Why Does Your Border Collie Bark So Much? 6 Ways To Stop From High Pitched Barking!

Border collies are an energetic breed and ideal herding dogs. There are many good traits in them that can make you want to adopt one. One of the most common complaints about them is that they bark a lot. I have researched about this and tried to bring some information that might help you about this. 

So, why does your border collie bark so much? Border collies are barking dogs and they bark to communicate. They also bark to warn and alert you about potential dangers. Boredom, hunger, stress, fear, excitement, curiosity, loneliness can cause them to bark more

The Border Collie dogs were bred as herding dogs in the beginning. And herding generally requires a lot of barking. So, you may find your Anglo-Scottish dog yelping a lot out of instinct as a herding dog. Also, as a good watchdog, your pooch can bark when she notices anything out of the ordinary or threatening. 

But you can reduce her barking behaviour through proper training. She is quite an intelligent dog. So, with the right training, she can become a wonderful pet and companion of yours. Let’s explore more about the barking tendencies of your Border Collies and some tips about it. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Bark So Much?

Are Border Collies Known For Barking?

The Border Collie well-known barking breed. You can stimulate them easily, which is often why they bark so much. These pups will bark at anything that moves fast, such as bikes, skateboards etc.

You can find them barking in the car or barking at people on bikes. You may also find your Border Collie barking at the lawnmower. Their barking issue often needs proper training to have it under control. 

Your Border Collie can’t differentiate between good or bad. And if there is anything that stimulates her, she will generally bark. You’ll find her barking at moving humans or animals to send them away. Besides, Border Collies are herding dogs which also is a cause behind their yapping. 

Do Border Collies Like To Bark A Lot?

Your Border collie is an active and intelligent dog. And she may not make a great pet without the right environment and training. She has so much energy and always wants to keep doing something. Hence, she tends to bark a lot. 

This breed is famous for being a barking dog which is a way for communication for her. And you’ll find your pup barking at almost everything. If you keep ignoring her barkings, they can be persistent. But consistent training can curb this behaviour a lot. 

Your Border Collie barking has a lot to do with her herding instincts. For generations, Border Collies have used barking to herd livestock. So, it’s quite instinctual behaviour for them to bark at things. 

Do Border Collies Bark When They Herding?

Border collies bark so much because they used to be herding dogs which involve a lot of barking. Your sheepdog is a good watchdog because she barks when she notices anything unusual. So, she uses barking as a way of alerting you and your family of potential dangers. 

What Does A Border Collie Bark Sound Like?

Depending on the situation, you may find different forms of barking noise from your pup. You may find her purring, whining, sighing, or groaning depending on the cause. Your sheepdog’s barking to alert someone may sound like groaning or rowling. 

Whereas, your sad pup tends to make a  slight crying sound while barking. Boredom can cause your pooch to make random parking sounds including whining. Or you can find her purring when she is angry. Your Border Collie’s barking sound is quite annoying if she is too persistent. You may want to curb this behavior of hers.

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10 Common Reasons: Why Does Your Border Collie Bark So Much?

All dogs bark, but there might be different reasons behind why they choose to bark. Your Border Collie is a communicative dog. And she can bark for many reasons.

Here are some common reasons why your Border Collie tends to bark so much!

#1 When Your Border Collie See a Stranger or Another Dog

It is common for your Border Collie dog to get nervous around others she doesn’t know. Hence, your pup can bark more in the presence of a stranger. This is a very instinctive or an innate behavior from your pup. 

When she becomes agitated,  barking can be her way to communicate with you. Seeing another dog in her periphery can also make her nervous and cautious. And you may find her barking at other dogs or strangers.  

How To Stop Your Border Collie From Barking At Other Dogs

  • Place yourself and your dog at a safer distance from another dog.
  • Give your dog treats when she barks in the presence of other dogs. 
  • DIvert your pup’s attention using certain words or commands. 
  • Move your dog closer and make her familiarize with other dogs.
  • Practice these things every day. 

#2 Border Collie Being a Guard Dog

Your Border Collie is a good guard dog by nature. You may find her showing her innate guard dog behavior at times. Barking can be your dog’s way to alert you about dangers. The presence of an intruder or any dangerous situation can make your dog bark.  

Your agitated sheepdog can show excessive barkings to protect her surroundings. She can be quite aggressive towards strangers and dogs. Also, she is very territorial and protective. These features can cause your pup to behave protecting you and others. 

Border Collie Play WIth Bubble

#3 Does Border Collie Get Excited?

Your energetic Border Collie can often become excited at things. The excitement can cause her to bark a lot. Especially, in times when she is having fun or playing with her heart’s content. The joyous excitement can make your pup bark in a happy manner. 

