Top 10 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Minnesota (MN) State

Are you looking to get a beautiful companion dog? Are you undecided about which breed is the best for you? Well, then French Bulldogs might be a good option for you.

French Bulldog is a domestic breed. Also, they have an excellent temperament that you may desire. In this instance, buying a Frenchie from a reputable breeder is always the best option, even if the price is slightly more.

If you live in Minnesota, you can read this article of the top 10 reputable French Bulldog Breeders, in which I mentioned several trustworthy breeders. I hope this information aids you in making a decision.

Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In Minnesota State

Top 10 Best French Bulldog Breeders In Minnesota (MN) State

#1 Debs French BullDogs

Debs French BullDogs is a small, family-run business. They are AKC certified and have a lot of expertise. As a knowledgeable breeder, they are committed to breeding high-quality Frenchies with tremendous love and care over a long period. Their puppies are generally amusing and intelligent.

Puppies are nurtured, socialized, and given plenty of opportunities to play at home. With a new home, they show excellent adaptability.

Debs French BullDogs vaccinate, deworm, and do regular check-ups of their Frenchies. Besides, the spines, elbows, hips, and eyes, and hearts of dogs are all x-rayed, as well as their eyes and hearts.

A non-refundable payment of $1000 is required when purchasing a Frenchie. They offer shipping services. However, purchasers will have to spend roughly $400 on it.

Puppies come with a documented health guarantee when they leave for their new home. A buyer will receive puppy information as well as basic bulldog puppy care instructions.

Debs French BullDogs always prefer to choose responsible individuals for selling their dogs. So they always welcome serious inquirers.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: Debs French Bulldogs
  • Location: 56713 Co Rd 4, Plainview, Minnesota 55964
  • Telephone: 507-202-8068
  • E-mail:

#2 Cardin French Bulldogs

Cardin French Bulldogs is a tiny French bulldog breeder. They have a 20-acre property that was created in 1997. They have AKC qualifications, and their canines are also AKC registered.

Jeff and Julie Cardin are the proud proprietors of Cardin French Bulldogs. They’re effectively continuing their activity with two children, six dogs, three horses, and nine hens. They like spending time with their dogs and riding their horses in their spare time. Their Frenchies are constantly underfoot, assisting them with household tasks.

As a result, one of the most important members of their family is the puppies.

They raise only a few litters in a year. They believe that good breeding, socialization, and exceptional care are essential for a puppy’s health and happiness throughout the first few months of its life. 

For reserving a puppy, a non-refundable deposit is required. Furthermore, you can send them an email, if you have any queries. They are always ready to give good service to the customers.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

French Bulldog Walking

#3 Sherburne Refuge Bulldogs

Sherburne Refuge Bulldogs is a family-based Kennel. They started raising Frenchies in 2016. This breeder is quite different from other breeders. In other places, you have the opportunity to choose a puppy. But this breeder does not breed a pup unless they receive deposits for that.

You have to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit for an unborn baby. When the baby is born, they invite the customers to have a visit. They do not allow a visit before a puppy reaches 4-5 weeks old. The price of each puppy is $2500 which you have to pay when you come to pick up your Frenchies.

Generally, they don’t provide any shipping facilities. 

Puppies are raised at home where they have enough space to move and run. Puppies have great personalities and they get their first vaccine at 8+ weeks. Puppies go to their permanent home after getting their first vaccine and are dewormed. 

For getting more updates, you can visit their Facebook page. They provide regular updates about their Frenchies on their Facebook page.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

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#4 Harleyville French Bulldogs

Harveyville French Bulldogs is a breeder of quality AKC French Bulldogs. They are committed to producing good quality puppies which are raised and socialized at their home. 

Harveyville French Bulldogs require $500 non-refundable deposits for reserving a puppy. The prices of the puppies generally depend on the coat color. You need $3500 for buying a fawn, brindle, cream, and standard pied color puppy. But if you want the variations of blue, chocolate, merle, and lilac color, you must pay $4000.

Most of the time $400 is needed as a shipping cost. But according to location, this cost may change. At the time of selling puppies, they have a sales agreement. Both seller and buyer have to sign the agreement.

Harveyville French Bulldogs gives a 5-year genetic health guarantee of their pups to the customers. Also, puppies receive age-appropriate shots, deworming in just time. Purchasers will get a puppy pack and microchips with their pups. 

The customer review of Harveyville French Bulldogs is satisfactory. Most of the customers are satisfied with their service. I highly recommend this breeder to you if you are seriously interested and searching for a trustworthy breeder.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

#5 Big Mak Bulldogs

Big Mak Bulldogs is a French Bulldog breeder in Minnesota that specializes in this breed. Quality is more important to them. As a result, quantity isn’t a big deal. They only have a few genetically tested dogs that they nurture. At home, puppies are nurtured, socialized, and cared for on a daily basis.

In general, Big Mak Bulldogs place a higher value on their Frenchies’ health and nutrition. Before going to their new home, puppies are dewormed, inoculated, and vet checked. They move into their permanent home with a one-year health guarantee against genetic defects.

This breeder feeds their mature dog’s raw meat. All of their puppies are started on Lifes Abundance, a healthy, human-grade dog food. Always, they recommend the Healthy Start Pack and NuVet Plus to their customers for their puppies.

You must pay a $500 non-refundable deposit if you want to book a Frenchie. You will also have access to shipping services.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: Big Mak Bulldogs
  • Location: 8907 Lace Ave, Glencoe, MN 55336
  • Telephone: (320) 864-3018

#6 SweetHeart Frenchies

SweetHeart Frenchies is a North Minnesota-based, AKC-certified breeder. The AKC registers the dogs as well. They want to breed healthy dogs, have a good temperament, and are well-conformed. They prefer to produce standard-colored puppies rather than fade-colored puppies. Puppies are energetic and affectionate.

