Top 20 Best Dog Beds For Border Collies: Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Border Collies are active breeds that love spending their days running and partaking in agility. But what happens when they are ready to rest?

A cozy, comfy dog bed to rest their tired joints is important. Searching for the perfect dog bed for Border Collies does not have to be complicated.

Let’s take a look at some of the best dog beds and how to select the right one for your precious pup.

Dog Beds For Border Collies

In this article, we’re going to review the following dog beds for Border Collies:


Why Healthy Sleeping is Important for Border Collies

Just because dogs can sleep anywhere does not mean they should. Consider your Border Collie’s high activity level and vastly different it is from a tea-cup Chihuahua or other fluffy lap dog.

While your Border Collie will likely be tuckered after a day of running or herding, it may take a little while for it to settle down and go to sleep.

A quick massage or pet while your dog is laying down may help relax it. Furthermore, providing a soft bed to hug its body will ensure it gets a relaxing sleep.

Starting a regular sleeping schedule from the day you bring your puppy home will set it on a successful sleeping path. An active dog needs lots of rest!

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What you need to consider before choosing beds for Border Collie?From:

What to consider before choosing beds for Your Border Collie?

Buying a dog bed involves more than just walking into a pet store and picking out the first one you see. Trust me, I remember when my husband brought home the wrong size dog bed for our rather large dog!

A rough guideline is to consider your pup’s size, length, age, coat, and demeanor. Just because all Border Collie’s are similar in some ways, does not mean they are in every way.


Slipless Lowest Part

A non-skid bottom of a dog bed is one of the most important features you should look for. If your dog moves around a lot or is on the heavier side, a light dog bed will slip around on the floor.

A slipless dog bed is secure and perfect for an active Border Collie.

Hair and Fur Protection

Most dogs shed. While we love our furry friends, we can probably all agree that finding hair everywhere can be a pain. A microfiber cover on the bed makes for easy cleaning of the hair.

Furthermore, a soft dog bed with a silk or microfiber cover protects your dog’s fur from breaking and becoming dry. Just like how we human’s like a silk pillowcase to keep our hair in good shape, so do dog’s!


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Age of Dog

The older your dog gets, the more comfort it will desire. A soft and pillow-like bed will keep your dog’s bones and joints supported and comforted. There are a variety of dog beds on the market that are memory foam. Memory foam offers a durable, fluffy layer that hugs your dog’s shape.

Older dogs will especially benefit from this, as it will be easier for them to get off after their slumber.


Sleeping Style of Your Dog

Does your pup curl up in a ball? Stretch its feet out like its flying? Sleep like superman? Knowing your dog’s sleeping style is key in finding the right dog bed for him or her.

Some dog beds can be narrow, which don’t support side sleepers, as their paws would hang over. Whereas some dog beds are nice and wide, which would be perfect for dogs who like to stretch out.

Activity of Your Dog

Just because Border Collies love to run for hours, does not mean your Collie will be the same. Always reflect on the activity level of you pup before purchasing a dog bed for him or her.

If your dog loves to roll in the mud or swim daily, consider a dog bed with a machine washable cover. This way, if Fido gets dirt or grime on the bed it will be easier for you to clean.

The last thing you want is a dog bed that is full of bacteria and mud! A clean dog bed equals a happy dog!

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What size bed does a Border Collie need?

Border Collies are considered a large dog breed, even though many are smaller than usual. That being said, always weigh your dog and measure its height before looking for a dog bed.

Typically, a Border Collie will sleep best in a medium to large size dog bed. Too small and your pup will be falling off, and too big and your pup will be overwhelmed by it.

Dog beds should always come with a suggested size in terms of dog size and weight.

What do you look for when buying a dog bed?

When stepping into a pet store, carefully examine the various beds. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an employee. Moreover, ask if you can take the beds off the shelf and see them close up.

Some pet stores will even let your pup lay on the bed to get an idea of whether they like it or not. I highly suggest bringing your dog with you so that you know before buying!


