Top 10 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Georgia (GA) State

Looking for a Frenchie as a true companion? If you’re seeking the best quality French Bulldog puppy breeders in Georgia (GA) state, then you’re in the perfect place!

A French Bulldog is a wonderful choice. They are playful, affectionate, easygoing, and sociable. With a tough-on-the-outside, sweet-on-the-inside demeanor, unmistakable bat-shaped ears, and distinctive bow-legged gait, the French Bulldog has gained so much popularity within a short period of time.

You can check out the top 10 reputable French Bulldogs breeders in Georgia. Below is a rundown of all French Bulldog breeders in Georgia. With this list, you can locate breeders near you without searching for each one.

Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Georgia State

Top 10 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Georgia (GA) State

#1 Flawless Frenchies

Flawless Frenchies is a small, hobby breeder located at the foothills of the outstanding Appalachian mountains. They breed quality AKC French Bulldogs; breeds for good health, great temperament, and for looks. They pride themselves on producing fabulous-looking dogs with an attitude that is just as attractive as their appearance.

All of their male and females have health certificates through the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA). Their long term goal is to have CHIC number on all of their breeding males and female

Their dogs reside in foster homes, they get plenty of attention and socialization every day. Their dogs live with families as their pets when they are not in season or whelping. This helps their dogs to be both a parent and a pet. If you also want to foster any you can sign up on their website given below.

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#2 Enfant Parfait French Bulldogs

Enfant Parfait French Bulldogs is a small breeder of AKC registered French Bulldogs. They don’t breed to produce fad colors or designer dogs. Their dogs are bred to AKC standards and are raised in our home with love. They are spoiled with love and are well socialized. 

They are located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and they encourage you to come to meet the puppies’ parents and see the environment that they have been raised in. They believe it is important to ensure that your new pup comes from a good home where they were treated like family. 

Everything they provide for the dogs is top of the line, from the foods they eat to beds they sleep in. The new puppy will come home microchipped, dewormed, current with age-appropriate vaccinations, and started on Flea and heartworm control.

You will also receive a puppy package with training pads, starter food, food bowls, collar, leash, blanket, and such. They also come with information on french bulldogs, registration papers with AKC, a Vaccination/Worming schedule, and a 1-year health guarantee against genetic disorders.

Most puppies are reserved prior to their birth on a Pre-birth Deposit Contract. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog At Street

#3 Broad River Frenchies

Broad River Frenchies is a licensed small hobby breeder located in a town north of Athens, GA. They live on a farm with their dogs.

They breed first and foremost good health and great personality. They raised various breeds before and once they were enough informed about the breed they felt they should share the opportunity in breeding the French Bulldog. 

They make sure their dogs are fed quality dog food and the best care possible. They ensure that when a puppy is adopted the new owner is provided with a top-quality care package that includes AKC registration for your puppy, vaccination, deworming records, health guarantee, MicroChip record, and information on how to care for your puppy. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

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#4 Lindor French Bulldogs

Lindor French Bulldogs is a family-based breeding operation that devotes their time and energy to produce high-quality puppies. They are also an AKC member and State licensed facility. They have worked very hard throughout the years and now are proud owners of some of the most sought-after pedigree in the Frenchie world. 

Their puppies are carefully planned to create specific DNA results, making sure to match the parents together that complement one another when their build and their structure. With the artificial breeding, c sections, and constant monitoring during the first two weeks of the puppies’ lives, the process is very time-consuming.

It’s always rewarding to have healthy puppies through this process. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog Smiling

#5 Cherie’s Bulldogs

Cherie’s Bulldogs is licensed and inspected by the Georgia State Dept. of Agriculture. They have bred a few distinct varieties throughout the years as they have been rearing canines since 2003.

Frenchies have by a long shot become their number one variety, regardless of the relative multitude of bits of hearsay they may have found out about conceivable medical problems. They have an unequaled, particular character and an adorable comical inclination.

They don’t run off when you open the front entryway, they don’t need to be practiced and they barely shed.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#6 Le Petit Frenchies

Le Petit Frenchies started breeding dogs as a hobby with their dad as a teenager breeding both large and small dog breeds. They love breeding and learning about different breeds. They got their first blue french bulldog in 2016 while having two boxer rescues. 

Their goal is to better this stunning variety and they breed for Quality with Health and Temperament being their main concern so they won’t generally have doggies accessible in light of the fact that it is about the Quality of the little guys they produce not the Quantity!

The entirety of their reproducing stock is DNA Health Tested and clear of any hereditary irregularities. 

Their doggies all accompany a 1-year wellbeing ensure, all age fitting shots state-of-the-art, and an enormous pup load with all you need to take your little heap of Frenchie love home with you.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog Puppy

#7 Southern Frenchies And Sons

Southern Frenchies And Sons‘ owner has always had a passion for dogs and has fallen in love with french bulldogs. She takes health seriously and believes dogs provide unconditional love. 

Their french bulldogs are AKC registered, all of their adults are fully Health and DNA tested to ensure the healthiest puppies possible. Genetic and color testing are available for puppies, they only have a couple litters per year and they will provide a health guarantee with veterinary health records. 

They are located in GA and will deliver their puppies across the USA, they always provide you with lifelong support. 

They do not keep a waiting list, so keep on checking their website to find available puppies. To be on their official puppy list, just text or email them given below.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#8 Superfly Frenchies

Superfly Frenchies is a french bulldog breeder providing over 20 years of combined breeding experience that shapes their pairing combination and top show results. The review that they receive today wouldn’t be possible without the combined understanding gained through their past decisions, results, and adaptation. 

