Top 3 Best French Bulldog Breeders In New Jersey (NJ) State

If you are in search of a pet which is humble, full of innocence, affectionate, and also home-loving then yeah! I got you! I have got French Bulldogs to make your mind happy and calm with their way too friendly characteristics.

I have enlisted the top 3 reputable breeders near New Jersey state so that you can find them easily and can get your cutest companion As soon As possible!

Find A French Bulldog Breeder Near Me In New Jersey State

Top 3 Best French Bulldog Breeders In New Jersey (NJ) State

#1 Mythic Bulldogs

After a lot of research, I have kept Mythic Bulldogs breeder on the top of my list for their amazing proficiency and experience in breeding French Bullies. They are a Family of Bulldog Breeders constantly looking to breed the perfect bulldog with great quality, health, and temperament. 

Their owner Carlos and Mythic have been breeding bulldogs since 2003. Their Bullies are always raised at home, they are socialized with more bulldogs and kids from day one.

They also put a lot of dedication and attention into their breeding program. They are also concerned about the health issues of their pups. Their Bulldogs include a 1-year health warranty, always have their vaccines and dewormers up to date, microchipped, 100% purebred, Family-owned, raised, and operated.

Also, they warmly welcome you to their farm if you want to see your puppy before deciding to take it. Not only that they are also available on FaceTime. 

So if you want to have your best friend right now you can visit their website also you can contact them or ask any question whenever you want!

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Web Url:
  • Name of the owner: Carlos and Mythic
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (201) 988-8476
  • Mailing Address: Bridgewater, NJ
French Bulldog At Street

#2 Kenny’s Kennels

Kenny’s Kennels is one of the ebay kennels existing in New Jersey if you want to have a French Bulldog as your companion!

They are a family-owned and operated Kennel. They focus on breeding healthy quality Bulldogges with stable balanced family-friendly temperaments that make loving, loyal, family companions.

They are having a very mesmerizing review about their services and also well-reputed. Their puppies are AKC registered and contain very well health. They groom their puppies in a home-friendly environment and also the puppies are way too socialized, affectionate and friendly!

You can contact them for your queries whenever you want! here are their details given below 

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

#3 The Bulldog Squad

Their name actually reveals a lot about what they are! The Bulldog Squad is enough to bring sunshine in your day and sparkles in your life. They are having the most affectionate, energetic, and friendly puppies!

They want each of their dogs to be taken care of by a trustworthy family who will be able to handle their dog very patiently and with full care!

The owner Alicia has been there for 15 years! They started breeding with two dogs named Oscar and Madison. They groom each of their dogs with intensive care and effort.

They groom their pups at their home so that the bullies can have a very home-friendly environment. Their puppies are having the best kind of temperament and they are also AKC certified.

Since their puppies are raised at home, they are always available to meet up or you can contact them anytime or ask any question if you want to get any bullying from them!

French Bulldog Puppy Breeder Details:

  • Web Url:
  • Name of the owner: Alicia
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (732) 284-7242
  • Mailing Address: 15 prairie Ln, Bayville, NJ 08721

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How much do purebred French Bulldog puppies cost in Indiana State?

A typical breeder in New Jersey would cost you around $1400-$2800 for purebred Frenchies. Thus, the average price would be around $1900. Further, some top-quality dogs with outstanding breed lines can cost up to $5700-$10000.

Why are French pure bulldog puppies expensive in the state of New Jersey? 

The high price is due to all the expenses needed for breeding a French Bulldog. To breed, the breeders require artificial insemination and c-sections to give birth which costs them anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000.Also size, color, and pedigree matter a lot for the expenses.

So considering overall expenses a pure French Bulldog puppy is expensive in New Jersey state.

How do I choose a French Bulldog breeder in the state of New Jersey? 

You need to consider some facts at first to choose a responsible Frenchie breeder, there are some ethics of breeders which are approved by FBDCA, if these ethics can be found in a breeder you can choose them to get your companion dog!

A reputable breeder will NOT breed or sell dogs with disqualifying colors. These include blue, liver, and black-and-tan (the coat that some Dachshunds and that Dobermans have).

Although some people advertise and sell (usually for a very inflated price) Frenchies with what they call “rare” colors, this is considered unacceptable by the FBDCA and we recommend that you seek out reputable breeders who breed to the Standard of the breed.

Also, a breeder must have been a club member in good standing for a minimum of three consecutive years, have bred at least one French Bulldog Conformation Champion, and have a clear sales contract stating their health guarantee and return policy.  

The FBDCA reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any listing without notice, which operates in violation of the FBDCA Code of Ethics or removes any member, not in good standing with the AKC or the FBDCA.

So you need to consider the above fact while choosing a breeder.

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Why are French Bulldog breeders so popular in the state of New Jersey?

French bulldog breeders are so popular in New Jersey State because they are so affectionate and humble towards their owner, not only that they are way too adorable, simple to train, and playful to their owner.