Good looking

Looks aren’t everything, but your dog does deserve a stylish dog bed! There are many cute patterns and prints that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Find a dog bed that suits your pup’s style. If your pet store does not carry a good selection of designs, ask if they can order you one in.

Many pet stores carry more selections of dog beds on their websites. A good looking dog bed will blend in with your home decor nicely!


Filling Material

There are a variety of different filling materials for dog beds. For example, fiber fill or polyester, foam, memory foam, and feathers. 

If your dog is a chewer, I suggest not buying a dog bed full of feathers, as this could make a huge mess if destroyed.

Filling materials like memory foam or fiberfill are harder to destroy and are a lot comfier than feathers.


Antigen Material

Antigen material is important to consider before buying a dog bed. This means, your dog will benefit from sleeping on material that is antibacterial.

Think about it – your dog comes into contact with a lot of different surfaces and germs every day.

A bed shouldn’t be a place for it to sit in even more bacteria.

Odor Resistant

There are a variety of odor resistant beds on the market. Whether your dog plays outside in the dirt or not, all dogs develop an odor in between bathing periods. A clean smelling dog bed will make your pup feel good.

In order to ensure smells don’t become overwhelming, find a dog bed that is odor resistant!



Comfort is the key to happiness! Well, it is at least an important part. Dogs deserve to be comfortable at all times, but especially when they are sleeping.

Being comfortable while sleeping will result in a better, longer, and more restful sleep.

An uncomfortable dog bed with a lack of padding or support can cause your dog to move around during the night and wake up frequently. Just as we humans love to sleep on a comfortable bed, so does your pup!


Body Shape

Not all dogs of the same breed have the same shape! Luckily, there are a lot of different styles to support your dog’s body shape. 

For example, there are square beds, oval beds, pillow style beds, round, and rectangle.

If your Border Collie likes to sleep with its paws outwards, a rectangle or round bed may be best.


Easy to Clean

A clean dog bed is important, especially if it is in your living room or bedroom. Hygiene is a key consideration. A dog bed that has a removable cover or is machine washable will allow you to keep it in tip-top shape.

Moreover, it will increase the longevity of the bed. If you pay a pretty penny for a dog bed (let’s face it, they can be expensive!) why not keep it in pristine condition?


Best Dog Beds for Adult Border Collies

#1 Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Simple in design, this dog bed is all about comfort. This is the sleek edition, which means it will fit into almost any space comfortably. Whether you are at home or in a hotel room, this dog bed will be light to pack and easy to place anywhere on the ground.

The therapeutic foam will ensure aging bones and joints are cared for and provide the perfect resting place.

Moreover, this bed will never flatten and has a 10 year guarantee warranty. What a high-quality product backed by an honest company!


  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Machine washable.
  • Sleek design that is suitable for almost every space.
  • Comes in large, extra-large, and giant sizes.
  • Handmade with care in USA.


  • Expensive.
  • Only available in neutral shades.
  • Small and medium sizes are currently not available.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#2 Best Friends Cozy Cuddler and Security Blanket

Not only do you get a comfy bed, but also a security blanket to keep your dog warm and secure. This bed allows dogs to burrow or feel supported as they sleep. In order for a dog to get a rested sleep, it must feel safe.

Best Friends Cozy Cuddle and Security Blanket is made with durable nylon, plush faux fur, and easy to clean fabric. If your Border Collie likes to rest his or her head (which dog doesn’t?), then they will love the cushioned walls that provide head and neck support.

If your pup isn’t happy with this bed, Best Friends offers a 100% refund guarantee. 


  • Comfortable fabric that is easy to clean if dirtied.
  • The bottom part of the bed is water and dirt resistant.
  • Added blanket provides extra sense of security.
  • Love it or your money back guarantee.
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • Gives your dog a sense of security when you are not around or it thunders.


  • Some dogs may not use the blanket or try to chew it.
  • Blanket is not removable if your dog does not like it.
  • Not ideal for larger Border Collies, as they will not have much room to burrow.
  • Does not provide much space for dogs to stretch or extend paws.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#3 PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

This PetFusion Ultimate dog bed is a high-quality bed that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. I like this bed because it offers the perfect level of support, while the side bolsters hug your dog’s back and hind legs while it rests.