They make sure you are never left alone when you are stressed out as a new puppy parent. It is highly unlikely that they can’t help you through your situation, they pride themselves in being there for you with honest opinions when you need answers the most. 

They strive to produce French Bulldog Puppies for sale that are healthy and happy and ready to be out in the world. The puppy will have already received multiple deworming as well as their first and second booster vaccinations when you meet them for the first time. 

They take all the puppies to the veterinarian for a full-service health check and certification before pick up or delivery. All their Frenchies come to you up to date on shots with a health exam certificate from their veterinarian and a health guarantee.

They begin imprinting on the pups on the day they are born and socialize them with their children and their other dogs and outside cats all the wall up until they are picked up. 

This system has proven to produce confident puppies that are ready to go out into the world and become wonderful family members for their new owners as well as productive members of the canine and human society at large. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

French Bulldog With Tenis Ball

#9 Posi Bulls French Bulldogs 

Posi Bulls French Bulldogs is a company based in Metro Atlanta, GA that is devoted to producing extremely high-quality AKC french bulldogs. They offer the finest French Bulldog puppies in the market with outstanding pedigrees. They specialize in producing merle, blue, and lilac french bulldog puppies. 

This dog is an offspring of AKC registered parents, the dog can be registered with AKC on full or limited terms as indicated. The dog is in good health, free of known contagious diseases, and has had vaccinations and worming required for its age. 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

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#10 Afoni French and English Puppies

Afoni French and English Puppies has been breeding these puppies for over 9 years now, with the help of their family they ensure that all of the puppies are well and taken care of.

The puppies are raised in their home and receive all the home training they need before they are ready to go. With their first few litters, they only dealt locally. But due to the good reviews they got, there was increased pressure from people who couldn’t come for a pickup but wanted one of their puppies. 

After putting much time and effort to raise the puppies. They always wanted to ensure they will choose the right person who will take care of the pups just as well as they did and maybe even better. 

They never made a bad decision in choosing a family for their pups. They have always loved french bulldogs, it is because of a puppy they loved they breed today. They want every child or family to be able to have the same experience as well. If you have any queries, feel free to contact them with the links provided below. 

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What Is The Average Price Of A French Bulldog Puppy In Georgia?

French Bulldogs are outstanding dogs to make pets, for why people love this breed and want to have one as a companion. However, they can be pretty pricey.

A typical breeder in Georgia would cost you around $1500-$3000. Thus, the average price would be around $2200.

Further, some top-quality dogs with excellent breed lines can cost up to $5500-$10000.

Such costs exclude the items you need for the dog, such as food, home, grooming tools, toys, and even visits to the vet.

Tips when Bringing home French Bulldog Puppy: 

In the event that you previously purchased a French Bulldog doggy, you need to set up your home prior to taking it with you. Along these lines, you can ensure that your new pet would be agreeable and will have all it needs at home. 

Therefore, you might need to observe the accompanying things:

  • The first thing to do when bringing home a Frenchie is to create the pup’s space, it would be best for the place to be spacious enough. This way, the dog can stay in it even after he is fully grown. 
  • Among the other things to have are such; food and water bowls, chew toys, collar and leash, bedding, grooming equipment, and odor neutralizers.
  • The following thing is to set yourself up for the following few days. 
  • Keep in mind, all youthful canines structure a bond with their family and a past proprietor. In this manner, isolating a two-month-old Frenchie can be distressing not exclusively to you however basically to your pet. 
  • Whatever the variety, they actually pack creatures, which means they need their folks to get by in the initial not many months. 
  • The partition from their folks can mean risk. Along these lines, it is ideal to set yourself up for quite a long time of crying, yelling, screeching, and anxiety. 
  • The initial not many evenings may be genuinely intense. In any case, make an honest effort to hang on and put the pup in where it won’t feel alone. 
  • It would likewise be ideal in the event that you make a timetable with your family for the initial not many days. You can choose who among your family will play with the little dog. 
  • Giving the puppy a lot of consideration will diminish the division uneasiness and make the housebreaking interaction significantly more proficient.
  • If possible, it is ideal to have your vet look at the little dog while still with the reproducer. 
  • In the event that you don’t have one yet, you need to do something as planned. You can likewise take it to the vet’s center for an overall assessment. Along these lines, you can ensure the little guy is sound.

Choosing a Good French Bulldog Seller and Breeder: 

While all French Bulldog puppies are excellent pets, you can still go wrong if you choose the wrong breeder. 

A reputable breeder will show all the paperwork it has for your puppy, it includes the pedigree and health clearances. The breeder would want to ensure the puppy would have a good game that’ll make it feel safe away from a stressful environment. They will make sure you are fit to be a paw parent.

If your pet has any health problems they will let you know. Beforehand and have an explanation for it. The breeder would show the dogs in recognized confirmation shows. Further, he or she should have strong connections with other breeders as well. 

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Final Thoughts

On the off chance that you’re searching for a French Bulldog breeder in Georgia, you can’t turn out badly choosing a raiser from our rundown.

We’ve researched many various raisers in this bright state and limited our rundown to the Top 10 French Bulldog Breeders in Georgia (GA).

We energetically suggest that you pick a raiser that is recorded from the AKC since they need to give thorough wellbeing checks and office checks to be certified.

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