bulldog is a special breed of dog breed. RedRock Frenchies makes sure the health history of the breeding line is neat and clean. They also provide all kinds of legal documents and history paper works of the puppy to ensure their authenticity.

RedRock Frenchies has been in the breeding business for 10 years. So, you can rest assured that your little furry friend is in the right hand. The ultimate goal of the farm is to produce happy, playful, and healthy Frenchie Bulls for you. They do not hesitate to provide the best facilities for all their dogs.

All the puppies of RedRock Frenchies are AKC or CKC registered. Their ultimate goal is to share their love for pets through the business. So, if you are in search of a French pup, you can undoubtedly give them a knock.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#2 High Desert’s Mini French Bulldogs

Looking for an experienced French Bulldog breeder or breeding farm in Nevada? High Desert’s Mini French Bulldogs is the one for you.

They have been in this field for almost 20 years breeding rare-sized and colored Frenchies. So, you don’t have to think twice before relying on the breeder to get your little buddy.

High Desert’s Mini French Bulldogs are very concerned about their breeding line. They make sure all the parent dogs come with impressive pedigrees.

For breeding Frenchies, they consider different factors like the temperament of the pup, top-notch genetic background, the structure of the puppy, conformation, and so on.

The ultimate aim of High Desert’s Mini French Bulldogs is to produce healthy and long-living puppies and improve the breed with every dog. All puppies come with a health guarantee for all genetic and structural defects, a comprehensive puppy package, potty training, and lifetime support.

All the adult dogs of High Desert’s Mini French Bulldogs have wonderful temperaments, so this is never an issue.

Puppy owners are welcome to visit after their puppies have received their first vaccination. All the pooches of High Desert’s Mini French Bulldogs are amazing, gorgeous, and way too adorable as they only breed show-quality French Bulls.

 All the pups of High Desert’s Mini French Bulldogs are limited AKC registered. There is always a long line for such beautiful dogs. So, if you want one of these pups, hurry up!

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#3 Bella Blu’s Bullies

Bella Blu’s Bullies is a small breeder located in Reno Nevada. They breed Frenchies mostly because of their hobby. That’s why unlike pet stores or commercial backyard breeders, they are way too concerned about their pups health and well-being.

Bella Blu’s Bullies mainly tends to produce blue and lilac French Bulldogs. They are dedicated to producing healthy, happy puppies who will bring much joy to your family. They provide a lot of love and care to their puppies. They put their puppies’ welfare above their profit and everything.

In Bella Blu’s Bullies, you’ll get Frenchies who come with age-appropriate immunization, a one-year health warranty and are acculturated with other pets and children in our home. The breeders strive to produce domestic dogs with no health issues.

As Bella Blu’s Bullies prefers quality over quantity, they breed only once or twice a year. They claim that their puppies are of the highest quality and health. They research a lot when it comes to picking up the breeding stock for their farm. They also make sure their pups come with no food or skin allergies, hips, and joint issues, etc.

If you want a small dog for your all-time companion, you can definitely rely on Bella Blu’s Bullies. To get more information about the available pups, do not forget to visit their website or Facebook page. You are gonna love their little babies.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#4 Fabulous Life of Frenchies

If you want an amazing and playful little French Bulldog for your house, you’ve come to the right place. Fabulous Life of Frenchies is undoubtedly one of the genuine and best French Bulls breeders in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They not only provide you with the best family member, but they’ll also deliver all the necessary information you need to take care of your little furry friend.

Mesha, the owner of Fabulous Life of Frenchies is way too passionate about her Frenchies as they were the source of hope, recreation, and comfort in his toughest days. These pups mean a lot to her. She can go to any extent to provide the best facilities to her dogs.

So, there is no doubt that your little buddy is being nurtured with utmost care and tremendous love.

Mesha is very cooperative when it comes to the Frenchies. Even after taking the pooch home, you can keep in touch with her. She’ll definitely love that. You can also knock her anytime for any kind of query or problem. She’ll be glad to help you out.

All the puppies of Fabulous Life of Frenchies leave for their new home with current fecal tests, recent medical checks, all vaccines constantly updated, a clean bill of health, and a health guarantee.

