Why Do Greyhounds Dig Holes? 13 Ways To Stop Greyhounds From Digging

Does your Greyhound dig holes in your front or backyard? Trust me, you are not alone. A common question I saw in many Greyhound communities, is – why does my Greyhound dig holes in my backyard or in the gardenSo, I started research and tried my best to explain my findings below.

So, why do Greyhounds start digging holes? Greyhound dogs are natural diggers. They may dig holes in your front or backyard due to boredom or shortage of activities and exercises. Even, they want to make their own safe comfortable place by digging holes if they face lack of shelter or comfort. This super digger puppy breed starts digging soft soils if they find some chance to get interested in your ground.

I explained all the reasons I found so far. Along with that, I also added how to stop your Greyhound pup from digging. So keep reading to learn those all.  

Why Do Greyhounds Dig Holes

6 Possible Reasons: Why Your Greyhound May Dig Holes In Backyard or Garden

Researching over the internet I found six possible reasons. 


Possible Reason 1: Your Greyhound Fido is bored

Does your Greyhound pooch stay in your yard alone for an extended amount of time? Does she spend lots of lazy time over there without toys? If yes, then I got you! 

As you know Greys are super lazy indoor dogs. Interestingly, these same canines get super active while outdoors. If they are left alone outside for long hours, boredom may take places.

Except that, your Fido needs enough physical and mental exercises. Lack of exercise and/or mental stimulation is the number one reason for many other behavioral issues. This is another reason your pooch may get bored, as well.


Your bored Greyhound may want to do something unusual to keep herself busy. For example, she digs soil in your backyard garden to keep herself busy with it for a while.

If this is the case, don’t get too worried about it. I added a number of “things to do” below. Those can keep your mutt busy for hours. So, keep reading.


Possible Reason 2: Greyhound’s hunting prey

Greyhounds are hunters by breed. It is normal for your Grey to show some hunting prey. 

Greys like to chase anything moving. No matter if it is an object or a small animal like rabbit, squirrel, rats and even insects. If your pup sees any of these small animals in your front yard or backyard garden, they may want to hunt the prey. 

Study shows that hunting canines hear the sounds of underground creatures and bugs. Your hound can smell something buried in the ground, as well. She might attempt to dig and check those. 


You can match few symptoms like:

  • If your Greyhound digs in a particular area rather than the boundaries of the yard.
  • Your furry friend digs around the base of trees, bushes or decks in your garden.

This is normal and natural for hunting canine breeds like Greyhounds. So, you do not need to worry much. 

I think one easy solution is to keep those small creatures away from your yard. I know sometimes that is hard too! Now worries, I put other solutions below.


Possible Reason 3: Does your Greyhound need shelter and comfort?

Does your Greyhound live outside without her own dog house? Does she face lack of shelters? If yes, then your pooch looks for a better shelter and digs a shallow hole to put her in.

Except that, it is normal for your Fido to dig on hot summer days and lay herself down in the hole. If that is the reason, your Grey may need a out shelter before everything. 

Get a good outdoor Fido house to your Greyhound. That resolves the issue. Otherwise, I added more solutions below.


Possible Reason 4: Greyhound’s survival behavior

Does your Greyhound burrow to keep food, toys or other things in it? Believe it or not, this behavior is natural, too! Her survival instinct may tell her to save some high-value bones, or foods for the future. 

This happens when your doggy has less hunger and/or she gets too much food. If that is the case, you can reduce the amount of food you’re offering to you furry friend.

Some Greys may dig holes to hide their favorite toys, too! In those cases, do not allow your hound to take any toy outside. More suggestions are coming below.


Possible Reason 5: Female Greyhound may dig holes as part of their natural mating behavior

I believe this situation can only happen when your female Greyhound is ready to breed. Neither male pups nor young hounds are considered for this case.

Study shows that female dogs may dig holes as a part of their natural mating behavior. If your canine is in heat, you want to talk to a good breeder or a vet. 


Possible Reason 6: Your Greyhound is getting new babies

Is your Greyhound pregnant? Congratulations, new puppies are on the way! If a mama-doggy digs holes in your yard, that means the babies are coming sooner than you’re expecting. 

It is natural for hounds to seek safe shelters for her pups. She may want to hide her newborns. This comes as a part of her natural instinct. In the wild, mutts would keep their puppies safe from predators.

If you left your pregnant pooch to find her perfect place to give birth, she may dig up your whole yard. Don’t worry! I added some suggestions in the next part of this article. So keep reading!


13 ways to stop your Greyhound from digging up your yard and garden

So, you may want to ask “how to stop my Greyhound from digging?” 

I got you. Here are some easy tips and tricks you can apply :

#1. Exercise your Greyhound

Exercise your Greyhound on a regular basis. It can help you to stop your pooch from digging. Greyhounds become super active while you bring them outside for a walk or run. Exercise is the best way to burn their energy. 