When your Border Collie pup finds something matching to her taste, she tends to do that thing more often. This is something she enjoys doing and tries to show her excitement through barking. 

You don’t need to worry when your dog shows barking behavior when she is happy and enjoying herself. But you need to be cautious if she chooses destructive acts. You should definitely discourage her negative traits.  

#4 Does Alarm or Fear Make Your Border Collie Bark?

Your Border Collie puppy can be afraid of loud noises. Especially sounds like alarms, sirens can trigger your pup a lot. The loud alarms can startle and induce fear in your sheepdog. 

When you find your pup barking due to being afraid, threatened, or anxious, you should try to soothe her. Realize that your canine shows this kind of conduct due to certain reasons. She may be feeling low or feeling compromised which can make her bark a lot.

Thus, you should notice if there’s anything that is setting off your canine. Or there is a particular sound that is making her upset. Because there are always certain reasons or situations that trigger such behaviour. You should try restricting your pup’s actions or arena to avoid that.

#5 Is Your Border Collie’s Territorial or Protective Approach?

Your Border Collie can be very territorial. For instance, when another dog enters her periphery, she can bark a lot. What’s more, your canine accepts it as a threat to her domain. Hence, you’ll see her getting quite forceful and barking more. 

Border Collie’s ancestors were very defensive of their territory and pack individuals. Which makes your dog act in such a way too. Not only that, but your sheepdog may also act quite protective of you and your family members. Hence, she may show excessive barking behaviour. 

Border Collie Sitting Down

#6 Is Your Border Collie Bored?

Boredom or weariness can make your Border Collie bark. Especially when you leave your dog alone for a long period of time. Your dog then becomes bored and exhausted without your presence.  What’s more, if this is something regular, it makes her very sad or traumatized.  

Thus, she will bark due to being sad out of boredom or weariness. Furthermore, breeds like Border Collie like living in packs and have to exercise. Hence, you should allow your pup to have plenty of exercise and playtime to relieve her boredom. 

#7 Is Border Collie Trying To Seek Your Attention?

Your Border Collie may be barking or woofing to seek your time and attention. Especially when she needs something, be it playing or getting a treat, she can turn out to be very demanding. 

Also, when you don’t spend enough time with your pooch, she tends to bark a lot. It can be an attempt to catch your eye. You should try to spend more time with your pooch. But make sure that you do not always give in to her negative approach for seeking attention. 

#8 Is Your Border Collie Dealing Separation with Anxiety?

Sometimes, your Border Collie can bark due to having separation anxiety issues. In such cases, you’ll discover her barking a lot. She can also show symptoms like pacing, damaging tendency, misery and so forth. 

You may also see the signs of your pup facing anxiety issues and showing weird sides of hers. Thus you should try to take proper measures to help her deal with this problem.

Separation anxiety can cause your pup to lose her appetite or become dull and bored. This happens when you leave your pooch alone for a long time. Try to spend more time with your pup to assure her that you are there for her. 

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Your Border Collie

  • Your puppy tends to pee or poop a lot because of separation anxiety.
  • Your canine will bark or wail more. 
  • Your pup keeps chewing, digging and biting on different items. 
  • Separation anxiety may make your puppy attempt to escape from your place. 
  • You find her repeating a specific pattern or path to traverse.
  • Your mutt can eat waste as a result of separation anxiety. 
  • Other symptoms include changes in craving, low energy, being lazy etc.
Border Collie Playful

#9 Is Your Border Collie Try To Reduce Frustration?

Sometimes, your Border Collie can bark to let out her disappointment or frustration. Your sheepdog can get exhausted and disappointed if she does not get what she wants. Especially when she is bound or isolated due to various reasons. 

To treat your canine’s frustration, you need to occupy her with something else to do.  It can help her use her energy and become more lively.

To deal with your dog’s frustration, you need to distract her and make her busy. Try giving her a ball or toy to play with. Or give her a treat she can enjoy.  These can help your pooch to use her energy and become more cheerful. 

#10 Do Border Collies Bark Because Of Medical Issues?

At times, your Border Collie barks when she faces torment or pain. Also, having some other clinical issues can also induce her to bark more. Since your canine can’t tell you about her agony, she tries to use barking to get relief from her pain or uneasiness. 

You as her owner should check your little pooch’s body in this situation. If necessary, take her to a Vet to have a proper check. The Vet can tell you more about your puppy’s clinical issues. This will also help you to make your dog get better and livelier.

Border Collie Laughing

What You Can Learn From Border Collie’s Specific Type Of Barking?