Mesha is not only a French Bulldog breeder, she is also the podcaster of French Bulldog Academy and runs a dog clothing business called Fabbie Dog. so, she undoubtedly possesses a vast amount of knowledge on Frenchies and you can rely on her blindly.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog Puppy

#5 Pokerface Frenchies

Pokerface Frenchies is another authentic French Bulldog breeder located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They make sure their pooches are well-socialized, cared and treated with enormous love just like a family member. All the puppies live a healthy, happy, and fun living here.

The ultimate goal of Pokerface Frenchies is to grow the Frenchie Family one puppy at a time and bring happiness to all Frenchie fans. They don’t reproduce often, but when they do, they carefully vet prospective parents to ensure that all the pups are healthy and free from any kind of genetic disorders.

These popular pets are ready to go to their new homes at the age of 8-12 weeks. All puppies nurtured by Pokerface Frenchies come with a one-year puppy warranty against life-threatening genetic problems discovered within the first year of their life.

Aside from the 1-year warranty, your puppy will be clinically tested, de-wormed, vaccinated, and have a clear fecal exam performed by a registered and board-certified vet. All the pups of Pokerface Frenchies eat high-quality puppy food.

All the Frenchies of Pokerface Frenchies are reared inside with the availability to a secure, confined backyard. They don’t have such outdoor kennels, and their dogs are never left outside.

They never ship their puppies through cargo service to avoid unwanted accidents. All the domestic dogs are hand delivered, picked up, or delivered via a nanny.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#6 Battle Born French Bulldogs

Do you want a companion dog who will make you laugh and smile every day? Well, if that’s the case, you my friend are at the right station. Battle Born French Bulldogs is a small Frenchie breeder located in Minden, Nevada.

They are a hobby breeder of these domestic dogs. That’s why they definitely prioritize their pup’s health over anything.

You’ll be glad to know that the environment of Battle Born French Bulldogs is very healthy and secure. They raise the pooches in a loving home where the pups grow up with other dogs and children.

The breeders consider the puppies as their family members. So, you can rest assured your little buddy is being nurtured with enough love and care they need.

All the French Bullies of Battle Born French Bulldogs are AKC registered. The breeders are also licensed with the Douglas County Animal Control. So, the possibility of your little furry friend having any genetic disorders or other diseases is almost zero.

So, if you are interested in having one of these little babies from Battle Born French Bulldogs, you can have a look at their website or Facebook page. They are certainly one of the best.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

What do I need to know about French Bulldog puppies?

Frenchies are a smart and well-mannered breed. Because of their increased awareness of their surroundings, you can’t get away with much under a Frenchie’s watchful eye.

They are relatively calm dogs who get along well with both children and other pets. Their friendly personalities and even temperament make them entertaining and delightful companions.

They do, however, require the same level of care and grooming as other dogs. But due to their small size, the process is simpler and not so regular.

They are resistant to respiratory problems due to their flat face and should avoid hot and humid weather. You should be cautious of their potential eye and skin problems as these are very common in Frenchies.

What is the difference between English vs. French Bulldog?

Most people are puzzled about the differences between an English and a French Bulldog and which one to get as a pet. There are some fundamental differences between these two dogs’ breeds based on their physical appearances, sizes, and personalities.

The English Bulldog is the traditional Bulldog, whereas the French Bulldog is a modified and, some would argue, more attractive version with more strong features.

The English Bulldog has a larger and thicker head supported by a large and stable neck, whereas the French Bulldog has a much smaller head supported by a narrower and taller neck.

The most noticeable difference between these two breeds is their size difference. The French Bulldog stands 11 to 13 inches tall, while the English Bulldog stands 14 to 15 inches in length.

How do I choose a French Bulldog puppy in Nevada?

The French Bulldog is definitely one of the best family pets. Choosing the right puppy, on the other hand, is critical. You should consider certain characteristics when choosing a Frenchie. You must put in a lot of effort, but it will ensure your freedom from hassles for years to come.

You should always check their health certificate and other health details before purchasing a pup. It’s great if the puppies are AKC registered.

Rather than getting a puppy from a pet store, get one from a reputable breeder in Nevada. You can even visit their farm or kennel to conduct thorough research on them. And do not forget to take their parents’ information.

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