This is perfect for dog’s who like to move in their sleep, as it prevents them from rolling off. Made with quality materials and craftsmanship, this bed is on my top list of best dog beds for your pup, whether they are lounging in the afternoon or deep sleeping. 


  • Provides maximum comfort.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Maximum comfort and support for dogs of all ages.
  • Non-skid bottom.
  • 2 year warranty.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Limited colors.
  • Not available in a medium size.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#4 BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Cuddler Bed

Crafted by BarkBox, this may be the perfect bed if your dog loves to cuddle but you aren’t always there! It hugs your pup in all the right areas. And, if this doesn’t sound great already, this bed comes with a special squeaker toy.

This bed is ideal for messy and playful dogs who spend a lot of time outside, as it is machine washable and waterproof. Furthermore, this bed is perfect for Border Collies because it is not too big or small. 

That being said, it does come in a wide range of sizes if you are looking for more room for your pup. 


  • Affordable and low shipping.
  • On sale right now.
  • Rated best seller in dog beds.
  • Soft and supportive.
  • Comes in a vacuum sealed box for easy inflation. 


  • Limited colors.
  • Not ideal for larger Border Collies.

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#5 Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Crafted with Laifug foam, this dog bed is a great place for your pup to relax on. Have you ever brought a dog bed home that scratches the floor?

Well, with this dog bed, there are special pockets sewn into the bottom that will protect your floors. Additionally, this dog bed is machine washable, tear resistant, waterproof, and offers a plush pillow on both ends.

This means, whether your dog sleeps to the right or left, he or she will have a soft place to rest their head. While this dog bed is available in a jumbo size, the more room your Border Collie has to stretch out or move around is better. 


  • Relatively affordable.
  • A replacement cover is available to purchase.
  • Extremely soft and provides ultimate comfort.
  • Laifug foam holds 90% of its shape for 3 years!
  • Double Pillow SMART Design. 


  • Only available in jumbo size.
  • Limited colors available.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#6 Best Friends Donut Cuddler

Plush and cuddly, this dog bed is a luxurious bed for your Border Collie. It is available in multiple sizes, depending on the size of your pup. For example, there is a 36” x 36” option or a 45” x 45” option, either of these are perfect for a Border Collie.

The soft filling comforts an active dog’s joints and muscles, allowing it to curl up and enjoy a peaceful slumber. This Donut Cuddler is made out of durable nylon and silky to the touch faux fur that is machine washable and dryer friendly.

This Donut Cuddler is so cute that you are going to want one for yourself! 


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Super fluffy.
  • Comes in beautiful neutral colors that match most home décor.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Dirt resistant. 


  • Not suitable for dogs or puppies that like to chew.
  • Some dogs may not like the fuzzy material.

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#7 BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

Luxuriously soft polyester and orthopedic foam base come together to make this super snuggly dog bed. Border Collies of all ages can enjoy this dog bed, as it provides a soft place for old, arthritic bones to rest, or young, active ones to sleep at night.

Owners can confidently purchase this dog bed thanks to the easy return policy. 

Two notable key features of this dog bed are the super soft cotton-padded rim cushion that makes the perfect head rest, as well as the non slip rubber bottom on the base of the bed. 


  • Machine washable on a delicate cycle.
  • Super affordable.
  • Comes in medium and large sizes, perfect for Border Collies.
  • Crafted with high quality materials.
  • Will not lose its shape overtime.


  • Only available in one color.
  • Not chew resistant.
  • Some dogs may want more orthopedic foam support.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#8 Sealy Lux Orthopedic Bed

Made by Sealy, a popular mattress company, this orthopedic bed is crafted with a quad element foam for superior comfort. The quad element foam is made of cooling energy gel, pet rest memory foam, bio-orthopedic foam, and pro-charcoal HD foam base.