You learn that your Border Collie barks to get attention or to make contact with other dogs. Also, your dog may bark to announce her presence. 

What Does It Mean When Your Border Collie Bark Small?

Generally, you find your Border Collie barking for different reasons. But there are times when she can bark small or throw a silent bark. Unlike loud barking, a small bark from your sheepdog means that she is trying to throw a tantrum. 

Especially,  your upset or angry pup tries to whimper or bark to show her dissatisfaction. It’s quite a cute and funny thing to see. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Barking At Me?

Barking is your Border Collie’s way to communicate with you, your family members and other dogs. Her barking at you means she is trying to alert you about something. And it is usually the case. 

But your puppy can also be mischievous and bark. This becomes very irritable and annoying for you and your neighbours as well. And if your pup is angry with you over something, she can also direct her yelpings at you. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Bark All The Time?

If your Border Collie is barking all the time, it means that she is trying to get your attention. And also, she is very bored. Your sheepdog is an active breed. So, she needs physical and mental stimulation at a regular interval. 

Lack of exercise and playtime can cause your puppy to become weary or bored. Hence, she tends to bark a lot to show her frustration and boredom. 

Border Collie Running Fast

Why Does Your Border Collie Barking Constantly?

Your Border Collie dog can keep barking constantly in certain situations. When she hears some noises from outside, especially around your house, she tries to bark to alert you. If you ignore her, she keeps barking non-stop to let you know about any potential danger. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Puppy Barking At Night?

You may find your Border Collie dog often wailing at evening or twilight time. Issues like separation anxiety, frustration, need for peeing, etc can cause her to bark. If you leave your pooch alone for the entire day, she may cry once you get back home in the evening. 

The barkings can also increase in the evening. Especially, under the influence of neighboring dogs’ barkings. If the neighbor’s dog starts barking or howling, your Border Collie dog also wants to join in. She thinks it is something fun to do. 

How To Stop Your Border Collie From Barking At Night

  • At first, try to discover what’s making your pup bark in the evening.
  • Fix any issues you can before your pooch goes to bed. 
  • Exercise with your sheepdog one to two hours before you go to bed. 
  • Buy some new toys for nighttime and change them out at least every couple of weeks.

Why Does Your Border Collie Barking At Cars?

Your Border Collie may bark at cars because she is herding you. When your pup notices moving cars, she feels that you need herding. And this is something very instinctual for her. This behavior can often be very dangerous. Because moving vehicles can cause accidents if you are not careful with your dog. 

Border Collie Smiling

Why Does Your Border Collie Bark At Visitors?

You may have seen your herding dog barking at visitors. It doesn’t mean that she is trying to tell you something. Rather, it’s an attempt by your pup to let out some boredom. She may also bark to annoy the visitors or neighbours only to release some stress.

Why Does Your Border Collie Barking At Birds?

Border Collies can bark at birds due to being afraid. Besides, their instinct as herding dogs also causes them to bark at birds. Your sheepdog wants the birds to stay away or move from her territory. Or she might be finding the birds annoying. This is common behavior for your pooch, so you don’t need to be harsh with her for this. 

So, If you are in front, you are the pack leader and he will relax knowing it is your job to protect you both. It is important you don’t punish him for barking at birds.

How To Stop Your Border Collie From Barking At Birds

  • Position yourself between your pup and the birds until the barking is under control. 
  • Stand in front of your dog and act as a pack leader for your dog. 
  • Assure your pup that you’re there for her and there’s no harm for her. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Barking At Sheep?

Your Border Collie barks at sheep because she was bred as herding dog initially. Your pup has incomparable stamina and can work all day herding sheep. And herding involves a lot of barking. So, her barking is to herd these sheep. 

Border Collie Looks Innocent

Why Does Your Border Collie Barking At Mailbox?

You may have found your Border Collie dog barking at the mailbox. She does this because she feels threatened by the mailman. This causes your puppy to remove the threat by barking as a form of warning. When the mailman leaves after delivering the mail, your dog thinks she has made him/her go away by her barking. 

Why Does Your Border Collie Barking At Tv?

You may find your sheepdog barking at TV out of excitement or as a reaction to specific sights or sounds. She may also do this out of frustration, and out of stress and/or fearfulness. 

Your intelligent dog can perceive images on television like the way you do. So, she can recognize onscreen images of animals as she would in real life. She can also recognize TV dog sounds which can cause her to bark as well.

Why Does Your Border Collie Bark In Crate?

If your Border Collie puppy is barking in the crate, she might be dealing with separation anxiety. Or she might be feeling uncomfortable if you have not trained her to adjust in the crate. And you should never punish your dog for barking in a crate. 