Frenchies aren’t violent or domineering in any way. Their main priority is quality, but quantity isn’t everything. They always perform all OFA health testing on puppies to ensure that they are healthy. They’re also registered with the AKC’s Bred With Heart Program.

Puppies are not adopted until they are 9-10 weeks old. Puppies come with a luxury puppy packet that includes health instructions for the puppies, AKC registration, puppy food, toy, collar, microchip, and other items. Puppy immunizations and deworming are given to puppies before they leave their previous home.

The price of the puppy depends on the coat color. At $3500, you can acquire a fawn, pied, brindle color puppy. But a cream color costs $4000. 

If you are interested in buying a puppy, you must fill up an application. They will next decide whether or not to sell the dog.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: SweetHeart Frenchies
  • Location: Northern Minnesota
  • Telephone: 218-252-6283
  • E-mail:

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French Bulldog Stare At You

#7 Piper French Bulldogs

Piper French Bulldogs occasionally breed show dogs. Producing healthy and attractive AKC French Bulldogs standards is their primary goal. They have earned the AKC Breeder of Merit distinction. A breeder must compete in five championships with dogs they have bred to earn this title.

As a result, this is a significant accomplishment for them. Their journey with French Bulldogs started in 2001. But in 2006, professionally they started to breed Frenchies. 

Puppies from Piper French Bulldogs come in a variety of AKC breed standard coat colors. The cost of the puppies varies depending on the coat color. In general, a male puppy costs $3500, while a female puppy costs $4000. However, non-refundable payment is necessary to reserve a puppy.

Piper French Bulldogs always prioritizes finding the best home for its puppies. They don’t sell the puppies to those who merely want to breed the dogs. After receiving immunizations and a health check-up, puppies leave their home. You will get a microchip for permanent identification and health testing records when it arrives at your home.

Most importantly, they sell puppies on Show Prospect Contracts, which include a health guarantee. They do not, however, promise that the puppies will be champions in any competition. Nobody can foretell the future because it is impossible to do so.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

  • Website: Piper French Bulldogs
  • Location: Brooklyn Park, MN  55428, USA 
  • Telephone: 763-703-8726
  • E-mail:

#8 RiverHill French Bulldogs

RiverHill French Bulldogs is one of the reputable high-quality Frenchie breeders in Minnesota. They have AKC certifications and dogs are also AKC registered. Their main goal is to produce healthy and beautiful French Bulldogs. Puppies with different colors such as brindles, fawns, sables, blues, etc are available to them.

So, you have the opportunity to choose a puppy according to your choice.  

Puppies are well-socialized and have a pleasant disposition. RiverHill French Bulldogs primarily breeds AKC standard Frenchies. They are concerned about the dogs’ health. They test the dogs before breeding to avoid any form of sanitary issues. The Frenchies’ eyes are tested with CERF, and their hips and patella are tested with OFA.

Puppies are raised at home with the children in a friendly environment. As a conscious breeder, their puppies’ health is the top priority. They feed their dogs Wel Super 5 mix- Just of Puppy kibble that is so nutritious for the puppies.

RiverHill French Bulldogs recommend the buyers continue feeding Nuvet Plus to the dogs. It is very helpful for the immune system of dogs.

Customers get their puppy with a health guarantee and vaccinated in just time.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

French Bulldog With Tenis Ball

#9 Hotei French Bulldogs

Hotei French Bulldogs is a small and show-quality Bulldog breeder in Minnesota. They did, however, begin to raise Frenchies later on. 

They are AKC-certified breeders. They started their journey with American Pit Bull Terriers and American Rat Terriers. They did however begin to raise Frenchies later on. They now see the Frenchies as their present and future. Quality, not quantity, is their main focus.

As a result, they only reproduce and raise a few litters at a time.

Waiting lists are common. They do not, however, believe in the concept of first-come, first-served. As a result, they spend time getting to know folks who are passionate about their dogs.

The puppies cost between $250 and $3000 each. They don’t offer any sort of shipping service. As a result, the puppy must be picked up by the buyer himself. Puppies are dewormed and vaccinated before being sent to their new homes.

If you wish to buy your preferred pet from them, you must first write a brief description of yourself. They also prefer buyers explain why they want to buy a puppy from them in writing.

You can also let them know the qualities you’re looking for in a breed. Because it assists them in determining which type of Frenchie is the best fit for you.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

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#10 Goldberry Frenchies

In the state of Minnesota, Goldberry Frenchies is an AKC accredited breeder of excellence. They raise AKC-registered French Bulldogs. They are incredibly gentle and protective of their puppies. Puppies are brought up in a loving environment.

Goldberry Frenchies breed show dogs. They also have champion bloodlines. As a result, there is a good chance of getting a good dog. Before breeding, the health, hip, elbow, and DNA of the parents are thoroughly examined. They have puppies in a variety of hues, including brindle, pied, and fawn. You can get whatever puppy you want.

Goldberry Frenchies deliver their puppies to their new homes after a period of raising. Puppies are taken to their permanent home following an EKG, a heart check, a CERF, and a thorough body exam.

Goldberry Frenchie puppies are of good quality, but they are not cheap. You can contact them if you wish to begin your pet journey at a low cost.

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Information:

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Over To You

I did my best to construct a useful list of Minnesota’s top ten French Bulldogs. I hope it is of assistance to you.

Do you have any more breeders you’d like to recommend besides these? I’m curious about his name. I’d like to add him to the mix as well.

Also, please share any positive experiences you’ve had with French Bulldog breeders in the comments area. Many individuals benefit from your candid feedback.

Is there anything else I can add to my article to make it more interesting? Please leave a remark below. That’s something I’d like to know.

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