These four things together provide a cool, soft, cozy, and odor free bed. Moreover, the bed cover features hidden zippers, machine washable cover, waterproof liner, and a non-slip bottom.

This Sealy Bed comes in a variety of neutral colors that should match any home nicely.

Border Collies of any size and age should find comfort in this luxurious bed that won’t cost their owners a whole paycheck. 


  • High-quality orthopedic support.
  • Not bulky.
  • Sleek in design.
  • Odor absorbing thanks to the pro-charcoal HD foam base.


  • Extra covers are not available on Amazon to purchase.
  • There is a small ridge along the bed which could be used as a pillow, but there is not a built-in designated one.
  • Slightly expensive.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<


#9 AsFrost Non-Slip Grooved Dog Bed

AsFrost’s dog bed is carefully crafted to ensure all dog’s get a comfortable and restful sleep. Your Border Collie will enjoy the soft orthopedic foam around its bones and joints, allowing it to feel like it is being snuggled.

There is also a padded rim cushion that acts as a pillow for neck support.

And, if you find your pup easily moving their dog bed around then you will be pleased to know that there is a non-slip backing on the bottom.

When the bed becomes dirty, simply toss it into the washing machine on a gentle/delicate cycle and on a low drying cycle.


  • Affordable.
  • Grooved orthopedic foam keeps your dog comfy while it sleeps.
  • Easy to keep clean and dry.
  • Can fit two small-medium dog breeds or one large breed.
  • Comfy side bolsters provide a sense of security and support.
  • Non-slip bottom.


  • Only available in a few select colors.
  • Not a whole variety of sizes, other than small, medium, and large.
  • Not chew or tear resistant.
  • Replacement cover not available to purchase on Amazon.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#10 Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less has created a gel memory foam with a waterproof internal cover. This means, your pup will get a cool and dry place to cozy up on all year long. 

When the cover becomes dirty, it is easy to clean in the washing machine. Or, you can put on the bonus suede cover that comes with the dog bed.

Dogbed4less has made it simple to find a durable, easy to clean dog bed that your dog will love. Moreover, there is allergen protection with the high-quality materials used.

If your Border Collie likes to play and push around their dog bed, then you will be happy to know that this bed has a non-slip bottom. It is important to note that if you choose this mattress, leave it sit out of the box for at least 24 hours, as to let it naturally sit.


  • Affordable for almost every household.
  • Available in an extensive range of sizes (small medium to jumbo).
  • Waterproof liner ensures any spills or stains do not wreck the bed.
  • Made with hypoallergenic foam.
  • Will not flatten over time.
  • Provides pressure point relief.


  • Not tear resistant which could be a problem for chewers.
  • Only available in grey and espresso.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#11 Hero Dog Orthopedic Pet Bed

HeroDog has created an affordable and durable dog bed.

Some of the key features that I think you will enjoy to learn about are the super soft cotton cover on the bed that can easily be removed to wash, an anti-slip bottom, and orthopedic foam that comforts old joints or sore, active ones.

In fact, the orthopedic foam helps keep your dog’s spine aligned. All materials used to make this bed are non-toxic and safe for dogs of all ages. The thick foam will become an instant favorite of your pup!

While the bed is only available in one color at the moment, the muted marine stripes should match any home decor nicely. 


  • Affordable for almost every income.
  • Not bulky but still comfortable.
  • Removable cover that makes washing easy.
  • Made with safe, durable materials that are non-toxic.
  • Promotes easy and safe sleeping.
  • Keeps your dog’s spine in correct shape.
  • Non-slip bottom for active or old dogs. 


  • Limited colors.
  • Currently only available in one size (36 inches).

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#12 Treat A Dog Puprug

You can treat your dog to this Treat A Dog Puprug! This stylish dog bed looks like a faux fur rug, for easy blending into your home. Designed with orthopedic memory foam to alleviate pressure, a soft faux fur cover, and a non-slip bottom that prevents sliding or shifting.

If you have a dog that loves to be stylish or one you like to photograph, this rug makes a pretty pedestal for it to do so on. It is relatively affordable, and if you are unhappy with your purchase, the company does offer returns.