You should try to make your pooch feel safe and secure so she doesn’t bark. Once you make the crate a part of her nighttime routine, she’s likely to fall asleep within minutes in her crate.  

How Do You Stop A Border Collie From Others Type Of High Pitched Barking?

It’s a usual thing for your Border Collie to bark. But yelping or barking behavior isn’t something that you should encourage. Here are a few tips to help you prevent your canine from unreasonable barking:

  • Use sight barriers: Your Border Collie can bark when something catches her attention. You can deceive your canine to quit woofing at the window by hindering her sightline. You can also use protection fencing, screening dividers, shades to do such too.
  • Set up a doggy quiet zone: Separation anxiety makes your canine bark. Thus, you can set up a protected and calm spot for her. This spot has to be away from the primary entryway (so she doesn’t see you leaving). Likewise, try to put some safe toys she can play with around there.
  • Bark control and anti-stress devices: You can use a few items from the store or market nearby. The items or gadgets can help you control your pooch’s barking or woofing in a delicate, solid way.
  • Visit the Vet: Talk to your vet when you find your dog showing unusual barking or medical issues. 
  • Behaviour Modification: You should cut things that may trigger your canine’s yapping. Also, conduct change preparation can assist your canine to reduce barking. You can begin with basic training to prevent her from yelping. Don’t forget to reward your canine when she aces the preparation. 
  • Debarking Surgery: Debarking a medical procedure should be for extreme cases. This medical procedure includes partial removal of your canine’s vocal cord. But, keep in mind that the surgery doesn’t treat your dog’s anxiety, fear, or similar issues.

Why Do Border Collie Owners Often Make Their Dog Barking?

As an owner, you may cause your Border Collie to yell or bark because of different reasons. It may be your noisy clamors or separation from you, that is making her bark a lot.

Why Do Some Border Collies May Not Bark?

There might be some Border Collies who don’t bark because of their temperament. It also depends on what sort of environment your pooch experiences in her childhood. Or then again, your sheepdog may decide on barking as opposed to wailing. So, it actually depends on the particular dog whether she barks or not. 

How To Teach Your Border Collie To Bark?

You can make your Border Collie bark using the following ways:

  • Try singing or barking yourself.
  • You can play a musical instrument which has some sharp noise. 
  • Try playing siren or alarm sounds.
  • Whistle for your Border Collie dog.
  • Play videos of other dogs barking and show them to your pup. 
Border Collie Stare At You

Border Collie’s Behavior Related Questions:

Why Does Your Border Collie Howl?

Border Collies howl to communicate with you and others. They may also howl due to separation anxiety issues or frustration or excitement. And her howling can mean different things depending on the situation. 

If your canine cries out of tension or anxiety, there might be different symptoms that follow. For example, pacing to biting and shouts or barks can also go with the howl. 

Why Do Border Collies Smile?

Your Border Collie dog may smile when she is happy or content. Her smile may not be like how you smile. Rather, you find her making a relaxed expression and lifting her mouth as a form to show her released mood. But the weary smile of hers shows her submissiveness. So, depending on the situation, her smile can mean different things. 

Can Border Collies Swim Well?

Border collies can swim for 10 to 20 minutes at a time if you give them proper training. If you can introduce her to the water in a comfortable way, your pup is more likely to be fond of water and swimming. Besides, swimming is something your energetic pup enjoys when she can swim well. 

Why Do Border Collies Run In Circles?

For your Border Collie, running around in circles is a common behavior. When your herding dog faces some lack of space, she may run in a circle to work off steam. 

Experts also say that spinning around in a loop is a sign of disordered thinking for Border Collies. Which occurs due to exhaustion, attitude, or some other behavioral issues.

Why Do Border Collies Hide Themselves?

There are many reasons for which Border Collie dogs try to hide. Seeking comfort or safety, facing fear or anxiety can make them hide. Besides, playfulness, injury, or illness etc can also cause them to hide. 

Besides, instinct can also cause these sheepdogs to isolate themselves for protection. They know their body and when weakened, they try to hide to protect themselves. 

Border Collie Puppy

Over To You

Which fact/facts have helped you the best to find the cause for your sheepdog’s barking? Which fact/facts did you already know about? 

Which tip is completely new to you? Have you applied any of the above-mentioned techniques? Which one do you want to try next to stop your Border Collie from high-pitched barking?

Have I missed anything important? Do you think I should also cover some more topics? Please share this article with those who may find this useful. 

Don’t forget to put your questions and feedback in the comment section below.

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