They may sniff most of the time while walking. That’s because she gets some new smells. If you take your furry friend for a daily walk, that fulfills her needs for new scents. After that, your Doggo will rarely like to dig for new smells. 


#2. Distract your Greyhound from digging

If you are sure that your Greyhound is digging because of boredom, then it is easy to make her busy with something else. 

Distract your canine with some game. Or you can give her a toy. Make her perform a trick. If you have no other option left, offer her a treat and distract her from digging your backyard garden.

Please note, if she does not return to dig that means your hound looks for entertainment. 


#3. Train your Hound

Training a Greyhound is not that much hard like German Shorthaired pointers. Proper training can make the whole thing easy for both you and your canine.

Your furry best friend needs some good training to obey you. If you teach the stop or sit command, then you can stop her when you see her digging. 

Some experts suggest using the command “place”. This command gets your Greyhound to return her doghouse or bed or crate. Which easily stops her from digging.

For you, I added a video, please feel free to check.


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#4. Create a safe place for your pregnant Greyhound

Create a safe and cozy spot for your Greyhound mother to give birth. The easiest way to help your mama dog is to set a whelping box for her. 

It is useful because the mother Greyhound can easily walk in and out, but the newborn puppies can’t escape from it. 


#5. Cure your canine’s separation anxiety

If your Greyhound is an anxious digger, you need to teach her to enjoy being left alone. That may help your pooch with separation anxiety.

I added a video how to train a dog to overcome anxiety


#6. Make your scaredy-Greyhound feel safer

Your hound is scared from loud noise made from fireworks, thunder, gunshots, loud trucks, trains and alarms or etc. She thinks something threatening and wants to hide underground. 

Keep your pet inside when you know the sound is coming. Give your best furry friend some shelter as well. That makes them feel safer.


#7. Cool down your Greyhound in summer

Although Greyhounds do not have very thick coats like Huskies, Golden Retrievers, and Border Collies, they also feel very hot in the summer season. 

If your tail-wagger friend digs for getting herself cool down, that means she needs some bath. A good bath keeps her fresh and fine on summer days.

Installing a dog pool can help you save your backyard as well as your pooch.


#8. Cover the digging area with bad smells

Who likes a bad smell?  You can assault your pup’s ken sense of smell to stop her digging habit. It may sound interesting, but it works well.

Study shows that the red cayenne pepper provides the most effective digging deterrent smell for puppies. 

Find the place where your Greyhound is digging and Sprinkle a small amount of this powder. Once your best bowwow friend takes a sniff, she might want to avoid the area. 

Some canines may inhale a bit of powder. But don’t worry this is temporary and harmless. However, you can apply the other idea given below.


#9. Use an uncomfortable ground cover

I like this option best because this is safe and easy for Greyhound owners. 

Puppers love to dig soft soils, sands or muds! Because these are easy to dig and never hurt the paws. If you cover up your yard with something too hard, then your pooch will never enjoy digging those. Their paws will heart if they try too much.

Large pebbles are one great anti-digging ground cover. Layer the pebbles or rocks on to each other. These are too heavy to dig up.

You can also use a thick layer of small gravel. Pets never enjoy digging gravel because these scratch their paws.   


#10. Block off your Greyhounds access to the yard

Does your Greyhound dig on a specific section in your yard or garden? That is very common. In this case, stop your canine to access her favorite digging spot. 

The easiest way to do that is to fence the spot. You can use plastic safety patio fencing rolls for this. 

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Please note, Greyhounds are athletic dogs. They can easily jump on some 4 to 6 feet fence. It is wise to put a fence of at least 7 feet height. You can use zip ties to attach patio fencing with posts.


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#11. Create a digging barrier on the digging place

What if you coverup the digging area with a poultry fence? That way your Grey pup will have no option to dig the ground.

I like to use plastic poultry fences because they are smooth and harmless. Moreover it is a long lasting solution to save your yard from your digger Greyhound. 


#12. Use pointy plants

You can plant some cactus where your pup digs. Your Greyhound is a smart doggy. She’ll avoid prickly plants once she gets an “introduction” with these plants.

Planting some pointy plants, you can easily keep your puppy away from her digging area. 

Please note, some plants are toxic for pooches. Some seeds of plants are also harmful for your canines as well. So, research carefully and avoid them while searching some spiky plants for your yard.


#13. Create a super fun dig-pit For Your Greyhound

You may allow your Greyhound to dig according to your preference. Just get a dig pit for your pooch. And set it as a digging zone for your Grey.

You can make it on your own and get children’s sandboxes. Your dog will love the sands.


FAQ: Are Greyhounds diggers?

Yes they are! More or less, all mutts are prone to digging! But the powerful and large canines like Greyhounds dig a larger and deeper hole than small furry friends!


Over To You

So, now let me know which technique(s) you already applied to stop your Greyhound from digging? Which one technique looks interesting to you? Are you gonna implement that?

Or, did I miss some points that are worth adding here? 

Please feel free to put all your thoughts in the comment section below. I always look forward to it.


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