However, I think with the dreamy memory foam, your Border Collie will gladly rest on it. 


  • Attractive cover that is easily removable for washing.
  • Affordable.
  • Orthopedic memory foam keeps all joints and bones supported and pain-free.
  • 3 sizes and small variety of colors available.
  • Water resistant cover.
  • Shipping rate is relatively low. 


  • Color variety is not extensive.
  • Some dogs may not like the faux fur cover.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#13 SportPet Designs Luxury Dog Bed

Shaggy, ultra-comfy, and super stylish are just a few words to describe this SportPet Designs Luxury Dog Bed. The fluffy cover is removable and machine washable.

There are a few different options to choose from, such as the Bolster Bed, Sofa Bed Small, Sofa Bed Large, and the Bolster Bed Jumbo. Therefore, whatever size your Border Collie is, you should be able to find a comfortable fit.

The fuzzy plush exterior of the bed is guaranteed to withstand years of use.  However, if you find you are unhappy with the product, SportPet is happy to provide a refund to you. 


  • Very affordable.
  • Attractive bed that matches most home décor.
  • Easy to remove the cover and machine wash.
  • Plush and comfortable to hug your dog’s entire body.
  • A variety of sizes available. 


  • Limited colors available.
  • Over time, the faux fur could become matted looking if not properly taken care of.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#14 Petsure Memory Foam Dog Bed

Textured faux linen cover and fluffy cloud Sherpa surface come together to create the ultra-soft dog bed. When this dog bed arrives, it comes in two parts: the linen cover and the Sherpa surface.

It is super simple to install, all you do is zip the Sherpa into the cover, following the easy directions. The linen cover is easy to wipe down, if your Border Collie has an accident.

The fluffy Sherpa will hug your dog’s body, providing maximum comfort while he or she rests. And, you never have to worry about the fluffiness dissipating because it is guaranteed to last! That means, your dog can fall asleep on a fluffy cloud each night. 


  • Affordable for most incomes.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Has a non-slip base, to prevent unwanted moving or shifting.
  • 1-Month return or replacement, as well as life-time free customer service. 


  • The Sherpa surface is not stain resistant.
  • Not chew or tear resistant.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#15 Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Dog Bed

While this dog bed is ideal for large dogs, the extra room that is provides Border Collies is great. Extra space is always better, especially as aging dogs like to stretch out.

The amazing thing about this dog bed is that Big Barker provides a 10-year warranty, as well as a guarantee that 90% of the pillow top will remain.

This company is USA based and all dog beds are handcrafted in a small shop. That means, you are supporting a small business if you opt for it.

The 100% Microfiber cover is super easy to keep clean and maintain. Additionally, your dog will appreciate the soft nature of the bed.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Super soft thanks to a Microfiber cover.
  • Amazing 10-year warranty.
  • Lots of space to stretch out on.
  • Won’t flatten over time.
  • Extra covers can be purchased.


  • Quite Expensive.
  • Not tear or chew resistant.
  • Shipping cost is high.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

Best Dog Beds for Border Collie Puppies

#1 Blueberry Pet Bed

This adorable pet bed is perfect for sweet puppies. It comes with a cute detachable bone that puppies will love to chew; the bone also doubles as a toy. When it arrives, it is rolled up for easy shipping and easy unpackaging.

This Blueberry Pet Bed is crafted with micro suede fabric and filled with 100% recyclable eco-friendly microfiber. 

We all know that puppies have sharp nails, and this bed has scratch resistant fabric. Currently, this bed is available in small and medium sizes, as well as a wide range of neutral to bright colors. 


  • Super affordable.
  • Scratch resistant to tiny, sharp puppy claws.
  • Removable cover that is machine washable on a cold cycle.
  • Designed like a sofa for maximum comfort.
  • Bolster lounger sides provide security and support to small puppies. 