They are not aggressive and attacking so they feel comfortable in a home-friendly environment, That’s why it is this popular in New Jersey State.

What is the rarest color of French Bulldog in the state of New Jersey? Why are they rare in the state of New Jersey?

The rarest colors of French Bulldogs are pure sable, blue, lilac, isabella, merle in Indiana State. A blue-lilac is probably the rarest of them all.

However the weather and the risks of health issues are considered for breeding these rare colors, so generally, breeders don’t breed with these colors. And this is the reason behind it becoming the rarest color in New Jersey State. 

How much is a French Bulldog puppy in New Jersey without papers?

Without papers generally, it costs around $1000-$2000 for a french in New Jersey State. But you shouldn’t buy a puppy without paper cause it may cause dangerous levels of risk for your dog and yourself also.

What is the most popular French Bulldog color in New Jersey?

The most popular color of Frenchies in NJ state is Brindle color! The brindle color is the most popular color in Indiana state for the Frenchies. The brindle-colored dog is of a dominant color having a light standard.

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French Bulldog Walking

Where can I take my French Bulldog to New Jersey?

I have enlisted the top 5 veterinary clinics where you can take your bullies for any kind of emergency and health-related issues! They will certainly provide the best kind of service to your pet.

  • Flanders Veterinary Clinic(270 US-206 #301, Flanders, NJ 07836, United States)
  • Meadowlands veterinary clinic (139 NJ-17, Hackensack, NJ 07601, United States)
  • Animal Clinic and hospital of jersey city  ( 603 West Side Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07304, United States)
  • Animal clinic of Millville (2430 W Main St, Millville, NJ 08332, United States)
  • Red Bank Veterinary Hospital (197 Hance Ave, Tinton Falls, NJ 07724, United States)

They are well reputed and have a very good review of their services. You can be assured of their provided service and can go to them surely!

Why avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders while choosing French Bulldog in New Jersey state?

The puppies from puppy mills and backyard breeders should be highly avoided because they choose profit over animal welfare, their animals typically do not receive proper veterinary care.

Animals may seem healthy at first but later show issues like congenital eye and hip defects, parasites, or even the deadly Parvovirus. They don’t have any registered papers or health certificates which causes severe risk.

They mainly breed in an unhealthy environment which causes various health-related issues towards the puppies, that’s why they should be avoided.

French Bulldog Teething

Is it a good idea to get a French Bulldog puppy from a centre in New Jersey?

There are plenty of rescue centers across the country where you may find a French Bulldog. But it is not a good idea to have a Frenchie from the rescue centre in New Jersey State.

Because generally in rescue centres the bullies having injuries are it’s better if you can do plenty of research before taking your Frenchie from a rescue centre.

 You’ll need to ask any rescue centre about the dog’s history to make sure they will be comfortable in your home. Good rescue centres will let you know of any health and behavior problems.

Is French Bulldog good for a first time owner?

Of course! French bullies are good for first-time owners as they are very simple to train and way too affectionate and dedicated to their owners. Their friendly and affectionate attitude makes the owner more comfortable towards them. And also they are humble and way too loyal.

Having a Frenchie is like having a best friend who can always support you, affectionate towards you no matter how tough it gets in your way. Frenchies are way too remarkable as a friendly dog I must confess it to you.

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What do I need to know about French Bulldog puppies?

The foremost thing you should know before having a Frenchie is they have a laid-back personality, independent streak, short noses, and are also prone to overheating, so it’s important to keep them cool and they are most prone to obesity.

These points are way too important for their health issues.

French Bulldog With Tenis Ball

How to raise a French Bulldog puppy?

When raising your French Bulldog puppy, you need to always be consistent. Stay calm and patient. Do not show hesitant behavior, but be confident. Make sure you have a good tone in your voice and rewards are clearly different.

All they want are love and care from you. After coming from the office or after a hectic day do try to spend some time with such adorable creatures. I can assure you it can turn your hectic day into a refreshing one and also will make your puppy happy and dedicated towards you.

You have to remember they are very friendly and soft-hearted, your harsh behavior can make their mood off and can also make them depressed.

So you have to give all of your love, attention, and care towards them.

How long are French Bulldogs in the puppy stage?

Usually, French Bulldogs reach adulthood between 9 to 12 months of age. So before 9-12 months of their age is considered as puppy stage as they stop growing after these months.

Their size and way of behavior change according to their growth.

French Bulldog Stare At You

Final Thoughts

French Bullies can be your amazing companion who will add sparkles and happiness in your life with their cuteness and in an affectionate way! All they want is love, affection, and care from their owner.

Their affectionate behavior made me want to have one for sure! I’d love to pet one of the Lilac colors for sure if I do pet anyone ever! Comment below about the color you did like most!

I have tried to portray the best-reputed breeders of French Bulldogs near New Jersey state. Let me know through the comment if I missed anyone that you know!

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