  • Not available in larger sizes for your puppy to grow into.
  • Not chew resistant.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#2 Midwest Deluxe Plush Bed

This bed proves that you don’t have to fork out a lot of money for a relaxing pet bed. In fact, this bed costs a fraction compared to others that have been featured.

It is crafted with luxurious plush fabric and a poly-fiber cover. When it becomes dirty with puppy slobber or dirt, simply remove the 100% machine washable and dryer friendly cover.

Unlike most polyester fabric, this bed will not pill over time. Midwest offers a 1-year warranty on this product, so you can confidently purchase it.

This pet bed is ideal for puppies because it is not overly bulky, nor is it easy to destroy. 


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Super soft fabric.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Available in a variety of sizes: 18 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inch. 


  • While it is tough to destroy, it is not completely indestructible to puppy teeth.
  • Only has a 1-year warranty compared to other companies that off a 10-year warranty.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#3 Best Friends Deep Dish Cuddler

Best Friends Deep Dish Cuddler is a super cozy puppy bed that your Border Collie will love. It is deep enough to provide a sense of security, but not too deep where your pup will feel scared or have trouble getting out.

The rear bolster is 12” and the front is 9”, providing ultimate support to tiny your puppy’s spine and bone development. Owners get to choose from a wide range of colors, such as fuchsia, teal, gray, and dark brown just to name a few.

Additionally, this is an affordable bed for almost every pet owner. 


  • Available in a plethora of sizes.
  • High bolsters offer support and comfort.
  • AirLoft fibers in the material keep the bed in pristine condition.
  • Promotes healthy sleeping patterns.
  • Bottom of the bed is anti-slip. 


  • Not chew or tear resistant.
  • Only available in standard size.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

#4 SPOT Ethical Pets Cuddle Cave

When you bring your pup home, they will be searching for a warm and safe spot. This Ethical Pets Cuddle Cave will allow them the opportunity to burrow and sleep.

It is an affordable option that does not skimp out on the details. In fact, it is made with 100% recyclable poly fill, luxurious plush interior, and is 100% washable.

Puppies get dirty and have accidents as they grow, and accidents will be easy to clean with this bed. Simply throw it in the wash on a delicate cycle and it will come out looking better than ever.

After a busy day of exercise, your Border Collie puppy will be able to slumber away in this cozy cave.


  • Super affordable.
  • Secure and cozy.
  • Won’t clump or shift.
  • Currently on sale.
  • Machine washable.
  • Can be purchased in a pack of two. 


  • Only available in one color.
  • Not chew or tear resistant.

>> Check Price On Amazon << 


#5 UniPaws Table Pet Bed

Unique and practical, this UniPaws Table Pet Bed is perfect for small puppies who want to remain close to their owners. Let’s consider how scary it can be for puppies going to a new home. Whether you put this pet bed in the living room or bedroom, your puppy can lay right next to you!

This offers a sense of instant security to him or her. The stylish, high-quality wood tray design is the perfect addition to any home décor, and you can put TV remotes or books on it.

The bottom part of the tray comes with a soft pet bed and is very durable. 


  • Relatively affordable.
  • Acts as an attractive tray.
  • Comes with a pet bed.
  • Crafted with durable, high-quality wood.
  • Sleek design. 


  • When your Border Collie gets older it will outgrow the tray.
  • Only available in one size.
  • Only available in a grey color.

>> Check Price On Amazon <<

So Did You Find Your Border Collie’s Bed Today?

While the task of finding the right bed for your old or young Border Collie may appear to be daunting, I hope this compiled list helped you make the decision. After reviewing all of these beds, there of course must be a winner: The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed!

This bed wins for many reasons, such as being affordable, non-skid bottom, and luxuriously soft bolsters. While others remain great choices for their high-quality materials and comfort, this dog bed takes the cake!

It is important for owners to know as much as they can about different beds on the market, and to not be fooled by a cute design. The PetFusion Ultimate puppy Bed is attractive in design, but also practical, easy to clean, and supports bones and joints – a must for Border Collies!

Please leave me a comment to let me know your input on these dog beds and which one you like best.

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